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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Below is one of the 82 dogs we fostered for Dumfriesshire & Cumbria
Greyhound Rescue between July 2004 and the 5th December 2009.
On the 9th December 2009 we became the SOUTH LAKES branch
of the Retired Greyhound Trust for whom we are now foster



Arrived with us on Friday 29th April 2005
Went to his new home on Sunday 10th July 2005
Died 27th February 2014 from old age.

Blue's arrival and a brief history
Blue Greyhound
Click image for a larger view
Blue on the 4th May 2005
Blue is as his name suggests a Blue Greyhound who weighs 84 lbs (38.1 kilos). He was born on the 15th May 2001 so is almost is 4 years old. He has very striking eyes, is neutered, microchipped and his inoculations are up to date. Blue has slight hair loss on his tail joints but is a happy dog who becomes very excited when getting ready to go out for a walk, but when on the lead he walks quietly by your side. He hasn't been cat tested yet but gets on well with other dogs.

Went to his new home on Sunday 10th July 2005
Blue's Diary
29th April 2005
We collected Blue this evening and he travelled well in the car on the way back here. We did the toilet 'run' round the garden so he knows where to do it then a walk round the house to see what was where. After being quite nervous for the first hour or so he then began to settle down on the living room carpet for the rest of the evening.
When it was time for bed it was obvious he hadn't been upstairs before and he took them very cautiously. He didn't want to sleep with the others on the landing, which is something we often find when the new foster dog makes 4 so he slept in the corner of our bedroom.

30th April 2005
Blue slept well last night and woke us around 4 in the morning pacing the floor wanting to go out, which was good because he was telling us.
This afternoon after his walk we gave him a pig's ear to chew. He looked at it, wavered a minute then took it to the living room, put it on the floor, then stood by the conservatory door and watched Jill eating hers. He really concentrated on what she was doing and after a minute or so went back into the living room, sat on the floor and ate his chew - that's one very clever dog.

3rd May 2005
Last night Blue received a good telling off because he snarled
and snapped at Jill. At the time he was fast asleep on the floor in the living room and Jill decided to walk over him rather than around him, which was not good manners. He shot up and growled and snapped at her so much so we thought he may have bitten her but he hadn't. This is 'kennel space' syndrome and can happen when a dog lives in kennels without its own bed - he was asleep at the time and told her in no uncertain terms it was 'his space' and to keep out. However, in our home and likewise his new home to be this behaviour is not acceptable and he received a good telling off as a result.
Blue is slowly getting used to going up and down stairs but in the main he tends to want to stay either up or down to minimise the number of times he has to go up and down them. He's okay going up but still walks very, very gingerly down and its quite painful watching him.

