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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Below is one of the 82 dogs we fostered for Dumfriesshire & Cumbria
Greyhound Rescue between July 2004 and the 5th December 2009.
On the 9th December 2009 we became the SOUTH LAKES branch
of the Retired Greyhound Trust for whom we are now foster


Arrived 28th July 2004
Went to his new home on Saturday 14th August 2004
Arrived back with us on Sunday 14th November 2004
Went to his new home on Sunday 12th December 2004.

Flash's arrival and a brief history
Flash in the garden
Flash arrived with us on Friday 28th July 2004. He was born on the 6th July 2001 making him just 3 years old. He is a black and white ex-racing greyhound weighing about 70lbs who retired from racing because of a shoulder injury. He likes people, children and other dogs, but hasn't yet been cat tested. He walks nicely on the lead and is very pleased to meet new people and, if you stand still long enough he will, we have been told, fall asleep leaning against you!! Flash has come straight from racing so has never been inside a house.
Flash was rehomed to the Carlisle area on Saturday 14th August 2004 but came back to us on Sunday 14th November 2004 because of an
incident with another dog. Following an assessment with an animal behaviourist he underwent socialisation training with us and went to his new home on Sunday 12th December 2004 where he will be living with a couple and their German Shepherd bitch.
Flash's Diary
28th July 2004
We feel Flash has settled into the home environment very well to say he's come straight out of racing and never been in a house before.
In the few days since his arrival we notice he is very gentle, loves meeting people, having lots of cuddles and will stand very close to you in response. He'd never seen stairs before and at first wouldn't go anywhere near them., however, the dogs beds are on the landing and as he didn't want to be downstairs on his own he managed, after about ½ hour, to get himself up the stairs - going down the following morning, well that was another story because no way was he going down. In the end we had to gently coax him, hold his collar for support and give his a good push, which was just what he needed to make that first step down. After that, just holding his collar whilst going down the first few times was enough to give him the confidence he needed. He was a little anxious the first couple of nights (which was to be expected) but now settles to his bed along side Indi and Bobby whom he gets on well with. He has settled into home life very easily and noises such as the washing machine, hoover, TV and lawn mower don't bother him. His 'house training' is coming along well with just a couple of accidents in the early days but now he understands he needs to ask to go outside, which he generally does by standing by the door. At first, his shoulder injury made it awkward for him to 'cock' his leg properly and he often wet his front leg, which we washed for him and he happily let us to do it, however, as each day passes we find the number of times we need to do this is reducing and we are hoping in time the need will disappear completely. He has settled into our routine quickly and enjoys playing with Bobby and Indi in the garden and field where they all have a good run together. He walks well on the lead, responds to his name and travels well in the car.
During his first week with us he has been in our local pub where he behaved well and enjoyed the fuss made of him, including that from two young children. He's also been into two other houses besides ours and again behaved well. On the Sunday after he arrived we took him to a local show and the noise from the small fairground never bothered him at all. One thing we did notice was he sometimes barked at other dogs, not a vicious bark, just a bark, which indicates he's not used to seeing many other dogs other than greyhounds. We are now introducing him to other dogs whenever we can, and generally, after the first couple of barks he settles down so we are sure this is just a temporary phase, which a number of greyhounds who have only ever seen greyhounds before go through. With regards to cats - always a big question with greyhounds - he walked past one the other day whilst on his lead and never bothered to go after it. I know its only one, he was on a lead and its early days yet, but its a good sign.
3rd August 2004
Flash's daily dose of cod liver oil in his breakfast has changed his coat from being dull, as it was when he arrived, to black and glossy. The hair on the bald patch on his back leg is also starting to grow again. We had him neutered on the 30th July, which he is recovering well from - and is still friends with us!!. He has settled really well and we are pleased with his progress, he has a lovely temperament and wanders from house to garden at will, started sleeping on his back with legs akimbo (a sign of a happy dog), gives no indication of wanting to run off and is now also 'house trained'. This evening he surprised us all by joining Indi in the garden and playing with her squeaky ball. He ran around making it squeak, which he thought was great fun unlike Indi who was quite shocked that another was
Flash on the 23rd July 2004
In the garden
23rd July 2004

Flash on 23rd July 2004
And again . . .

Enjoying the sunshine
Enjoying the sunshine

Playing with a squeaky ball
Playing with the squeaky ball

Flash in October 2004
and his toy!

playing with her ball. It was very funny to watch.
8th August 2004
Flash has really taken to the squeaky ball and, since his first discovery of it a few days ago now loves playing with it in the garden. Went in the local pub this afternoon where he was admired by a number of people, loving all the attention then just settling down on the carpet to sleep.
9th August 2004
Had his final injection this morning and his stitches removed following his neutering operation. He just took it all in his stride - but then that's Flash! It was a busy morning in the vets with a number of cats and dogs waiting to be seen. Flash never barked at the dogs as he would have done a couple of weeks ago. He showed interest in the cats but not aggressive interest just mildly so and he soon forgot about them once someone started making a fuss of him so the cat test is looking promising.
13th August 2004
During the past few days Flash has been accompanying Indi when she comes into our bedroom to say good morning. Sometimes they arrive too early and are told to 'go back to bed', which they do - after a while, only to come flying back in again the moment the alarm goes off. Indi jumps on the bed and lies next to us but Flash leans his head on the bed for a cuddle then settles down on the carpet at the end of the bed till we get up. He now sits and waits whilst his meals are being prepared alongside the other two and, although he finishes his first, doesn't often try to get theirs. If they wander off and he goes to their bowls then just saying 'Flash' stops him from going nearer. Flash now walks well on a lead but will sometimes pull if he's excited or you aren't walking fast enough for him. Over the last few days he's been off his lead for part of his daily walks when away from the road and needless to say he's free in the field to run at will.
14th August 2004
We all went to Dalston Show today to meet Flash's potential new owners. They had been previously vetted and wanted to spend time with him during the day before they made up their mind he

