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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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Below is one of the 82 dogs we fostered for Dumfriesshire & Cumbria
Greyhound Rescue between July 2004 and the 5th December 2009.
On the 9th December 2009 we became the SOUTH LAKES branch
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Charlie (1)

Arrived with us on Sunday 11th September 2005
Went to his new home on Friday 21st October 2005

Charlie's arrival and a brief history
Charlie, although that wasn't his name originally, is a big strapping lad of about 2 years old who weighs 77lbs (35.2k). He was kept on an allotment with three other dogs and well looked after but knew nothing other than allotment life. His brother who is all white and now named Bobby came into Rescue with him. When he came into Rescue he was put into emergency kennels with his brother until a space became available in a foster home. This is because Charlie needs a lot of TLC and training before he can be re-homed. During the three weeks in kennels he was neutered and vaccinated. He had a collar put on him for the first time, which he hated at first and his lessons in walking on a lead and facing the big, wide world
began. Everything scared Charlie, he would jump six feet in the air if a car went past him whilst out walking and the slow progress of teaching him that cars passing on the road were not going to hurt him if he didn't get in their way began. Whilst in kennels it was found he was good with other dogs, had a lovely temperament and was beginning to walk on the lead. 
Charlie's Diary
11th September 2005
We collected Charlie during the sponsored walk around 'Talking Tarn' near Carlisle and introduced him to Bobby and Indi after the walk. When it was time to go home he jumped into our car and quickly settled down for the long drive home. He travelled well in the car, sometimes standing up and watching where he was going and other times just laying down in the back.
When we got home we walked him round the garden but he was very nervous and wouldn't do anything. Indoors he paced around so much so we put him back on the lead to reduce this nervous pacing and to give him more close and controlled contact with us.
As with the others we gave him a bath and he seemed to like the warm water as he never tried climbing out. However, as we started rinsing him off he decided to lie down in the bath and we had to lift him up to wash under his tummy. When we lifted him out, stood him on the towel and started drying him he suddenly lay out flat on the towel. This was a new one for us so we just left him there and dried him where he lay, then rolled him over and dried off the other side. Once he was fairly dry we managed to get him to stand up, he shook himself and wandered off and lay down.
When we fed him he was very picky with his food and we struggled to get him to eat it without wandering all over the place. After his dinner we took him for a walk and to begin with he pulled on the lead something awful. Once we were off the main road and walking down the back road he began to settle a little, but he never did anything. We called into the pub on the way back and he seemed settled because he lay down next to Bobby. He never bothered with the 'Pool' table ball dropping or the music, then after about half an hour he decided he wanted the security of somewhere enclosed so he sat on the fire hearth as far back as he could because he couldn't fit inside the fire grate itself. What we thought was settled to begin with must have been nerves and shock!
Upon getting home we all stayed in the living room so we could settle him and watch TV. He paced the floor constantly for the first few minutes so we turned the TV down very low as it was bothering him and eventually he lay down in the corner of the room with the curtain over his head! He was obviously hiding! When it was time to be let out last thing to do what was necessary we walked him on the lead round and round the garden - we thought he was looking for somewhere to wee but then he walked along the side of the fence and sat down on the grass and refused to budge. He must have thought he was out for the night and was looking for somewhere to sleep. When it was time for bed he walked up the stairs quite happily.
12th September 2005
It took quite a while to get Charlie to settle last night because he kept pacing the floor. In the end we shut the bedroom door and he settled on the floor behind it and went to sleep. We never heard a sound from him all night and as soon as we awoke we got him down the stairs and out in the garden where thankfully he decided to do all that was necessary, but only after much walking around with him on the lead. We will be keeping him on the lead in the garden for sometime as he jumps at every sound, stares to where sounds are coming from and wants to run in the opposite direction. He was very 'picky' with his food again this morning and had to be constantly tempted to eat it without wandering all round the conservatory and disturbing the others - we did this by putting him on the lead so we could keep him near his food. This morning he decided going down the stairs wasn't for him so he sat down on the top step and refused to budge. However, a gentle push put his bottom on the next step down and after having done this to him over the top four steps he decided it was better to stand up and walk down the best way he could.
During the morning he discovered the space under Stuart's desk and crawled into it. There wasn't a lot of room and all 'clutter' and computer wires had to be tidied out of the way for him. Once there he was quite happy but he didn't leave much leg room for Stuart!
