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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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When adopting a greyhound the suggested donation is £150.00 which goes towards neutering, inoculations, upkeep etc. Some people give a little less, while
others want to give more. We are quite flexible with this, and with this we provide:
Martingale Collar, Lead, Muzzle and 4 weeks free cover with the insurance company PetPlan

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Fosterers are a valuable part of greyhound rescue in that another greyhound is living life away from the kennels and taking the first steps towards getting used to the family way of life. If you live in the South Lakes or the surrounding area and would like to foster a greyhound until we can find him or her a new home.
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for those in our care until we find them new homes.
(also pilchards in tomato sauce, sardines and tuna in oil, dog biscuits, Dentastix)

May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
Please contact Jenny or Stuart
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which is what we use for the greyhounds in our care until we find them new homes.

May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Below is one of the 82 dogs we fostered for Dumfriesshire & Cumbria
Greyhound Rescue between July 2004 and the 5th December 2009.
On the 9th December 2009 we became the SOUTH LAKES branch
of the Retired Greyhound Trust for whom we are now foster


Arrived with us on Saturday 7th January 2006
Went to her new home on Friday 10th February 2006

Ellie's arrival and brief history
Ellie on the 14th January 2006
Ellie is a spayed brindle Greyhound bitch who was born on the 30th March 2003 so she is nearly 3 years old. She weighs 70lbs (31.8k), is micro-chipped, inoculated and house trained. She has a lovely quiet nature, loves to play, walks well on the lead, gets on well with other dogs although she is not suitable for a home with cats and may suffer slight separation anxiety, which we are currently assessing.
Ellie originally lived with three other greyhounds in a quiet location and came into Greyhound Rescue because her owner retired having raced Ellie a few times. Ellie went to a foster home where she lived for about six weeks before going to new owners. Whilst in foster care it took her about a month to become house trained and she tells you she wants out by pacing the floors. After she was spayed she had a second puppy hood and shredded paper, got the post on a couple of occasions and went through a phase of chewing things. She suffered a little separation anxiety if her fosterer's went out as she liked to see where they
were but they found if they went out without making a fuss she was much better. Ellie left her fosters and went to live with her new owners on the 9th December 2005 where she lived before coming to us. She came back into Rescue because although her new owners found her lovely when they were with her they became quite anxious about her whilst they were out the house.
Ellie's Diary

