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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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Below is one of the 82 dogs we fostered for Dumfriesshire & Cumbria
Greyhound Rescue between July 2004 and the 5th December 2009.
On the 9th December 2009 we became the SOUTH LAKES branch
of the Retired Greyhound Trust for whom we are now foster

(Now called Dixie)
Arrived with us on Sunday 27th February 2005
Went to her new home on Friday 6th May 2005

Her arrival and a brief history
Jill in our garden on the 3rd March 2005
Jill is approximately 21 months old being born on the 23rd May 2003 (we think) as she may be the litter sister of another bitch recently re-homed. She has no ear tattoos to confirm her date of birth so this is why we think she is the age she is.

She weighs 24.6kilos (54lbs), has no injuries and has never raced because she wasn't fast enough nor interested.

Jill didn't have a name before coming to us and lived in a converted barn with a number of other Greyhounds.
Jill (Dixie's) Diary
28th February 2005
Jill got on well with Bobby, Indi and Sandy from the start and travelled well in the car on our way home after picking her up last night. We've nicknamed her 'iron bladder' because she's only done a wee twice in the past 24 hours. She was really unsettled last night because everything was so new and our home is so different to where she used to live. She wouldn't settle at all and had 'ants in her pants' all evening insisting the fish food shouldn't be on the shelf under the tank but in the middle of the living room floor. In the end we put it on the arm of the easy chair and thought her training of the command 'leave' should commence straight away. Each time we told her off she just danced in front of us wagging her tail so we don't think she's been told off much. We resorted to the cold water spray, which she didn't like and quickly learn't that 'leave' meant don't touch it. She decided the sheepskin rugs shouldn't lay flat on the carpet but rolled up in a heap and the newspapers looked better on the floor rather than in the rack. It wasn't a relaxing evening for us but it was a funny one as she is so inquisitive.
When we went to bed she found the stairs difficult and wouldn't sleep on the bed made for her. Eventually, she fell asleep on the floor close to our bedroom door and woke us at 4am to go out.
We don't think she's been on a lead much because she walks all over the place. Stuart says its like taking a seagull for a walk on a lead! She walks in front of your legs then goes behind you and walks through your legs, which is most novel but ties you in a knot! We don't think she's worn collars very much because she keeps scratching at it similar to that of a puppy who is getting used to wearing one. She's not been cuddled because if you get too close to her she pulls away.
We took her to the vet this afternoon where she saw two dogs in the waiting room. We don't think she's seen dogs other than Greyhounds as she meekly backed away from them. The vet gave her a clean bill of health with the exception of being slightly dehydrated, which he said was why she didn't wee much and is temporary so he gave her her first inoculation.
She didn't like her bath but put up with it and boy, wasn't that water dirty! She lost a few 'foreign bodies' in the process and her black and grey appearance turned black and snow white with a hint of blue down her side and under her tummy. The dark blue farmers dye turned turquoise but will unfortunately, remain for some time. After her bath when her coat dried she looked as if she was having a 'bad hair day' because it was so thick from living in a cold environment.
1st March 2005
Jill' coat looks much better today and is lying more flat and less unkempt but come Spring she will molt a lot. Serious training began today on walking to heal on the lead, which we stopped whilst walking around the nature reserve but continued again after. When we got home she had her first pig's ear - not sure what to do with it at first so she chewed a little then started running round the house with it. She tried digging a hole in the dining carpet and when that didn't work she ran round the conservatory for a while until she dropped it into the coal bucket - she had been looking for somewhere to hide it. However, Indi found it and took it to her bed to finish it off but never got the chance because we put it to one side for Jill later.
2nd March 2005
Jill's beginning to realise she likes living in a house, sleeps all night without wanting to go out but still sleeps on the floor near our bedroom door - perhaps she's not happy about sleeping so close to the other three. She's mastered the stairs and is realising that cuddles and kisses are okay because she is beginning to snuggle into you for more. She gets on wonderfully with Indi, loves sleeping on the settee and comes into our bedroom when the alarm clock goes off for a rather boisterous good morning cuddle. It was Jill's first trip to the pub so we could celebrate Sandy's last visit before going to his new home tomorrow. She was an absolute star and loved saying hello to everyone. A small girl came in and walked up to her to stroke her - Jill loved every minute of it. When Zak, the resident German Shepherd walked in she was a little bit overawed at first but was soon saying hello nose to nose with him.
