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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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When adopting a greyhound the suggested donation is £150.00 which goes towards neutering, inoculations, upkeep etc. Some people give a little less, while
others want to give more. We are quite flexible with this, and with this we provide:
Martingale Collar, Lead, Muzzle and 4 weeks free cover with the insurance company PetPlan

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for those in our care until we find them new homes.
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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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which is what we use for the greyhounds in our care until we find them new homes.

May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Below is one of the 82 dogs we fostered for Dumfriesshire & Cumbria
Greyhound Rescue between July 2004 and the 5th December 2009.
On the 9th December 2009 we became the SOUTH LAKES branch
of the Retired Greyhound Trust for whom we are now foster

Arrived with us on the 28th December 2005
Went to his new home on 28th January 2006
View Raven's pedigree

Raven's arrival and a brief history
Raven is a black ex-racing greyhound who was born on the 5th October 2002, which makes him just over 3 years of age. He weighs 65lbs (29.6k) and walks nicely on the lead. When growing up in Ireland we believe he lived on a farm where cats and hens walked freely and he apparently showed no interest in wanting to chase them.

Raven was originally called Bob but as he didn't appear to recognise his name when he arrived and we already have our Bob we decided to change it to avoid confusion. Raven was chosen because he is black and it's part of his racing name.
Raven's Diary

28th December 2005
When Raven was collected he jumped in the car without being told and settled in the back for the journey home. He got on fine with our dogs, stairs are no problem and within half an hour of being in the house he was on our bed! He wouldn't eat much of his food in the evening and wasn't too sure about having a bath. Part of his coat was dull and his skin was flaking badly so we felt it would make him feel better - he wasn't too keen on being shampooed and was constantly trying to shake himself dry all the way through so once he was finished I had to change my clothes as well! He seems very laid back, never paces the room as other dogs have and by the end of the evening he'd found his place on the settee.
29th December 2005
Raven settled to his bed quickly last night and only needed to go out when we started getting up in the morning. His coat is really soft today and it looks much better. He's still not eating much food, gets on well with the other dogs and, maybe because he's so laid back for a 'new dog,' Bobby hasn't been as snappy with him as he has been with some of the others. He's been in the pub, which didn't overly bother him and he tends to follow Stuart everywhere.
30th December 2005
Raven's a monkey for walking round the house cocking his leg and urinating about a teaspoon at a time. We've had visitors the past couple of days so not been able to watch or limit him to the areas where we are as we normally do. He cocks his leg so fast and in passing that it was difficult to catch him doing it but we knew it was there as Thunder would sniff the area so telling us where we had to clean. Thunder has been really good in doing this. However, after our guests left we concentrated on Raven 100% and watched him very closely. Every time he began to balance on three legs he was out the door and as he did it outside he was praised. Twice we missed him and twice he was firmly told off then taken out until he did again, then praised. By the end of the evening we must have walked miles in and out the house and by bed time we were shattered.
31st December 2005
Life has been a bit easier today because we think Raven realised what was required of him last night as his toileting has been a lot more orderly today. Every time we are in the kitchen or need to go outside he goes out with us and he's doing more each time he's out. He's also been watching the others when we are out for walks and has started emptying at the end of the drive as we return from the walk. Although he's been a bit picky with his meals he's learnt the kitchen contains good things and he's not averse to jumping up to the work surface to see what is available. Raven has a really nice nature, loves coming up for cuddles and snuggles into you for more. He's found the settee and easy chair is much more comfortable than the floor and will climb onto them at every opportunity, which

Raven on the 28th  December 2005
Raven shortly after he arrived
on the 28th December 2005

Raven on the 28th December 2005
Finding the settee on his first
evening with us.

Raven on the 28th December 2006
. . . . and again . . .