5th May 2005
Blue is a really friendly dog, shows no sign of wanting to steal things off the kitchen work surfaces but will have a sniff to see what is there. He loves going out for walks and when he realise's its walk time he becomes quite boisterous making it difficult to put his leather collar on. We now resolve this by pointing the water spray at his face and say 'stay' - the sight of the water spray is enough to calm him down so we can put his collar and lead on. When out, he walks nicely on the lead, doesn't pull and doesn't seem bothered with other dogs. In the time since he arrived we find he doesn't like having parts of his head and ears touched, which might be why we found it difficult to put his collar on. This may be because when he was in kennels and raced people had trouble reading his tattoos, which are quite faint and at some point he may have been hurt so now he is wary and tries to shake you off. To help him get used to the idea that people touching his head and ears are not going to hurt him we are touching, stroking and cuddling his head and ears as much as possible so he will come to realise it's nice not nasty.
Blue has what someone thought was a 'fashion statement' on his tail, however, the pattern arises from loss of hair on the joints. The vet advised it would probably disappear once on a good diet so we are to
do nothing for 6 months to give it chance to recover. Should it not improve after that then it should be looked at in more detail.
6th May 2005
Stuart stayed up last night to watch the election results and forgot to put the gate across the top of the stairs and this morning we found Blue had soiled in the dining room. Each night since we've had him he's woken us around 4 or 5 in the morning pacing the floor wanting to go out - last night he simply walked away from their beds and did it downstairs. Since he arrived we've been feeding him the food provided by Greyhound Rescue and this wanting to go out and soiling in the night may be because the food doesn't suit him. It happened to Penny when we first got her and it also happened to Red when he went to his first home and was put on different food. From this morning we are moving him across to Burns Brown Rice and Chicken, which is what we feed our dogs on, and since the episode with Penny we now swear by it, so we will see how he gets on! Apart from wanting to go out in the middle of each night and the one soiling in the dining room he's been really good on the house training front. We had an accident on the conservatory floor the day after he arrived, but apart from that, nothing. He will even walk to the back door and whine if he wants out, which is really good.
7th May 2005
After a very early start we all arrived in Ireland safely and Blue was very good on the journey in the car to the ferry. He was
quite nervous about going onboard but quickly settled down with Bobby and Indi in the back of the car and when we came back later they were all fast asleep. When we arrived in Ireland we stopped in a car park, fed them and took them for a walk - all of which he took in his stride. At the cottage he was very good and soon settled down for the evening.
8th May 2005
We took Blue down to the beach this afternoon. He loved the open space, trotted along the sand and watched the others running after their ball. He really wanted to join them but as we haven't had him long and not sure he will come back to us on command if something caught his eye so he stayed on the lead.
9th May 2005
Blue's evening toileting problem has resolved itself since he's been on the Burns food, which deep down we knew it would, and now he quite happily sleeps all night only wanting to go out around 7am, which we will extend slightly longer each day to see how he gets on. He seems to have settled in the holiday cottage and his new routine and sleeps quite happily next to Indi and Bobby in the living room, showing no further signs of the 'kennel space' grumbling he did when we first got him, apart from one occasion when he jumped up growling and ran out of the room. He was asleep and dreaming so he probably awoke thinking he was still in his dream. He was sleeping next to Bobby at the time who just ignored the event and went back to sleep.
12th May 2005
Blue didn't want much food yesterday for some reason but as he seemed fine in himself we decided to keep an eye on him. Today he's eaten his food fine so whatever it was that put him off his food yesterday was obviously temporary. We've been out in the car most days since being in Ireland and Blue thoroughly enjoys his trips to the beach, his daily walks and loves going out in the car. Whilst out today we saw a cat and from his reaction we know he would not be cat friendly!
15th May 2005
Blue has really settled and started playing with the others but still not sure what to do with all the toys. He now stands still whilst you put his collar on (if you show him the water spray first) and doesn't 'throw' his head about quite so much if you touch his ears so we think he is slowly realising that when people touch his head and ears it's a pleasant sensation and nothing to get worried about. He is eating well, we've had no accidents, he allows us a 'lie in' each morning and loves laying out in
the sunshine, which we've had quite a lot of, and today its been so hot you would think it was the middle of summer! About an hour before his dinner at 6.15pm he's started whimpering at us so he's learn't how to tell us when he's getting hungry. He also whimpers for a while if Stuart goes out and he doesn't hear me so thinks he's on his own with the others. Its only a quiet whimper so he may suffer a little from separation anxiety.
22nd May 2005

Arrived back from Ireland late last night. Blue took the travelling in his stride apart from waiting to board the ferry, which caused him to fret and whimper, but on board he was fine and settled with the others. We took a trip to the pub when we got home and he quickly settled on the floor with the others and having a fuss made of him by all there. It was also nice to see the music and pool table never bothered him as it had done when we first got him.
23rd May 2005
It was a lovely day today so we spent it trying to get the garden back into shape. Blue loved his freedom but seemed a little unsure of himself at times - as if he thought he was going to be told off for wandering around. He then lay next to Indi, with his head on her paw and went to sleep enjoying the sun. Although he never got on the settee when in Ireland he was back on ours tonight with Indi laying her head on his rump. He has really come on since we first had him because if he was laying down he couldn't stand another dog near him then but now he doesn't seem to bother. He's been whimpering a bit if he can't see and needs reassurance that we are still here, so a change of environment seems to affect him - he did it when we first got him, it may have been the reason for him being off his food in Ireland and he's doing it again now. Hopefully, give him a few days and he will be fine again, but its worth noting for when he goes to his new owner as he will need a lot of reassurance at the beginning.
27th May 2005
Today was the day we did the Christmas photo shoot for the Greyhound calendar and Stuart got a few funny looks carrying the Christmas tree and trimmings down the road to our local pub, the Derby Arms at the end of May where we were doing up a corner of their breakfast room to do the shot. This wasn't Blue's picture but we still took some photographs of him with model Holly Welstead, who fell in love with him the moment she saw him and wanted to take him home with her, but alas Kent is outside our area for re-homing! Blue, now used to his 'local' just crashed out on the floor and waited his turn!
1st June 2005
Blue is definitely now one of the family and the change in him since he arrived is enormous. He happily sits out in the garden on his own or will run around it and play, enjoys the others company (but is still a little wary of getting on the settee with Bobby until we say its okay, then he's fine), his coat is beginning to shine and he plays with the others, waits happily for his meals (but will whine if he thinks we are a long time in starting to get it ready), doesn't steal the others food, comes for a cuddle, happily lets you stroke him all over (including his head and ears), loves sleeping on the settee, going out for walks and will generally stay reasonably calm whilst his collar and lead are being put on (so long as you keep him calm). This week we started letting him off the lead for short spells in the nature reserve and he generally stays near the others and waits for us to put his lead back on at the gate ready to walk back down the road. He's a really happy dog who wags his tail a lot and now goes up to people because he wants to say hello to them.
9th June 2005
Today was Flash's big day in front of the camera for the 'Long Legged Beauties' Rescued Greyhound Calendar 2006 and in the evening after they shut the doors to the public we all visited Lakeland Ltd. in Windermere.
Three Greyhounds in the garden
Click image for a larger view
Blue in the garden with Indi
and Jill on the 3rd May 2005