4th March 2005
Jill slept all night in the middle bed where Sandy used to sleep and has started playing with some of the squeaky toys. She's now walking quite well to heal on the lead but needs reminding not to wander or be distracted. She no longer tries stealing items off the kitchen table in front of you but will if something is near the edge that she can reach without taking her feet off the floor, or if no one is watching. She's discovered life is great and started enjoying a belated puppy hood. She's into everything, she's had Stuart's socks and slippers in her bed, my clothes, goes into the waste paper bins looking for goodies, thought the toilet brush a good play thing and boy, isn't the plastic watering can fun as it rolls across the conservatory floor. She enjoyed another visit to the pub tonight and got on very well with Max, a 14 week old lurcher who jumped all over her. She went a bit too far this evening when she decided to chew one of our straw place mats but a telling off brought the usual tail wagging and ten minutes later we found her covered in string where she'd been having a game with a ball of string she'd found. Telling off alone at present has no effect no matter how severe the voice so we now reprimand along with the water spray, which she hates, until she understands the tone of voice that means no. Her behaviour though is typical of a youngster who has found a new and happy life so all she needs is guidance, training and discipline.
6th March 2005
Jill is settling in well, her coat is looking better and she is now walking quite nicely on the lead but is still wary of passing traffic. She's not quite house trained but we are getting there - the main problem is that she hasn't yet learnt how to tell us when she wants out. She loves her trips to the pub and settles quietly on the floor with the others only getting up to say hello to people as they come in. Although there was ice on the pond this morning she enjoyed sitting in the sun on the lawn and will walk around the garden off the lead. We still need to watch her constantly as her curiosity is insatiable and although some of her pranks, such as stealing the toilet brush doesn't matter sometimes she takes to having a chew, which is something we are trying to dissuade her from doing. Watching her we feel this may be a habit she's picked up in the barn if she's been bored because the odd chew tends to be at something as she's walking past it - she's not as bad as she was but she is still very mischievous at times. Tonight she decided to pinch a chili off the table whilst we weren't watching but decided it wasn't to her liking so she took a piece of coal from the coal bucket instead - oh what a character! Tomorrow we are going to Ireland for a few days so we will see how she copes with yet another new experience.
18th March 2005
Jill's life has been rather turned upside down the past three weeks with one thing or another and generally speaking she has coped well. We arrived back from our trip to Co. Wexford in Ireland last night and she wagged her tail furiously as we walked back down our drive and into the house. She travelled well and settled down with the others in the car on the ferry. She quickly adapted to her new temporary home, got on well with Millie, the resident dog and once she realised the small paddock next to the cottage was where she did her toileting she seemed more relaxed. She is beginning to understand her name and responds most times when called. She's house trained but still hasn't learn't how to tell us she wants out as the others do so we get the odd accident, however, we found if she suddenly starts pacing the floor its an early indication to let her out.
She found the first trip to the beach rather scary and was frightened of the sea but after that she was more at ease and enjoyed her walks along the sand. She loved playing with the ball on a rope and would have enjoyed a good run with Indi and Bobby but we kept her on the lead because it was too open and not the place and it was much too soon after her arrival to let her off yet. She's still a monkey for chewing things if she gets bored or becomes anxious if left on her own so she needs watching. She knows a reprimand now and responds to 'Jill - leave'. She's had my hair comb, a plastic water tub we use in the car, Stuart's camera filter box (luckily the filter wasn't damaged) and carrier bags are a favourite along with paper tissues and rubbish from waste paper bins. On a couple of occasions we left them all in the back of the car and came back to find Jill, on the first occasion, sitting on the back seat with a carrier bag chewed up and happily eating a pig's ear that had been in it. Thankfully it was the first one so Bobby's and Indi's chew was still there for them. The second occasion we came back to the car and couldn't find her - she wasn't in the back with the others, nor was she on the back or front seats though the chewed carrier bag and filter case was evidence she'd been there - we found her on her back floundering like a fish out of water in the foot well behind the front passenger seat where she was stuck, however, upon seeing us her tail began to wag furiously with all legs waving in the air. We hoped she hadn't hurt herself and after we moved both front seats forward giving her more space she simply climbed out the car, did a little dance and wagged her tail at us. We wished we had taken a picture of her but at the time we were more concerned that she hadn't hurt herself.
