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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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others want to give more. We are quite flexible with this, and with this we provide:
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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Below is one of the 82 dogs we fostered for Dumfriesshire & Cumbria
Greyhound Rescue between July 2004 and the 5th December 2009.
On the 9th December 2009 we became the SOUTH LAKES branch
of the Retired Greyhound Trust for whom we are now foster

Joe first arrived with us on Wednesday 6th July 2005
and went to his new home on Monday 5th September 2005
He then came back to us on Tuesday 21st February 2006
and went to his new home on Thursday 23rd March 2006

Joe's arrival and a brief history
Joe is a white greyhound with brindle ears

31 kg

Joe is a male Greyhound who is white with brindle ears and fawn spots all over his body. He was born on the 1st July 2001 so is just 4 years old. He weighed 68lbs (31k) when he arrived and came into 'Rescue' as he showed no interest in racing. It is believed he may have injured his right shoulder at
some time but this is not certain. However, to look at him there appears to be no visible signs of the injury. Joe is kennel clean and is believed not suitable for a home with cats but once he's settled down with us we will cat test him.
When Joe came back to us on the 21st February 2006 he weighed about 75lbs. He gets on well with children and other dogs and is cat friendly. Joe was living in a house for the past six months and suddenly came back into 'Rescue' through no fault of his own. During that time he was living with two cats and his owner's grandchildren aged 2 and 6 visited almost daily. The youngest grandchild often had his afternoon nap on the settee with Joe and it seemed Joe knew the eldest was handicapped because of the way he was when around him.

went to his new home on Thursday 23rd March 2006
Joe's Diary
6th July 2005
Joe got on well when he was first introduced to our dogs and ate his dinner as if he hadn't eaten for a month. Straight after he'd eaten we took him for a walk, which he enjoyed but pulled on the lead at first. As soon as we returned home we gave him a bath. He came out looking snow white instead of grey and will feel much better now he no longer itches. He hasn't been in a house before but he managed going up and down the stairs okay. He was very nervous during the evening and it took him a while to settle into his bed for the night. During the night he started pacing the floor so we took him out around 3.30am and he did his toilet, which was extremely loose, looked like custard and smelt awful. This was probably because of his diet before coming to us combined with nerves.
7th July 2005
After a nervous start to the day Joe began to settle into our routine and followed the others around. He slept part of the day at either Stuart's feet whilst he was working or on the carpet in my office. After walking him round the garden and showing him all the fences and boundaries this afternoon we let him off the lead and he enjoyed a run round the garden with the others.
He took to going to the pub like a 'duck to water' - the people and noises never bothered him and he quickly lay down next to the others and fell asleep.
He's not averse to jumping up to work surfaces to see what is edible, will try to get in the fridge if the door is open and will steal anything the moment your back is turned. He can open doors by pushing his nose against them or tucking his nose behind the door and pulling it open. Our barrier at the top of the stairs is a 'doddle' - you just push it and it tumbles downstairs and out of the way for you. None of the others bothered about the barrier but Joe was determined it's going to be no obstacle. He doesn't like the cold water spray and will back off if it's used on him but he is so food orientated at present that the sight of something to eat is worth any risk!
8th July 2005
Joe slept much better last night and never wanted to go out at all, which was good. His toilet is beginning to look a little more normal and he's looking a little less 'ribby'. He now walks much better on the lead and will walk happily next to the others, only pulling if he wants to do his toilet on the grass at the side of the road - but oh, what a thief. He is so food orientated it's unbelievable and he even tried getting the fish food off the top of the pond but was hindered by the netting over the top. Meal times have to be supervised because he eats his food so fast that the moment its gone he dives into the bowl of the dog nearest to him and starts to devour that, much to the disgust and annoyance of the dog who's trying to eat. So, we are currently not only trying to house train him but also to stop him thieving ours and the other dog's food - he WILL get there just as soon as the penny drops that he must learn manners and not do things to annoy his humans!
9th July 2005
A couple who were looking for another dog took Joe and Moss for a few hours to see how they got on with their dog. Moss showed little interest in the other dog and was even quieter than usual. However, Joe was bitten twice, once on his ear and again on his face near his eye. Both bites brought blood but the couple felt it was early stage problems that they could overcome. They thought Moss a little quiet and expressed their desire for Joe but as we had never encountered such problems before we had reservations.
11th July 2005
We thought Joe's house training was doing very well until Dixie arrived. Having a nice young female around mean't he just had to spray, and spray he did, for about an hour or so until he discovered Dixie was having nothing to do with him and he settled down again. This sort of behaviour will stop once he's been neutered.
Joe learn't today what toys are and when he found the plastic ball squeaked he demolished it in about 10 minutes. Every time it squeaked he attacked it and from the way he was
Joe is a white greyhound with brindle ears
Joe in the garden
on the 7th July 2005