was right for them. When we came home late that afternoon we did so without him - we were very happy for him yet sad at his departure as Flash was a lovely dog and will make a very loyal and affectionate friend for his new owners and their other greyhound Molly.

29th October 2004
Flash came back into Greyhound Rescue on Friday 29th October following an incident with a dog whilst off the lead and is now in the process of being retrained in the art of socialising. Upon his return he first went into kennels for a couple of weeks until a foster home was found and thankfully he came back to us on the 14th November when both Kelly and Red went to their new homes. We originally fostered Flash between the 23rd July and 14th August 2004 before going to his new home. Click here to read about Flash when he first came to us.
Flash is a 3½ year old black and white ex-racing greyhound weighing about 70lbs who was retired from racing due to a shoulder injury. He's an absolute super dog because he gets on well with people and children, is neutered and inoculated, house trained, walks nicely on a lead, has a lovely temperament but can feel rather insecure at times when out walking so needs to be on a lead at present and with someone who can reassure him he is safe and there is nothing to worry about. He often leans against you for reassurance, loves a cuddle and having his tummy rubbed. He is a super house dog and easy to look after but unfortunately not suitable for a home with small dogs or cats. At present he needs to be kept on a lead whilst out until he gets used to being in the company of small dogs again. This is not uncommon for ex-racing Greyhounds who have been taught all their lives to chase small furry things but now need to learn they have to be friendly with them. We had similar problems with Penny when we first got her who thought anything small and furry was to eat. If you read her story you will see we overcame it by keeping her on the lead and under control for the first few months and going places where there were dogs and cats so as to make her socialise with them - it worked, and Penny turned out to be an angel whom everyone loved and adored.
We collected Flash on the day of the Dumfriesshire Greyhound Rescue Christmas Fayre and Annual Dog Show on the 14th November. Whilst there he won 1st prize for 'the best dog being shown by a child'.
17th November 2004
Flash seems much happier than when he first arrived although we still see the occasional sad spell every now and again.  He's lost quite a bit of hair down his back legs, which should grow back in the next few months and he's been a bit clingy because he keeps standing next to us for cuddles.  We now let him off the lead in the garden although he tends to stay close to the house and doesn't wander very far, but if we walk down to the shed he will follow us.  Indi is doing her best to make him run round the garden with her but he's not having any of it. We've started getting the odd tail wag and today he played for a short time with one of the squeaky toys.  He loves the settee and has started sleeping on his back again.  He's been to meet some friends with their children in the pub who made a big fuss of him.
This evening we took him to Bay Dog Training in Cartmel Village Hall where he met a number of new dogs. He stared and barked at the first one he saw but never pulled on his lead. He stopped barking when we sprayed him with cold water, but seemed very nervous of each new dog as they arrived. He did the classes with them, which included the walk, turn, come back and praise routine used when approaching another dog. After the hour he seemed much more at ease and settled with them, even licking one on the nose. As we were leaving another class was arriving and he became very unsettled again so it seems he may have a fear of meeting new dogs and the barking may not be 'keep away from me because I'm a big aggressive dog' but 'I'm barking at you to make you think I'm aggressive but really I'm frightened of you so keep back' - Greyhounds living in racing kennels often never see other dogs apart from greyhounds and can sometimes be frightened of all the different breeds about when they are adapting to family life - we will watch and see how he gets on.
20th November 2004
Indi has finally won him round and he now runs around the garden with her and plays with her squeaky toys. He does however, seem more nervous of picking one up and submissive if Indi comes whilst he is playing with it because he will drop it and wander off. He also seems nervous of dogs barking on the television and sudden noises but he's wagging his tail a bit more and his eyes are beginning to sparkle again. Yesterday afternoon we took him into the Nature Reserve where there are a number of sheep grazing and as we approached them we practiced the walk, turn, come back and praise routine, which he did very well.
22nd November 2004
This morning we did a 'homing-check' near Lupton in South Cumbria. The couple asked if they could see Flash, who was in the car at the time so we brought him into the house where he met their 7 year old German Shepherd Nellie - they got on fine and the couple are hoping to adopt him.
23rd November 2004
We all went to the pub tonight where there was a small terrier. Flash was so distressed at being in his presence we left.
24th November 2004
This evening we attended the Bay Dog Training Class again at Cartmel Village Hall where an incident occurred with another dog. Kevin, who ran the class explained that Flash was showing typical symptoms of fear. Leaning heavily, heart beat racing, panting heavily and his stomach muscles were tight. He was petrified and following a review of everything that has happened over the past few weeks we now realise his aggression is 'fear aggression' - fear of other dogs that causes 'fight or flight'. When he becomes frightened his teeth chatter causing involuntary nibbling at whatever he can get hold of (furniture, clothing, other dogs) and once his teeth close on something his fear won't allow him to let go. This to some might seem like aggressive biting. We were given advise on how to deal with his fear and advised to put him on the herbal Scullcap and Valerian tablets to reduce his anxiety and nervousness. When he calmed down he later did tasks with the other dogs but was very uneasy when made to stand near them without doing anything.
27th November 2004
Flash has been on Scullcap and Valerian tablets for three days but we don't expect to see any changes for a while yet. We saw a Spaniel about 100 yards in front of us on our afternoon
walk this afternoon and he became very distressed so we turned and walked the opposite direction. Unfortunately, after a few hundred yards we came across a couple with two dogs walking towards us, which distressed him again so we turned and walked back home - all the way back he kept looking over his shoulder to see if they were catching him up.
28th November 2004
This morning we took him to his new home near Lupton in South Cumbria. However, when we got him out of the car he went to the front and came face to face with Nellie who startled him. This caused his fear reaction to kick in and we had to ensure he and Nellie were kept apart. We took them for a walk hoping things would settle but he didn't and we decided it wasn't safe to re home him there - His fear nibbling even caused him to bite himself! We were very upset because this home would have been perfect for him - A retired couple living in a bungalow, in a rural area with their horse, a dog to keep Flash company (because he does like company) and three stock proof paddocks. When we arrived home we trawled the internet looking for information about fear aggression and printed a lot of information off to read. We also phoned a friend, Jim Greenwood who trained and worked 'search and rescue dogs' asking for his help. Tonight we had to go away on business so Flash came with us. This evening, now knowing what we know we devised a constructive program to turn things around and this began
with keeping him away from all dogs (except Bobby and Indi) for three days to calm him down sufficiently to commence his program of 'controlled socialisation'.