Charlie is quite a strong dog and pulls on the lead especially bad when he's on the main road and when we walk past the men working in the garage. When out on his walk he is constantly looking behind him to see if something is coming. At first I thought he was looking for Bobby and Indi but it isn't the case - he is very wary of what is behind him. After our him a dried pig's ear - he just looked at us as if we were stupid and it stayed on the floor in the office until lunch time walk we gave him a dried pig's ear - he just looked at us as if we were stupid and it stayed on the floor in the office until Indi decided to creep in and steal it. From discussions with DCGR this evening it seems there is more to Charlie than we first thought and it is believed he is one of the 'least trained' dogs to have come into Rescue.
13th September 2005
Last night Charlie slept in the dog bed in our bedroom all night with the door open and we never heard a sound from him all night. Most of the day he's been either under Stuart's desk or on the duvet we put in the corner of the office. He still won't entertain the dried pig's ear even though I touched it up with some dog meat to tempt him. He just licked the meat off and left it. Even when I tried putting it in his mouth to encourage him to chew it he refused. This afternoon he slept in the bed next to Indi and Bobby so there were three dogs sleeping in a row, which is the first time he's slept so close to them. Something 'spooked' him this afternoon causing him to pace the bedrooms and he received a snap from Bobby who thought Charlie was either going to walk over him or steal his pig's ear. He also received a growl from Indi as he was pacing about over her in her bed and she wasn't happy. At this point he decided the best place to be was under Stuart's desk and that's where he stayed for the next hour or two. He's now learnt the art of going up and down the stairs and happily runs up and down them. This evening he ate two thirds of his dinner without moving away and when I put his lead on he ate some more until a gust of wind blew outside moving the wind chimes and that was that. He wasn't eating anymore and wanted out in the garden where he rapidly paced and refused to go back into the conservatory until the wind chimes stopped blowing. Inside he paced a lot until he settled back under Stuart's desk, which he seems to have turned into his haven. After our evening walk we went in the pub for a drink and Charlie was quite tense and panted a lot but after a while he decided to lay down like the others were doing and seemed a little more settled. The problem is he's lived his entire life on a quiet allotment having never left it and he'd never wore a collar before so this new world he's entered is so alien that he is nervous of absolutely everything - but we will get there!
14th September 2005
When it was time to go out last thing yesterday he came running downstairs with the others when we called his name and walked happily round the garden on the lead - but never did anything. This dog has an iron bladder! He slept last night on the carpet in the end bathroom and Stuart took him out this morning at 5.30am because he heard him moving around. Despite a nice wander round the garden sniffing the air he never did anything. However, when I took him out at 7.30am he did all that was necessary. It was his first wee since lunchtime yesterday!
We had a bad morning this morning because Charlie paced the floor so badly we found it difficult to stop him. Every time he walked past Indi in her bed she growled at him and every time he got too close to Bobby in his, he jumped up and gave Charlie a snap. It was so bad we wondered if we had a dog they didn't like and what were we going to do! We phoned Kath from Bay Dog Training and discussed what was happening then sat down to analyse the whole situation - Why was Charlie pacing so bad? What had caused Bobby and Indi to start reacting to him they way they were because up until now they had been fine with him - there was no problem with them all in the car nor when out for walks so why now? Which other dogs has Indi growled at and why? Which other dogs has Bobby snapped at and why? Why was Charlie pacing so badly?
It transpired that Bobby and Indi felt no different to Charlie than they did our other foster dogs and they were actually HELPING us - yes helping us. Indi tends to growl at any dog who tries climbing into bed with her and Charlie was pacing all over her. Bobby, being alpha-male or top-dog will give a low growl to any new dog over the age of three and that's enough to put the new dog in it's place. Any dogs under three and his growl often requires at least one snap to have the same effect. Each time they growled or snapped at him, Charlie would stop, back off and go into the end bathroom for a couple of minutes before coming out and pacing again. Charlie was obviously listening to them because each time he backed off he stayed in the bathroom that bit longer. What had caused Charlie to pace? Well, we realised after it had gone, that parked outside the house all morning was a highway maintenance lorry with its orange light flashing and men working in yellow jackets. We all took this in our stride but it obviously scared poor Charlie to death and that was why he paced so badly. Indi and Bobby were telling him to stop being stupid and to 'chill out', which he did in the end. All went quiet and we knew he was in the end bathroom so I crept down the landing to see if he was okay. Expecting to find him asleep on the carpet you can imagine my reaction to finding him asleep in the bath. This was a first so we took some photographs. Charlie had been so frightened of the flashing light and men working he had gone to hide somewhere that made him feel safe and that somewhere was in the bath. He was in and out the bath most of the day and seemed quite adamant it was going to be his new bed so we decided that for the time being we would allow it and put a duvet in the bath to make it more comfortable for him.
