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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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When adopting a greyhound the suggested donation is £150.00 which goes towards neutering, inoculations, upkeep etc. Some people give a little less, while
others want to give more. We are quite flexible with this, and with this we provide:
Martingale Collar, Lead, Muzzle and 4 weeks free cover with the insurance company PetPlan

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Fosterers are a valuable part of greyhound rescue in that another greyhound is living life away from the kennels and taking the first steps towards getting used to the family way of life. If you live in the South Lakes or the surrounding area and would like to foster a greyhound until we can find him or her a new home.
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for those in our care until we find them new homes.
(also pilchards in tomato sauce, sardines and tuna in oil, dog biscuits, Dentastix)

May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
Please contact Jenny or Stuart
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which is what we use for the greyhounds in our care until we find them new homes.

May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Below is one of the 82 dogs we fostered for Dumfriesshire & Cumbria
Greyhound Rescue between July 2004 and the 5th December 2009.
On the 9th December 2009 we became the SOUTH LAKES branch
of the Retired Greyhound Trust for whom we are now foster



Breeze arrived on Sunday 23rd July 2006
and returned to Tia Greyhound Rescue on 1st August 2006

Breeze's arrival and a brief history
Breeze is a white and brindle greyhound
Breeze is a white and brindle greyhound who was born on the 5th July 1999 so she is just 7 years old. She weighs just 46lbs (21k) at the moment and has a lovely sweet, friendly, gentle nature. She is microchipped, house trained, spayed on the 10th July 2003, walks gently on the lead and we have been told she is good around other dogs and children.  She has a corn on the pad of her front right foot and her teeth need cleaning. Breeze has lived for the past three years with Katie another greyhound who is almost 12 years old, three other small dogs and some guinea pigs.
Although Breeze has lived in a home environment we believe she may have slept in a shed and walked in the garden due to the thickness of her coat and softness of her pads.

Breeze's Diary

23rd July 2006
Having collected Breeze and Katie this morning they happily jumped in our car and lay down for the journey home. Although nearly lunch time they hadn't been fed that morning so as soon as we got home they had a walk around the garden and because they are quite 'fragile' met the others individually so they weren't bombarded. There was no grumbling from any dog when they met and the others were very gentle with them - almost as if they knew they had to be. We soon took their leads off to walk freely around the garden then made them some dinner, which contained worming powders and gave them both a bath, which they thoroughly enjoyed. Breeze has a really sweet face with large trusting eyes and lots of TLC will do her the world of good.
Al and Judy from DGR came to say hello to Lester and Laila's new owners and stayed for about three hours before taking Katie with them. It would have been nice to rehome Katie and Breeze together but Katie will be 12 years old in October and the chances of finding a permanent home for the two of them together or even Katie on her own were so slim it was decided we should foster Breeze until we find her a new home and another fosterer offered to foster Katie long term for the rest of her natural life. These fosterer's already have a greyhound bitch called Cassie so she will have company and hopefully not miss Breeze too much. Breeze received loads of attention this afternoon but every time anyone stroked her they became covered in hair because having a bath caused her to cast loose hair - it was flying everywhere! Thankfully it was so hot we were all outside and by the time we went inside most of it had gone. In the evening we took her for a walk but she could only manage about a hundred yards before stopped and lifted the foot with the corn on in the air. She wanted to go with the others but just couldn't manage it so Stuart and Lester and Laila's new owners carried on with the rest and I carried Breeze home.
24th July 2006
Breeze found it hard to settle last night when we went to bed, which wasn't surprising and was up walking around or standing or laying by the side of my bed most of the night. This morning she ate her breakfast heartily then went to all the other bowls looking to see what was left. This afternoon Breeze visited the vet where she had a thorough examination that confirmed she is microchipped. Apart from being underweight, the muscles on her back legs a little weak, her teeth and corn she is fit and well. An appointment has been made for later this week to have her injections, her corn looked at, her teeth cleaned and possibly a back tooth removed.
This evening she ate a good dinner and we drove her to the nature reserve in the car so she didn't have to walk on the road where we waited for the others. Upon the others arriving we took them into the nature reserve for a walk, which she enjoyed because she was walking on soil or grass. She walks lovely on the lead and when we arrived home she settled with the others in the living room but came to us every now and then for cuddles.
25th July 2006

We never heard a word from Breeze all night and she woke Stuart just before 6am asking to go out, which was really good. After a good breakfast she settled down with the others and to say she's only been with us 48 hours it feels as much longer for she has just slotted into our routine with ease. We did a photo shoot this evening for the calendars
and Breeze joined in. She was very good and didn't mind being moved into the right position to have her photograph taken. Breeze gets on really well with our dogs and has even started sleeping next to Bobby on the landing at night, which is quite an honour because if I remember correctly only Indi and Lester have been able to do that before now. She gets

Brindle and White Greyhound
Taking a rest whilst walking
in the nature reserve
July 2006

Breeze with her bandage
Breeze with her bandage
on the 29th July 2006

Breeze with her bandage
. . . and again . . .