30th November 2004
We arrived home from business late last night. Flash behaved well both in the car and our hotel room whilst we were away and when out walking we kept him away from dogs. This morning we received a call from Christine, who was going to have Flash on Sunday saying that despite what happened they really wanted him and could they work with us in trying to reduce his fear and help him get used to Nellie - it made our day because Flash was being given another chance and it was up to us to help him succeed - the program was about to begin!
10th December 2004
Since the good news from Christine at the end of November we have been spending every day trying to reduce Flash's fear of other dogs and training and preparing him for his new home and companion, Nelly. We practiced the command 'leave' everyday using his daily pig's ear and small pieces of hot dog sausages. Whilst out walking we took him near sheep and would say 'leave' when he showed any interest in them. After a few days we found he stopped watching them and would just walk past them. This will help him in his new home because its out in the country where there are many sheep. We also taught him the 'watch me' routine and the turn and walk back to us routine at every opportunity, which would break his attention and thus reduce his fear from getting out of control. We did this at every opportunity so when we came across other dogs he already knew what to do. To begin with he found it hard to do the routines with us when other dogs approached because his fear took over but as time passed he slowly learn 't to concentrate on us rather than the other dogs and the degree of fear slowly started to reduce. We never went anywhere without a container of chopped hot dog sausages in our pockets and he quickly learn 't that 'Flash - watch me' mean't there was a treat on the way if he came back to us and watched us. We continued his weekly trips to Bay Dog Training classes but rather than sitting with the other dogs we sat a few feet away from them and thus outside 'his space'. However, he did all the exercises with them and we found that whilst concentrating on the exercises he was more tolerant to the others. His fear came back when he had nothing to do and would then bury his head behind us so he couldn't see the other dogs - a bit like an ostrich burying its head in the sand! We acted indifferent to his fear and to praise his good behaviour, which is more difficult than one would think.
On the 3rd December we introduced Flash to Nelly again but this time we all went for a walk with about fifty yards between the two of them. When Flash first saw Nelly the fear signs started but as we followed her he slowly began to relax and we reduced the distance to a few feet until we got back to the house. Nelly went in first and stood in the kitchen on the lead whilst we brought Flash into the dining room on his lead. Our visit lasted 1 1/4 hours and we made sure they kept their distance. We did the same again on the 4th December when he again showed signs of fear when he first saw Nelly and again relaxed after a while, however, this time we put his bed in its place so he and Nelly would get used to it being there.
On the 5th December we went for two long walks with our friend Jim and his two dogs. Jebble was the older dog and Flash, following his initial fear reaction soon settled into his walk alongside Bobby and Indi. Flash even allowed Jebble to sniff him. Part way along the walk the dogs saw some squirrels running up a tree and all fear was forgotten because the chance of a chase was more interesting. Chokka who was Jim's younger and more lively dog joined Flash, Bobby and Indi for his second walk. Flash found it harder to settle with Chokka because he was more lively so we followed at a distance but went for a longer walk. Part way along the walk we met a dog who barked loudly. Stuart did the 'watch me' routine and got Flash past but I remained with Bobby and Indi with Jim, who apparently knew the owner of the dog. Flash was very upset and wouldn't settle so Stuart called me to bring Bobby and Indi to him as fast as I could. As soon as the three of them were together Flash settled immediately. It was almost as if he was worried that they were to close to the other dog. The end of the walk involved walking along a pavement by the side of a very busy road and the traffic was constant making a repetitive whoosh, whoosh noise that really unsettled Flash to the point he kept wanting to jump over the walls and away from it all.
On the 6th we visited Nelly slightly later so after their walk Flash had his tea with her. The 8th was dog training classes so Flash visited Nelly again on the 9th when, on this occasion he rolled over on his back and showed Nelly his tummy who then decided to sniff him. We knew they had to meet and sniff eventually but our stomach's still rose to our mouth in case there was that last minute snap, thankfully nothing happened. Today (10th) we left Flash with Christine, Dan and Nelly for five hours so they could all get to know each other before he comes to live with them on Sunday. Firstly, they went for a walk as normal to give Flash time to reduce his initial fear of meeting Nelly then they went home together.
11th December 2004
This morning we set off very early for Dumfries because we were walking for SADD Day (Save A Dumfries Dog Day), which started at 11.00am. Flash got on well with all the other Greyhounds. During the walk we met a number of other dogs including a huge Alsatian type dog, a couple of Spaniels and another black dog - Flash ignored them all - we were so proud of him because two weeks ago he would have 'climbed the walls' at the very sight of them. He accepted Benny whom we collected today and helped 'show him the ropes'. After the long day he just crashed out on the settee.
12th December 2004
This morning Flash went to live with Dan, Christine and Nellie in their bungalow near Lupton in South Cumbria. He made himself at home the moment he arrived and we hope he has a long and happy life there. Now I must catch up with three weeks of ironing, which was shelved due to his training schedule.
13th December 2004
We received a call this morning saying Flash was fine. He was being a bit 'clingy' but that's to be expected. Last night he slept in his bed in the dining room and Nellie slept in the hall as she often did. As they couldn't be supervised during the night a barricade was put across the kitchen door so Flash and Nellie could hear each other but not be too close. However, Flash was having none of that and didn't want to be left out so in the middle of the night he pushed past the barricade so he could be with everyone.
10th January 2005
We haven't done the follow up visit yet on Flash because we wanted to give him more time to settle but we have been in touch by phone and email. He really missed us and our dogs during the first few days because he used to stand at the living room window looking out and quietly whine. However, reassurance and love from his new owners brought him round and slowly, very slowly he's settling in with Nelly. He now has two beds - one in the dining room, one in the bedroom and he loves his chair in the living room. He's been freezing when Nelly goes too close but its slowly reducing as he's getting more used to her every day and hopefully one day they will be the best of friends.
21st January 2005
This afternoon we called in to see how Flash was getting on in his new home. When we knocked on the door Nelly barked as usual and Flash came bounding out to greet us - and what a welcome we got. When we went inside he soon settled down and within a few minutes was fast asleep on his bed. It was wonderful to see - his eyes were so bright they sparkled, the worried lines that had developed on his face were gone and very fine hair was beginning to appear on his hind quarters where he had large bald patches. He is still a little wary of Nelly at times but everyday sees an improvement and he now runs with her in the field and is beginning, very