22nd September 2005
Following the episode on the 14th when Indi and Bobby spent the morning putting Charlie in his place he has really benefited from it because he has been so much better since. Sometimes when they are in their beds in the morning and he starts pacing the floor there is the odd grumble as he's pacing past them but as soon as we settle him into a bed next to the others there is peace.
23rd September 2005
Charlie loves being in the garden and will wander round it quite happily for ages, which is probably because of the way he used to live. At first I was very concerned if I couldn't see him in case he'd found a way out of the garden but I realise now he just loves being out there - just watching the world go by. Since we started letting him off the lead in the garden last Tuesday to wander freely there have been times when I've panicked at not being able to see him, only to find him happily laying under one of the bushes. Sometimes he's quite well hidden but as soon as he sees us he jumps up and comes running to greet us, which then makes us feel guilty at having disturbed him. Charlie is obviously very happy living here and is beginning to feel comfortable in our company. The main obstacles we have to get him round is his nervousness of traffic coming up behind him on the road, meeting new people for the first time and loud 'action packed' scenes on the television - all of which makes him pace heavily. This evening we found Charlie asleep in one of the dog beds on his back with his legs in the air, which was lovely to see as it's a sign he's beginning to feel more settled. He's also quite happy about running in the garden last thing at night and now knows what he's suppose to do.
24th September 2005
I took the dogs over to see mum today and Charlie was very nervous about going into a strange house. When he eventually came in he was shaking all over for about ten minutes then slowly began to settle and lay down in the corner of the living room. We went out during the afternoon and upon arriving back his initial fear gone, he just walked back into the house and settled down in the living room with the others.
25th September 2005
Charlie is slowly getting better walking up the road if there is very little traffic until he reaches the garage and pub where he suddenly starts pulling until we are past them and we reach the grass verges down the back road where, so long as there are no cars parked he will settle and enjoy his walk. This afternoon after our walk he came running to the cupboard where the pig's ears are kept and having took his he ran upstairs after the other two and sat in between them and ate it. This was a first because and it's taken us two weeks to get him to understand a pig's ear is a tasty and enjoyable chew and one to look forward to.
26th September 2005
Last night Charlie experienced his first power cut. The candles didn't seem to bother him and he just settled into his bed next to Bobby and Indi for the evening. We struggled to get them all out in the garden last thing because of the heavy rain but at 3am I woke to find the lights had just come on so he went out in the garden with Indi and did what he had to. He's getting really good at this now but we are not quite there yet on the house training front. We knew it would be difficult with Charlie because with living on the allotment he wasn't even kennel clean. We find it difficult sometimes to determine whether his pacing is wanting to go out or if something has unsettled him. Also it's difficult to determine whether he wants out in the garden to do or just potter around and sit under a bush. If the weather was a little warmer and we felt more comfortable about him being outside on his own we could leave the back door open as we often did with the others but Charlie isn't really at that stage yet and needs a bit longer before we can comfortably let him in the garden unsupervised.
28th September 2005
Charlie came to our Greyhound calendar press launch at Cartmel Racecourse today and whilst the other Greyhounds took part in the short fashion show with the models he sat on the floor with Kanga's owners as Kanga was in the show. Charlie was very, very nervous to start with but soon settled on the floor and watched everything going on. The reporter and cameraman from Border TV chose Charlie to do a special piece about and it took the reporter about five takes before they were satisfied all was okay - mainly because Charlie didn't want to stand still and the reporter was worried she might hurt him if she held him too tight. We told her not to worry as he was a big strong Greyhound and to just hold onto him if he tries to pull away but the cameraman thought it added that extra touch to the story.
30th September 2005
Charlie appeared twice on Border TV this evening as part of a four minute slot about the calendar - once sitting on the floor watching the fashion show and the second time with the reporter doing her bit.
More to come ........
7th October 2005
Charlie's potential new owners came to see him this afternoon so they could get to know him and him them. He was very shy and nervous to begin with and we ended up shutting the kitchen door with everyone inside so they could greet him without him running upstairs. Within 15 minutes he was cuddling up to their daughter on the floor and was a lot more relaxed. We all went for a walk then called in the local pub for a drink and by the time they left he was quite happy being with them. In fact when it was time for them to leave he wanted to come into the drive and watch them go.