is quite funny if you are sitting on the edge of the chair as he climbs over the arm and snuggles down behind you. He also thinks he's a lap dog as he comes over for cuddles and will try to climb on your lap to get closer.
1st January 2006
Because of Raven's nature and because he's begun to recognise his name we let him off in the field with the others this afternoon. He wasn't too sure to begin with but soon ran around with the others until Indi got a bit too boisterous with him so we called it a day and set off for home.
2nd January 2006
We are getting there with the house training because he is beginning to realise he has to go out - his way of telling us seems to be by standing within sight, looking at us and cocking his leg! House training has been a little longer than normal but that may have been because of Christmas and our guests being here, but one thing is certain, he is a lovely, affectionate dog who looks you in the eye when his face is being stroked.
3rd January 2006
Raven's not been here quite a week and already seems very settled and getting used to our routine. He happily walks up to people when out for a walk wanting to say hello and wants to greet every dog he sees. He sometimes barks as he approaches the dog but we are using the water spray and the command 'hush' to stop him doing it so he learns to walk up to them quietly. I nipped out to the post office this morning and Stuart said he was very stressed at me leaving and jumped up at the window ledge to see where I had gone, started pawing the glass and knocked some ornaments over. However, ignoring him, he went quiet and lay down with the others until I returned to a lovely welcome.
7th January 2006
Raven now seems to be housetrained and will 'empty' when he goes out into the garden so we are not having to let him as often as before. When Stuart lets him out first thing in the morning he comes back into the bedroom to tell me he's been, stands by the side of the bed and gives me a lovely welcome. He is very laid back, is no problem when we go into the pub, loves playing with his toys and the other dogs. Just after Ellie arrived this afternoon he 'marked his spot' in the kitchen, was reprimanded and taken outside - we half expected this as he hasn't been neutered yet but he needed to know it was not the correct thing to do.
9th January 2006
This morning Raven went to the vet to be neutered. All went well and he was happy to see me when I collected him. During the evening he was still a little drowsy and never bothered with his stitches until it was time to go to bed then we had a problem stopping him licking them. Saying 'leave' did nothing and the appearance of the cold water spray made him think twice about doing it. At bed time we put an 'Elizabethan collar' on him, which he was not happy about but eventually went to sleep.
10th January 2006
This morning Raven found he could lick his stitches with the Elizabethan collar on if he curled into a ball so we had to resort to the cold water spray to stop him. However, we fed him as soon as we could and put some of his painkillers on his food and he settled down. He went the whole day without the collar and never tried licking his stitches again. By the middle of the afternoon he was in his bed on his back with legs in the air so he must have been feeling much better.
14th January 2006
Raven's recovering from his operation and it no longer seems to bother him. He loves sleeping on the settee but tends to take it over - his favourite is the three seater where he stretches out on his back with feet stretched out to the front and rear leaving no space for anyone else. We started teaching him the words 'budge up' and encouraging him to move to one end making room for someone else, which he does but he's not always happy to curl up when he really wants to stretch out on his back. At present Raven likes to know where everyone is, and if one of us goes out he will jump up to the window sill to see where we are, knocking ornaments to one side and pawing at the glass. We don't know if he does this because he's worried that we are not there or if it's because he wants to go with us so we are monitoring it and will work on it in an attempt to resolve the problem.
15th January 2006
Did a home check this afternoon and took Raven in. He wasn't in the least bothered about going into a strange house and within a few minutes was stretched out on the floor then up on the settee. We then called in to see Remy's owner and cat tested him. Raven looked at the cat, wandered round the living room then came back to the cat again who was sitting on the settee and hissed at him so he backed off. At one point we thought he wanted to climb on the settee next to it but to be on the safe side we never let him.
18th January 2006
Yesterday was the day Raven became very inquisitive about his surroundings for he took an ornament off the living room shelf and started playing with it. Unfortunately, by the time we spotted him the ornament was no more and ended up in the bin. Then, walking upstairs we found a glass paper weight in his bed! This morning we found a

