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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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Below is one of the 82 dogs we fostered for Dumfriesshire & Cumbria
Greyhound Rescue between July 2004 and the 5th December 2009.
On the 9th December 2009 we became the SOUTH LAKES branch
of the Retired Greyhound Trust for whom we are now foster

Kanga arrived on Friday 3rd June 2005
Went to his new home on Saturday 18th June 2005
Arrived back on Saturday 6th August 2005
Went to his new home on Wednesday 7th September 2005
Sadly Kanga died on Monday 5th October 2011 following a fall.
He was approximately 10 years old.

Kanga's arrival and a brief history
Kanga is a black and white neutered Greyhound who weighs 69lbs (31.4k). He is 3 years old, inoculations up to date, hasn't raced, doesn't appear to have any injuries. His previous owner had him from a 6 month old pup and lived in his home during the day and in kennels at night. He hasn't raced and was used as a 'hanger on' because of his calming influence on the other Greyhounds. Kanga is house trained, a happy Greyhound who likes to play, loves going for walks, walks well on the lead, gets on well with children and other dogs and is supposedly cat friendly.
Kanga was re-homed on the 18th June 2005 and following a call to confirm the follow-up visit arrangements we were suddenly asked to take Kanga back because he had started trying to steal food, chewing the furniture, growling at his partner and their
other dog had become jealous of him. We were quite shocked at hearing this because this behaviour is NOT Kanga and previous telephone conversations with them about how he was getting on gave no indication of anything being wrong. Although his owner was feeding and looking after him it transpired that when he was at work his partner wasn't. She decided she didn't want him but instead of saying so just looked after their other dog and not Kanga. Hence his change in behaviour - he was hungry! It took Kanga's owner a little while to work out what was happening, the relationship broke up and because the other dog had started being jealous of Kanga his owner thought it best he come back into Greyhound Rescue.
Kanga is a lovely dog and we are currently building him back up and giving him lots of TLC. We don't think he bears any mental scars from his experience but he is a bit clingy at present, which is understandably so. When he is back up to health and we come to re-home him again we want to make sure he will be looked after and loved 100%.
If Kanga needs anesthetic it is important the correct one be given because just before he came into Greyhound Rescue his original owner had him neutered, which was quite a traumatic experience for him. The anesthetic affected him badly requiring him to stay in the vets two days longer than normal and, during this time, he lost a lot of weight.
What we've noticed since he's been with us
Kanga went direct from his owner into a new home, which had two cats. Although Kanga was supposedly cat friendly the cats weren't too sure and disappeared from the house only coming back to eat. They did this for five days and his new owners were worried they may disappear for good so Kanga unfortunately, came into Greyhound Rescue and we were asked to foster him - here is his story.
3rd June 2005
We received a call at 9pm - could we go and collect Kanga tonight. When we arrived home he was quite unsettled. Although we were told he was housetrained he promptly 'cocked' his leg in about four places as soon as he came into the house. This could have been 'marking his spot' with all the other Greyhounds there or it could have been nerves for in the past month or so he's been through quite a lot due to the traumatic experience when neutered then going to a new home for a few days and now with us.
4th June 2005
Kanga slept in our room last night and was quite unsettled most of the early part of the night. In the morning he 'picked' at his food and needed tempting to eat the little he ate.
7th June 2005
It took Kanga a good two or three days to settle in but he now seems much more relaxed with us and wanders around the garden enjoying his bit of freedom and relaxing in the sunshine. He answers to his name and if in the garden when we call him he comes running to us. He's taken to going to the pub like a 'duck to water' and he's not as fussy with his food as he was, but doesn't eat as much as we would normally give a Greyhound of his size. He understands a number of commands and is quite agile when it comes to getting something off the work surface if he thinks you are not looking. After the first night we realised he may have been unsettled in the night because he felt unsure of sleeping in our room and wanted the company of the other Greyhounds so, on the second night he made a dash for the bed with the others and refused to budge. Poor Blue, despite his size, got kicked out the large bed, which is normally big enough for two because Kanga lay in the middle and refused to budge. If we moved him he just moved back, so Blue came and slept in our room.
11th June 2005
Kanga is much more settled now but will have the odd little accident if he looks out the window, sees you walking up the drive to say get something from the car and thinks you are leaving him. To stop this we must remember to tell him where we are going, to stay, and that we will be 'back soon' then things seem to be okay. He's fine with stairs, travels well in the car and enjoys trips out in it. His character is beginning to show through and he's started talking to people. When you first hear it you think he's growling at you but he isn't and if he does it to strangers we quickly tell them he's not growling but pleased to see them. The nearest way I can describe it is a growl under water. He usually puts his nose in the air as if he's going to howl when he does it but instead of a howl you get this gurgling growl, which he does with his mouth closed and no teeth showing, which is so funny to watch and makes you giggle when you hear it. He loves being cuddled and will come to you and put his head on your lap or under your arm if he wants you to stroke or cuddle him. He still feels a little uncertain of the upheaval lately and he constantly wants reassurance. His favourite position in the evening is on his back on the settee with his head on your lap having his tummy stroked. He's a really gentle, friendly Greyhound and will make someone a really nice companion - he's a real cutie.
16th June 2005
It was Kanga's turn for his photograph to be taken with model Mel Rook for the 'Long Legged Beauties' Rescued Greyhounds Calendar 2006 and the location we chose today was on the houseboat 'Bluebird' belonging to
Windermere Lake Holidays. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't all that good on the day so the shots planned for outside overlooking the lake never took place and we used the inside of the boat instead. The water on the lake was a little choppy and Kanga wasn't as relaxed as normal, which was a pity because it was difficult to get the shot we needed. He wasn't happy about having the ground move under his feet and was much happier back in the car with the others.
18th June 2005
We took Kanga to his new home this morning where he is going to live with a couple and their 12 month old other dog to keep him company. He got on well with the pup from the outset and I think they will become firm friends. The pup is still a little bit over playful but Kanga quickly learnt that a little growl quickly put him in his place and the pup went and left him on his own a while. From what we saw we think Kanga will be totally spoilt and we hope he has a long and happy life with his new family.