Joe having a run around the garden
Joe having a run in the garden
on the 7th July 2005
'Long Legged Beauties'
2006 Rescued
Greyhounds Calendar
Michelle Monroe with Joe the white Greyhound
This picture of Joe was taken with
Michelle Monroe at Park House in Bradford
and is the main January calendar shot
View Calendar

Joe trying to get his own coat on
Joe in his new home trying to put his
own coat on - 8th September 2005.

Joe in his new owner's camper van
on the 11th September 2005

playing with it we can safely say he is not cat friendly. He loves catching the fluffy toys you throw to him and sometimes gets very excited with them and you have to watch he doesn't take your hand as well!
12th July 2005
Today was Kelly's day for her photograph to be taken for the 'Long Legged Beauties' Rescued Greyhound Calendar 2006 so we used the opportunity to see how Joe got on with the model. He wasn't too bad but it wasn't the day to try really because it was the hottest day of the year and the entire photo shoot was spent under a group of trees so as to give us shade and coolness.
13th July 2005
Joe went to the vet this morning to be neutered and have his first inoculation. Whilst under the anesthetic the vet also cleaned the wound on his ear and put a stitch in it then put two stitches in the cut near his eye. He came out looking very sorry for himself and slept on and off most of the evening, although he managed a short walk after tea. He was very good in the vets' and never had one accident but did all he needed to do in the garden as soon as we got home. It's Joe's photo shoot soon so Stuart will have his work cut out getting a good photo without the stitches on his face spoiling it - we will do the best we can! With regards to house training we are almost there but we still can't work out how he's going to tell us when he wants out. The penny is also beginning to drop about thieving because he now walks around the table sniffing to see what is there rather than constantly jumping up and he just looks into the food cupboard rather than trying to push his nose into the bag of food.
15th July 2005
Where Joe was neutered has all swollen up and looks quite painful and the stitches are preventing the swelling from being even - we will need to watch this especially as its so hot and there are so many flies about. This evening Joe found the apple pie I foolishly left on the work surface in the kitchen. I remember thinking at the time it was silly to leave it there but then thinking if I put it right at the back and cover it up it should be safe - silly me! In the space of a few seconds Joe found it and demolished almost the entire pie. All that was left was a bit of pastry on the bottom with a spoonful of apple on the top. I wouldn't mind, but it was one of my better pies! Enough was enough, this thief needed a talking to so Stuart held him and I showed him the remains of the pie. From the look on his face I think he thought we were giving him the rest but this was not the case for we held it under his nose and gave him a severe spray with cold water combined with a good telling off followed by ignoring him for a few minutes. Let us hope he now gets the message that thieving is not a good thing to do.
16th July 2005
We were all at the Greyhound Awareness stand at Witherstock this afternoon. As the event was being held in the car park and area surrounding the Derby Arms at Witherslack we never had far to go. We pitched our stand on the back road and parked the car so the dogs could sit in the back and out of the sun. Four bands were playing during the afternoon and evening and Joe was having none of it. As soon as they started he got into the back of the car and lay down, refusing to move until there was a break in the music. He was very good in the car because although on the lead it wasn't fastened to anything and he just lay there out of the way. However, there were always people milling around and ready to take hold of him should he decide to jump out of the car. Indi and Moss joined him for most of the time in the car and even Remy jumped in and lay down occasionally.
18th July 2005
Joe was going to be re-homed today with the couple who had him for the day when he first arrived. However, their dog was still very territorial and displayed aggression towards Joe, which we were were not happy about so Joe came home with us and the couple said they would do some work with their dog in removing the territorial problems before thinking about re-homing another dog.
19th July 2005
We took Joe back to the vet this afternoon because we didn't like the way his neutering operation looked and no matter how we tried we couldn't stop him licking it - even a muzzle and an Elizabethan collar didn't stop him. The vet was also concerned and put him on antibiotics for five days.
23rd July 2005
Joe was back at the vet this morning having all his stitches out. He wasn't too keen on going into the treatment room but once in we soon calmed him down. Where he was neutered was still red but the vet thought it best to take the stitches out and we must see he doesn't lick it for a day or two to give it that little extra help in healing.
27th July 2005