One afternoon we came back to the car to find she chewed some plastic trim, thankfully it wasn't much and in a place where it's not really seen, but enough was enough, so we purchased some anti-chew spray, which we sprayed all over the plastic trim and upholstery at the back of the car and if necessary. This seemed to work because we had no trouble from her after that - even the two hours alone on the ferry coming back. She's such a lovely dog and we feel this chewing is caused by either boredom or anxiety. She never chews things at night and the number of things being chewed during the day has decreased but we want to stop this 'boredom' or 'anxiety' chewing before it becomes a habit.
20th March 2005
Jill's a really friendly dog and wants to greet everyone she meets with a wagging tail. Since being home her chewing has almost stopped although she still goes into waste paper bins looking for things of interest so we think most of her problems may have been anxiety at being in another environment even though she was with us. Our cottage in Ireland was on a farm and used to be a cowshed or barn before it was converted. It still has a lot of the original stone walls and most floors are tiled so perhaps it reminded her a little of her former home! Since being home she's been up on the settee, which she couldn't do when we were away, and almost climbs on top of Stuart for a cuddle - the look of contentment on her face as she is being stroked is wonderful to see and she loves being back in her own bed again. She's been running round the garden and playing with her toys on the grass in the sunshine and is settling back into our routine well, although we still get the odd accident if we don't catch her asking to go out, which she still does by pacing the floor rather than standing at the door and barking - but we are working on this and hope the 'penny will drop' soon!
23rd March 2005
Jill went to the vet this morning and was spayed. She was feeling a little sorry for herself when she arrived back and spent the entire evening on the settee - at times she looked in pain and lay awkwardly.
24th March 2005
We took Jill to see Jake and his owners today when we did his follow-up visit because they are hoping to have Jill as a companion for him. She got on well with Jake and plans were made for her to go and live with them when her stitches are removed.
29th March 2005
Jill soon recoved from her operation and her visit to the vet this morning confirmed it was healing well. We've had to keep her on a lead in the garden since her operation, which she isn't too happy about but I touch her stitches as I put her on the lead and I think she understands. Her operation seems to have slowed her down slightly and she's become a lot more settled and cuddly. Each morning when the alarm goes off she comes to my side of the bed and puts her front feet on the bed and lays her head on the bed next to me wanting cuddles - her tail wagging constantly, which is lovely. She gets on really well with Red and she's not chewing things the way she used to but if she gets bored or anxious she will have a chew at something if she gets the chance, which is generally socks, toiletries off the bedside table and of course her favourite is taking things from the waste paper bins.
2nd April 2005
Since Schmeichel arrived Jill has bonded well with him and they are constantly off playing together making it quite difficult to slow her down to protect her stitches, however, she had these out today so from now till she goes to her new home she can run at will in the garden. She was funny at the vets because she refused point blank to get out the car so Stuart had to lift her out. Yesterday afternoon I heard a rustling sound downstairs and came into the conservatory to find she had ripped open a carrier bag full of shredded paper waiting to go to the rubbish bin. It was everywhere and I think she knew I wasn't too happy at having to clean it up - but she's still a puppy at heart and deep down I thought it most amusing. She has just started playing tug-of-war with you using a knotted rope, which she enjoys. Living with Jill is like living with an adventurous toddler - at times you need eyes in the back of your head, but she's so sweet and its her warming character that makes you smile at her antics, most of which should dissappear as she gets older.
This afternoon we all went to visit my mother and because it was such a lovely day we walked around Janet's Foss waterfall at Malham in Yorkshire. Stuart wanted to take some photographs of it and whilst he was doing this we walked into the woodland. Jill loved her day out and enjoyed going up to and meeting lots of new people. This evening she had a good run around the garden with the others, which she thoroughly enjoyed but it didn't do our lawn much good.
3rd April 2005
This morning we took Jill to her new home where she will become Jake's companion. They seemed to get on together from the start so we hope they have a long and happy life together.
9th April 2005