6th August 2005

Although we had been in touch by phone since we re-homed Kanga and all seemed to be going well we were finding it difficult to arrange a mutual time to complete the follow up visit. When we finally managed to arrange the date for a week later I phoned just beforehand to make sure they would be in. It came as quite a shock to hear of problems arising that was NOT Kanga and could we take Kanga back so I jumped in the car and went to get him straight away. When I first saw him I was shocked at how much weight he'd lost. I put him in the car, completed the paperwork, drove round the corner, parked the car, burst into tears and phoned Stuart. Kanga cried on and off all the way home, which was very upsetting and I kept apologising to him because I felt it was our fault even though we had spoken with his owner on the telephone a number of times and got no feeling anything was wrong. He also seemed quite weak so as soon as we got home and the others had greeted him, we weighed him - he was 54½lbs (24.8k), which was 14½lbs less than when he left us. This is a quarter of his body weight! We gave him a very small meal the moment he arrived back and another small one later in the evening. He gobbled them down. He tried eating our food and we had to physically restrain him to stop him jumping up on to the table for it. Although thin, his coat was shiny, his nose wet and cold and his eyes were bright. He also had spirit because when Joe (trust him!) tried to ride him he was having none of it. He snapped at Joe and in doing so caught Joe's nose with his teeth bringing a spot of blood. This evening we had one or two accidents from him, which his previous owner said he'd just started doing. This could be nerves, stress or the condition he's in.
7th August 2005
When it came to going to bed last night Kanga didn't want to sleep anywhere other than in our bedroom. We've also been giving him very small quantities of food during the day so as to help his stomach. He's spent the entire day looking for food and bolting his down when we give it him. He's enjoyed his walks today, been running round the garden and playing with the others or just laying out in the sunshine. We've not had a good weekend really and not slept well last night because since getting Kanga back we've been going over and over as to how we missed what had been happening - we always spoke to the owner on the phone and even he hadn't realised what his partner was doing until just before he asked us to take Kanga back. We wondered if we should have done the follow-up visit earlier, but on reflection if we had, then if the neglect was in the early stages we could well have missed what was going on.
8th August 2005
At 3am last night Kanga woke us wanting to go out so we let him in the garden and ten minutes after coming back in he was sick. He was sick three times in half an hour and from the condition of it, it tells us that although we were giving him small quantities it was still too much. After he stopped being sick he tried climbing into the bed with Indi but she was having none of it so he climbed in next to Joe and went to sleep with his head on him. I think he wanted some reassurance! Today we gave him smaller quantities of food and watched he never had anything other than his own. He's being a bit clingy and this afternoon we took a trip to the vet where he was given a thorough examination. His heart and temperature were fine and he never had anemia. The vet pronounced him fit with the exception of being too thin and confirmed that with his coat being shiny and his eyes bright everything matched up to him being fed the right food but just not enough of it.
9th August 2005
Kanga slept all night last night and we've had no further sickness nor accidents in the house. Remy arrived this morning to do another Greyhound calendar photo shoot and to stay a few days. When he arrived there was a mad dash round
Kanga in the garden on the 5th June 2005
Kanga enjoying the sunshine
5th June 2005