After a hard first few days, which may have been made worse because of the other dog attacking him and his neutering stitches being sore Joe is really beginning to settle down and becoming a pleasure to have around. Where he was neutered has healed, he is now house trained and knows that when he's let out it's best to 'empty' properly before coming in. He loves playing with the others and also his toys. He still sneaks onto the bed if he can get away with it but simply showing him the cold water spray with a firm 'off' is enough to make him get off and go to his own bed. He's only been up onto the work surface trying to steal something once since the apple pie incident, and I think the smell of the roast beef got the better of him, but we were ready! He stands nicely and waits whilst his food is being prepared and he now eats in the conservatory with the others. He's stopped diving into the bag of food as soon as the door is open and now just looks inside. We still make him wait for his food and put all the others theirs down first before he is allowed near his but once he starts eating he still finishes first. However, he no longer dives into another bowl after and just looks at the others. At this point saying his name firmly and a gentle touch is enough to make him turn and go outside to 'do' , which he does but usually with one eye on the other dishes in case one of the others leave some. At present we are not allowing him to lick the other dishes as we are teaching him to eat from his and his alone. I think we are getting there!
4th August, 2005
Joe is really settling now and a few days ago started coming to the side of my bed to say good morning when our alarm clock goes off. I feel a cold nose on my arm and he's there with his head resting on the bed, tail wagging and waiting for me to stroke him. He's also decided to lay in the office when I'm there working, sometimes it's along the side of the desk but other times it's against the wall right behind my chair, which makes getting up from my chair very difficult.
9th August 2005
Remy came this morning to do a calendar photo shoot and to stay a few days whilst his owners are away on holiday. He came in then ran round the garden with Joe and Indi barking after him. They all had a good time and when we took his toys out of his bag Joe and Remy ran side by side round the house with one in their mouths - both wanting the same toy and neither willing to let go, which was very funny to watch.
11th August 2005
Joe has really found a playmate in Remy as they are constantly running round the garden playing together. Many of their toys end up there and I am having to do a daily collection to bring them all back in again - thank goodness the weather has been so dry! Joe's feeding routine is really good now because he just eats his food then has a sly look at what's in the other dishes, looks up at me then turns and walks out into the garden. However, this only works if I am around because if I'm not there he will try and eat what has been left in the other dishes. Sometimes I eat my lunch at my desk in the office and Joe sleeps on the floor next to me. Since Remy and Kanga have been with us I find that when I am eating at my desk if one of the others come in Joe will give a very low growl to them and they walk back out again. It only happens when I'm eating and needless to say he gets reprimanded for it - when I'm not eating he's fine.
13th August 2005
We all spent the day at Dalston Show near Carlisle and positioned ourselves outside the Dumfriesshire Greyhound Rescue stand. Joe was very good with all the people coming to say hello to him but when we moved away from the stand he sometimes pulled on the lead if he wanted to see something and we weren't walking fast enough for him.
20th August 2005
This morning we took Joe to see Ken Woodacre, a Chiropractor who deals with dogs and following a good examination he found his 6th and 7th lumber discs were out in his back so he put them back into position and we hope Joe will feel much better for it having this done.
23rd August 2005
We did a home check this morning and took Joe in with us - he showed no interest in their cat when it walked across the garden and past the patio doors, touched noses with the Chinchilla in its cage and ignored the noisy love birds in their cage. We were quite surprised by all this so we are going to arrange to have him cat tested.
26th August 2005
This evening Joe climbed up onto the sofa next to Stuart and cuddled down for the first time, which was lovely to see. Each week that passes he becomes more settled and after the difficult start I know I will find it hard to let him go to his new home when the time comes. If we are in a room we can safely leave food around and he won't touch it but the moment we walk out the room he regards it as 'fair game' and you can guarantee it will be gone when you get back. When it's time to go to bed Joe now has a routine which includes taking one of his toys from the toy box and taking it to bed with him, where he plays with it for half an hour or so before going to sleep - thank goodness all the squeaky ones have lost their squeak!
27th August 2005
