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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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others want to give more. We are quite flexible with this, and with this we provide:
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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Below is one of the 82 dogs we fostered for Dumfriesshire & Cumbria
Greyhound Rescue between July 2004 and the 5th December 2009.
On the 9th December 2009 we became the SOUTH LAKES branch
of the Retired Greyhound Trust for whom we are now foster

Sandy (Tiger)
Sandy first arrived with us on Saturday 12th February 2005
Went to his new home on Thursday 3rd March 2005
Arrived back with us on Thursday 21st July 2005
Went to his new home on Sunday 28th August 2005
Sadly Tiger passed away on Thursday 7th March 2013

Sandy's arrival and a brief history
Sandy is a brindle Greyhound who was born on the 11th August 2001 making him 3 years 6 months old. He weighs 33k (73lbs). When he arrived he never had a name as such only a nickname, which he didn't recognise and it didn't suit him so we renamed him Sandy.
Sandy's not had an easy life and is extremely lucky to be still with us. He has a few scars on his body, walks with a limp, which we hope will improve in time and his last rib looks as if it has been broken and healed in the broken position.
When Stuart collected Sandy he was very quiet and apprehensive at first but when Stuart bent down to stroke and reassure him he licked his face and wagged his tail. He settled in the car and travelled well back to our house.
Sandy was re-homed on the 3rd March 2005 but on Thursday 21st July 2005 a week after we phoned his
owners to see if we could borrow him for an hour to do a Greyhound calendar photo shoot we suddenly received a call saying they no longer wanted him and when we came to collect him for the photographs could we also take him away - he had been there 4½ months!
His owners said he had become lethargic and lifeless, not wagging his tail and no longer wanting to play with his toys. Our immediate reaction was he was ill but they assured us he wasn't - he just wasn't happy living with them and after much discussion we arranged to bring him back. When he saw us he wagged his tail and jumped in the car amongst the other Greyhounds without hesitation.
Sandy is house trained, neutered, inoculated and weighs 33k (73lbs). He walks extremely well on the lead and in tune with what you are doing because if you stop, he stops and as soon as you start walking again he starts. There's no need to tell Sandy to walk to heal he just does it. He is used to going to the pub, gets on well with children and other dogs but we haven't cat tested him properly because his previous owners had no cats and we didn't get the chance to do it before he went to live with them.
The first 3½ years of Sandy's life was very hard. He came to us in February with numerous scars, a limp and a broken rib and, had it not been for the actions of one of our members' as she was going to her vet he wouldn't be here today. Sandy is a very laid back and friendly Greyhound who thrives on love and affection so simply just looking after him isn't enough - he wants to be loved and cuddled.

Sandy (Tiger's) Diary
12th February 2005
When Sandy arrived he came in very quietly, limping and with his head down - the other three Greyhounds said 'hello' then he walked up to me and licked my hand. After we walked him round the garden he toured downstairs. He was fascinated by his reflection in the TV and the fish in the tank but within 90 minutes of being here he was flat out on the settee. We then took him for a short walk, fed him and gave him a bath, which he took in his stride. He spent the rest of the evening asleep on the sheepskin rug in the living room. When it came to bed time stairs were a bit of a struggle but he made it to find his bed surrounded in soft, fluffy, squeaky toys, which really made his day - he loved them and it was more than half an hour before he decided to leave them alone and go to sleep.
13th February 2005
Sandy slept all night without a sound and this morning we had to call him down for his breakfast. He appeared in the kitchen with the soft squeaky bone in his mouth and insisted he took it out in the garden with him whilst going for a wee. He was quite taken by it! He's been as good as gold all day and slept most of it either in his bed or on the settee, which seems to be his favourite spot apart from our bed where he tried to get a few times, but we think he's now got the message that its not the place to be without our permission. This afternoon after his walk we called into the local pub. At first he seemed a little nervous but he soon lay down with the others in front of the
fire. A West Highland Terrier came in whilst we were there and he was eager to say hello but once this was done he settled down again.
14th February 2005

We took Sandy to the vet this morning for a check-up prior to having him neutered. The vet examined his legs and pads to see if anything was evident to cause his limp. He couldn't see anything, nor were there any corns. He examined his broken rib and we arranged a date for him to go back where the vet said they would examine him again in more detail under anesthetic.
This afternoon he was playing with Indi and her toys. She started running round the living room with her soft ball then stood in front of him and threw it at him. He picked it up and chased round the room with it before Indi took it off him and threw it to him again - it was lovely to watch them playing together.
We struggled to get Sandy outside to toilet him last thing this evening. We think he thought we were kicking him out for the night and he didn't want to leave the warm. Once he realised the others were outside he followed them around, quickly did what
he had to do and followed them back in again and headed straight for his bed.