Black and white Greyhound
. . . taking a stroll
around the garden ..

Getting to know his new garden
. . . . getting to know
his way round . . . .

Kanga enjoying the sunshine
. . . . enjoying the warm weather . . .

Black and white Greyhound
. . . and exploring..

. . . and another lay down.

'Long Legged Beauties'
2006 Rescued
Greyhounds Calendar
Mel with Kanga on the jetty at Ferry Nab
This picture of Kanga was taken
with Mel Rook on the Jetty at
Ferry Nab, Bowness on Windermere
on the 16th June 2005 and is the supporting calendar shot for November
View Calendar

'Long Legged Beauties'
2006 Rescued
Greyhounds Calendar
Sam with Kanga in the Nature Reserve
This picture of Kanga was taken
with Sam Brooks in the Nature
Reserve during an evening walk
on the 8th August 2005 and is the February supporting calendar shot
View Calendar

the garden with the others for about ½ hour, however, Kanga never joined in but watched from the patio. Perhaps he thought the others running were too much for him at present. This evening he sat patiently on the floor with the others waiting for his dinner being made so it seems his hunger urges are beginning to abate. He later sat by the side of the dining table whilst we were eating our meal, which was the first occasion he hasn't tried climbing on the table! He's beginning to put a little weight on and his face is beginning looking a little less gaunt.
10th August 2005
This morning as Stuart was going out to the car all the Greyhounds were around him in the hallway thinking he was aking them with him. Kanga suddenly spoke to him using his throaty gurgle - it was wonderful to hear and we all had a good laugh because it's yet another sign he's feeling better and much more happy.
12th August 2005
Kanga enjoys sitting in the sunshine on the lawn and quite often I look out the window to find him fast asleep on the grass. He now trots round the garden occasionally but if the others join in he tends to stop and walk inside the house. Since Remy arrived there have been one or two growls from him and Joe aimed at Kanga if he got too close to them and food was around. I think they know he is the weaker dog and are trying to assert their authority whilst they can, however, with reprimands for this activity both Remy and Joe are beginning to see reason and it's not occurring as often, although Kanga still gives them a sideways glance as he walks past as if expecting something.
13th August 2005
We all spent the day at Dalston Show near Carlisle and positioned ourselves outside the Dumfriesshire Greyhound Rescue stand. Kanga was very good to begin with then started becoming fractious so we gave him a drink of water thinking he may be thirsty. He became quieter for a while then it started again so we gave him some food thinking he may be hungry especially as we have been giving him three meals a day and that day so far he'd only had the one. He quietened again for a while then it began again so we just came home. As soon as he was in the car he went straight to sleep and when we arrived home he lay out in the garden for a while. Thinking about it, today's trip was was his first day out since coming back and on reflection he was standing or walking around for about 4 hours. This amount of activity and the fact he wouldn't sit down may have been a bit too much for him. It may be he wasn't as strong as we thought and being one amongst a pack was doing his best to hide it. The event was a little too much for him and he was trying to tell us in the only way he knew - by being very unsettled and barking.
14th August 2005
Last night when we asked all the Greyhounds to go out last thing to do what was necessary they all went out with the exception of Kanga who ran upstairs to bed and refused to budge. From his behaviour and the difficulty we had getting him outside it suddenly dawned on us that not only had she not been feeding him but was probably shutting him outside at night when her partner was at work. We coaxed him downstairs and let him out with the others - he was back inside and to his bed the moment he'd finished. When he first came back we took him out on the lead at night and after that he would run upstairs so we had to lead him down again and outside. We never thought anything of it until last night, and with him being stronger, he began to put up a bit of resistance. Tonight we will approach letting them out last thing slightly different to help him realise we are not going to shut him out for the night but simply want him to do wee.
Kanga weighed in this morning at 59lbs (26.8k) making him almost 5lbs heavier than last weekend. He's been really good today and settled down again following his trip and rather noisy hour or two at Dalston yesterday.
15th August 2005
Last night we made sure all the Greyhounds were in the conservatory together before letting them out into the garden to show Kanga that all the others were going out as well as him - he seemed a little better as a result so we will continue this routine until he happily goes out on his own not caring if the others are out or not.
20th August 2005
This morning we took Kanga to see Ken Woodacre, the 'bone man' who does Osteopath type work with dogs and following a good examination found all was well.
21st August 2005

