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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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When adopting a greyhound the suggested donation is £150.00 which goes towards neutering, inoculations, upkeep etc. Some people give a little less, while
others want to give more. We are quite flexible with this, and with this we provide:
Martingale Collar, Lead, Muzzle and 4 weeks free cover with the insurance company PetPlan

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for those in our care until we find them new homes.
(also pilchards in tomato sauce, sardines and tuna in oil, dog biscuits, Dentastix)

May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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which is what we use for the greyhounds in our care until we find them new homes.

May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Below is one of the 82 dogs we fostered for Dumfriesshire & Cumbria
Greyhound Rescue between July 2004 and the 5th December 2009.
On the 9th December 2009 we became the SOUTH LAKES branch
of the Retired Greyhound Trust for whom we are now foster


Arrived with us on the 10th December 2005
Went to his new home on the 24th December 2005.
Sadly Prince passed away between the end of 2013 and
the summer of 2014, from what, we are currently unaware

Prince's arrival and a brief history
Prince is a black male greyhound who was born on the 5th December 2000 so he is just 5 years old.  Prince is neutered, inoculated, housetrainedand and weighs 73lbs (33.2k).  He retired from racing because of a leg injury which doesn't seem to affect his ability to lead a full and active domestic life.  Prince is a good natured chap, very inquisitive yet walks nicely on the lead and gets on well with other dogs but is not cat friendly.  He was originally fostered but due to changes in the fosterer's circumstances he went back into the Greyhound Rescue kennels before coming here.
This photograph, which was taken at the time he came into 'Rescue' gives the impression he has no tail but he has, he's just holding it so it isn't seen.
Prince's Diary
10th December 2005
When we collected Prince he happily jumped in the back of the car and lay down on the rug all the way home. When home, he surveyed the garden then came in the house and had a good look round - including upstairs and on our bed! He became a little anxious when Tina was leaving to go to her new home but quickly settled when he realised food was on the way. He enjoyed his tea and settled down in the living room either behind the settee or on the sheepskin rug. A couple of times during the evening he wanted out and told us by going to the back door and scratching it. He had a play with Stuart on the floor and loves cuddles and attention. The only times he felt anxious was if Stuart went out of the room and he had to follow him otherwise he would whimper and pace until he returned.
11th December 2005
Prince chose and settled to his bed in our room easily last night and didn't move all night. He seems a really nice dog and after his breakfast, which he was a bit 'picky' with he quickly settled down for a nap near Stuart who was working at his desk. Took his first trip into the pub this afternoon and although he was nervous and whined at times when he was standing, we stroked him to calm him and once laying down he was fine until there was a loud noise (it was very busy) and up he would jump again. However, he did very well considering it was the first time he's been in one. Prince showed signs of 'kennels space' today if one of the other dogs came a bit too close to where he was laying but a couple of firm verbal reprimands and this evening he hasn't done it once.
12th December 2005
Stuart went out this morning and although I remained behind Prince became distraught that Stuart had left and stood by the front door and cried, which was very hard to ignore but had to be done. When someone phoned they said it sounded as if he was in severe pain but after nearly twenty minutes he settled down. When Stuart returned he gave him a lovely welcome. When its time to go for a walk he gets very excited and won't stand still to have his leather collar put on, nor his coat and lead so we are working on teaching him to wait. We are doing this by standing very still with arms folded and looking straight ahead giving him no eye or body contact whatsoever and if he jumps up we twist our body away from him so he sees our back. Whilst standing like this we say the word 'wait' until he calms down then we put his collar or lead on. If he starts again we repeat the standing still with no eye contact, saying 'wait' until he calms down again and usually, this time he stands still for us to put his coat, collar or lead on. After it's on we stroke his head and say 'good lad' so he knows we were pleased he stood still. If we repeat this everytime we go out he will soon learn to be still and wait whilst we get him, and the others ready.
13th December 2005
Prince is settling in much better with the other dogs, doesn't mind if they come too close to him and has started playing with them. Stuart went out the house again this afternoon and he cried for him again, but this time it was for only about 10 minutes. A trip to the pub this evening and he was a little better than last time.
14th December 2005