Following a call from Jill's new owner this evening it was felt best by everyone that Jill should come back to us so I drove over and collected her. It was such a shame but Jake whom she was living with felt he couldn't share the love of his owner with another dog and, as much as his owner wanted a companion for him he didn't want one - or anyway not Jill. We don't know the reason because Jake can't tell us, but he started growling at her if she tried getting on the settee with him, sitting in the back of the car with him and he began pushing in if anyone tried to say hello or stroke her. His behaviour towards her was such it made her soil in the house each day and some of her hair on her back legs and back was beginning to fall out. Jake's owner was so concerned for Jill that she thought it best we have her back, a very hard decision, but the best one for Jill. Her soiling in the house was totally out of character and it was her way of saying how unhappy she was. When I went to collect her, Jake was out and she gave me a lovely welcome. When we got her home she bounced down the drive and after a warm welcome from Indi and the others she settled on the settee for the evening.
10th April 2005
Although Jill used to sleep on the landing with the others before she was re-homed she wanted to sleep in the dog's bed we have in our bedroom last night. She's been fine today, no 'accidents' since she's been back, is a lot more relaxed and as the conservatory door was open all day she's been wandering in and out the house, playing with Indi and enjoying the sunshine. We hope her hair loss will stop now and we are looking for a new home for her because she is so sweet - it was so unfortunate Jake didn't seem to want a companion.
22nd April 2005
Jill's settled back into our routine well and seems none the worse for her being away. Other than the first night when she arrived back she is now quite happy to sleep on the landing with the others. She loves sitting in the garden in the sunshine and playing with Indi so much so we feel they will miss each other when she goes to her new home because the two of them get on so well together. Her coat, which was really thick is beginning to come out now the weather is getting warmer and each morning we give her a good brush with a rubber mit. Since she's been back we've bathed her again because her 'winter' skin was beginning to flake and since then her coat has been looking a lot better, although she still has some old hair yet to cast.
She is quite a character and still has the odd day when she takes things she shouldn't to her bed and rather than leave them there will have a chew if she isn't stopped - yesterday she took the tin of tropical fish food, took the top off and ate the contents! Today she took the toilet brush! We have been trying to see if there is a pattern that causes her mischievous periods and wonder if she if bored or feeling anxious because a couple of occasions it's occurred when something unusual happened causing a normal day to go array.
In the time we've had Jill we have also noticed on about four occasions she will suddenly cry out for no apparent reason, and after she looks and carries on as if nothing has happened. On one occasion it was quite alarming. Sometimes she is asleep when it happens but not always. Its almost as if its a trapped nerve somewhere so we are trying to work out where and what she was doing before each occurrence to see if a pattern forms, but the occurrances have been so infrequent we haven't worked anything out yet. It doesn't seem to bother her because as suddenly as it starts it stops, she shows no pain or discomfort and she carries on as if nothing happened.
23rd April 2005
Jill came with us to the DGR Greyhound Awareness Day in Carlisle City Centre this afternoon. She was really good, enjoyed meeting all the other dogs and loved having everybody saying hello to her.
24th April 2005