Kanga weighed in this morning at 60¼ lbs (27.4k) so he's gaining weight slowly but not quite up to his original weight of 69lbs (31.4k). There were no sheep in the large field today so we let him off for a good run this afternoon - he really enjoyed his freedom but when Bobby and Indi decided to chase after him he decided it was may be too much and came back to us to walk by our side until we reached the gate to leave.
22nd August 2005
Kanga's back on 2 meals a day now along with the others and all seems to be going well. We let him off the lead for the last part of the walk in the nature reserve this afternoon for the first time. He did very well and to begin with he walked to heal as if on the lead then began wandering off with Bobby and Indi. When we arrived back at the gate he came to me and we put his lead on for the walk along the road.
27th August 2005
Kanga is slowly putting weight back on and he's back to his normal happy self.  After we've been out he 'talks' to us when we return - it's that growly under water noise he makes and it's really funny to hear - I have to giggle each time we hear it. He's okay about going out in the garden last thing at night now and happily runs out with the others, likewise, he enjoys running round the garden during the day and playing with them. Last week he started playing with our hands in his mouth and the first time he did it I was taken aback because he did it so quickly. One moment I was stroking the side of his head and the next my hand was in his mouth - I thought he had taken a snap at me until it dawned on me he was only playing and now we take it as part of being Kanga. He loves playing with your hand as he's bouncing along next to you but we are slowly discouraging this by gently removing our hands from near him when he starts doing it and acting as if nothing has happened. This 'none reaction' to him doing it will soon register and he will quickly learn that not doing it gets him a stroke but doing it gets nothing. He's started getting on the settee and cuddling up to Bobby and this morning he weighed 60½lbs (27.6k). 
We also did a cat test on him this morning he's fine outside with cats and they can walk within a foot of him and he doesn't bother. However, when shut in a room with one it's somewhat different.  He went straight to the cat nose to nose and when it spat at him he backed off and barked at it.  When he stopped he still stood looking at the cat not wanting to move away from where he was standing.  When it walked along the back of the settee he lunged for it and we had to be quite forceful in pulling him back.  Therefore, it seems he may be friendly with cats outside but will need work doing on him if he actually is to live with a cat. We also took him in to a home check last night where they had a Chinchilla in one cage and some noisy Finches in another - he was so keen on trying to get them that we had to take him out and bring in another dog instead!
31st August 2005
This morning we had beautiful sunshine that by mid afternoon suddenly disappeared and it became very hot and the sky went very dark. There was a thundery feel to the air and Kanga became a little restless and started panting. Although we never had any thunder it may be that Kanga doesn't like it and his behaviour was reflecting this.
3rd September 2005
This afternoon we did a Greyhound home check in the Barrow area and after much deliberation decided to take Kanga in with us. Everyone was quite taken by him and he immediately settled with them and loved the attention he was being given. The home check was a pass and they asked if they could re-home Kanga.
7th September 2005
This morning we took Kanga to his new home and he walked quite happily into the house and made friends with his new owner. He then did a grand tour of the downstairs and out into the garden. His other new owner arrived in from work just before we were about to leave and the welcome he gave her as she came in through the front door was a joy to see. I walked out the house with a feeling that Kanga would now be alright and we wish him a long and happy life with his new