15th February 2005
Of all our fostered Greyhounds Sandy has been the easiest to house train and the quickest to settle in. He is so laid back he is a pleasure to have and is already part of the family. He has a very relaxing demeanor about him. Learns quickly and already responds to the 'leave' command, which we've taught him using his daily pig's ear and the odd malteser. Three Greyhounds staring at three maltesers on the floor wishing they would jump up into their mouths because they can't touch them is quite funny to watch, but it works, because after he's eaten his dinner if he wanders over to the other dishes the word 'leave' is enough to make him turn and go the opposite way. It's also sufficient to stop him stealing food off the table as he tried to do on more than one occasion when he first arrived. He walks well on the lead and walks so close to heal that if you are not careful you trip over him. He loves the settee and sheepskin rug, having endless cuddles and his neck rubbed without his collar on. He's started wandering round the garden on his own and enjoys the freedom but not yet taken to having any mad dashes with the others.
17th February 2005
Each time we go for a walk down the back road Sandy insists on trying to go in the pub on the way back. He stands in front of the door and bolts his feet to the ground most determined to go in. He became quite alert this afternoon when he saw a couple of ducks in the farm yard but we soon distracted him and he forgot about them. We want to test him with children, sheep and cats but as yet not had the chance. He enjoys saying hello to people in the pub and tonight he met a three month old lurcher puppy who was trying to jump all over him. He just stood there with the puppy's feet flying all over his head and he just let it - he was a star.
18th February 2005

Sandy's limp is most apparent on hard surfaces such as roads because when walking on grass or carpets it's not noticeable. We've narrowed it down to a particular pad on his front right foot so on Monday we will ask the vet to look at it in more detail.
21st February 2005
Sandy spent today at the vets being neutered. His broken rib was examined and it was decided to leave well alone because it doesn't seem to bother him and having an operation could cause him unnecessary trauma. They also took an X-ray of his front right foot and found no broken bones, splinters or foreign bodies. It seems he may have aggravated an old injury so we will watch and wait.
24th February 2005
All seems to be going well with his operation and Sandy is recovering. He's tried licking his stitches a couple of times but our training with 'leave' is paying off because when told to leave his stitches alone he does do. He's beginning to recognise his name and started to come on occasion when called. When the alarm clock goes off in the morning he comes to the side of the bed and says hello then walks to the foot of the bed and climbs on to lie next to us for a cuddle. He does love being cuddled and the look of pleasure on his face is wonderful to see. He walks really well round the garden and shows no signs of wanting to run, which is good because he's not allowed at present with his stitches. When we take him for a walk he's superb on the lead - he walks to heal, when I stop he stops and when I start walking again he starts - all without being told. The only time he moves away from you is to try and drag you into the pub or to do his toilet. Having done his toilet he just wanders back and walks to heal again, sometimes he walks so close you have to watch you don't stand on his feet. We were watching him walking along the road tonight and came to the conclusion he's walking much better than he did when he first arrived so hopefully his sore foot is healing.
26th February 2005
We did a Greyhound home check yesterday with a couple living on the outskirts of Ambleside in Cumbria. When they saw Sandy they fell in love with him immediately and asked if they could have him if their home check was approved, which it was.
3rd March 2005
This morning we took Sandy to the vet for his second inoculation and to have his stitches out following his neutering operation. We then drove him to Ambleside to his new owners and settled him there. He will be living in a bungalow with a nice back garden and owners who will be with him all the time. We hope he has a long and happy life in his new home but we were very sad to leave him for he was so lovely. We do hope his new owners will love him and care for him as we did for he really deserves plenty of love because we think he's had a hard life before coming to live with us.
13th April 2005
We did the follow-up visit for Sandy this afternoon and found him fast asleep on the floor. This soon changed when he saw us because we received a lovely greeting. He greeted Stuart first and after he calmed down he came over and greeted me. I was sitting down at the time and the only way he would calm was by standing on the floor with both front feet on my shoulders and pressing his head against mine. It was lovely that he remembered us and once the greeting was over he calmly lay down on the floor again whilst we were talking only to get up and play with his toys in his 'toy box'.
Sandy originally slept in a separate room to his new owners at night but after the fourth night he decided enough was enough and started barking. The only way
he would stop was when his bed was moved into the corner of their bedroom (think Penny must have been having a say here!) and he's slept there happily ever since.
Relaxing after dinner.
His favourite spot
each evening after dinner !

Sandy on the 13th February 2005
Sandy on the 13th February 2005

Sandy on the 12th February 2005
90 minutes after he arrived and
already settled on the settee

Sandy on his back
Relaxing in his bed
18th February 2005

Cuddling his toy
With my toy!
18th February 2005

Sandy on the 21st February 2005
Sandy on the 21st February 2005

Taking an afternoon siesta
Taking an afternoon siesta . . .