7th January 2006
Received a call this morning saying Ellie was coming back into Rescue due to suffering separation anxiety and causing damage when her owner was out at work. As we were the nearest fosterer's her owner brought her to us this afternoon so we didn't see the damage caused, which was a shame as it would have helped us greatly. We shall be looking after her until a new home is found.
8th January 2006
Ellie gets on well with our dogs, we've had no accidents, stairs are no problem, she settled to her bed with no trouble last night, she's got a good appetite and has a lovely sweet nature but still a little quiet at the moment.
9th January 2006
Ellie comes running into the bedroom first thing in the morning after Stuart has let them out but instead of running round the end of the bed to say hello to me as the others do she simply jumps onto the bed and lands next to me - dirty feet and all!
10th January 2006
This morning Ellie had her feet wiped before being escorted upstairs and around the bottom of the bed to see me to show her jumping on the bed with dirty feet is not the thing to do. Yesterday during our walk she watched the sheep in the field so today we are teaching her the word 'leave' to use during our walks because it is means 'you don't go near that no matter what' so it's an ideal command to show her sheep are to be ignored. We started teaching her the command using her daily pig's ear and she wasn't too happy about having to wait for it because she loves them and eats them twice as fast as the others.
Since Ellie's arrival we have been watching her behaviour as part of the process of assessing her separation anxiety. Up until this evening she's been laying close to where ever we are, which is not unusual but tonight she was quite happy in the other room away from us. We found her on her bed in our bedroom with Raven on his bed - Stuart was downstairs and I was in my office so this is a good sign.
11th January 2006
Did the command 'Leave' again today and put the cold water spray on the floor about a yard from her pig's ear. This made her hang back and wait for me to pick it up and give it to her, which is a great improvement on yesterday. We left Ellie in the car on her own this evening with the others to see how she got on. When we returned we found everything fine and she was fast asleep with the others.
12th January 2006
As Ellie responds well to her name we let her off the lead for the last 100 yards in the nature reserve. She went off at a run towards the others who were near the gate then turned and ran back to me then we all walked back towards the gate together.
13th January 2006
We let Ellie off the lead for the last 100 yards in the nature reserve again this afternoon and this time she just walked around and waited for me at the gate with the others.
14th January 2006
Stuart was in the field this afternoon sawing wood so I went to the top end of the garden and did some work leaving the dogs alone in the house. I was working out of sight so I could see how she felt about being left alone with the others. After Raven had finished pawing the conservatory door she just lay on the mat by the door for a while then went inside with the others. When we came inside she gave us a lovely welcome but everything in the house was fine.
15th January 2006
Ellie enjoys running round the garden with the others and its looking a bit like a mud track. She loves playing with her toys and when Indi, Raven and her have a mad five minutes round the house they get quite noisy so we only allow them a few minutes at a time before breaking it up.
18th January 2006
When we came back from our daily walk I put all the dogs in the car except Ellie who I let in the house as normal. I hovered around the house a while then told her to 'stay, be back soon' and left the house to see how she got on. I stood the other side of the door listening for barking, whining or scratching - nothing could be heard. I stayed there for five minutes then crept round the side of the house to see if she was standing behind the door but she wasn't. I couldn't see her through any of the windows at the front so I went round the side again and looked through the window, she was there behind the door and she spotted me so I had to go in and pretend I'd just come back. I wandered around the house again for a few minutes then left again saying 'stay, be back soon'. Again all was quiet for more than five minutes so I crept past the side window to see if she was behind the door and then round towards the conservatory to see if she was there. If the police had seen me they would have thought me a burglar! Anyway, there she was standing by the glass door happily looking out into the garden. Unfortunately, she saw me and started wagging her tail so I had to go in the house and pretend I'd come home. At this point I decided she'd had enough and got the others from the car.
21st January 2006
Stuart was out working all day today and Indi injured herself during our mid-day walk, which meant a trip to the vet for stitches. When it was time to collect her later that afternoon I decided to leave Bobby, Raven and Ellie at home to give Indi more space in the car coming home. As I was driving away I was hoping I wouldn't come back to find a mess at home because it was the longest Raven and Ellie had been left on their own. To my relief when we got back and walked through the door we were greeted by three very happy dogs and no problems - not even an ornament knocked over.
24th January 2006
Ellie and Raven play together like puppies - one standing over the other and nibbling each other's neck and ears. Sometimes their playing gets quite boisterous and it looks almost as if they are fighting each other. At this point we usually break things up simply by pointing the water spray at them, which is enough otherwise they would charge around the house and either hurt each other or break something.
27th January 2006
Ellie is a very affectionate dog and loves cuddling up to you on the settee. If she gets a bit hot she slides near the edge and either her head or bottom starts to slide off the settee depending upon how she is laying. It's ever so funny to watch because unlike other dogs who just jump off to lie elsewhere to cool down she just slides off and lands in a heap on the floor where she just carries on sleeping. Although Ellie has settled in really well and a pleasure to have as she's no trouble at all we find she still sleeps in the room where we are or in an adjoining room where she can hear or see us. This makes us think she is one of those dogs (at present) who likes to know where you are. When she finds a new home her new owner will need to bear this in mind because it may be Ellie needs a little longer than other dogs before she feels satisfied in her own mind that if she can't see you it doesn't mean you are not there and when you are not around you WILL be coming back. Ellie is also getting better at walking around the bed in the morning to say hello after going outside rather than simply jumping straight across it. We still don't trust her not to jump across the bed yet because she gets so excited and will probably forget. One of Ellie's favourite spots at night is on the bed by your side. Since Ellie arrived I've been reading a good book so tend to go to bed a little earlier some nights so I can read a bit more. Ellie comes up to join me and loves cuddling up next to me but when Stuart comes to bed and asks her to go to her own bed then 95% of the time she happily jumps off, which is good because when Penny got on the bed with me it was hard work persuading her to get off.
29th January 2006
Raven went to his new home yesterday and last night all the dogs were very quiet and subdued. It's amazing how a dog going to it's new home affects the ones remaining. Sometimes I feel very sorry for Bobby and Indi because it's happened to them so many times. We are pleased we keep in touch with some of our foster dogs as they always enjoy seeing them again and it must make things a bit easier for them. This morning things weren't much better so I took them for a long mid-day walk and later that afternoon found Ellie and Indi playing with each other in the living room so hopefully, things are beginning to settle down again.
5th February 2006
Yesterday was the first real day Ellie showed us she wanted to go out. We were all sitting in the living room and she suddenly slid off the settee and went into the kitchen, then came back in and went straight out again. As soon as she had been outside she settled again on the settee. Also, last night she wouldn't settle to her bed and paced the floor something shocking. It wasn't like her at all and we thought it was because Lester had just arrived. We decided to use the water spray to make her settle but it wasn't upstairs so Stuart offered to go down for it only to find Ellie following quickly behind him. Her behaviour made him wonder if she wanted out so he opened the door and she dashed to the bottom of the garden to relieve herself. When she came back in she went straight upstairs to her bed and settled.
8th February 2006
Ellie has really settled into our routine, is happy and loves playing