28th September 2005

Kanga and his new owners came to our Greyhound Calendar press launch at Cartmel Racecourse today and whilst Kanga took part in the short fashion show with the models his owners kindly looked after Charlie for us. When Kanga arrived he looked very happy with them and was looking well, which made us very happy to see.
30th September 2005
Kanga appeared on Border TV this evening as part of a four minute slot about the Greyhound calendar.
1st October 2005
Kanga's photographs with us and the models at the press launch appeared in the North West Evening Mail this evening in a full page spread - apparently he was the talk of the neighbourhood.
9th October 2005
Kanga arrived yesterday morning as he was staying overnight whilst his owners went to a show in Manchester and they didn't want to put him in kennels so soon after having him. He fretted for a few minutes after they left by keep going to the front door looking for them but then settled down to playing with Indi and Charlie in the garden and soon slotted back into our routine. When his owners arrived back this morning to pick him up he gave them a lovely welcome and happily got into their car when it was time to leave. They were telling me he is still a little wary of being left on his own with one of his new owners, possibly because she is female and also about going out last thing at night so someone goes out with him. This is possibly because he's only been with them a month and memories of past experiences haven't had time to fade into the background yet, but given time they will.
18th November 2005
Kanga arrived for a short stay with us whilst his owners were away. He didn't do his usual christening of my large pot plant in the conservatory whilst they were here but did it the minute they left - trust him! He was a little subdued for a while after they had gone but soon settled down into our routine and was soon playing with the others.
19th November 2005
This evening we did a sunset calendar and card photo shoot at Arnside with Kanga and Britney Lee. It was very cold but we took some lovely pictures as we caught a beautiful sunset.
20th November 2005
Today was the annual Dumfriesshire Greyhound Rescue Fun Greyhound Show and Christmas Fayre at the Loreburn Hall in Dumfries and we all drove up to attend it - Kanga included. His owners were there to greet him and we put up a stall selling the 'Long Legged Beauties' 2006 Greyhound calendar. Becky Speed (July) and Britney-Lee (October) joined us to meet the press and sign calendars and Kanga's owners kindly looked after Thunder for us during the day, for which we were very grateful. It was really lovely to see our seven foster dogs with their new owners together with Bobby , Indi and Thunder and seeing them all together brought a lump to my throat and really made our day.
29th December 2005
Kanga and his owners came to visit this afternoon with Todd who they are thinking of re-homing but want to make sure he gets on alright with Kanga first. As Todd only arrived yesterday they called in to collect a coat, collar and lead for him. Kanga knew exactly where he was and ran round the house saying hello to all the others before settling down on the living room carpet. Unfortunately, in doing so, Kanga being Kanga decided to mark his spot at the base of the Christmas tree so the wet tinsel ended up in the bin.
27th January 2006
We called in on Kanga and Todd this evening to do the follow-up visit for Todd who was looking well and a lot less nervous than the last time we saw him. Todd was at the front gate when we arrived and within seconds Kanga appeared also. As soon as he realised it was us we were 'Kangad'. His head went back and that long throaty growling noise he makes when he is pleased to see someone met us as we approached the gate. He was very pleased to see us and jumped up resting his feet on the top of the gate making it difficult for us to enter, however, and after a boisterous greeting he settled on his bed and became much more calm. Both he and Todd looked well. It took Kanga a little while to get used to sharing his owners with another Greyhound, especially one that was older than him, but they are now settling together and beginning to enjoy each other's company.
18th February 2006
Called to see Kanga and Todd on our way to re-home Baby May and to deliver a dog's bed. At the gate we received a lovely welcome, Todd remembered us but Kanga's welcome was a little subdued as he wanted to show us, and receive our sympathy for he'd hurt his front foot whilst running on the beach. He'd been to the vet and was having ointment put on it along with being on antibiotics. He stood with his foot up asking us to notice his poorly foot and asking for sympathy.
28th February 2006
This evening we dropped off Joe because Kanga's owners had offered to look after him whilst we were away in Ireland - we just couldn't take 5 Greyhounds in the car! Kanga and Todd met us at the gate and gave us a lovely welcome. Todd is now copying Kanga's vocal expression when he greets you - we call it 'being Kangad' so it was funny to hear them both doing it. Kanga, although his foot is now better lifted it to show me and receive sympathy, which made us all laugh. The three Greyhounds got to know each other in the garden and within a few minutes of being inside they all settled down in their respective beds before Joe wandered into the kitchen and started to finish off the remainder of Kanga and Todd's tea for he hadn't yet had his yet. We do hope they all get on okay whilst we are away especially Kanga, who will probably be wondering how many more dogs he will be sharing his owners with!
We often see Kanga, Todd and now Cara because their owners have started doing home checks and follow-up visits for Dumfriesshire & Cumbria Greyhound Rescue as well as emergency fostering and visiting events so we regularly seem them.
June 2006
26 July 2006
This afternoon we met up with Kanga and his owner to visit Adlington and Sandside so we could take some pictures of him for the Greyhound calendars. Kanga looked well and we think he enjoyed his day out.
14th November 2006
Received a phone call from Kanga's owner this morning - Kanga was seriously ill and had to be taken to the spinal veterinary hospital in St. Helens urgently. His owner's husband was working away and none of her friends could help because of family commitments etc. She phoned me as a last resort and of course I dropped everything and went help. First, I had to phone Stuart and trust him to be working at the far end of the county and trust his mobile to be out of range when I called so I couldn't get him and had to leave a message to say what had happened. I then phoned a number of people who we'd re-homed Greyhounds to in the area in the hope I could find someone to look after our Greyhounds for a while until Stuart got home. Trouble was we had the foster dogs as well as ours and one in particular gets quite distressed if I go out in a hurry - he seems to be able to sense it so if I left them on their own Stuart would get back to who knows what. From the conversation with Kanga's owner I thought there was a strong possibility I would have to stay down in St. Helens overnight so needed cover for the dogs. Luckily Thunder's owner came to sit a while then Flash and Tiger came over with their owner for the remainder of the time till Stuart got home - I am eternally grateful for their help.