In the garden before going to his new home
In the garden before leaving to go
to his new home - 3rd March 2005

'Long Legged Beauties'
2006 Rescued
Greyhounds Calendar

Jasmine Sinclair with Flash and Sandy
This picture of Sandy with Jasmine Sinclair
and Flash was taken at Winterburn Hall,
Winterburn in Yorkshire
and is the
main September calendar shot
View Calendar

'Long Legged Beauties'
2006 Rescued
Greyhounds Calendar

Mel Rook with Sandy
This picture of Sandy was taken with
Mel Rook at the Witherslack Hall
Equestrian Centre, Witherslack, Cumbria
and is the main November calendar shot
View Calendar

He walks down into Ambleside each week and has become a 'regular' in one of the pubs where his owners stop for a bite to eat before walking back home again.
His new vet examined both front feet and found his limping was inflammation caused by excessive wear and tear on his feet because of racing and prescribed him medication that eased the pain and he is now walking much better, but it may be the medication will be long term. It was funny, but when we were trying to work out the reason for the limp we noticed
his walking was much better after he was neutered and it was because the medication given at the time also reduced the pain in his feet - we did comment at the time we thought his limp was less after his operation and this was the reason why, his
medication was 'clouding' the diagnostics we were trying to do on his feet. By the time he went to his new owners that medication was out of his system and the vet easily spotted the cause.
Sandy was quite ill last week because when he was let out last thing one night there was a terrible growl and scream and he started foaming at the mouth and in distress. The following morning the side of his face began to swell and his eyes started to shut. A trip to the vet confirmed he had been bitten by a badger that had been in the garden at the time and Sandy was put on antibiotics. He was very poorly for a couple of days, off his food and just lay in his bed until the swelling around his face and eyes began to subside. Thankfully, the antibiotics worked and when we saw him he looked none the worse for his experience. However, since that night his new owners have been going in the garden with him with torches making sure there are no badgers around, but hopefully, Sandy will leave the next one he sees well alone.