Nelly and Flash
Nelly and Flash in their garden
21st January 2005 . . .

Nelly and Flash
and again . . . . .

Nelly with Flash

. . . . . and again.

More pictures below

slowly to play with her. It was wonderful to see him looking so well.
9th April 2005
We called in to see Flash this afternoon to make arrangements for him coming to stay with us a few days whilst his owners go on holiday later in the year. We received a lovely welcome from him and he was looking really well. The hair is beginning to grow back again on his back legs and he gets on well with Nellie now, in fact she 'mothers' him somewhat. Since last seeing him there was one episode with a dog when Flash jumped the front wall onto the lane because someone was walking up it with a dog. Flash's owner, ran after him knowing what Flash can be like with other dogs but found to her amazement he was actually saying hello to it and being quite friendly. The dog was a collie come lurcher they thought so perhaps Flash thought it was another Greyhound or perhaps he is beginning to come to terms with the fact that not all dogs will attack him. Whilst we were there we took our four from the car and he greeted each one in turn. Indi couldn't get to him fast enough to say hello. If you remember, we used to call them 'the gruesome twosome' because they went everywhere together. All six dogs went for a walk and Flash was a little quiet after ours got back in the car to leave - but it's good for him to realise people and dogs come and go but this is his home.
11th April 2005
Flash came to visit us this afternoon to see how he reacted to coming back to our house then having to leave it again in readiness for him coming to stay here. When he got out the car he trotted down the drive, gave the others a lovely welcome, had a tour round the garden, then another round the house before 'crashing out' on the kitchen floor whilst we had a chat. He was no problem at all and when it was time to go he climbed into his owner's car and went home. Apparently, he was a little subdued when he arrived back but was soon back to his normal self again, which we were pleased about.
30th May 2005
Unfortunately, the short break Flash's owners were planning was cancelled so Flash never came and

stayed with us as planned - perphaps another time!
9th June 2005

This evening was Flash's big day in front of the camera for the 'Long Legged Beauties' Rescued Greyhound Calendar 2006 and his owners came with Nelly to lend a hand and keep Flash company. We did the shoot around the water features outside Lakeland Ltd. in Windermere after they shut the doors to the public so we could have the place to ourselves. Stuart took a number of photographs of all the dogs, but mainly Flash around the water features outside the main doors of the building as this was to be HIS picture. He was really, really good and instantly relaxed with the model, Hannah Lewis whom he'd only just met. We were so proud of him for Flash was superb standing to attention for each pose like a real professional.
6th July 2005
14th July 2005

Sadly at 11am this morning Flash's companion Nellie died at home of a tumour which was diagnosed about three weeks ago. The family, including Flash were there at the time and she was buried in their garden.
29th July 2005
Flash came to stay with us today so his owners could spend a couple of days away following their cancelled holiday in May and Nellie's death. He came trotting down the drive, said hello to everyone, had a tour of the house and garden then lay down in the kitchen as if he were at home.