This morning we did a cat test with Joe and found he is cat friendly, which really surprised us as he gets quite excited with his squeaky toys and tries his hardest to 'kill' the squeak. During the test the cat was sitting on the back of the sofa and Joe ignored it so we weren't sure that he'd seen it. We made the cat move and Joe, who was standing in front of the sofa made no attempt to climb onto it but leaned forward to have a good look and a sniff but backed away when the cat spat at him. He then turned around so his back was to the cat and became more interested in what toys were in the toy box. We persuaded Joe to look at the cat a few times but each time he just turned away from it and wanted the toys in the toy box.
28th August 2005
Joe weighed in today at 75½ lbs (34.4k) so he's gained 7½lbs (3.4k) since he arrived, his white coat is looking really good and the bald patches on his back legs are beginning to cover with hair again.
5th September 2005
This morning Joe went to live with his new owner in the Milnthorpe / Carnforth area who has two cats and some pet birds. We shall miss him very much as he turned into a super dog and we hope he has a long and happy life in his new home.
8th September 2005
Joe is settling in well. Had one little cafuffle with the cat the day after he arrived when the cat jumped over the back of the arm chair and surprised him (luckily he had his muzzle on at the time because he was in the same room as the cat) but since then they have left each other alone. If he sees one in the garden he just ignores it and if one of the cats are asleep on the door step he just walks over it. He's met the grandchildren who are aged 2 and 8 and all was well. The eldest, who is disabled fed him little bits of food so Joe, being Joe thought that was great. The youngest had his afternoon nap on the settee because 'Joe was having his nap' and piece reigned for a couple of hours! This afternoon he decided to put his own coat on and there is a picture above sent by his new owner of Joe asking to go out for another walk. He'd had one and wore his coat because it was raining. When they got back his coat was laying on the arm of the settee drying when his new owner heard a rustling noise and came to investigate. She found him standing by the side of the settee with the coat over his head and under his tummy rather than over his back - think he was asking to go for another walk! What a clever chap our Joe is!
21st February 2006
Following a phone call from Joe's owner to come and collect him he gave me a fantastic welcome when he saw me even though it's been five months since I last saw him. He looked well but had gained a little weight and quickly settled into our car for the journey home. Once home he knew exactly where he was and went for a wander round the garden. There were a few grumbles between him, Lester and Romeo to establish the pecking order then he started settling back into our routine. Romeo, followed Joe everywhere and every time he stood still Romeo tried to mount him so we had to watch them carefully because Joe wasn't being given a moments peace and seemed to be constantly grumbling at Romeo for his efforts.
22nd February 2006
Joe seemed a little restless last night and came to my bedside a few times during the night for reassurance before being told to go back to bed. This morning he had a good run round the garden, which he enjoyed but to the detriment of the lawn, or what is left of it! Romeo once again became Joe's shadow for the day, which became a bit of nuisance for him but should stop tomorrow when Romeo comes back from the vets.
25th February 2006
Its lovely to see Joe coming to my bedside again each morning to say hello and have a cuddle.
26th February 2006
It's taken Joe a little while to settle in again, which may have been because of Romeo's problem and Lester's nervousness with people but today he's looking much more relaxed and happier. He's coming to us for cuddles, been running round the garden with the others and is much more relaxed now that Romeo is leaving him alone.
28th February 2006
It has been a difficult few days because not only have I had a nasty head cold but the realisation our visit to Ireland was fast approaching and we knew there was no possibility of taking all five dogs with us to Ireland. A few weeks ago Kanga's owners offered to help with home checks and follow-up visits in their area along with becoming 'emergency fosterer's'. As they didn't live too far away we asked if they could help us out by looking after Joe whilst we were away and thankfully they said yes. I felt awful about not being able to take him with us but this afternoon when I dropped him off he soon seemed to settle with Kanga and Todd and before I left he was up on the settee fast asleep. As I walked away I made the mistake of turning to look at him and the look of 'why are you leaving me here?' wrenched my heart and almost made me turn back and get him, but I knew it wasn't possible so I had to walk on.
29th February 2006
Received an email this morning to say Joe was was a bit unsettled last night, which we expected, however he's now fine, settling into his new routine, enjoying his walks and will no doubt soon be as spoilt as Kanga and Todd.
16th March 2006
Collected Joe last night from Kevin and Ruth and received a
Joe in the snow
Joe playing in the snow in early
March 2006 whilst staying with
Kevin, Ruth, Kanga and Todd