Ellie in the garden on
the 14th January 2006

. . . and again . . .

. . . and again.

Long Legged Beauties
'Just Greyhounds'
2007 Calendar

This picture of Ellie was taken on the 14th January 2006 and is the August support shot in the calendar.
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Long Legged Beauties
'Just Greyhounds'
2008 Calendar
This picture of Ellie was taken
on the 14th January 2006 and
is our March supporting
picture for the calendar
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Ellie on the 28th January 2006
Relaxing on the 28th January 2006

Ellie enjoying her nap
. . . and again.

Ellie on the 5th February 2006
Ellie on the 5th February 2006

Brindle Greyhound
Ellie at Rydal Water
27th April 2006

Brindle Greyhound
..... and again.

with her toys, which she often throws in the air and tries to catch. She loves playing with the other dogs and sometimes barks in such a way it sounds as if she is cross but in fact she is playing. She still comes in to see me every morning once she's been out.
9th February 2006
Lester arrived yesterday and decided today to sleep in my office so I moved a bed in there for him to find not only Lester on the bed but Ellie also - she loves sharing a bed and did with Raven. Sometimes she tries getting in with Indi but Indi won't have that and growls till Ellie goes to her own.
10th February 2006
Ellie went to her new home in the Kendal area this morning where she will be living with a couple and their small son. We really hope she gets on okay and will have a long and happy life with them. Shortly after we arrived home we received a call to say they had taken her out in the garden to see if she wanted to do anything and when they came back in she was refusing to go up the stairs, which were made of vinyl to their flat. She will come down, albeit cautiously but was refusing to go up them. She was alright when we took her a few days ago and likewise this morning so we suggested it may be nerves at being left and the trauma of no longer being with us. Ellie is very food orientated so to tempt her with treats and if all else fails to carry her up tonight as tomorrow she may well be okay.
11th February 2006
We phoned this afternoon to see how Ellie was to be told she still wouldn't go up the stairs, she pulls back, slipped her collar twice, refused to move and it was proving awkward to keep carrying her up the stairs. In view of this we suggested coming over to see if we could help. We decided to take Indi in to give Ellie the confidence she needed. After we arrived and Ellie greeted us we took her downstairs to see if she came up with us but she wouldn't go even with tidbits to encourage her. We put her on the double lead with Indi and up they both went. Ellie looked a bit unsure at first but she had no option than to go with Indi. Indi is the older dog and probably higher up the 'pecking order' so Ellie followed her. They both got praised at the top and given a bit of hot dog sausage. We took them down separately then back up again and again and again until we felt Ellie was more confident. Indi had done the trick and we were very pleased with her but she probably wondered what all the fuss was about. Ellie's new owners then took her up and down the stairs a few times then we all went in for a cup of tea. Whilst we were drinking it one of Ellie's new owner's took her out for a short walk to see if she wanted to do anything and to see if she came up the stairs again for him. He said she was fine so hopefully all will be okay from now on. Ellie is a very sensitive dog so we asked her new owners to give her as much time, attention, cuddles and body contact as possible whilst she was settling in but still remain in charge so she learns her new 'pack hierarchy'.
12th February 2006
Telephoned Ellie's new owners this evening and were delighted to hear she's been going up and down the stairs quite happily. No more accidents in the flat, beginning to play with her toys, getting on with the little boy (who tries feeding her his dinner from his highchair, seems much happier, wagging her tail more and they are pleased with her.
16th February 2006
Received a call from Ellie's new owner who says she is really settling in, sleeps on their bed during the day so it now has a throw over it, follows her little boy everywhere and lays on the settee next to him whilst he's watching television. They've discovered numerous walks in the area but one is spoilt because she refuses to go over the styles even with titbits to tempt her so we offered to go for a walk with them at the weekend to see if ours could tempt her.