10th October 2005
Charlie is definately feeling more relaxed in our company because this afternoon he'd had his pig's ear and run round the garden before looking for somewhere soft to have an afternoon nap. I found him fast asleep on our bed and he looked a bit perturbed at having to get off to go to his own, leaving behind him a few muddy paw marks!
11th October 2005
Model Kristy Bellarby came last night and stayed ready to do Charlie's calendar shot today that will appear in our 2007 calendar. She also did a number of shots for Christmas and greetings cards with Charlie, Bobby and Indi, which we hope to include in our long legged beauties collection shortly. The weather was foul most of the day and the heavy rain never really let up all day, however, the conservatory door remained open on an off during the day so the dogs could go out and do what was necessary when they wanted. At one point in the afternoon Kristy lost one of her silver high heeled shoes and, after a search, we found it wet through in the garden - luckily it was only wet and not chewed! Guess who it was - yes it was Charlie because later on we spotted him running round the garden in the rain throwing one of my gardening boots in the air and catching it - it's now in front of the kitchen fire drying out! We don't think Charlie is too sure of cigarette smoke because if Kristy was standing in the conservatory doorway having a cigarette Charlie wouldn't come in past her. Also we think he wanted out but wouldn't walk past her so turned round and had an accident in the house. We are sure it wasn't her that was stopping him going out as he got on fine with her all day and looking back we think it was the cigarette smoke that he was wary of. This evening Charlie was left for three hours with the Bobby and Indi whilst we took Kristy back to her train then bumping into a couple of friends we nipped in a pub for a couple of drinks and a chat - when we got back home he gave us such a wonderful welcome, jumping up and wagging his tail - it was just lovely to see, and there were no accidents, which was also good to note - These last couple of days Charlie has really come on and is a joy to have around The only real problem at the moment is his shyness towards strangers, which may well improve with time.
12th October 2005
Charlie took to getting on our bed again today and a few times we heard him jump off as we came up the stairs - the cover was getting a bit dirty because sometimes he came in from the garden. Charlie has been with us exactly a month - he's settling in and today was the first time we deemed the water spray necesary, which when the time came he didn't like.
14th October 2005
The water spray on Charlie the other day certainly worked as he's not been on our bed since.
15th October 2005
This morning Charlie's potential new owners came for him as they were having him for the day so he could get to know them in their environment. We gave them some food for him incase he settled in so well they wanted him to stay over and bring him back tomorrow. We received a phone call late afternoon saying he travelled back well in the car and although he was very nervous in their home to begin with he soon began to relax. He was nervous again when they took him for a walk - but then it's a strange place for him so we expected it. However, back homeagain and he relaxed again, so much so they wanted to keep him over night to see how he gets on.
16th October 2005
Last night Charlie decided he wanted to sleep in his new owner's daughter's bedroom all night and was as good as gold. He's been running around their house and garden today and he wasn't so nervous on his walk. He came back late afternoon to find his brother here. What we thought was going to be a happy reunion turned out to be a good sniff at each other then Toby grumbled at Charlie, who just backed off and went for a walk around the garden. It may be possible that on the allotment Toby was pack leader and he was trying to re-establish his authority.
During the rest of the day they ran together and played but every time they got close they both grumbled at each other. At first we intervened then decided to stand back and let them get on with it but under supervision. It cumulated with Charlie standing at one end of the kitchen and Toby at the other facing each other and having a real grumble. It was just like the 'showdown in the Okay Coral' - we split it up and made them both come into the living room for the rest of the evening. We were suprised that Charlie settled in front of the TV but he did, which was a first and he slept on the carpet all evening quite happily.
Come bedtime they we sleeping next to each other with heads touching and we never heard a sound from either of them all night.
18th October 2005
Over the past couple of days since going for a trial run with his potential new owners and Toby arriving Charlie has really come out of himself and has alot more confidence. He is a really friendly, happy dog who sleeps all night and comes to greet you in the morning with Toby following a couple of steps behind. He's getting much better at meeting strange people and will after a much shorter time come forward to see what is happening and have a stroke - we are really proud of the progress he is making in this area. He loves running around the garden playing with his brother and Indi and he pinched Toby's pig's ear from him today because he was taking too long to eat it. Toby and Charlie go everywhere together, constantly touching each other affectionately and sleep in their beds almost touching each other. Charlie goes to his new home on Friday and it's wrenching my heart already to think they must be separated again. It's such a pity they aren't being rehomed together.

