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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Below is one of the 82 dogs we fostered for Dumfriesshire & Cumbria
Greyhound Rescue between July 2004 and the 5th December 2009.
On the 9th December 2009 we became the SOUTH LAKES branch
of the Retired Greyhound Trust for whom we are now foster

Arrived with us on Wednesday 7th June 2006
Went to his new home on Friday 14th July 2006
Came back to us on Wednesday 30th August 2006
Went to his new home on Sunday 3rd September 2006
Sadly Jet passed away on the 7th March 2014 after bone cancer was diagnosed
View Jet's pedigree

Jet's arrival and brief history
Jet on the 7th June 2006
Jet is a black greyhound who is was born on the 26th May 2003 making him just over 3 years old. He weighed 69lbs (31.3k), is neutered, inoculated and housetrained. Jet has a lovely gentle nature, walks well on the lead, is very laid back, gets on well with children and other dogs and takes most things in his stride.
Jet went to his new home to live with May on Friday 14th July 2006 but although his new owners loved him it transpired that May didn't want to share her owner's love with another dog. This had a knock on effect with everyone and in the end after much trying and heartache it was decided Jet should come back to us on the 30th August 2006 so we could find
him another home. May settled back to her normal happy self immediately and so did Jet once they were apart. After just three days of being back with us Jet went to another new home on the 3rd September 2006 where he settled immediately and his new owners adore him.