30th July 2005
We all drove over to Winterburn Hall near Gargrave in Yorkshire today to do another calendar photo shoot. This one was going to be more difficult than the others as we wanted multiple dogs in the shot. As Flash was staying with us he came and participated with the others and Flash, being Flash stood tall and proud when asked to do so in front of the camera. It was a long day and when we arrived home he and the others all crashed out for the evening.
31st July 2005
Flash's owners came to pick him up this afternoon following their weekend break away and Flash gave them a lovely welcome when they arrived. Happily trotted down the drive and jumped into the car to go home - he is really getting used to days out and holidays away now!
2nd August 2005
This afternoon Flash's owners expressed an interest in re-homing Sandy and have asked if they could look after him for a while to see how he gets on with Flash before making up their mind because they are both neutered dogs and almost the same
'Long Legged Beauties'
2006 Rescued
Greyhounds Calendar

Hannah Lewis with Flash
This picture of Flash with Hannah Lewis
was taken on the 9th June 2005 outside
Lakeland Ltd. in Windermere, Cumbria
and is the main March calendar shot

'Long Legged Beauties'
2006 Rescued
Greyhounds Calendar
Jasmine Sinclair with Flash and Sandy
This picture of Flash was taken with
Jasmine Sinclair and Sandy on the
30th July 2005 at Winterburn Hall,
Winterburn in Yorkshire
and is the
main September calendar shot
View Calendar

7th August 2005
This morning we took Sandy over to stay with Flash and his owners. We took them for a walk together down the road then went inside the house for a coffee. Flash and Sandy got on well together, but then they did during the weekend when Flash came to stay with us. Whilst we were there they walked around the garden together and inside the house Sandy took the rawhide chew off Flash's bed - Flash never even bothered when he did this so there are lots of good signs and they should get on fine.
11th August 2005
Sandy and Flash seem to be getting on fine and today they were left on their own for a while and were okay. Flash's owners are pleased with Sandy's progress but want to keep him a little while longer before they finally make up their mind.
28th August 2005
Flash and Sandy have been getting on so well together and today Sandy was formally re-homed with Flash but is now re-named Tiger. We hope they have a long and happy life together.
28th September 2005
Flash, Tiger and his owners came to our calendar press launch at Cartmel Racecourse today and they took part in the short fashion show with the models. When Flash arrived he looked very happy and enjoyed his day in front of the cameras.
30th September 2005
Flash and Tiger appeared on Border TV this evening along with his owners who gave an interview about having the dogs as part of a four minute slot about the calendar and greyhound rescue.
20th November 2005
Today was the annual Dumfriesshire Greyhound Rescue Fun Greyhound Show/Christmas Fayre at the Loreburn Hall in Dumfries. We put up a stall selling the 'Long Legged Beauties' 2006 calendar and Becky Speed (July) and Britney-Lee (October) joined us to meet the press and sign calendars. We were so delighted to see Flash and Tiger walking towards
our stall to say hello with their owners and Bobby and Indi gave them both a lovely warm welcome. They looked really well and Flash won first prize in the competition for 'the dog with the shiniest coat', which we were really pleased about. It was really lovely to see them both again along with five of our other foster dogs and seeing the seven of them together with Bobby and Indi brought a lump to my throat and really made our day.
12th April 2006
Flash and Tiger arrived on the 8th April for a few days whilst their owners were away. Flash still isn't very confident around strange dogs so we offered to have him each time his owners go away so as to head off any potential problems that may occur by him being placed in kennels. After a big welcome from the others they quickly settled down but we had a couple of accidents that first day - not sure who it was so it could have been Flash or Tiger marking their spot or it could have been a foster dog marking theirs. Anyway, after the first day things settled down and things became much easier. Thankfully, Lester was just beginning to walk around the garden without being on the lead and the weather a little warmer so we could leave the conservatory door open most of the time for them to wander in and out. By the end of the second day we hardly knew we had them but I found it quite difficult walking them all on my own. This is because if I saw anyone with a dog I had Lester wanting to run away from the person and Flash wanting to go for the dog so, when they come back again for another stay in the summer I think I will do the walks in shifts and work late into the evening to catch up!
18th May 2006
Flash and Tiger came over for the evening because we were doing a photo shoot for the sexy and safety calendar and wanted them in it. There was a happy greeting amongst all the dogs when they arrived and they soon settled into what we wanted them to do. A couple of hours later their owners returned and took them home again.
22nd May 2006
Flash and Tiger came over again this afternoon so they could be in another photo shoot. We had hoped to go out and take some pictures for the lifestyle calendar but the weather was against us so we set up the Christmas tree and did the Christmas shot. Flash kept coming for cuddles and when I sat in my office for a while he kept coming and poking his head under my arm and resting it on my desk so he could be cuddled. Flash and Tiger are funny because it's a case of where I go my 'brother' goes to. They stayed for their tea and went home shortly after.
24th June 2006
We were going to have Flash and Tiger for the week whilst theirowners went away on holiday but with me falling ill and being in hospital for six days at the time of their arrival they were hurriedly put in kennels. I felt awful about this knowing how Flash is but there was nothing we could do and two extra dogs for Stuart was just too much. Flash's fear and anxiety of being left in a kennel away from his owners got the better of him and brought back memories causing an altrication the first night that required a visit from the vet for both him and Tiger . Thankfully it wasn't too bad as no stitches were required but both dogs were put on antibiotics as a precaution against what happened. They were then seperated but in kennels so they could see each other and all
Long Legged Beauties
'Just Greyhounds'
2007 Calendar
Flash in the garden
This picture of Flash was taken
on the 23rd July 2004 and is the
main June calendar shot
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'Long Legged Beauties'