21st July 2005

When we phoned Sandy's owners this morning to make arrangements to borrow Sandy for a Greyhound calendar photo shoot this evening at the top of Kirkstone Pass above Ambleside we were shocked to find they no longer wanted him. This came as quite a shock because at the time of the follow-up visit all seemed well. His owners said he was lifeless and listless so they no longer wanted him. When we called to collect him he hung back inside the house till he heard us call his name then he dashed out and straight into our car. Having collected Sandy we all drove to the top of Kirkstone Pass and took photographs of him with Mel Rook as the sun was setting. We all, including 5 Greyhounds then went into the Kirkstone Inn and had a drink before going home.
When we arrived home Sandy trotted down the drive wagging his tail and stood at the front door waiting to go in - he knew exactly where he was! Inside he did a tour of the house then a couple of circuits round the garden before settling on the settee next to Stuart. He lay there with his head on Stuart's chest and the look of contentment on his face was wonderful - he was glad to be back.
22nd July 2005
When it was time for bed last night Sandy settled in the one he used last time as if he'd never been away and we never heard a word from him all night. This morning we did a Greyhound calendar photo shoot with him at the Witherslack Hall
Equestrian Centre in Witherslack where he was really good and we got some lovely pictures. He looked so happy and alert. At one point we wanted him to stand next to a horse but he wasn't too keen on that idea and backed away so we didn't push him - he may not have seen one before and certainly hadn't stood so close to one.
Sandy has been really happy today. His tail hasn't stopped wagging, he's been playing with the others, running round the garden, playing with the toys and coming to us for cuddles on and off most of the day - this is certainly no listless, lifeless dog!.
Sandy has been on Metacam for the past 4½ months because of his limp which his owner's vet contributed to inflammation caused by excessive use. Having been advised to discontinue his medication we are now monitoring him carefully to see if his limp or any signs of pain returns because if it does he needs to be put on medication more suitable for long term use.
23rd July 2005
We've had to watch Sandy and Joe carefully the first day or so because following Joe's neutering he became very confused and wanted to constantly 'ride' Sandy. Sandy was having none of it and readily gave him a growl to make him stop but Joe was so persistent he wouldn't leave Sandy alone. He was so bad the first night Sandy arrived we had to physically separate them so Sandy could get some sleep and until Joe got the message. This evening Joe has started being with Sandy and only giving him the occasional sniff so things seem to be settling down.
24th July 2005
Sandy and Joe are now best of pals and go around everywhere together. When one comes the other is not far behind and they have started playing together in the garden.
27th July 2005
Sandy has started playing with us in that he goes down onto the floor and splays his front legs out as if he's going to pounce then prances around in that position. It took us by surprise when he first started doing it as we wondered what was the matter with him till we realised and joined in with his fun. It was lovely to see him so happy.
28th July 2005
Sandy has been with us a week now and although on no medication has shown no signs of lameness, however, we are in the process of arranging for him to see a Chiropractor whom Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue uses to have him checked out. We are also getting in touch with our vet to have another look at the x-ray they took of his right foot at the time he was neutered to see if there was any signs of arthritis or similar that could have caused the problem.
29th July 2005
Flash came back to stay a couple of nights whilst his owners were having some time away following the death of their other dog Nellie. When they came in Sandy gave them a lovely welcome and started playing with Flash's owners the way he did with us the other day, which was lovely to see.
30th July 2005
We all traveled over to Winterburn Hall in Yorkshire today to do another Greyhound calendar photo shoot and, although there were five Greyhounds in the back of the car they all got on really well. They 'crashed out' in the old cow shed on the farm most of the time we were there only coming to life when it was their turn to be photographed. They were all very good.
31st July 2005
Flash's owners came to collect him this afternoon and once again Sandy gave them both a very nice welcome. He even jumped up to one of them nearly knocking her over, which is something we have never seen him do before and if he does it to us we will persuade him it's NOT the thing to do - although it might seem funny it's not if he knocks someone over or puts muddy paw prints over all their best clothes! Comments were made about how friendly he was and we were asked how he got on with Flash whilst he was here. Sandy and Flash were fine together it's Joe Sandy sometimes has problems with because if Joe is in his bed and Sandy walks past it too close Joe gives him a growl and Sandy backs away and won't go past - this is Joe and 'kennel space' and we are teaching him it's not allowed in this house and he is slowly getting the message. Sandy also loves playing with his squeaky toys and if Joe decides he wants it Sandy just lets him have it so Sandy has decided he is definitely the bottom of the pack. Having said all that, Joe and Sandy play well together and are great friends when Joe isn't in his bed - they even throw toys to each other for the other to run for and catch.
2nd August 2005
This afternoon Flash's owners expressed an interest in re-homing Sandy and asked if they could look after him for a while to see how he gets on with Flash before making up their mind. This is because they are both neutered dogs and almost the same age.
7th August 2005
This morning we took Sandy over to stay with Flash and his owners. We took them for a walk together down the road then went inside the house for a coffee. Flash and Sandy got on well together, but then they did during the weekend when Flash came to stay with us. Whilst we were there they walked around the garden together and inside the house Sandy took the rawhide chew off Flash's bed - Flash never even bothered when he did this so there are lots of good signs and they should get on fine.
8th August 2005
Sandy went a little quiet for a while when we left yesterday but he soon began to settle afterwards and even had a run with Flash around the garden. He slept fine last night and today he was getting better by the hour.
11th August 2005

Sandy and Flash seem to be getting on fine and today and were left on their own for a while in the morning and were okay. Flash's owners are pleased with Sandy's progress but want to keep him a little while longer before they finally make up their mind.
20th August 2005
This morning we met the couple who are looking after Sandy and we took him to see Ken Woodacre, the 'bone man' who does osteopath type work with dogs. Following a good examination he found his front left elbow out, which he put back into place, he showed us how a trapped nerve in his right shoulder was causing him pain when he poked it which was caused by a disk in his neck being out of line. It was probably this that was causing him to be lame when he first arrived- He put the disk back and showed us how there was no longer any pain in his shoulder. There was also a disk in his back out and his right hip was out of joint so he put these back in place as well. Let's hope repairing all these things will make him feel much happier long term.
28th August 2005
Flash and Sandy have been getting on so well together over the past three weeks that today he was formally re-homed with Flash. His new owners have re-named him TIGER and we hope they have a long and happy life together.
28th September 2005
Flash, Tiger and his owners came to our Greyhound Calendar press launch at Cartmel Racecourse today and they took part in the short fashion show with the models. When Tiger arrived he looked very happy and enjoyed his day in front of the cameras.
30th September 2005
Flash and Tiger appeared on Border TV this evening along with his owners who gave an interview about having the Greyhounds as part of a four minute slot about the Greyhound calendar and Greyhound Rescue.
20th November 2005
Today was the annual Dumfriesshire Greyhound Rescue Fun Greyhound Show and Christmas Fayre at the Loreburn Hall in Dumfries. We put up a stall selling the 'Long Legged Beauties' 2006 Greyhound calendar and Becky Speed (July) and Britney-Lee (October) joined us to meet the press and sign calendars. We were so delighted to see Flash and Tiger walking towards our stall to say hello with their owners and Bobby and Indi gave them both a lovely warm welcome. They looked really well and Flash won first prize in the competition for 'the dog with the shiniest coat', which we were really pleased about. It was lovely to see them both again along with five of our other fostered Greyhounds and seeing the seven of them together with Bobby and Indi brought a lump to my throat and really made our day.
12th April 2006
Flash and Tiger arrived on the 8th April for a few days whilst their owners were away. After a big welcome from the others they quickly settled down but we had a couple of accidents that first day - not sure who it was so it could have been Flash or Tiger marking their spot or it could have been a foster dog marking theirs. Anyway, after the first day things settled down and things became much easier. Thankfully, Lester was just beginning to walk around the garden without being on the lead and the weather a little warmer so we could leave the conservatory door open most of the time for them to wander in and out. By the end of the second day we hardly knew we had them but I found it quite difficult walking them all on my own. This is because if I saw anyone with a dog I had Lester wanting to run away from the person and Flash wanting to go for the dog so, when they come back again for another stay in the summer I think I will
do the walks in shifts and work late into the evening to catch up!
18th May 2006
Flash and Tiger came over for the evening because we were doing a Greyhound calendar photo shoot for the 'sexy and safety' calendar and wanted them in it. There was a happy greeting amongst all the Greyhounds when they arrived and they soon settled into what we wanted them to do. A couple of hours later their owners returned and took them home again.