This afternoon a lady came to see Jill with a view to adopting her and after spending some time with her asked if she could, so arrangements are being made for Jill to go and live with her shortly.
1st May 2005
Jill came with us to the Highgate Vets Open Day in Kendal this afternoon and enjoyed meeting everybody, including all the other Greyhounds who attended.
3rd May 2005
Jill is really settling here and bonded to the point where she wants to walk next to me even if I am not the one holding her lead and will stand next to me and look up into my face wanting a stroke and cuddle. There have been one or two butterflies and bees about the past couple of days and Jill insists on trying to catch them. Yesterday she caught a bee in her mouth and when she spit it out we first of all thought she had been stung but it wasn't the case - she was very lucky. Yesterday I put some slug pellets down in the garden and no sooner had I put the first lot down that I had to quickly remove them because Jill found them and was going to eat them. I put them inside a weighed down square shaped orange squash bottle with both ends cut off so the pellets don't get wet and most of the slugs die inside the tube so the birds don't get them. On top of this, I usually hide the whole lot under the leaves of a plant out of sight - but not from Jill! Her sense of smell is staggering and she simply put her nose in one end and upturned the lot. Needless to say until Jill is rehomed on Friday the slugs will be having a party in my garden.
6th May 2005
Over the past couple of days I've been letting Jill off in the Nature Reserve during our walks and she enjoyed running round with Bobby and Indi then charging back to me for a praise for being good. She is such a happy dog and I hope she settles down okay in her new home on her own without them - especially Indi who she got on very well with and loved playing with in the garden.
Jill's new owner came to collect her this morning and my heart broke as she was being driven away to start her new life. Jill was quite a handful at the beginning but she was really settling down and had become 'part of the family' by the time she left - her sweet and loving nature will be sorely missed by us all.
23rd May 2005
27th June 2005
Jill, whose new owner now calls Dixie came back to stay for a couple of days because she was going away and didn't want to put her in kennels so soon after getting her so we volunteered to have her. She arrived late evening on the 25th and gave everyone a lovely welcome. She settled fine that evening and quickly slotted back into our routine again - and doesn't she look well! She's lost all her thick coat from living in the barn and now has a very sleek and glossy one - in fact, when we took her into the pub some people didn't recognise her as being the same dog. She looked wonderful, with the exception of her foot, which she hurt on the Monday before she came and still had the bandage on. She caught her foot in some blankets and ripped a toe nail off her back right foot and because it wouldn't stop bleeding the vet put a bandage on it for a couple of days, which now needed to come off so her foot could get the 'air' it needed to heal so we took it off for her. As she was going to be here a few days we arranged for model Becky Speed to visit our house on the Saturday (25th) and we took photographs of Dixie in and around our garden for the 'Long Legged Beauties' Rescued Greyhounds Calendar 2006. She had a wonderful day and enjoyed all the attention. When her owner came back for her on the Monday morning Dixie gave her a lovely welcome and trotted happily back to her car to go home but once in looked around anxiously and wouldn't settle until I came and gave her a cuddle and said goodbye. It was sad seeing her go again but it was also lovely to see her looking so well.
15th July 2005
Dixie came back on the 11th July and stayed with us again until this morning when her owner came back to collect her.
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Jill on the 6th March 2005
In the garden
6th March 2005