Jet's Diary

7th June 2006
To save us driving all the way to Dumfries to collect Jet a DGR member offered to bring him down to Tebay Services. When he first saw me he came happily towards me wagging his tail and jumped in the car for the journey home. At home he was fascinated with the others and found Indi particularly 'tasty' but she soon put him in his place so he tried to have his way with Bobby and Lester but got the short shift from them also. It didn't stop him trying but by the end of the day things were beginning to settle down a bit. He's a really happy, friendly dog with beautiful golden eyes that really stand out with him being black. He's not shy at all and has a very friendly disposition.
This evening was Lester's classes so we took Jet along to see how he got on with the other dogs. There were no problems at all and Jet got on well, wanting to play with them all. He even took part with some of the exercises and people were amazed that we had only collected him from the kennels that morning.
8th June 2006
Stairs are no problem for Jet and he settled to his bed very well last
night apart from one incident when he tried getting into bed with Lester and Lester wasn't having any of it. Once put back into his own bed he never stirred again till the morning. House training is going well but he feels the conservatory is an okay place to 'mark his spot' so we are working on that one. He loves the kitchen for it's full of good smells and things to eat. The cold water spray has no effect on him at all because he just shakes his head and carries on doing what he was doing prior to being sprayed so the spray has been put away and its a firm 'No' and removal from the scene that seems to stop him.
9th June 2006
This morning we all drove down to a farm near Chester to do a calendar photo shoot. It was a long trip and because it was forecast to be very hot we set off early to beat the sun. Jet took everything in his stride even having his breakfast in the car park of a Tesco Supermarket. He travelled well in the car and thoroughly enjoyed his day out with all the attention it involved.
10th June 2006
Although we have only had Jet for about three days we feel as if he has been with us a month or more for he is no trouble at all. He has a lovely gentle nature, is very laid back, takes everything in his stride, walks well on the lead and gets on well with the other dogs. He lays on the carpet in the living room and watches you with his big golden eyes and when we go down to stroke him he lifts his back leg for you to stroke his tummy. What a gem!
12th June 2006
This morning we took Jet to the vet to be neutered and this afternoon when Stuart called to collect him he gave him a lovely welcome. He was a bit quiet this evening but that's only to be expected but not once did he try licking his stitches.
13th June 2006
I was ill during the night with a tummy bug so spent all day in bed as I felt so ill. Jet, Lester, Bobby and Indi spent the day asleep on their beds at the end of mine. Occasionally Jet climbed on the bed with me and cuddled up because he probably could tell something was a miss and wanted to be close. Stuart was out working most of the day and I wasn't well enough to take them for a walk. Bless them, for not one of them pestered to go - they were all as good as gold. I kept one ear on Jet the best I could because I didn't want him licking his stitches, which was made easier when he was up on the bed cuddling next to me - he was very good and quickly realised I didn't want him licking them so left them alone.
14th June 2006
I was ill again today with the addition of a swollen saliva gland and once again Jet was very good for I'm sure he could sense something wrong. Again he ventured onto the bed and cuddled down next to me at every opportunity.
15th June 2006
The side of my face had swollen to the size of a football and was extremely painful so Jet and the others had to be left on their own for quite a while today so Stuart could take me to the doctor who promptly sent me to hospital where I was admitted and put on a drip, painkillers and antibiotics. Even though the dogs had been on their own longer than we would have liked today for we didn't know how it was going to turn out when Stuart arrived home he found all was well.
17th June 2006
This evening when Stuart let all the dogs out last thing Lester decided he wasn't going to come in no matter what so at 1am having tried all sorts of other things to tempt him in Stuart went outside with Jet and used him as bait for 'dig or die'. The dig didn't work but Stuart pretending to have a heart attack in the middle of the garden and laying on his back on the lawn brought Jet running to see what was the matter quickly followed by Lester. When Lester stood looking down over him Stuart reached out his arm and took him by the collar then got up and brought him inside.
18th June 2006
Stuart slept in this morning but then I'm not surprised after last night and was woken by Jet nudging him wanting his breakfast.
19th June 2006
Stuart mentioned when he saw me this afternoon that Jet has been climbing on the settee with him each evening and cuddling up to him. He also admitted he'd been climbing on the bed at night and going to sleep next to him but as the past few days have been so topsy turvy and Jet has been thrown into family life at the deep end he let him sleep there. Routine has been thrown in the air whilst I was in hospital what with Stuart working and either having to leave the dogs at home or take them with him and visiting me that he felt they, and he, needed to be given a little leeway. Each time Jet was left at home with the others Stuart came back to a lovely welcome, everything fine and no accidents, which is marvelous to say we were in the middle of house training him when I fell ill. He really has come on well and took all the upheaval in his stride.
20th June 2006
I came out of hospital this afternoon to be met by a crowd of very happy dogs - at last the pack is back to normal!
21st June 2006
This morning in the early hours Jet decided he wanted to get in bed and cuddle down with Indi. Indi likes her bed to herself and we awoke to find her laying in her bed growling and snarling at Jet something awful. Jet just ignored her and carried on snuggling up next to her and getting comfy. Every time he moved position to rest his head on her bum we could hear this growling and grumbling from
her. She was not very happy about having company but Jet, bless him just ignored her and went to sleep.
23rd June 2006
Jet had his stitches out and his second inoculation this morning. The waiting room was full of dogs and he showed no concern for them even a Newfoundland who walked up behind him and surprised him, mind you the look on his face was a picture!
24th June 2006