Upon getting sitters I put a thick padded bed in the back of the car and drove to collect Kanga's owner who put Kanga's thick padded bed in as well so the whole of the car was soft and gentle for him. We then drove to the vet to collect directions to the spinal hospital in St. Helens along with his medical information they needed and Kanga. Kanga had been sedated and when the vet carried him to the car he lay down and looked around. He recognised me and the car and lay quietly but after a few yards of driving we thought he was going to stand so had to stop and gently persuade him to lie down again, which thankfully he did then for the rest of the long, steady, gentle journey to the M6 and down to St. Helens.
We arrived at the hospital and 3pm and two veterinary nurses came out to help us in with Kanga. We saw the vet almost immediately who examined him and checked his reflexes to see if there was any change. Kanga was then weighed and taken to the operating theatre where he was to be anesthetized for spinal tests and X-rays. If at this stage any form of surgery was needed it was going to be done straight away. As Kanga was being carried away it was suggested we go home as there was nothing else we could do other than to ring up later that evening to see how he was. It was 7.30pm by the time we arrived home, had something to eat then Kanga's owner went home. Before going she phoned the hospital and was told the tests had been done, no surgery was required at the moment but this was to be reviewed again in the morning.
15th November 2006
Kanga's owner phoned to say the steroids he was on were working and he's been standing up this morning, walking around a bit and both his water works and bowels were working okay - all good signs and the vets were pleased with his progress but they were keeping him there longer to monitor him.
16th November 2006
Kanga came out of hospital this morning so called in to see us on his way home. It was lovely to see him up and walking, wagged his tail when he saw us but was still quite subdued, which wasn't surprising. His owners, having had a long chat with the consultant vet confirmed it had been an embolism (click here to read about it - this is a link to a 3rd party site so if it doesn't work please let us know as they may have amended their site without us knowing and we can re-direct the link again for you). Because of everyone's quick actions the steroids worked from the beginning so an operation wasn't needed and because treatment started so quickly it meant he was up and walking. Had treatment not commenced as soon as it did he could so easily have been paralised or more likely died.
19th November 2006
Went to the Annual Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Show and Christmas Fair at Dumfries today where we had a stall selling the Greyhound calendars and cards from the Long Legged Beauties Collection. We were most surprised to see Kanga walk through the door with his owners and Todd and Cara for we never expected him today. It was so lovely to see him up and walking about but he was more subdued than normal and although he gave us a nice welcome he never gave us his normal 'Kanga greeting'. The day was long and after a short while all Kanga wanted to do was to lay on the dog bed behind our stall and sleep. He went a bit cold at one stage with the draughts from the hall so he was covered with a blanket, which kept him warm till he went home.
27th November 2006
Received a call from Kanga's owner this evening saying he's had a check up with the vet today who are pleased with his progress but the reflex in one of his back legs still isn't as it should be. As Kanga's illness was serious and quite unusual his vet is keeping in touch with the veterinary hospital in St. Helens to ensure Kanga progresses as he should. He still gets quite tired with the drugs he's been on and is only allowed two short walks a day. The vet says with everything that's happened and the seriousness of it, it may take a while for Kanga to feel like his normal self. We have been warned he may never recover 100% but the vets are going to regularly check up on him and everyone are keeping their fingers crossed for him and hoping he will. We do hope so for he is such a lovely Greyhound, been through such a lot in his short life and is very, very special to us.
25th March 2007
Kanga, Todd and Cara came to visit this morning so Stuart could take a portrait of the three of them for their owners. It was a bit chaotic to start with because it was a busy day what with Ruby and Joe going to their new home and Mindy arriving. However, after a while they all settled and Stuart got some lovely pictures of the three of them looking through a hessian frame. A little later we went into the field and took some more until Kanga decided he'd had enough and just wanted to lay in the grass. Kanga was looking well considering he'd been seriously ill a few months earlier and this may have been the reason he wanted to lay down and rest whenever he could.
22nd April 2007
This afternoon we attended an event at a local kennels and cattery where we set up a stall in aid of Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue. The weather wasn't very nice considering how glorious it's been over the past few days which was a shame but a number of our fostered Greyhounds and their owners braved the weather and gave their support. It was lovely to see them all and the afternoon felt rather like a family reunion. They all made quite a presence at the event and in all twelve Greyhounds attended including Kanga, Todd and Cara who, after the event, came back to our house with their owners for an hour or so. Kanga looked well but his owners say his back leg which suffered worse from his embolism last November still doesn't have the reflex it should have and it may be like this always. They often massage his leg to help his reflexes, which he enjoys but he tends to get tired at events such as today so they always take duvets for him, Todd and Cara to lay on should they wish to do so. Kanga loved meeting all the other greyhounds and took the advantage to lay and rest for a while during the afternoon but, as his owners say, they don't mind this as he's so special to them and are so pleased he's still with them as they so very nearly lost him.
28th April 2007
Today we all went to Barrow in Furness for our very first Greyhound Awareness Day in the town centre and were so pleased Kanga and his owners were able to join us for an hour or so. Kanga looked well and enjoyed meeting all the greyhounds and people at the event but I notice him joining our Bobby for a while part way through for a 'siesta'.
Kanga in his new home
Kanga in his new home