23rd May 2006

Flash and Tiger came over again this afternoon so they could be in another photo shoot. We had hoped to go out and take some pictures for the Greyhounds and Lifestyle calendar but the weather was against us so we set up the Christmas tree and did the Christmas shot. Stuart wanted to try a new style of photograph and placed some tit bits in the bottom of a bag for Tiger to look inside. Tiger had other thoughts and instead of just looking inside he dived his head into the bag and grabbed a mouthful of the treats at the bottom. Stuart never got his picture but we all had a really good laugh. Flash and Tiger are funny because it's a case of where I go my 'brother' goes to. They stayed for their tea and went home shortly after.
24th June 2006
We were going to have Flash and Tiger for the week whilst their owners went away on holiday but with me falling ill and being in hospital for six days at the time of their arrival they were hurriedly put in kennels. I felt awful about this knowing how Flash is but there was nothing we could do and two extra Greyhounds for Stuart was just too much. Flash's fear and anxiety of being left in a kennel away from his owners got the better of him causing an altercation the first night that required a visit from the vet for
both dogs. Thankfully it wasn't too bad as no stitches were required but both Greyhounds were put on antibiotics as a precaution against what happened. They were then separated but in kennels so they could see each other and all seemed well until the last night when Flash's anxiety got the better of him again and he ripped his bed to pieces. When their owners took them home the following day both dogs were subdued but a week back at home in the security they know and they were back to their normal selves. We all know now what we have suspected for some time because Flash is Flash that the kennel environment is detrimental to his well being, which has a knock on effect with Tiger so in future they will be staying with us, no matter what!
July 2006
Flash, Tiger and their owners came to visit this afternoon, which was the first trip out the two dogs had taken since being in the kennel. All injuries had healed, both Greyhounds were best pals again and they happily came into the house, did the tour round the garden and knew exactly where they were. Flash nuzzled up for a cuddle most of his visit and Tiger, who is much more laid back mingled with the others.
11th August 2006

26th September 2006
This morning Flash and Tiger arrived to stay so their owners could go away for a few days. He knew exactly where he was and quickly settled in with the others.
29th September 2006

Tiger has been no problem at all during his stay with us and this evening went home with his owners having, I hope enjoyed his stay here.
8th April 2007
Tiger had an examination yesterday as he's been limping quite badly again. He loves charging round the field and paddock with Flash and on one occasion he couldn't stop so crashed into the wall and hurt his toe. Since then he's been found to have a heart murmur, which may have arisen as a result of the crash into the wall so it's being monitored and everyone hopes it will be temporary as was Indi's when she hurt herself in the nature reserve. It was thought his limp was because he'd jarred a joint again but during the examination these were found to be okay but he had a corn! The corn was removed and hopefully Tiger is now on the road to recovery.
28th April 2007
Today we all went to Barrow in Furness for our very first Greyhound Awareness Day in the town centre and were so pleased Tiger and his owners were able to join us for an hour or so. He looked well
'Long Legged Beauties'

Sexy & Safety'
2007 Calendar

Tiger with Hayley Anne
This picture of Tiger with
Hayley Anne was taken on
the 23rd May 2006 and is our
December supporting shot
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Brindle Greyhound
23rd May 2006