'Greyhounds Sexy & Safety'
2007 Calendar

With Hayley Anne
This picture of Flash and Hayley Anne
was taken on the 23rd May 2006
and is the main December calendar shot
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Black and white Greyhound
23rd May 2006

seemed well until the last night when Flash's anxiety got the better of him again and he ripped his bed to pieces. When their owners took them home the following day both dogs were subdued but a week back at home in the security they knew and both dogs were back to their normal selves. We all know now what we have suspected for some time because Flash is Flash that the kennel enviroment is detrimental to his well being and in future he will be staying with us, no matter what!
6th July 2006
July 2006
Flash, Tiger and their owners came to visit this afternoon, which was the first trip out the two dogs had taken since being in the kennel. All injuries had healed, both dogs were best pals again and they happily came into the house, did the tour round the garden and knew exactly where they were. Flash nuzzled up for a cuddle most of his visit but then thats Flash.
26th September 2006
This morning Flash and Tiger arrived to stay so their owners could go away for a few days. He knew exactly where he was and after the first hour or so of being a bit clingy to me he simply settled in with the others.
29th September 2006
Flash has been no problem at all during his stay with us and this evening went home with his owners having, I hope enjoyed his stay here.
28th April 2007
Today we all went to Barrow in Furness for our very first Greyhound Awareness Day in the town centre and were so pleased Flash and his owners were able to join us for an hour or so. Flash looked really well and coped with the crowds and other dogs very well. Greyhounds don't bother him but other breeds make him very uneasy so when he started barking at a Spaniel who walked nearby his owners simply turned him in the opposite direction to break eye contact, which caused him to calm down and carry on with his day.
15th June 2007
Flash and Tiger arrived this morning to stay a few days whilst their owners were away. Flash apparently knew where he was as he started talking when the car pulled up and they both trotted down the drive to see us. They met the other dogs, went in the garden, checked all was well around the house then settled down with the others as if it were their second home! Flash is sometimes a bit clingy and wimpers for a while after his owners leave but he wasn't as bad this time and soon lay down and went to sleep on one of the beds in my office.
After their tea we took them for a walk round the nature reserve which they liked then on the way back as we were passing the pub Flash pulled Stuart towards the pub and stood by the door wanting to go in. Isn't it funny how they never forget - when he was with us we often took him in the pub for a drink early doors but its been closed for fifteen months so we couldn't do it tonight and he walked quietly back home - obviously miffed at not being able to go in.
We lay their beds in the living room because with having so many dogs we wanted more comfort for them as we didn't want them all jostling for the settees. However, Flash made it to the settee with Stuart part way through the evening and stayed there until it was time to go out last thing.
16th June 2007
After Stuart let the dogs out first thing this morning before going for his bath Flash joined me on the bed for half an hour before I got up. He cuddled next to me and we both enjoyed the 'one to one'.
We took Flash and Tiger to the pub this evening as Flash so wanted to go to the one up the road last night but that one has closed. Before taking them in we made sure there were no other dogs in likely to upset Flash and as there were none in we all went. Flash felt at home straight away and having said hello to everyone lay down on the floor for the rest of the duration.
18th June 2007
This afternoon Flash and Tiger's owners collected them and the house seemed quiet after they had gone. It was lovely to have them both stay and although it's quite difficult with so many dogs it's a nice feeling knowing that Flash was happy whilst his owners were away - especially with his fear of other dogs and the upset it caused him going into kennels last year. Both dogs were no problem at all and a pleasure to have - we just have to watch for other dogs when out and about because if one barks it's enough to upset him.
6th July 2007
1st August 2007
This morning we met up with Flash and his owners and received a lovely welcome from him as usual. He looked very fit and well from all the running he does around the paddock then, leaving him at home with one of his owners we drove over to a friend of theirs with Tiger so we could take some photographs of him with their horse.
9th September 2007
Flash and Tiger arrived on the 4th to stay a few days whilst their owners took a short break and they went home this afternoon. Both knew exactly where they were when they arrived and quickly settled into our routine. Despite Flash's problems with other dogs it doesn't matter which Greyhound we are fostering at the time he always gets on fine with it. They are no problem at all being here, enjoy their walks, visits to the pub and trips out in the car. When out walking we take a soft nylon muzzle with us so if we see other dogs we can quickly put it on Flash so he doesn't become scared and lash out. I don't know why but putting this type of muzzle on him rather than the basket type seems to give him a more confidence when he sees another dog, maybe because it doesn't allow him to chomp or his teeth to chatter in fear so he feels more in control. Flash is quite a gentleman and often stands by your side asking for a stroke. Last night they
discovered the toy box and had a mad few minutes emptying it all over the bedroom floor and playing with them, which was nice to see. Flash loves a cuddle with you on the bed and his favourite place in the evening is on the settee snuggling up to who ever happens to be sitting there.
20th December 2007
This evening we called in for a visit on our way back from visiting Mum and both Flash and Tiger gave us a lovely welcome. Flash looked well and was very pleased to see us and came over for cuddles and attention on and off all the time we were there.
5th February 2008
Received an email this evening letting us known that on the 30th December Flash's owners had to have their dear horse put to sleep.  She was at least 27 years old and they'd had her for over ten years.  Even so it was an awful wrench and they were very upset.
A couple of weeks into the new year they noticed an advert for a four year old German Shepherd dog so after a lot of discussion they decided to ring up about him.   After further discussions they decided to take Flash and Tiger to the Rescue Centre to meet him.   It was a very wet afternoon and blowing a gale but they all went for a walk with Ben, his foster parents and Flash and Tiger.   Flash and Tiger did not react in any way whatsoever but just let their owners know the weather was foul and why were they having another walk in the rain when they'd already had one that morning!   Flash's owners said there was no adverse reaction from Flash whom they watched very carefully.  After about an hour they went home and talked some more.   The upshot was they decided to have Ben on trial so he arrived the following weekend and they all met up for a walk (all on leads and with muzzles) in the big field.  Once again, there was no reaction from Flash at all and his owners were amazed.   When they came home they expected some trouble in the house but there was none and they couldn't believe their eyes. However, as I mentioned to them later Flash was with Nellie their German Shepherd for about six months before she died and although Flash hated dogs other than Greyhounds after he was attacked by a Cocker Spaniel he learn't to trust her and Flash's owners have a lot to thank Nelly for. Flash seemed to be delighted to have another German Shepherd around so obviously remembered Nellie.    Ben has a nice nature and Flash senses that so they are great friends and now even Tiger, who ignored Ben for about a week, is kissing him and wagging his tail.  They say it is lovely to see Flash tearing around the field with Ben trying to keep up with him but like a lot of German Shepherd dogs he has a weak back end. He was a bit thin when he arrived but he is filling out nicely now and will attempt to run after Flash but can't keep up with him and is then knackered for hours afterwards!
9th February 2008
Received an email this afternoon letting us know the three dogs are continuing to get on alright.  Flash is very full of himself at the moment and doing a great deal of barking at apparently nothing.  He has realised that Lisa, their horse isn't there any longer so he is boss of the paddock once again and marking out his territory.   Both Flash and Ben are fairly active running around the garden but Tiger just continues on his sweet way and is as laid back as ever. However, when he does decide to run in the field then Flash and Ben are left miles behind.  Flash's owners missed Nellie the German Sheperd when she died so when they saw Ben looking for a new home shortly after Lisa passed away they couldn't resist having him. It took Nellie and Flash a while to settle in because of Flash's fear of other dogs after being attacked by a Cocker Spaniel and taking on Ben is one of the best things they could have done because Flash missed Nellie when she died and she obviously gave him trust with the breed because he accepted Ben immediately, which was absolutely wonderful.
2nd April 2008
This afternoon we took Sandy to meet Flash, Tiger and Ben for an hour
Click images for a larger view