28th February 2005
In the garden
6th March 2005

Jill on 6th March 2005
In the garden
6th March 2005

Jill on 12th March 2005
Playing ball on the beach
12th March 2005
(Jill was on a lead at the time but it's been digitally removed on this picture)

Jill and Jake in their new home together
Jill (left) with Jake on the right
in their new home together
on the 3rd April 2005

Jill in the garden on the
22nd April 2005

and again ...
22nd April 2005

and again ...
22nd April 2005

Long Legged Beauties
'Just Greyhounds'
2008 Calendar
This picture of Dixie was taken
on the 22nd April 2005 and
is our November supporting
picture for the calendar
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Black and white greyhound
Jill at Biggar Park
29th April 2005

White and black greyhound
Jill in the Japanese Garden
at Biggar Park, Lanarkshire
29th April 2005

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Three Greyhounds in the garden
Jill in the garden with Blue
and Indi on the 3rd May 2005

Becky Speed with Dixie
Becky Speed with Dixie
during the calendar photo shoot
on the 25th June 2005

'Long Legged Beauties'
2006 Rescued
Greyhounds Calendar
Becky Speed with Dixie
This picture of Dixie was taken with
Becky Speed on the 25th June 2005
and is the main July calendar shot
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Dixie and Daisy with their owner
Dixie and Daisy with their owner
during a walk on the 5th October 2005

Dixie and Daisy with their owner
Dixie resting her head on Daisy
whilst taking a rest during their walk
on the 5th October 2005

Long Legged Beauties
'Just Greyhounds'
2007 Calendar

This picture of Dixie was taken
on the 5th October 2005 near Dumfries
and is our main March calendar shot
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White and black Greyhound
November 2007

White and black greyhound
.... and again.

Dixie with Daisy - two greyhounds
.... and with Dixie
November 2007

White and black greyhound
.... and again.
When she arrived she came trotting down the drive and gave everyone a lovely welcome. Her arrival caused an hormonal upset with Joe because he thought she was a babe and followed her everywhere for the first hour or so happily spraying everything in site until we made him realise that was not the thing to do. On the Tuesday we all went to Nunland Country Holidays at Lockfoot near Dumfries for the day and did a calendar photo shoot. It was just about the hottest day of the year and Dixie stayed in the shade under the trees most of the time whilst we were taking photographs of the model and Kelly. Dixie was no problem at all during her stay here, slotted back into our routine well and was a pleasure to have around. Indi was 'over the moon' with her friend coming back and was quite subdued for a couple of days after she left.
5th October 2005
Dixie's owner invited us to visit for the day so we could see where she lived as we didn't do the home check and she came down for Dixie when she was re-homed. It was a long drive and when we arrived I went to open the gate into the drive and saw a head peeping out the back of the car in the garage - the back of the car was open and then another head appeared from behind the first one. It was Dixie, when she saw it was me she jumped over Daisy, her new greyhound companion and out the car running down the drive to the gate and gave me such a welcome I couldn't open the gate to get the car in until Dixie's owner came and got her - and Daisy, who by now had decided to come and see what all the commotion was about.
We had lunch then everyone went for a long walk in the woods before having another cup of tea and coming home. Dixie looked well and really happy - apparently the two of them love sitting in the car watching the world go by. They have a lovely garden to run round and Dixie is now off the lead during her walk through the woods. If she goes too far ahead and her owner calls her back she always comes as she knows there will be a treat waiting for her. It was so lovely to get the greeting we received when we arrived and many a time she walked by our side during the day, which was lovely to think she hadn't forgotten us.
16th November 2005
Dixie and Daisy arrived yesterday for an overnight stay to help their owner out. When they arrived Dixie knew exactly where she was and came trotting down the drive. Both dogs remembered us and Dixie gave us her crazy mad five minute welcome before running upstairs to see where her bed was then out into the garden with the others. They were a joy to see again and I think Dixie enjoyed her little holiday here. When we took them for their walks Daisy wandered to the side of the road at full length of her lead but Dixie, bless her, walked by my side all the way looking up to me and wanting a pat. Last night we took them both into the pub and although Daisy wasn't too sure at first Dixie knew exactly where she was and quickly lay on the floor with the others and fell asleep.
20th November 2005