This evening was the Bay Dog Training Christmas Party so we all attended laying a duvet against the wall on the wooden floor as 'home base'. At first Prince was quite bewildered with all the different types of dogs present but he soon went to say hello to any that passed near us. He got on fine with them - large and small, which was good. He still whimpered, which is nerves of being in a strange place but this evening we went armed with the cold water spray to see if this would shut him up. Each time he whimpered we gave him a little spray in the face and each time he would stop and go and lay down. We only needed to squirt him with about a teaspoon full of water to have an effect and once lying down he was quiet. By the end of the evening we only needed to show him the water spray and he would be quiet so we were proud of his progress and especially proud of how he coped with the chaos of all the other dogs around him.
16th December 2005
Despite Prince jumping on our bed the first evening he arrived he hasn't bothered doing it since and is settling into our routine. This afternoon when Stuart went out he only cried for about two minutes then settled on the carpet near the front door and slept for about fifteen minutes before coming upstairs and laying on the carpet outside my office door, so we think we are winning on this score. He enjoys his daily walks, is much better at waiting for his coat, collar and lead to be put on and settles much quicker on the lead when we first go out.
This evening our trip to the pub was a success because apart from a couple of tiny whimpers when we first went in Prince soon lay on the floor and slept with the others. That was until someone came in with a six month old terrier pup and all the dogs jumped to their feet immediately to greet the new arrival. The pup boldly ran in between the greyhounds wanting to play. Indi danced around the pup trying to get it to play with her, Thunder and Prince, who were on leads, were really good because the pup jumped up resting its front feet on their shoulders and running around between their legs. We were a little concerned that Prince might think it was something to catch with it being so small but he seemed to recognise it as a pup and just nudged him as dogs do to pups to bring them into line. The pup had endless energy so in the end her owner put her on his lap to give ours the peace to lay down and relax again. We were really pleased with how Prince handled such a small and bouncy pup.
17th December 2005
Drove over to see Mum today and deliver the Christmas presents. Prince took the day in his stride, was very good in her house even when we left all the dogs with her to visit my friend up the road. We half expected to hear him whine as we left but heard nothing and Mum said he was fine all the time we were away, which we were pleased with.
18th December 2005
Took Prince to do a home check this morning as the more new situations he's in the better. He was very good only whimpering a couple of times before laying on the carpet and falling asleep. He coped very well with the resident dog who told Prince it was his home and 'to watch his step', which he did.
Have been brushing Prince every day since he arrived because he had such a lot of loose 'old' hair and his skin was flakey on his back and around the top of his tail, which was causing him to scratch so this afternoon we gave him a good bath. He wasn't too sure about it to start with but soon began to enjoy it and even though we've been brushing him regularly he still lost more hair in the bath. When his coat dried it was so soft and shiny and now he's lost a little weight as well he's looking really good.
22nd December 2005
Prince is fascinated with the decorations on the Christmas tree and thinks all the baubles are balls to play with. Hence the bottom half of the tree looks quite bare because they have all been moved higher up in case he breaks one and hurts his mouth.
23rd December 2005
This morning Prince went to spend the day with the couple we did the home check with last Sunday so they could see how he was with them and their dog. When it was time for him to go with them he was the first to jump up into the back of the car. There were a couple of grumbles from the resident dog in their house but that was to be expected and, all in all the day went well, so much so they asked if they could adopt him. As theirs was to be a quiet Christmas they asked if they could have him over this period so they could share it with him and get to know him.
24th December 2005
This afternoon Prince went to live with his new owners and when we were letting the others say goodbye to him he was quite put out that his new companion wasn't in the same room anymore. He had really bonded with his new friend and wanted to be with him. Outside, he jumped in their car , we said our goodbyes and he lay down in the back with his friend and went on his way to his new home. We never had Prince very long but each day we saw his lovely nature became more and more apparent the more he settled down. It shall seem a funny Christmas without him but we hope he has a long and happy life with his new family.
27th January 2006
Although we've phoned Prince's new owners since the 24th December to see how he was getting on this evening we called in to do the follow-up visit. We arrived a little early to find him with his coat on about to go for a quick walk before we arrived. He recognised us straight away, gave us a lovely welcome and didn't really want his walk but went in the end. When he arrived back he came running into the living room to say hello again. He looked really well and his coat was so black and shiny it took us aback. He seems settled and getting on with Saxon, who, being the older and resident dog has decided to be in charge and Prince hasn't yet plucked up the courage to climb on the settee with him yet, but then that's Prince's gentle nature and we are sure in time he will. Whilst we were there they slept in their beds closely to each other and both content so we hope Prince and Saxon continue to build on their relationship and become the best of pals.
21st May 2006

It's been nearly five months since Prince went to his new home and this afternoon we received a lovely surprise email letting us know how they were all getting on. Prince has settled well, is content with life and happy to play and have daft moments. He climbs onto the settee in the evenings and actively seeks affection and, at the end of the day he plods upstairs carrying his stripey coloured 'bug' with him to bed. Prince is let off the lead quite regularly now in safe secure areas so he can have a good run, which he loves. On one occassion, however, he ran
Prince resting on his bed
Prince resting on his bed
on the 22nd December 2005

Prince in his favourite spot in the living room
One of his favourite spots in the
living room was on the sheepskin
rug up against the wall under the
curtain! This was taken on the
22nd December 2005

. . . and again . .