Blue Greyhound
Click image for a larger view
In the garden
4th May 2005

Blue on the 4th May 2005
In the garden
4th May 2005

Blue Greyhound
On holiday in Ireland
during a visit to the
Woodstock Gardens at Inistioge
9th May 2005

Blue Greyhound
... and again

Blue Greyhound
Click image for a larger view
... and again.

With model Holly Welstead
27th May 2005

Blue with model Hannah Lewis
With model Hannah Lewis
outside Lakeland Ltd., Windermere
9th June 2005

Blue with model Paige Leigh
With model Paige Leigh
near the Jetty at Bassenthwaite
Lakeside Lodges, Bassenthwaite
near Keswick - 20th June 2005

'Long Legged Beauties'
2006 Rescued
Greyhounds Calendar
Lauren O'Shea with Blue and Bobby

This picture of Blue was taken with
Lauren O'Shea and Bobby at
Woodstock Gardens, Inistioge in
and is the main
May calendar shot

Long Legged Beauties
'Just Greyhounds'
2007 Calendar
Blue Greyhound
Click image for a larger view
This picture of Blue was taken on the
4th May 2005 and is one of the
supporting shots in the calendar.

Blue Greyhound
Click image for a larger view
In the field
June 2005

Blue Greyhound
June 2005

Stuart took a number of photographs of all the dogs including Blue around the water features outside the main doors of the building. Blue was really good and becoming quite a professional when asked to pose in front of the camera. He was really good and instantly relaxed with the model, Hannah Lewis whom he only met a couple of hours before.
11th June 2005
Blue is now off the lead most of the time in the nature reserve and loves to stroll around sniffing here and there with the others. Generally, he stays in the location of Bobby and Indi but if he wanders a little too far we just call him back and he either stays where he is till we catch up or he comes running back. He loves meeting people and if we see anyone when we are out he will go trotting up to them to say hello. He loves his trips out in the car or to the pub and just lays down with the others until we leave. He sleeps on the settee most of the day and sleeps happily with the others at night. He's quite a quiet dog really and we rarely hear him bark. When he does bark its generally out in the garden when he's trying to get one of the others to play with him. This week he's started playing with our hands when he's happy and when we are getting ready to go out he will sometimes put your hand in his mouth and gently play with it, which feels quite strange
at first but its being affectionately done and its his way of saying how happy he is. We were very pleased with him when Kanga arrived because he no longer bothers if other dogs climb all over him, which was a definite 'no, no' at the beginning - he's a lovely dog and because he's been with us 6 weeks now we are going to find it hard parting with him, but we know we must.
18th June 2005
Blue made us all laugh tonight for whilst out having our evening walk we were returning up the road past the pub when he suddenly started barking and growling. We all looked ahead, for a friend had joined us for the walk but there was nothing that we could see that would make his act so. Upon looking at his face we realised he was looking up into the sky and there above the pub roof was a hot air balloon happily floating along in front of us. Poor Blue wondered what on earth it was and definitely thought it not friendly for he was going to have it - or perhaps he was protecting us from it. It was just so funny and all the people outside the pub having a drink cracked out laughing as well.
Although Blue gets quite excited about going out for walks and it can be difficult sometimes getting his collar on, we now find that if you stand in front of him and put his collar round his neck using both hands as if to do the collar up at the back of his neck but placing an arm against each side of his head, not restraining him but just resting your arms there, stand still making no attempt to do it up and quietly say 'stay' he actually calms down himself and when he does your hands are already in position to do the collar up with no problem. He then gets a 'good boy'. However, he's completely different once out because when in the reserve for his walk he waits patiently at the gate waiting for you to put his lead - and there's no problem!
20th June 2005
Today was Moss's big day in front of the camera for the 'Long Legged Beauties' Rescued Greyhound Calendar 2006 and we all took the day out to Bassenthwaite Lakeside Lodges, Bassenthwaite near Keswick in Cumbria for the photo shoot with model Paige Leigh. It was a glorious day and lots of photographs were taken by the side of the lake, jetty and around the gardens of the Lodges. Blue was really good all day wandering round from one photo location to the next and is becoming quite used to these kind of days out and posing next to models.
21st June 2005
Blue gets on really well with Moss who arrived on the 18th June and over the past couple of days or so we often see them both happily playing and trotting round the garden together. They were even licking out a bowl together with both noses in at the same time - wonders will never cease!
2nd July 2005
We went to the Southwaite Service Station Greyhound Awareness Day today near Carlisle as a couple were coming down from Scotland to have a look at Blue and, having a look and taking him for a walk decided they would like to re-home him so arrangements are being made to take him to his new home next week. After a long day we all went for a walk in the evening and called into the pub for a drink where Blue came face to face with a small black puppy which was only about 9" long - after the initial reaction of 'Oh what's that' he just sniffed it then ignored it, which we were really pleased about because with puppies so small we often wonder if the dogs think it's food so we are very, very careful - he passed the test.
3rd July 2005
We noticed some loose scabs on his tail this afternoon and upon further examination found these were coming from the scabby joints he's had since he arrived. When the loose scabs were brushed off there was new growth of hair forming underneath so the vets' theory of it being caused by the food he was on prior to coming to us and it taking anything up to six months to heal seems to be correct. Seeing his tail every day its hard to spot the subtle changes its made and the prominent dry skin areas on the joints after further examination appear to be almost gone and his tail is looking almost normal.
9th July 2005
Blue always wants to please and one thing we have noticed since the arrival of Joe, who needs watching because he will thieve anything edible (and some things that aren't) is that if we reprimand Joe Blue will disappear into another room or out to the garden out of the way. This is something we never noticed before because all the dogs we've had since he arrived have quickly settled in but because Joe is a bit of a thief and getting plenty of reprimands we noticed the change in Blue.
10th July 2005
We took Blue to his new home this morning where he will be living with a retired couple in the Lockerbie area. They have a lovely big bungalow to live in with a large garden for him to run around and play. We hope blue and his new owners have a long and happy life together and we hope they enjoy his company as much as we did for we shall miss him.