In April 2008 Sandy spent the week with Flash, Tiger, Ben and their
owners whilst we were in Portugal. Below are some pictures taken
during his visit.

Greyhound greetings
Christine with Sandy, Flash,
Tiger and Ben

. . . and again

. . . and again

. . . and again.
or so with a view to leaving him with them while we were away on holiday later in the month. Sandy was a little grumbly with Ben to begin with, but soon stopped and settled on one of the beds to find Ben come over and stand over him, showing his dominance over Sandy. Flash accepted Sandy as one of the crowd instantly.
6th July 2008
6th July 2009
6th July 2010
5th January 2011
We received an email today letting us know that Flash's foot is healing well following the corn being removed recently. However he had another visit to the vet yesterday because he knocked the ankle bone on his right foot and it bled then kept licking it making it worse.  He now has some ointment to put on and a little boot to wear in the house to stop him licking.  The boot keeps disappearing however, and we find it all over the place, his bed, in the sitting room, in fact all over except on his foot. 
14th January 2011
Received an email this morning letting us know that Flash was going to the vet today because the "sore place" by his dew claw hasn't healed yet and he will keep licking it which isn't helping.
19th April 2011
We received an email this morning from Flash's owner letting us know that Ben, their elderly German Shepherd died yesterday. He had been slowly failing these past few months and last week took a turn for the worst so the vet arrived yesterday to help him pass peacefully away. Both Flash and Tiger were present so they could see him go and the rest of the evening they were quite subdued - looking for him from the window. RIP dear old Ben, you were a lucky boy to have shared the second half of your life with Flash and Tiger and their family and they were a lucky family to have enjoyed the love you gave them.
6th July 2011
6th July 2012
9th July 2012
We heard today that Flash and Tiger are quite well with just a sedate walk down the lane twice a day.  Their owners have started getting them rabbit occasionally from the butcher, which they absolutely love! 
25th September 2012
We heard today that Flash went to the vets yesterday for his annual check-up and inoculations.  His mouth and teeth are okay and the shaky legs is just an age problem.  His eyes are clouding but the vet said there is nothing to be done and that it isn't really like cataracts, but a thing that all dogs get eventually.  He is eleven now and the vet said he was in good nick for his age.  Flash's owner asked why  he and Tiger were both chewing at their coats and Flash is a bit scurfy. The vet took a sample of hair and skin using some celotape and phoned this morning to say they have yellow mites.  They have had a bit of a problem for some while now and apparently these are passed from dog to dog, so they are both to have a bath with the special shampoo once a week for three weeks, which should see the mites gone.
28th September 2012
We heard the mites are called CHEYLETIELLA and the shampoo is Seleen.  They washed Flash this morning - phew! They stood him in the walk -in biggish shower and went in with him.  You have to wash them in a mild shampoo first then mix up the Seleen with warm water and put that on.  Foam it up and leave it on for 5-10minutes!!  That is the difficult part.  Flash just lay down and shook.  Anway, they then rinsed it off and died him.  If the dog has these mites they look like scurf or dandruff which is what Flash has had for ages.  Apparently, this mite is called "walking dandruff".