Since I've been home Jet hasn't tried getting on the bed once but he still climbs onto the settee with Stuart and cuddles up next to him. We had visitors today who brought their young son and Jet got on really well with him, which didn't really surprise us because of his gentle nature. We also took Jet to see a chiropractor this afternoon because he seems to limp a little sometimes on his front right leg. He confirmed he'd had a recent injury to his right elbow and it was probably this that finished off his racing career. He advised us to give him gentle exercise only and not to let him off in a field to run for about a month to six weeks to allow his elbow to heal properly.
1st July 2006
This morning we went for a walk on the beach with May and her owners and were surprised to find Jet anxious and quite keen to chase the birds and other dogs off the lead playing in the sand. He was pulling on his lead and barking so much so the only way we could stop him was to turn around and go back to the car. His behaviour quite surprised us and we wondered if he had ever seen a beach before and other dogs off the lead playing. This is something we will watch over the next few days.
5th July 2006
Jet has always liked his fluffy toys especially the soft ball, which he often takes into the garden. However, recently
he's taken to emptying the toy box at every opportunity and spreading them around the house especially just before going to bed at night. Jet is a really happy dog and whenever we walk near him when he's laying down his tail starts wagging and he lifts his back leg asking for a cuddle, which we can't resist.
7th July 2006
Don't know why but Jet has taken to chewing things the past couple of days or so and each time he does it we take away what he shouldn't be chewing and give him something he can. Yazmin our model lost one of her white shoes and we found it in the garden with him happily chewing the heal! He also tried chewing the shelf in our bedroom and a couple of toys he shredded. We've had a couple of models here this week working on the calendars and maybe its the hustle and bustle surrounding the work we've been doing that has unsettled him, which surprises us as he never bothered with the photo shoot on the 9th June 2006.
This afternoon we did a photo shoot by Coniston Lake with Yazmin, which seemed to unsettle him. He barked at a seagull, a swan, a couple of dogs fetching things from the water, a canoeist, a canonist with a swimmer along side and a man in a dingy. Later we let him watch three men put rowing boats in the lake, climb in and row off. When he saw them going past the rock as with the canoe and dingy he never bothered. His behaviour gave us something to think about and tomorrow I will ring Kevin of Bay Dog Training and have a chat to confirm our belief that all these things are new to him and he never bothered about the rowing boats as he'd seen the men get into them and knew what they were.
8th July 2006
Kevin confirmed that Jet must have led a very sheltered life and seeing a beach and lake with all the associated things happening was new to him. This caused him to become over stimulated due to his confusion with these strange new things that he didn't know whether he should be frightened of them, attack them or go and play with them. Kevin confirmed that was why we received mixed feelings about what was happening, found it difficult to decide if he wanted to chase them or play with them and that he needs more socialisation with life. This should be done slowly and at his pace because if he 'goes a step too far' his mixed feelings will show through and what we did by removing him from the scene was the right thing to do. Basically, if he goes to a beach where there are two dogs on a lead and he's fine then it shows he can cope with it. If there is a dog of the lead running and jumping about playing with a ball and Jet starts pulling and barking then he has gone 'a step too far' for him to cope and to remove him from the scene and try again another day. If a dog is on the lead and running around but Jet isn't bothered then he can cope with that. It's a case of introducing him to as many things as possible but doing it a bit at a time and removing him from the scene if he becomes over stimulated - this may take a few weeks but we are assured he will get there in the end as he learns to accept and not to worry about other things happening around him.
Jet met May and her family again this morning as he was spending the day with them to see how he got on with a view to them adopting him. He arrived home about 5.30pm, all seemed okay and he is going to be adopted by them next Friday.
12th July 2006
Since the chewing sessions we've had no further problems so maybe the models being here did upset him, either that or it could have been the arrival of Laila. Jet loves attention and plenty of cuddles so perhaps it was Laila's arrival that unsettled him for a couple of days because he thought he wasn't getting as much attention.
14th July 2006
This evening we took Jet to his new home and he happily walked inside wagging his tail. When he met May she did a mad five minutes round the living room before going over to his new bed and settling herself there for the rest of our stay. Jet soon made himself at home playing with the soft toys, rooting through the waste paper bin, playing with one of the children's models which soon got moved up out of reach, touring the garden and settling on May's bed. He was a laugh a minute, looked totally relaxed with his new family and we hope he has a long and happy life in his new home.
16th July 2006
Phoned to see how Jet was and he seems to be settling in although its still early days. May and Jet have a mad five minutes play around the living room every now and then, they are sharing beds occasionally which is good because Jet loves cuddling up to another dog and they have been out and about together on walks. Jet is still a bit wary of small yappy dogs - if they are quiet he's fine but he doesn't seem to like them yapping so his new owners are crossing over the road to distract him, which should help him to settle. He wouldn't eat his breakfast yesterday morning which is unusual for Jet but as soon as May had finished hers, sniffed at his and walked away he dived in and devoured it - almost as if he was asking her permission to eat it - she's obviously the top dog in this house! Since then he's eaten his the moment his dish is on the floor. The wooden stairs are still a bit of a problem but with coaxing and holding his collar a few times whilst he's going up and down should soon resolve the uncertainty he is experiencing.
29th August 2006