Blue with his new owners
20th July 2005
Blue and his new owners visited the chairman of Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue today and sent us this picture of him.
21st July 2005
Received a call from Blue's new owners today saying he has settled in well, has met one of their grandchildren who thought he was wonderful and they are thrilled to bits with him. We are so pleased because he is such a nice guy.

20th November 2005
Today was the annual Dumfriesshire Greyhound Rescue Fun Greyhound Show/Christmas Fayre at the Loreburn Hall in Dumfries. We put up a stall selling the 'Long Legged Beauties' 2006 calendar and Becky Speed (July) and Britney-Lee (October) joined us to meet the press and sign calendars. We were so delighted to see Blue walking up to our stall to say hello with his owners and Bobby and Indi gave him a lovely warm welcome. He wore a blue bandana saying 'I Love Kids' and looked really well. He won first prize in one of the competitions, which I think was 'best dog' but I may be mistaken. In any case he did really well to win a first as there were about a hundred and fifty dogs in attendance that day. It was so lovely to see him again along with six of our other foster dogs and seeing the seven of them together with Bobby and Indi brought a lump to my throat and really made our day.
18th December 2013
We received a Christmas card from Blue's owner today letting us know that Blue is really beginning to show his age. He has started having trouble controlling his bowel movements, but his owner is doing the best he can to help him.
9th December 2014
I received a Facebook message today that sadly informed us of the passing away of Blue on the 27th February 2014. Such sad news because he was such a lovely dog. It read:

" It's Fraser Robertson's daughter Evelyn. My Dad got Blue from you. My Dad has asked me to contact you both. I'm sorry to contact you both with some sad news, and sorry that it has taken so long to get in touch, to let you both know.
We heartbreakingly had to put our gorgeous Blue to sleep on 27 February 2014. He had been unwell and the vet said that it was his time to go. My Dad and us all are still devastated, and I know that you will both understand how much he is missed.
My Dad especially, has taken Blue's loss badly. Blue was such a huge part of my Dad's life, especially over the last few years. Even writing this now to tell you, is so difficult to write. It is still hard to believe that he's no longer with us. Blue was one very special dog.
I'm sorry that I have'nt contacted you both sooner. My Dad has'nt been too well, so we've been concentrating on him. Thank you for looking after that gorgeous boy, and making him be the special dog that he was. He will never be forgotten by anyone that knew him.

Below is the post I put on Facebook. The hardest post I've ever had to write.

One of the hardest and most upsetting posts that I have had to put on here. Beloved Blue has gone to play with Ronnie, Paddy and Tazzie, at Rainbow Bridge this morning. Darling boy, you held on as long as you could, but it was time for you to rest. You will be in our hearts forever, and we have so many happy memories. You will be missed more than you can ever know. Rest peacefully now with the Angels. Love you so very, very,very much. Thank you for being part of our lives. Always there to comfort us through difficult times, and to share all the happy times. A very special dog - who was more human than animal. You will never be forgotten".

What more can I say that hasn't been said. With tears in my eyes your foster mum says darling Blue, my big handsome Blue, you were so handsome, rest in peace and God be with you. xxx

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