Today was the annual Dumfriesshire Greyhound Rescue Fun Greyhound Show/Christmas Fayre at the Loreburn Hall in Dumfries. We put up a stall selling the 'Long Legged Beauties' 2006 calendar and Becky Speed (July) and Britney-Lee (October) joined us to meet the press and sign calendars. We were so delighted to see Dixie and Daisy walking towards our stall to say hello with their owner and Bobby and Indi gave them both a lovely warm welcome. They looked really well and Dixie went wild when she saw me. Her owner has given up on the idea that she should remain reasonably calm and not jump up when she sees me - it's just something that Dixie has to do. She has a mad five minutes greeting me when she goes crazy then calms down and is fine afterwards. I must admit I do enjoy it and it was really lovely to see them both again along with six of our other foster dogs and seeing the seven of them together (eight including Daisy) with Bobby and Indi brought a lump to my throat and really made our day.
5th December 2005
Had a surprise visit from Dixie and Daisy this afternoon who broke their journey up the motorway on their way home. Dixie had been very ill last weekend with a stomach upset following what was believed she had eaten something she had picked up during a walk. It made her quite poorly and required a couple of visits to the vet for treatment and medication and she had called in to show us she was fit and well again. It was lovely to see them both although Dixie was a little off colour because yesterday she had been running through a wood and caught herself on something in the area where her front right leg joins her chest. There was a scab and bruising there and she felt a little sorry for herself so we never received the boisterous welcome we usually get. When she was leaving she struggled to jump up into the car and once in lay quietly on her bedding - not the Dixie we know and we hope she will be well again soon.
23rd May 2006

26th July 2006
Received a surprise visit from Dixie, Daisy and their owner this evening as we were on our way back from our evening walk. We met them coming up the road to meet us and when Dixie saw us she went mad and gave us a lovely welcome, rubbing close to our legs and looking up at us with those evening as we were on our way back from our evening walk. We met them coming up the road to meet us and when Dixie saw us she went mad and gave us a lovely welcome, rubbing close to our legs and looking up at us with those lovely eyes in the way that only she does. Daisy hadn't forgot us either and we all walked back home and into the garden to say hello properly. Indi was over the moon at seeing her for they got on so well together and you could tell they were both pleased to see each other.
Dixie had been very ill during June and almost died. She had been so ill it had taken nearly a month to recover and put her weight back on so her owner called in as they were passing to show us how much better she was now looking. Dixie had been to a barbeque and was running after someone on a quad bike round the lawn in fun. We think she had been running too fast for too long and although she seemed alright that night the following morning she was very ill and had to go to the vet. When they arrived home she visited her own vet and Dixie's owner even phoned us to see if we had any ideas what it may be - it turned out to Azoturia.
23rd May 2007

7th June 2007
Received a surprise visit from Dixie and Daisy and their owner this afternoon who called in as they were driving back up the motorway. It was lovely to see them all again and Dixie knew exactly where she was. Bobby and Indi came to say hello along with Jack and Monty then they all went in the garden for a while before coming in for a pig's ear each then falling asleep on the kitchen floor so we could have a cup of tea and a chat. Dixie looked well as did Daisy but their owner has to watch that Dixie doesn't scavenge, which she apparently loves doing when out walking and if she does she often ends up with an upset stomach.
23rd May 2008
19th January 2009

When Dixie first came into Greyhound Rescue she came in with her father Jack who went to live in the Barrow-in-Furness area with Tina. This evening we received a call from his owner letting us know that sadly Jack was put to sleep this afternoon. The bone cancer in his back leg diagnosed just after Christmas had become much worse and was causing him so much pain, making him pant a lot and he kept falling over. Jack was such a big laid back affectionate gentleman that he will be sorely missed as his owner said he was his best mate - he was 9½ years old.
23rd May 2009

23rd May 2010

23rd May 2011

23rd May 2012

23rd May 2013

7th December 2013
We received a Christmas card today letting us know that Dixie is doing well although a little more grey. Sadly, Daisy her companion developed bone cancer in her back leg, which fractured last August. With the help of the vet she quietly passed away. Rest in Peace pretty Daisy and without any more pain.
23rd May 2014
23rd May 2015
December 2015
We received a Christmas card saying Dixie although 12 1/2 years old is still enjoying life. - wonderful news.
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