Joe rolling in the snow
Rolling in the snow

Joe in the snow
and taking it all in!

Kanga and Joe relaxing after the snow
Relaxing with Kanga in early March 2006

lovely welcome before he settled on the settee next to me whilst I watched a video of him playing in the snow with the others. It had snowed quite heavily the weekend before we came home and all the dogs loved running and rolling around in it. Back home he settled in quickly and by the end of the evening he was up on the settee next to Bobby to Indi's dismay.
17th March 2006
Romeo went to his new home this morning so because we only had four dogs we let Joe off the lead in the nature reserve this afternoon. He loved his freedom and happily walked alongside Bobby most of the way.
22nd March 2006
Been letting Joe off the lead every afternoon in the nature reserve and although on occasions he's moved away from the others, upon hearing his name called he came back each time. Each morning when the alarm goes off he comes into our room and gives us a lovely welcome and, occasionally he comes up on the bed with us until we get up. I know we
shouldn't but he may be going to a new home tomorrow and I will miss him.
23rd March 2006
Joe went to his new home this afternoon where he will be living with a couple and their two young children in the Dumfries area. Knowing Joe and his nature we are sure he will soon have the little girl who is seven years old wrapped round his 'little toe' and the little boy who is only ten months old will soon be feeding him from his high chair! The family live in the countryside and have a large secure garden, which Joe will love running around or just lazing in the sunshine.
24th March 2006
Spoke with Joe's new owner this afternoon to see how he was getting on. He's okay but apparently missing us as we are doing him but we hope he will soon settle and come to love his new family.
30th March 2006
Spoke with Joe's new owner this afternoon who said he was settling in well and a lot happier, however, he doesn't like being left on his own in the house, preferring to go everywhere with them. This is understandable as he may be feeling insecure because of the number of places he's been in over the past few months. He's getting used to the noises their little boy makes and doesn't seem as bothered as he did when he first arrived. He loves sleeping on the settee, going out for trips in the car and running round their garden. We wish him and his new family a long and happy life together.
16th April 2006
Heard today that Joe's owners are really pleased with him, he has been great and far exceeded their expectations, he is fantastic with the children and settled in well. They are so pleased with him and the breed that on the 11th April they adopted Merlin to keep him company.
19th November 2006
Today was the 5th annual Dumfriesshire Greyhound Rescue Fun Greyhound Show & Christmas Fayre at the Loreburn Hall in Dumfries. We set up a stall there selling the calendars, prints, Christmas and greeting cards from the 'Long Legged Beauties' Collection and Joe was there with Merlyn and their owners. Although it's been a while since we last saw Joe he recognised us immediately and gave us a lovely welcome. He was looking really well and happy and his owner said both he and Merlyn get on well together
. However, Joe tends to be a bit accident prone and has cut himself a couple of times since they've had him, which required stitches but apart from the scars to show it he was looking well and had a sparkle in his eyes, which really pleased us.
18th November 2007
Joe with Merlyn and their family were at the Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue Christmas Fayre and Greyhound Show held at the Loreburn Hall in Dumfries.
Joe and Merlyn both looked well and it was lovely to see them both again. Whilst at the show they had their photograph taken in Stuart's studio, which he'd set up in the hall.
13th July 2008
We briefly saw Joe and Merlyn at the Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue President's barbeque, which was being held
Two Greyhounds
Merlyn with Joe
Greyhound Show at Dumfries
18th November 2007

White Greyhound
18th November 2007

Brindle Greyhound
18th November 2007
near Waterbeck in Scotland today. It was a good day with 87 Greyhounds being there. Joe's owner was a little late arriving and we said hello to Joe briefly as we were leaving. It was a pity we didn't get the chance to say hello a little longer but all the same it was nice seeing them again.

Sadly, since the last entry we have lost contact with Joe (Beau) and his owners. If anyone knows anything about Joe please let us know so we may update his page.

(If you have any information about any of them please let us know so we can update their pages
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