When Charlie came off the allotment and went into emergency kennels his life was turned upside down as he was away from the place he knew since birth and had to get used to a collar and walk on a lead. Coming to us turned it upside down further because of all the new things to learn about family life. When he first came to live with us he was very nervous of absolutely everything, even a kettle boiling! He slowly got used to us, our home and garden, which boosted his confidence. It took him a little longer to get used to strangers, traffic and entering new buildings but with our help and encouragement he slowly became more confident. He became fully accepted by Bobby and Indi and all the problems we had at the beginning are now a thing of the past and Charlie has matured and become a lot more laid back as a result. Once he realised we wouldn't let anything to happen to him he looked to us for reassurance when he became nervous of anything and this helped him overcome a large number of worries for him. Over the time we've had Charlie he's changed from being a nervous, frightened dog who trembled at everything new he came across into a very friendly and loving dog who is gaining more confident each day and even beginning to approach strangers, although cautiously for a stroke. He gets on really well with other dogs and children and loves playing in the garden with the others. Charlie was very, very hard work to begin with but he's now turning into an absolute gem and I am going to really, really miss him.
Friday 21st October 2005

This evening Charlie's new owners came to collect him and it was very sad seeing him go to his new home and tears came to my eyes as he drove past the gate and on his way. He was a wonderful dog and we hope he soon settles in and has a very long and happy life with his new family.
Sunday 13th November 2005
This morning we did Charlie's follow-up visit and when the front door opened he was standing cautiously at the far end of the hall looking to see who it was in the doorway. It took him just a few seconds to realise it was us then he ran to meet us giving a really lovely welcome making it hard to move from the hall into the living room.
Charlie had a bed in the living room where he now happily sleeps at night although he can go where he chooses. He looked really happy and relaxed and has bonded well with the entire family. His new owner commented he was a little nervous at first but has now come out of his shell and his lovely nature has caused them all to fall madly in love with him, that him being there has made their family complete and they are very grateful for being allowed to have him.
Because Charlie was hard work at first and needed a lot of our time, training and TLC he found a special place in my heart - it was his lovely nature and those beautiful eyes. Having to walk away after the follow-up visit was a very hard thing to do and as I walked away I looked over my shoulder and saw him standing on the doorstep with his new owner watching us go. This is why we foster but sometimes it is so very, very hard to part with them - have a long, happy and healthy life Charlie for we shall miss you.
6th May 2006
This morning we called in for Charlie and his owners as we were going to Coniston Lake to do a calendar photo shoot with him. When we first saw him he was at the top of the stairs peeping round the corner at us. It took him a little while to work out who we were but when he did he came down to say hello. He wasn't his bouncy self and his owner said she thought he was off colour as he'd been off his food the past couple of days - if he wasn't any better by Monday he was going to the vet. We were going to cancel the photo shoot because of this but his owner thought he would be okay so we went to Coniston and took some lovely photographs. His owner says he is still very shy and not happy about going into town so he stays at home when they go and is much happier for it. They take him walks along a regular route and in the fields he is let off the lead for a run. This lasts a few minutes and he's back, out of breath by his owner's side waiting for the security of his lead again. He's really settled in his home and turned their lawn into a mud track - don't they all!!
9th May 2006
We haven't heard anything from Charlie's owner so we assume he's feeling better and a visit to the vet yesterday wasn't required - let us hope so.
26th August 2006
Charlie arrived this morning for a week's holiday because his owners didn't want him in kennels because of his nervousness, which they thought might set him back. When he arrived he knew exactly where he was, gave us a lovely welcome and settled in with Bobby, Indi and the other dogs straight away. His owner's said they took him to the vet in May but they couldn't find anything the matter with him and a couple of days later he was back to his normal happy self so it was a mystery to them all - except possibly Charlie. His owners left for their holiday feeling, we hope, happier at leaving him with us.
We took him for a walk in the afternoon and found he still shakes and hangs back when he sees strangers, just like Lester and would you believe it he still pulls away from the corner of the pub as we walk around the corner to give it as wider berth as possible.
27th August 2006
It was the DGR committee meeting this afternoon near Lockerbie and because it was such a lovely morning we stopped on the way at Tebay taking them for a walk along the river under the road bridge. Stuart wanted some photographs of the river and whilst there we took some lovely pictures of the dogs, which I'm pleased about because we didn't get many of Charlie whilst we fostered him.
1st September 2006
Charlie has been a real pleasure to have here and it was wonderful seeing him again. During his stay he got on well with the others, settled to his bed with no problem and as time went by he walked closer and closer to the corner of the pub. He loved his walks through the nature reserve and became a bit more confident when we met people because he knew he could rely on us to protect him. In fact he's been no trouble at all because he is such a lovely, lovely dog. Think it's his nature and those beautiful eyes of his.
2nd September 2006
Charlie's owners called to collect him this evening and I felt quite sad when he left but hopefully we shall be seeing him again soon.
11th June 2007
Met Charlie and his owners this evening to do a photo shoot at a timber yard for the 2008 'sexy and safety' greyhound calendar. (View Calendar). We met up in the pub nearby first. Charlie was a little nervous when he met everyone and the other dogs to begin with but after a while he began to settle down. He remembered us which was lovely, I loved my greeting with him and he really did well when we were taking the photographs. Charlie is one of the few dogs we know who lets us put him in the exact position. He allows us to move his feet where we want them placed and know he will keep them there till the photo was taken - he's so lovely - he's Charlie!
21st August 2008
Received an email this evening enclosing a photo of Charlie with their daughter's pet rabbit. Charlie loves to chase cats if he gets the chance but seems to respect the fact that the rabbit is part of the family and doesn't bother her.
1st September 2008
Received an email this evening with more pictures of Charlie with their pet rabbit.
11th December 2011
We saw Charlie and his owners at our South Lakes Christmas Fair being held today at the Newton-in-Furness Village Hall. Charlie looked well although he'd been ill, with I think, they said a cracked shoulder blade. He was quite poorly at the time, but they said he seemed okay now.
26th March 2013
We heard today that Charlie is doing just fine. He has grown into a very well behaved and loving, loyal companion.We call him our silent friend as he very rarely barks.
Their eldest daughter has a brand new puppy cocker spaniel. Charlie was a little stand offish at first but after establishing who is boss (Charlie) they became good friends and enjoy walks together.
Charlie has maintained good health throughout his life so far and hopefully will continue to do so, he is growing older they must admit but there's plenty of life in the old dog yet!
23rd December 2013
We received a Christmas card today from Charlie's owners letting us know he is a little more grey these days, but doing just fine.
23rd December 2014
We received an email this evening from Charlie's owners letting us know that Charlie is a little older, his back legs don't always do what he wants them to do, but he is still a pup at heart.