. . . and again . .

Prince in one of his
favourite places on the
24th December 2005

. . . and again . . . .

. . . and this is his other favourite spot

Long Legged Beauties
'Greyhounds & Lifestyle'
2007 Calendar

Cassita and Prince at Cartmel
This picture of Prince was taken
with Cassita at Cartmel Racecourse
in Cumbria on the 26th May 2006
and is the main October
calendar shot.

View Calendar

Saxon and Prince
Prince and Saxon
on the 7th August 2006

Prince and Saxon
Prince with Saxon reporting for
duty first thing each morning.
8th September 2006

Prince on the settee on the
5th October 2006

Celt with Prince
Celt and Prince (right)
Birkrigg Common
April 2007

between some rocks chasing a chicken that suddenly appeared and thankfully, he only suffered a couple of minor grazes and the chicken escaped with a few tail feathers missing - it's the type of incident that happens to everyone with a new dog sooner or later, a bit scarey at the time but something to smile about in the years to come.
Prince has been away on holiday and took it all in his stride apart from his walk in a thunder storm which caused him to tremble and cling to his owners until they got back to safety.
Most times Saxon and Prince share the same bed during the day and they both love sitting in the boot of the car even if they aren't going anywhere. His owners said it took them a little while to adjust having their first greyhound but say Prince is such a gentle soul, very considerate towards Saxon, very affectionate towards them - they wouldn't be without him and love him to bits. It was so nice to hear how they were all getting on and the news really made our day because there's not a day goes by that I don't wonder how they are all getting on.
26th May 2006
This lunch time we met Prince with Saxon and his owners outside
Cartmel Racecourse for we wanted to do a photo shoot for the 2007 calendar. When they arrived in the car Prince was sitting in the back with Saxon and he looked at us but we weren't sure he recognised us. It was a poor day and drizzling but the forcast was to brighten up so we held our nerve, went to the pub for lunch and Prince and his owners went for a walk because they'd already eaten. As we arrived back at the racecourse Prince, Saxon and his owners were walking down the road and as Prince saw us there was recognition and he came running towards us giving us such a lovely welcome. It was so lovely to see him again and looking so well. We did the photo shoot during dry weather but as we were finishing the drizzle began again - but we got our picture.
5th October 2006
Received an email with a picture of Prince sitting on the settee that was taken today - doesn't he look well and happy!
Prince's owners say he has come on a long way since they last saw us in May. His personality has really developed and he makes them smile every day with his funny antics. He is such a softie and not at all brave.....the other day he was frightened of some young bantam chicks who were heading his way and he hid behind Anne until the danger had passed! He seems to sense if its cold or wet and needs more than a little encouragement to go out for a walk! Saxon gets on with Prince much better these days....we had a bit of a set back the other week when Prince got a bit too near the edge of the sofa and slipped off right on top of a sleeping Saxon! No harm done thankfully but his owner wishes he had the camera ready to capture the expression on Prince's face when he realized where his 70 pound bulk was heading! They tell us Prince is a wonderful companion and is a real joy to look after and they thank us for introducing them to the fascinating world of Greyhounds.
9th October 2006
Recieved an email today containing a couple of pictures of Prince and Saxon. One taken on the 7th August showing the two of them cuddling up together on their bed and the other one, which was taken on the 8th September showing them standing at the top of the stairs where they stand 'reporting for duty', which they do first thing each morning. It made me chuckle to see it because Prince so loved his multi-coloured 'bug' when he was with us and here it is ten months down the line still being his favourite and still looking as good as new.
29th October 2006
Received an email saying Prince has been getting quite distressed lately because of the number of fireworks being set off. His distress has been so great at times he almost hyperventilates and won't go outdoors once it goes dark.. His owners became so concerned they took him to the vet who gave them some Vallium tablets to use if necessary and when the fireworks commence they don't fuss him and act as normal as possible so as not to distress him further.
8th November 2006
Received an email today saying Prince got through bonfire night (or rather the three day period) okay with the help of a low dose of Vallium which was given over the three days in increasing amounts. It relaxed all his muscles so stopped him from shaking and hyperventilating. Bonfire night in their town was like being in a war zone so they didn't know how he would have managed without it. Next year, knowing what he is like will ensure they are prepared well in advance to help him through it.
5th December 2006
5th August 2007
Received and email this evening along with a picture of Celt and Prince on Birkrigg Common last April. Prince is
recovering from a poorly paw at the moment where he had a nasty gash between two rear toes. His owners think It may have been caused by him putting his brakes on too quickly or turning awkwardly whilst playing but it's taking a while to heal so his owners aren't allowing him to run for the time being and only walking on soft grass to allow his foot to heal, which he hates as he so loves running with Celt. Apart from his foot he's fine.
Prince can be a bit of a monkey sometimes as he likes to wind Celt up knowing sooner or later Celt will go into one of his mad spells and join in. Its all quite friendly and his owners only intervene if there is a chance that furniture might start flying about! It really has done Prince the world of good having a playmate to run around with. Saxon is quite deaf now and tends to retreat to a safety zone if he thinks things are getting a bit boisterous and only re-appears when all goes quiet again, having said that he can still be the boss when it counts!
7th October 2007
Received an email today letting us know that Prince is fine. He's just back from a holiday in Dumfries and Galloway where the sandy beaches were ideal for Celt and him to have a good run.
Poor old Saxon has deteriorated in recent months. He has been diagnosed with a nasal tumour and is now totally blind as well as deaf. Prince and Celt both seem to know that Saxon isn't quite as he should be and Prince has been brilliant - so tolerant. The other day Saxon was lumbering around and walked right across his head. Typical of Prince - he didn't bat an eyelid !
5th December 2007