Brindle Greyhound
1st August 2007

Brindle Greyhound
1st August 2007
but I didn't get the chance to ask how his foot was, however, Tiger being Tiger seemed to take the whole event in his stride.
15th June 2007
Flash and Tiger arrived this morning to stay a few days whilst their owners were away. They both trotted down the drive to see us and met the other Greyhounds, went in the garden, checked all was well around the house then settled down with the others as if it were their second home! Tiger was soon fast asleep on one of the beds on the landing outside my office.
After their tea we took them for a walk round the nature reserve which they liked but on the way back Tiger started walking much slower and looked as if he was limping. His owners mentioned when they brought him that the corn had started to reappear again so had been treated and they hoped it had gone so it may be his foot is still a bit tender and walking back along the road had made it sore.
We lay their beds in the living room because with having so many dogs we wanted more comfort for them as we didn't want them all jostling for the settees. Flash made it to the settee with Stuart so Tiger lay on his bed in the corner of the living room and watched them.
16th June 2007
Found Tiger asleep on the settee this morning - had obviously decided that if he couldn't get a look in during the evening he would have his chance during the day.
Tiger is so laid back, takes everything in his stride and being the gent he is often stands at the back when all the other dogs are jostling to say hello so we must remember to go over to him and say hello to ensure he isn't left out.
18th June 2007
This afternoon Flash and Tiger's owners called to collect them. We mentioned his limp on the way back from his walks and did they think it his corn. They thought it had gone but they were keeping an eye on it so would check when they got him home. They tend not to walk the dogs along roads because of where they live so our walk is quite different for them and his owner mentioned he does tend to plod towards the end of his walks. This may be because of his heart murmur, which seemed to appear after he crashed into the wall because he couldn't stop in time or turn to avoid it. He was due a visit to the vet shortly so they will have him checked over to see if it is still there or if it's corrected itself as Indi's did.
When they left the house seemed quiet but it was lovely to have them both stay and although it's quite difficult with so many dogs it's a nice feeling knowing that Flash and Tiger were happy whilst their owners were away.
1st August 2007
This morning we met up with Tiger and his owners, received a lovely welcome from him as usual then drove to a friend of theirs who had a horse where we were going to take some pictures of him for the calendars. It was a dry day although not much sun, Tiger looked well but still walks with a slight limp from the problem with his front right leg and his corn but was very good when we positioned him close to the horse to have his pictures taken.

11th August 2007

9th September 2007
Flash and Tiger arrived on the 4th to stay a few days whilst their owners took a short break and they went home this afternoon. Both knew exactly where they were when they arrived and quickly settled into our routine. They are no problem at all being here, enjoy their walks, visits to the pub and trips out in the car. Last night they discovered the toy box and had a mad few minutes emptying it all over the bedroom floor and playing with them, which was nice to see. Tiger loves a cuddle but is quite a gentleman and often hangs back if others are pushing in so we make sure he gets his share. He often lays on the settee during the day because Flash tends to pinch it in the evenings but if there is a space Tiger will sneak on and snuggle up to who ever happens to be sitting there much to Flash's disgust.
2nd November 2007
Tiger went to the vet today for an operation to replace a dislocated toe on his back left foot, which happened whilst he was chasing a pheasant from his owner's garden. All seems to have gone well with the operation but the vet thinks that if he tries the same stunt again it may go again at some time in the future. Tiger has a tight bandage around his foot to help keep his toe in place after the operation and he will have this on for the next few days.
20th December 2007
This evening we called in for a visit on our way back from visiting Mum and both Flash and Tiger gave us a lovely welcome. Tiger was so pleased to see us and came for loads of cuddles before going off to play with one of his toys - think he was showing off! He's lost a bit of weight since his owners rang for advice about him gaining weight and not eating all his food each day. When Tiger comes to stay with us we find he doesn't eat as much as some of the others and much less in the morning than in the afternoon so we suggested reducing the amount of food he gets to the amount HE will eat so as not to leave any and to give him less in the morning than in the afternoon. It was working because he's lost some weight and was looking much better for it. His owner also commented he prefers his food much drier than they used to give him and because of all this he seems to look forward to his meal times much more these days. Tiger's toe has healed following his operation last month but the toe nail sticks out at an angle and it's this the vet thinks may cause him a problem when chasing things in the future that may lead him back to them to have it removed.
5th February 2008
Received an email this evening letting us known that on the 30th December Tiger's owners had to have their dear horse put to sleep.  She was at least 27 years old and they'd had her for over ten years.  Even so it was an awful wrench and they were very upset.
A couple of weeks into the new year they noticed an advert for a four year old German Shepherd dog so after a lot of discussion they decided to ring up about him.   After further discussions they decided to take Flash
and Tiger to the Rescue Centre to meet him.   It was a very wet afternoon and blowing a gale but they all went for a walk with Ben, his foster parents and Flash and Tiger.   Flash and Tiger didn't react in any way whatsoever but just let their owners know the weather was foul and why were they having another walk in the rain when they'd already had one that morning.   Because of the way Flash is with other dogs it was decided to have Ben on trial so he arrived the following weekend and they all met up for a walk (all on leads and with muzzles) in the big field.  Ben has a nice nature and although Tiger ignored him for about a week he is now kissing him and wagging his tail.
9th February 2008