12th November 2012
Flash and Tiger seemed to enjoy their overnight stay here again, quickly settle into our routine and are no problem at all. A lot of people all arrived at the same time as their owner called to collect them and their belongings, so I didn't really get the chance to say goodbye as I would liked to have done. However, we see Flash and Tiger from time to time so no doubt we shall see them both again before too long.
30th May 2013
We received an email today letting us know that Flash is very lame with his shoulder now and didn't want to go for a walk yesterday, so his owners didn't make him.  They are going to take him to the vet next week as they think Metacam or something similar would be beneficial now.  He can, with some effort, jump onto their bed but it takes him a long time to think about it and do it!
14th June 2013
We heard today that Flash has been on his medication for over a week now for his stiff limbs. Having been on the full dose for a week he is now on a reduced one.  He seems much more comfortable and even leapt onto his owner's bed this morning which he hasn't done for ages.  He is happy to go for two walks a day and is not as lame. 
2nd July 2013
Flash is walking better since being on his medication so his owner may start to reduce it a bit further and see how he gets on.
6th July 2013
13th August 2013
Flash is on permanent Flexicom 20 mls daily.  His walking is improved with it so the vet said to keep him on a low dose daily, but occasionally he can miss one and be okay.  Sometimes he has to be persuaded to go for a walk now and if he doesn't want to Dan doesn't make him.
15th September 2013
We heard today that Flash and Fen went to see Ken Woodacre last Thursday. He did a little manipulation with Fash, but gave Fen a good going over by lifting up her hind legs, crossing them over and doing things to her back and hips.  They heard all the clicks, which didn't go down too well, but at least Fen is back as she should be again.
6th July 2014
8th November 2014
We heard today that Flash is recovering from a recent tumble down the gap between his owners bungalow and their garden. Although the gap is not deep he badly sprained himself as he tried desperately to get out. Consequently the vet, having checked him over put him on pain killers for a few days to allow things to settle. Flash is walking better and feeling much better in himself now, but he is still lame from the corn that appears to have returned. As his owners don't want to put him through another anaesthetic at his age they are going to cover it with duct tape to kill the top of the corn and pull it out so it is below the surface of the pad, and thus removing the pain until the corn grows back to the surface again. The duct tape will keep the top of the corn removed making walking easier for him.
12th February 2015
We heard today that Flash is moving much better and his vet is leaving him off the strong pills for now, so he is just on Loxicom.
6th July 2015
20th July 2015
We received an email from Flash's owners saying he fell over the day after they came back off holiday.  He stumbled on the step outside the back door and his leg was gashed and scraped and he bled quite a bit.  They phoned the vets and said they would struggle to get him in the car so the vet phoned back and said he would come after work because he lives closeby, which he did. He stapled Flash’s leg and bound it up and gave antibiotic injections.  This has gone on for over a week now, The vet checking and re bandaging and them re-bandaging when necessary.  Flash is much better now though of course very tottery. They used some Manuka honey to help the scrape to heal!  

23rd August 2015
We received an email today letting us know that Flash has just been for a walk after a week of being 'off' everyone and everything when the decorators were in.  He couldn’t have his normal bed in the corridor because the skirting boards were wet paint so Christine tried him in with her, which he wouldn’t have!!  He then went and walked round Dan’s bed till 5.30 a.m. and would NOT lie down at all.  The next night after sleeping until mid day Christine tried him in with her once more and this time he settled for the entire night.  Fen was also totally fed up with her routine being disrupted and wandered around and wouldn’t eat terribly well.  They both glared at the decorator once or twice although he loves dogs and has one of his own. The house now looks lovely and clean but there are a few “hairy” doors which Chrisitne says she is not looking at!!!
27th November 2015
We received a phone call this morning saying today was the day. Flash has not stood up this morning nor shown any signs of wanting to move. He's not eaten anything and last night Dan, his owner was awaken three times during the night by Flash asking to go out, but each time he went outside he just fell over, the last time Dan had to physically carry him back in the house.
Christine phoned because she knew how much Flash mean't to us and that we wanted to say goodbye to him before the vet came later. After the bed and breakfast guests left we drove straight over and found him laying on his bed in the dining room. . 

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