We've been in touch with Jet's new owners a few times since he went to his new home because there have been a one or two issues between May and Jet as to setting the 'pack' order, May acting out of character by being bossy and very vocal, Jet acting out of character by being quite subdued, not wagging his tail as much, not socialising with all the children, soiling and wetting in the house at any hour or time of day with doors open or closed and people being present or not, along with the two of them no longer playing with each other, sitting in the same room together or going to bed at night on the same floor - if one went upstairs the other would go down into the living room. It has been a difficult time for Jet's owners as they love him and have tried everything to make it work. However, listening to his owner's latest observations I began to realise the similarities between May and Jet with Jake and Jill and we put these to Jet's owner to think about before we considered moving forward.
30th August 2006
It was very sad this evening because Jet's owners came to the conclusion that for Jet's, May's and everyone's sake Jet would have to come back to us. They were really upset about bringing him back for they had tried so hard to make it work but when it's the two dogs who are putting up with each other rather than enjoying each others company its a difficult one to resolve.
31st August 2006
Phoned today to see how May was and found she had immediately gone back to her normal happy self the minute Jet left. Likewise, since Jet has been back he hasn't exhibited any of the problems they had experienced, which confirmed our suspicions that the problem was the dogs just didn't see eye to eye with each other and therefore best apart.
1st September 2006
Did a home check this afternoon and took Jet and Romeo with us whom we only collected this morning. The home check was a pass and when we spoke later that evening they had fallen for Jet and they wanted to rehome him as soon as possible so they could settle him in before we went to Ireland.
3rd September 2006
Having had yesterday for Jets new owners to get things ready for him we took him this morning to his new home where we hope he will have a long and happy life.
4th September 2006
Phoned this morning to see how Jet was settling in and so far all seems well.
12th September 2006
Although in Ireland we arranged for the DGR homing co-ordinator to keep in touch with Jet's new owners whilst we were away as Jet was their first dog and we wanted to be on hand should they have any questions. He mentioned Jet had had a couple of accidents by the back door before they got to him in the mornings and it transpired that Jet would go out at night, do a quick wee then want back in within a couple of minutes so he advised they leave him out in the garden for a good ten or fifteen minutes last thing at night and not stand and watch him, which would encourage him to do everything he needed to do before settling down for the night and the problem was resolved.
23rd September 2006
Received an email this evening from Jet's new owners who say Jet is great, very settled and happy, no problems at all. They are all besotted with him and they look forward to when we visit to do the follow up visit. This will be
shortly now that we are back from Ireland and when I am a bit more mobile following my fall on the 10th, which turned out to be a fractured pelvis and not a twisted groin muscle as first thought.
7th October 2006
Called in this morning and did Jet's follow-up visit. He gave us a lovely welcome then settled on his blanket on the settee next to me so I could stroke him whilst talking. He looked really happy and content and his new owners say he has settled in well and is a pleasure to have because he is calm and gentle yet full of life and fun - they adore him and he them because when we got up to leave he was quite happy to stay on the settee with his new owner whilst we left.
28th April 2007
Today we all went to Barrow in Furness for our very first Greyhound Awareness Day in the town centre and were so pleased Jet and his owners were able to join us for a while. When Jet came over to say hello we were quite taken aback at how well he looked - his coat was just so shiny. It was lovely to see him again and he enjoyed meeting the other dogs.
26th May 2007
6th January 2008
This morning Jet and his family drove to the DCGR homing co-ordinator as they were interested in adopting Tina as a companion for Jet. Tina is a small black Greyhound he'd been fostering for about six weeks and who is a very nervous little girl but she got on okay with Jet and by the end of their visit she was beginning to respond to Jet's owners so they took her home with them.
11th January 2008
Received an email this afternoon letting us know that Tina was settling in well. Her owner says Tina is a little poppet-no trouble at all, loves her food, loves her bed and walks, and is coming round to cuddles and affection more each day. Jet is great with her, they are eating side by side, each having a sneaky lick at the other's bowl when they've finished, and drinking out of each others water bowls, sharing beds and toys. Jet's owner said she knew Jet would be fine as he's such a gentle lad. Tina watches their and Jet's every move, gaining confidence each day and is great on walks, gets on well with Josh, another black Greyhound who lives nearby and they are so glad they adopted her.
20th January 2008
This afternoon we called to see Jet, Tina and their owners to do Tina's follow-up visit. Jet met us at the door and gave us a lovely greeting before jumping on the settee in between Stuart and I and settling there for almost all our stay. His owner said afterwards it's almost as if he was saying 'look, these are my friends' and lay for quite a while with his head on Stuart's lap. Tina lay in her bed most of the time as she's still quite nervous and doesn't know us but she jumped up to join Jet and his owners if she thought she was missing out on something. Jet is very good with her and they are getting on well together. They have their food next to each other, share each others toys and she follows him everywhere. When it was almost time to leave I went over to stroke her in her bed. I half expected her
to jump up and move away but she didn't and she seemed to enjoy the attention she was receiving. Jet and Tina seem very happy to be in each other's company and we wish them a long and happy life together.
23rd February 2008
There was an email waiting for us when we got back from Ireland letting us know that all was well with Tina and Jet. Tina has been going off-lead in the woods near the Abbey and along the beach, which she absolutely loves and is apparently a little star for coming back when called. Tina is friendly with every dog she meets, big or small, and follows Jet everywhere. Her new owners are so glad they got her and are thinking of knitting another dog with all the hair she's been losing when they brush her and they will have a sleek and shiny Tina in no time!
26th May 2008