Kanga at home
Kanga at home (his cushion
says 'The dog and his
housekeeping staff live here')

Todd, who came to live with Kanga
at the end of 2005

Kanga and Todd
Kanga and Todd in 2005

Kanga and Todd enjoying a cuddle
Kanga and Todd enjoying a cuddle

White and Black Greyhound
Arnside Pier
19th November 2005

Kanga and Joe relaxing after the snow
Relaxing with Joe when he came
to stay for a few days at the
beginning of March 2006

Todd, Kanga and Joe in the snow
Todd, Kanga and Joe in the snow
Early March 2006

Cara came to live with Kanga and Todd
on the 21st June 2006

Black and white Greyhound
Relaxing by the Kent
Estuary at Sandside
26th July 2006

White and black Greyhound
. . . and again
26th July 2006

Long Legged Beauties
'Just Greyhounds'
2008 Calendar
Kanga on the calendar
This picture of Kanga with Cara
and Todd was taken on the
25th March 2007 and is our front
cover for the calendar
View Calendar

Kanga, Cara and Todd
Kanga with Cara and Todd
posing for their family portrait
25th March 2007

Cara, Kanga and Todd
. . . . and again

Kanga, Cara and Todd
. . . . and again.

Kanga with Cara and Todd
Todd, Cara and Kanga
in our field
25th March 2007

In the field - March 2007
. . . and again.

In loving memory of Kanga.
Sleep well our gorgeous boy

who we all loved so much.
We shall miss our
'Kanga' greetings, just
wish there were more.
Run free with the angels
our super, super boy.
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