5th December 2008

5th December 2009

Christmas 2009
We received a Christmas card from Prince's owners letting us know he is doing fine. He recently underwent an operation to remove a growth from under his chin and at the same time the vet did some dental work from which he recovered well and all seems okay. His arthritis problem seems heaps better since changing his diet to Burgess Greyhound and Lurcher food which contains glucosomine. His owner jokingly said he wished it also contained something that would help with his 'selective deafness', but then doesn't everyone, man and beast suffer this problem from time to time! They are so grateful they were introduced to him because he is a real gem.
5th December 2010

We saw Prince and his owners at the South Lakes branch Christmas Fair at Newton in Furness Village Hall today. It's been the first time we've seen Prince in a while and it was lovely to see him again - and on his birthday! I took a second look when I saw him because it's been a while since I last saw him and he's inherited some white hair over various parts of his body, which makes him look rather distinguished!
12th February 2011
Prince and his owners met me today so Ken Woodacre could check Prince and Barratt, their foster dog over. When they got out the car Prince came over and gave me a lovely welcome, which was a delight, and now that his owners are fostering greyhounds we are able to see him more often than we did before. Prince has been a little stiff in his hind quarters for a while and Ken, with seeing Barratt checked Prince over as well and found both his hips out of line, which he said was the cause of his stiffness and he put them back in place.
5th December 2011

27th June 2012
Prince's owners emailed to let us know that
Prince has had a bad day  He woke us up about 4.30am and when his owner came down to him he found he had a huge lump the size of an orange on his shoulder and swelling down his leg  They immediately thought being the same side that Tigger had caught him in an incident that happened this evening when Prince walked past Tigger and startled him. They thought that he must have done more damage than they had been able to find last night   Poor old Prince was very distressed as he was unable to lie down and was panting like a steam train. They called the emergency vet for advice and they said to ring their vet on openin,g but to call back if he got any worse
He was taken to the vets first thing and they said it was an allergic reaction to probably an insect bite and certainly not a dog bite. He went back again this afternoon when all the skin in that area turned purple and anti-biotics were added to the Metacam and anti-histamine that he had already been given. Tonight he is much better and the swelling has subsided a lot, he seems a lot happier and has had just a little bit to eat. Hopefully, he is now over the worst and he has got through another drama.

29th June 2012
Received an email today from Prince's owner letting us know that Prince has been very poorly since Wednesday, with some sort of allergic reaction. Maybe an insect bite? He still has a lot of fluid around his chest and one front leg is very swollen. The lump on his shoulder has subsided a bit but the whole area is very red still. At the moment he just wants to sleep.
9th August 2014
We heard today from a fellow greyhound owner that Prince has passed away. From what and the exact date is unknown, but we were very grateful for the news because we often wonder how he was getting on being around the same age as our Indi. Prince was a lovely lad, such a pity his owners didn't pass on this very sad news.

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