2nd July 2008
Received an email this evening letting us know that Jet and Tina are doing very well. Tina has quite a little personality, although still nervous in many situations. Her and Jet get on very well together but he is prone to show off for her, like the big daft lad that he is and she in turn seems to egg him on to mischief! This recently led to the sad demise of a chicken on a recent walk! The chicken's owner was very understanding when they knocked on the door to confess, being the owner of two playful pointers himself. Other than that two Greyhounds are no more trouble than one, and they love them dearly
25th September 2008
Received an email today from Jet's owner letting us know that Jet and Tina are both well. Tina is still quite nervous of busy places and will not stand on Market Street in the town because it is too busy with people and traffic and she trembles and shakes if her owners stand to talk to anyone along there. They are really pleased that Gemma, the Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue's 500th homed dog has come to live with their friends Rose and Steve who have Josh. They say she is gorgeous and they were all on the beach together yesterday, then back at Rose's for a cuppa, where Gemma climbed on the settee and cuddled up to Jet. They all got along brilliantly. Jet and Tina are staying with Rose for a few days , so they'll be housemates again then - that should be some picture - 4 black Greyhounds together!
26th May 2009

26th May 2010

7th June 2010
Recieved an email today from Jet's owner letting us know they'd met Tess who has just been adopted by a lady who lives nearby. A friend of Jet's owner lives across the road from where Tess is living and they all met up on their way back from a walk and had their photograph taken together.
26th May 2011

26th May 2012

26th May 2013

7th March 2014
Today we received the sad news that Jet passed away this morning. His owner said he had become terribly lame a fortnight ago, the vet thought it may be arthritis in his shoulder, where he's had problems before, but stronger medication hadn’t helped. This morning when the vet x-rayed him it showed a mass of cancer in the bone at the top of his leg/shoulder area.
He had not been off his food, his coat was as sleek as ever and he still had his usual howl and mad tail wag for Phill when he came home from work.
While he was still sedated this morning he was put to sleep while his owner cradled his head in her arms. He was the best dog they could ever have wished for, they loved him more than they could ever have imagined, he was their “Big Lad”, and they thank us for matching them up with him. He's had seven and a half great years with them, and he will leave a huge hole in their lives, Tina his companion will miss him dearly, he was a character.

Nikki with Jet on the 9th June 2006
Nikki with Jet
9th June 2006
during a calendar photo shoot

Black Greyhound
9th June 2006

Jet on the 29th June 2006
Jet in the garden
29th June 2006

Jet in the garden
. . . and again. . .

Jet in the garden
. . . and again . . .

Jet on the 29th June 2006
. . . and again . .

Jet on the 29th June 2006
. . . . and again . . .

Jet relaxing in the garden
. . . and again . . .

Long Legged Beauties
'Just Greyhounds'
2007 Calendar
This picture of Jet was taken
on the 28th June 2006 and is our
main May calendar shot

Black Greyhound
A very timid Tina
when she first arrived
in Greyhound Rescue
as a stray in late
November 2007

3 greyhounds
7th June 2010
Jet and Tina meet Tess
and go for a walk.

Black Greyhound
March 2014

Black Greyhound
March 2014

In loving memory of Jet

He loped into our house and our hearts, trusted us, reflected our love back in his beautiful amber eyes, made us smile every day, what a dog! We will never forget you Jet, our boy.

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