19th February 2006
Received a lovely welcome from Ellie when we called this morning - she looked well and happy as we all set of for our walk. When we reached the first style none of the dogs would go over - Bobby tried, but as it wasn't the way the style was designed he may have hurt himself so in order to carry on we lifted all five dogs over. Ellie although small is no light weight and when it came to Lester well, it was like lifting over a tank so it was a good job Stuart was at the other side to take him off me as I couldn't have walked a step with him. There were three styles in all and each one different but the other dogs all managed the second and third ones so Ellie just followed. The last one was at the top of a flight of stone steps and the style was narrow at the bottom, which the dogs had to hop their back legs over. Ellie wasn't too sure to begin with but after three or four trips through and up and down the steps she was doing it confidently on her own. Although she couldn't manage the first one the fact she can now do the other two means she gets plenty of good walks in some lovely countryside.
When we arrived back at the car Ellie was the first to jump in so we had to get her out before we could get the others in. Lester and Romeo promptly followed her in together and as they were both on short leads they took me with them! When it was time for us to leave Ellie she was happily walking across the grass with her new family back to her home.
26th February 2006
Phoned to see how Ellie was getting on - she is well and goes for a run in the field each day now she's mastered the stone stile.
18th March 2006
This afternoon we did Ellie's follow-up visit. It took her a few seconds to realise who it was then we received a very happy boisterous welcome, which took more than a few minutes before she settled down on the settee behind us. She seems to be settling in well with her new family who have found an eclosed area close to the shops made especially for letting your dog off so they have a 'standby' for when there are animals in the field. Ellie was a little nervous of the little boy dropping his toys on the wooden floor at first but she's now used to it and when she plays with her toys or has a mad five minutes round the living room she knows to stop if the little boy comes near her as he's only young and continues again once he's moved away, which is really good.
30th March 2006

27th April 2006
This morning we collected Ellie and her owner and drove up into the lakes to do a calendar photo shoot. She was on the lawn when we arrived and when she saw us getting out the car she came bounding over to say hello. She now has a companion called Dillon who is a five month old pup whom she get on well with. Ellie is very much her owner's dog, wants to go everywhere with her, was really well behaved and did what her owner wanted of her so we got some lovely pictures of her for the lifestyle calendar and we think she enjoyed her day out with the other dogs.
16th May 2006
This evening as we were driving to do a home check we passed Ellie and her owner going to the same house because the people we were visiting were friends of Ellie's owners. They knew Ellie quite well and she was the one who persuaded them to have a greyhound of their own. When we stopped the car and Ellie saw it was us she tried jumping in to say hello to other dogs inside and they were eager to say hello to her. Ellie came in whilst we did the home check and after a few minutes she climbed on the settee with us and lay down behind us. She seemed really settled and happy and it was lovely to see her again.
30th March 2007

30th March 2008
6th November 2008
Received an email this afternoon from Ellie's owner, which was a lovely surprise as we haven't seen her for such a long time. Ellie is apparently doing really well and her owner admits she was very trying when she first arrived but she is so glad she persevered because now she is the perfect pooch! Her little boy and Ellie are inseparable and go everywhere together! She even knows when he's due home from school!
Ellie really enjoys her walks and will occasionally jump the wall or fence en route but it depends on her mood and sometimes she will refuses point blank to go over so they have to go the long way round! They never use a lead these days because she never moves from her owners side and if she does its no more than a few yards and she comes straight back! She will even walk past cats now without bothering them!

30th March 2009
30th March 2010
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