Breeze looking happier
. . . and again, but looking much
happier now her bad teeth have
been removed, the rest cleaned
and her corn removed.

on well with Indi and Kane has really taken to her.
26th July 2006
Today we did another photo shoot for the calendar and Breeze was very good in the car and lay down all the way. She tends not to try and get out the back before the door is open as many of the other new foster dogs do but just waits until she is called. On some occasions she is still laying down when all the others have jumped out. Had lunch in a pub garden at Sandside so they could rest in shade and whilst eating our lunch noticed Breeze a bit further away from the others. It didn't register at first that she was further than her lead would allow but then it dawned she had bitten through her lead and was happily wandering round the garden. The lead went in the bin and she was put on another to which she promptly put her teeth to so she was told off, which she didn't like.
27th July 2006
Breeze is a pleasure to have and no trouble at all. She's eating all her food and beginning to gain weight so is looking less 'ribby'. We've noticed if you want her to come towards you and you hold her collar to guide her she yelps even though she isn't being hurt so we think at some stage in her past she may have been dragged by the collar and yelping is her way of making sure you let go. However, if you hold the loop her lead clips to and walks her towards you she is fine. There are two or three people really interested in Breeze because she is small and quiet so we don't think she will be with us long. Because of her sweet nature we are doing a cat test with her on Sunday because someone interested in her has a cat.
28th July 2006
This morning Breeze went to the vet to have her teeth cleaned and corn removed. Whilst at the vet we weighed her again and she weighed 47½lbs (21.7k) so has gained 1½lbs since Monday.
Collected Breeze this evening at 5pm to find she's had her corn removed so has 2 stitches in her foot with a bandage going half way up her leg. We must keep the bandage dry so we have been given something to put over it when she goes outside. She's had her teeth cleaned and 8 removed (1 large incisor, 3 medium teeth and 4 small ones) and the vet says she may need another 2 out in the future. We've to feed her on soft food for the next week and after a week we must start a teeth cleaning regime that the vet says her new owners must do to help preserve the ones she has left. She still looked tired from the anesthetic and wouldn't walk so we carried her to the car and took her home. She ate a little scrambled egg this evening which probably removed the taste of blood in her mouth and laying on the rug in the living room she looked a little sorry for herself which isn't surprising.
29th July 2006
Breeze slept well last night and looks a lot brighter in the eyes this morning. She's on soft food for the next week to allow her mouth to heal but she ate her breakfast well and went to everyone else's dish to see if they had left anything! Having the bandage on her foot hasn't affected her running up and down the stairs - we were going to carry her up and down for the next couple of days or so but it was impossible to stop her doing it on her own and as it doesn't seem to bother her we just let her do her own thing. She's not tried taking the bandage off and is hopping around the house and garden. She wanted to join the others for their walk this afternoon so we drove her to where there was grass but even then she could only make a few yards before we picked her up and carried her back to the car.
30th July 2006
This afternoon we took Breeze to a friends house and did quite an extensive cat test. When she first saw the cat her ears went up and we thought this was going to be a no but it turned out she wasn't interested in it even when it got up and started walking around the living room and kitchen. The cat hissed at her twice when she first saw Breeze and that was enough to put her off. We half expected this because she showed no interest in some cats at the vets and because of her gentle nature.
31st July 2006
Breeze is looking really well, much happier and very bright in the eyes so she is obviously feeling much better for having her corn and bad teeth removed. She even walked round the Reserve this afternoon with the others but still finds it difficult walking on the road so we are still driving her there so she just walks on grass.
1st August 2006
Breeze's microchip details were registered with Tia Greyhound Rescue in Yorkshire because they originally took her into rescue and re-homed her. As a result they took her back to their kennels this lunch time with a promise they would let us know how she was getting on. This was an upsetting experience because we weren't able to follow through nursing her after her operation so it was arranged we should collect Paddy this evening so as to help with our recovery. As it turned out Reggie came to us as well so by 8pm this evening we had our hands full with two very nervous dogs to settle in.
2nd August 2006
Received an email from Tia Greyhound Rescue this afternoon saying 'she is fine'.
10th August 2006
We received a call from a gentleman this morning who recently found a greyhound wandering on the moors in the Yorkshire area and was looking for a rescue centre to take her in. As he came from the Tia Greyhound Rescue area Stuart phoned to ask if they would contact him. Whilst on the phone he asked how Breeze was and they said she was going to live with a lady and her cat, but we don't have any more details and we don't know where.

25th October 2015
Sadly we lost contact with Breeze back in 2006 - If any one knows what happened to her please let us know. We would be most grateful.

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