chewed up network cable in his bed and caught him dragging a bottle of liqueur from the drinks globe across the living room floor so we decided this phase of his development needed adjusting as soon as we could. Consequently, where ever we were and whatever we were doing it was with 'one ear' on Raven.
19th January 2006
Last night we caught him laying in his bed happily chewing the edge of the shelf above his bed. A firm 'No' and a tap on the shelf was enough to stop him. This afternoon we caught him with a biro so we took it off him with a firm 'No', which caused him to shrink back a little and look up at us sideways. We opened his mouth and put one of his fluffy toys in it, and, holding his mouth shut round it we started playing with him for about five minutes praising him all the time. A little later we found him playing with a pair of scissors he'd taken from my sewing basket. A firm 'No' and repetition of what we did earlier but this time we got a better response to him having a toy put in his mouth and being played with for he was beginning to enjoy it. Each time he takes something he shouldn't we are going to repeat this until he gets the message he doesn't play with our things but his own.
20th January 2006
This afternoon Raven went to the vet for his stitches out. He was a little anxious in the waiting room but much less than last time. The vet was pleased with his progress and commented on how nice his coat was since seeing him last time. I must admit it has improved greatly because its beginning to shine and there isn't as much dull hair around so in a few weeks he should have a lovely shiny coat. We bought Raven a large marrow bone so each time we catch him chewing the shelf we tap the shelf, say 'No' and put the marrow bone in him mouth and encourage him to chew it. When he does, we praise him and again we are hoping the 'penny will drop' that he can chew bones but not shelves.
21st January 2006
Stuart was out working all day today and Indi injured herself during our mid-day walk, which meant a trip to the vet for stitches. When it was time to collect her later that afternoon I decided to leave Bobby, Raven and Ellie at home to give Indi more space in the car coming home. As I was driving away I was hoping I wouldn't come back to find a mess at home because it was the longest Raven and Ellie would have been left on their own. To my relief when we got back and walked through the door we were greeted by three very happy dogs and no problems - not even an ornament knocked over.
23rd January 2006
Heard some chewing this morning and crept into the bedroom to catch him chewing the shelf only to find him chewing his bone. When he saw me I walked over to him and praised him, which caused him to wag his tail and carry on chewing his bone. This afternoon Raven had his second inoculation and although not too keen was better in the vets than last time and less nervous.
24th January 2006
Ellie and Raven play together like puppies - one standing over the other and nibbling each other's neck and ears. Sometimes their playing gets quite boisterous and it looks almost as if they are fighting each other. At this point we usually break things up simply by pointing the water spray at them, which is enough otherwise they would charge around the house and either hurt each other or break something.
26th January 2006
Raven has started telling us he wants to go out by walking out the room, coming back in again and looking at you then walking out again. Although we have been watching and listening out for Raven since he started taking things he shouldn't and chewing the shelf I don't think he's touched the shelf nor pinched more items other than the odd sweet packet from the waste paper bin so perhaps our technique of reprimand for what we don't want and playing with him with his toys and bone is beginning to work - only time will tell. I turned by back in the kitchen this evening to find Raven scuttling out the kitchen looking very guilty. A quick glance around the kitchen told me a chicken leg was missing of the kitchen table so he found me chasing him up the stairs and taking it off him in his bed, which I managed to do before he'd even had chance to have a go at it. He looked a bit surprised for it was a case of 'now you see it, now you don't' and I left him looking around his bed wondering where it had gone to!
28th January 2006
This lunchtime Raven went to his new home in the Dumfries area where he will be living with a couple, their daughter and their cat called Captain. Once Raven had had a good look round we put his muzzle on and introduced him to Captain. He was most intrigued at first so we told him to 'leave' and squirted him with cold water just before Captain ran out the room. We allowed things to settle down again then his owner brought Captain back in the living room and put him on the settee. Raven walked over to sniff and put a foot on the settee to be greeted by a hiss, which caused him to back off and wander away. From that point he seemed uninterested in Captain and Captain climbed on the back of the settee, turned her back on him and went to sleep. From what we saw it won't take long for the two of them to get used to each other and we hope Raven has a long and happy life in his new home.
29th January 2006
Phoned today to see how Raven was settling in. Even though we left them all walking around the garden when he realised we had gone he went very quiet so they took him for a long walk and bought him a marrow bone to chew. If one of them left the flat for any reason he wined a little but it soon stopped. Last night they put his bed in their bedroom and they never heard a word from him all night other than him backing away from the bedside table with a packet of sweets in his mouth! He's been getting on okay with Captain and he's not had the muzzle on today as that seemed to upset him more than the cat being there. If Raven was in his bed in the living room and Captain walked past then Raven would follow, not to get him but simply to see where he was going. His new owners are very pleased with his progress so far and feel Raven and Captain will be the best of friends before long.
11th February 2006
Received a call last night whilst we were out from Raven's new owner so we phoned today to see how things were. Raven is settling in and getting on with Captain. He sleeps on the settee with Captain on the top at the back. Since the first day he arrived Raven hasn't needed a muzzle and happily lives with Captain, sometimes following him and sometimes it seems he wants to play but Captain being much older doesn't seem to want to bother. Raven has made friends with a fellow Greyhound living up the road and his new owner has started taken him into his local pub!
18th May 2007
Received an email this evening from Raven's owners saying Raven became great friends with Captain. They eventually went down the stairs together to go outside and when Raven was out Captain would wait at the top of the stairs for him to return. They would often lie together on one of the beds during the day and he's been brilliant on the toilet front since he arrived. He loves to run in big circles in the park at great speed. . . or wavy lines if he thinks the tigers are chasing him . . . or whatever else he is imagining as he does it, but, it creases his owners up every time.  Captain recently passed away at the good age of  16 and Raven misses her quite a bit, but they're sure he's happy she's no longer on her hind legs eating from his bowl. Not that he ever did anything about it, except look a bit sheepish from the kitchen door. He had a cut on his side recently which was clipped together by the vet. He's fine now but it took a couple of weeks to heal and many hours of torment with the Elizabethan colllar. He really is a beautiful dog.
5th October 2007
1st March 2008
Received an email this evening with some pictures Raven's owners have taken of him, letting us know he was keeping well and that he's
Raven in January 2006
25th January 2006

Raven in January 2006
and again . . .

Raven in January 2006
and again . . .

Click images below for a larger view

A few photographs of Raven sent to
us in by his owner in March 2008

Black Greyhound asleep
What Raven likes doing best!

Black Greyhound
Raven watching his owner
eating a yoghurt hoping for
a lick of the empty pot!

Greyhound having a cuddle
Having a cuddle.

Black Greyhound
Refusing to go out in the rain!

Two black dogs
Raven with a friend
at Moniaive

Black Greyhound face
Raven the rascal!
made friends with another rescued Greyhound called Harvey who recently came to live nearby.
5th October 2008
5th October 2009

Christmas 2009
Received a Christmas card from Raven's owners letting us know
that Raven began to limp a few months ago and a trip to the vet confirmed the outside knuckle on his left front foot had become fixed. The vet said it was possibly an old racing injury causing it not to bend anymore so the vet removed the toe and Raven is now walking normal again and happily running great big circles in the field down the road.
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