Charlie sheltering under the desk
Charlie taking up residence
under Stuart's desk on the
12th September 2005

Charlie feeling secure in his 'new bed'
Charlie feeling secure after the
incident with the flashing light
on the highway maintenance
lorry on the 14th September 2005

Charlie in his new bed
Charlie in his new bed
on the 14th September 2005

Charlie's new bed
and again.

11th October 2005

Brindle Greyhound
. . . and again

Brindle Greyhound
. . . and resting in the conservatory
11th October 2005

Long Legged Beauties
'Greyhounds & Lifestyle'
2007 Calendar
Kristy Louise with greyhound
This picture of Charlie was taken
on the 11th October 2005 with
Kristy-Louise and is the
front cover of the calendar
'Greyhounds and Lifestyle' Calendar

Charlie on the 13th November 2005

Charlie and I on the 13th November 2005
Charlie and I at his follow-up visit
on the 13th November 2005

Charlie on the 13th November 2005
Enjoying the sunshine in his new
garden on the 13th November 2005

Charlie in his new garden
. . . and again.

Long Legged Beauties
'Greyhounds & Lifestyle'
2007 Calendar
Sarah with brindle greyhound
This picture of Charlie was taken
on the 6th May 2006 with Sarah
by the side of Coniston Lake and
is our main May calendar shot
'Greyhounds and Lifestyle' Calendar

Charlie near the river Lune
27th August 2006
River Lune near Tebay

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Long Legged Beauties
'Just Greyhounds'
2008 Calendar
This picture of Charlie was taken
on the 27th August 2006 in
Tebay Gorge and is our main
June calendar shot
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Brindle greyhound
and again . . .

Charlie at Tebay
and again.

High Newton wood yard
11th June 2007

. . . and again.

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Greyhound with rabbit
Charlie with the pet rabbit
21st August 2008

Greyhound with rabbit
. . . and again . . .

Greyhound with rabbit
. . . and again . . .

Greyhound with rabbit
. . . and again.

Brindle Greyhound
At the South Lakes Branch
Christmas Fair, Newton-in-Furness
Village Hall
11th December 2011

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