Received an email this afternoon letting us know the three dogs are continuing to get on alright.  Apparently, Tiger doesn't stand any nonsense from Ben and gives him a little growl now and again but then that's probably Tiger setting the pack order because they were snuggled up together in front of the fire last night.  Both Flash and Ben are fairly active chasing around the garden but Tiger simply continues on his sweet way and is as laid back as ever. Having said that, his owners say that when he does decide to open up in the field the other two are left miles behind.  Tiger's owners missed Nellie the German Sheperd when she died so when they saw Ben looking for a new home shortly after Lisa their horse passed away they couldn't resist having him.
11th August 2008

2nd April 2008
This afternoon we took Sandy to meet Flash, Tiger and Ben for an hour or so with a view to leaving him with them while we were away on holiday later in the month. Sandy was a little grumbly with Ben to begin with, but soon stopped and settled on one of the beds to find Ben come over and stand over him, showing his dominance over Sandy. Tiger accepted Sandy as one of the crowd instantly.
It was funny because Tiger remembered he was once called Sandy because every time we called Sandy Tiger came as well.

11th August 2009
11th August 2010
19th April 2011
We received an email this morning from Tiger's owner letting us know that Ben, their elderly German Shepherd died yesterday. He had been slowly failing these past few months and last week took a turn for the worst so the vet arrived yesterday to help him pass peacefully away. Both Flash and Tiger were present so they could see him go and the rest of the evening they were quite subdued - looking for him from the window. RIP dear old Ben, you were a lucky boy to have shared the second half of your life with Flash and Tiger and their family and they werea lucky family to have enjoyed the love you gave them.

11th August 2011

9th July 2012
We heard today that Flash and Tiger are quite well with just a sedate walk down the lane twice a day.  Their owners have started getting them rabbit occasionally from the butcher, which they absolutely love! 

11th August 2012

12th November 2012
Flash and Tiger seemed to enjoy their overnight stay here again, quickly settle into our routine and are no problem at all. A lot of people all arrived at the same time as their owner called to collect them and their belongings, so I didn't really get the chance to say goodbye as I would liked to have done. However, we see Flash and Tiger from time to time so no doubt we shall see them both again before too long.
5th February 2013
We heard today that Tiger went to see the vet yesterday.  He thoroughly examined him and took blood.  He said there were crackles in his lungs and noted the cough.  He is treating him with antibiotics now.
The results of the blood test came back today and they were all normal.  The vet said to keep on with the antibiotics until Thursday when the vet will pop in to see him here because he only lives a couple of doors away! The only thing his owners can do now is to wait and see if he responds. He is eating a little, but the cough is bothering him.  They think he looks a bit brighter, but it's hard to tell.  He has his coat on whenever he goes out and they are keeping him warm.  The vet did mention bronchial pneumonia and said it was around and that older dogs din't have much resistance against it.  Tiger also has a slight temperature which leads the vet to think it may be this. The vet mentioned the worst case scenario is a tumour in one of the long bones of his leg but on a very deep manipulation he showed no sign at all of pain which is encouraging.  There is also the possibility of one of his discs in the base of the spine disintergrating but eventually x-raying all this would show up, and that would be the next step if he doesn't get better. 
8th February 2013
We called in to see Flash and Tiger recently to find him not feeling too well. His owner was going to take him to the vet the following day who after a check up put him on antibiotics for the cough. We heard today that the vet, who lives local to them popped in tonight.  Tiger is a lot better but not right yet.  He has to have another week of antibiotics even though his temperature is normal, blood tests are all normal and the cough is not as bad.  The vet had another feel of his leg and was pressing on quite hard, so Tiger gave one little yelp.  Anyway, they will have to wait and see how he responds to this second lot of antibiotics.  He did come for a walk this afternoon which he wanted to do, he greeted the vet and he is eating better but not his normal food - he's gone right off that.  They gave him some rice and a piece of toast last night because he turns his nose up at most other things. He is enjoying tuna, an egg, a little chicken and one of the little boxes of meat so he has regained a bit of weight.  He is still on the Metacam because the vet is still suspecting he may have spinal disintegration
9th February 2013
We received an email letting us know that Tiger is off a bit today but is back on antibiotics so his owners hope for some improvement.  He wont eat properly which is worrying.  He has stopped coughing though.
10th February 2013
 Tiger's owners are so very worried about him.  He seems no better this morning.  He had a tiny bit of chicken, went straight outside and sicked it up.  A little later he had an egg which has stayed down.  He also had some toast last night and a tiny bit of yoghurt with a pill this morning. 
11th February 2013
Yesterday Tiger seemed so ill but today he has eaten a small but fairly normal meal.  He enjoyed the bread and milk yesterday - thanks for the tip and he had an egg and some toast last night which he loves.  They are going to keep on giving him food a little and often.  They say he looks a bit brighter, and last night he lay in front of the fire, and seemed very content.
13th February 2013
We heard today that Tiger is still very picky about his food.  His daily total is bread and warm milk in a morning.  A treat or two and a little bowl of chicken hand fed to him.  At night he will wolf down toast with butter.  The vet said just get what they can down him so that's what they are doing.   He has been out in the garden for pees etc. but shows no interest in a walk.  He is still coughing and the vet said to tap his lungs twice a day which of course makes him cough more. They are going to try him with some pasta tomorrow but he loves the bread and milk we mentioned.
18th February 2013
Tiger's owners rang the vet this morning because he is deteriorating and refusing nearly all food.  He was also sick this morning.  They are going to X-ray his back and chest on Wednesday morning to try to find out what is going on, give them a prognosis and they'll take it from there.  They are very upset but he is old and they appreciate that there may be nothing they can do.  Bless him, he's been such a good and easy dog.  If he does have to go then they will try to bury him here at home. 
21st February 2013
Tiger has a large growth in one of his lungs, which has been there about 5 weeks and is growing fast. The steroids he's been put on will help him eat and feel a bit better during his last few days.
Stuart and I called in to see him this afternoon, and I think he appreciated the visit. He lay most of the time on the living room floor so I went down and cuddled him there. Think he was content just knowing everyone was around him and chatting as normal. It was a very sad time after we left because we knew the chances were it would be the last time we saw him.
23rd February 2013
We heard today that since going on the steroids Tiger has perked up a bit and is eating really quite well.  His owner knows this wont last, but it keeps him with them for just a little longer.  His breathing is becoming a bit laboured and if this becomes too bad they will call the vet.
28th February 2013
We received an email today saying Tiger is still with us.  He has just come for a slow walk down the lane and ate all his dinner this morning.  He also had some treats and a little bit of salmon from a tin at lunchtime. His owners don't think he's in much pain,and the vet has given him more steroids but reduced the dose slightly.  Tiger is getting them up most nights now to go out because he's drinking a lot more water because of the steroids.
4th March 2013
Heard today that Tiger is eating a fair amount but is very thin.  He is coughing quite a lot but not during the night.  He doesn't like Flash getting on his bed so his owners have to keep turfing Flash off it.  He sleeps a lot of the time but always wants to go for a walk in the afternoons and trotted off down the field yesterday and today.  He doesn't appear to be in pain but of course they can't be sure, and they are taking each day as it comes. 
6th March 2013
We heard today the vet is coming tomorrow (Thursday) evening to help Tiger pass away.  His owner says this morning he is miserable and uncomfortable and wandering around not knowing where to put himself.  He has also been sick, so the pills are no longer doing the trick because he was very different from this even yesterday. His owners feel the time is right, and are understandably very upset. Flash is very quiet - this will be the third dog he has seen put to sleep, first Nellie then Ben. Oh dear!!  How sad it is when a much-loved companion has to go.
7th March 2013
The vet arrived this evening and helped Tiger to pass away. When he came into the room Tiger didn't even lift his head. When I received the email to say the vet had just left and Tiger was in his grave alongside Nelly and Ben the tears flowed. Tiger was an adorable greyhound, very loving and never imposing. He will be sorely missed and will leave a hole in our heart.

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In April 2008 Sandy spent the
week with Flash, Tiger, Ben and
their owners whilst we were in Portugal. Below are some
pictures taken during his visit.

Greyhound greetings
Christine with Sandy, Flash,
Tiger and Ben

. . . and again

. . . and again

. . . and again.

Brindle Greyhound
Jenny with Tiger who at
this point is quite poorly,
and who just wanted to
lay close to where we were.
21st February 2013

Brindle Greyhound
. . . and again. . .

In loving memory of Tiger.
Rest in peace Tiger,
my lovely, lovely Tiger.
The world has been a better
place for knowing you,
Be free and run without pain with the angels.

Brindle Greyhound
(11/08/2001 - 07/03/2013)

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