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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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When adopting a greyhound the suggested donation is £150.00 which goes towards neutering, inoculations, upkeep etc. Some people give a little less, while
others want to give more. We are quite flexible with this, and with this we provide:
Martingale Collar, Lead, Muzzle and 4 weeks free cover with the insurance company PetPlan

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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
Please contact Jenny or Stuart
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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Below is one of the 82 dogs we fostered for Dumfriesshire & Cumbria
Greyhound Rescue between July 2004 and the 5th December 2009.
On the 9th December 2009 we became the SOUTH LAKES branch
of the Retired Greyhound Trust for whom we are now foster

Kane arrived on Thursday 13th July 2006
Went to his new home with Reggie on Wednesday 30th August 2006
Sadly Kane died on Thursday 13th October 2011
following a short illness caused by a tumour on his back leg.
Rest in peace my sweetheart

Kane's arrival and a brief history

Kane is a brindle greyhound
Kane is a brindle greyhound who was born on the 9th September 2002 making him almost 4 years old. He weighs 68lbs (30.8k), is house trained, neutered and inoculated, walks gently on the lead, good around other dogs both large and small, though at present gets excited if they bark, which maybe because he wants to go and play with them!
Kane is a friendly, happy, playful character who enjoys meeting people and going for long walks, but needs to be kept on a lead at present around poultry and sheep.
Kane has been living in a house for about a month but due to a change in family circumstances that unsettled him he came back into rescue and will stay with us until he find his forever home.
Kane's Diary

13th July 2006
Kane was quite nervous and anxious when he first arrived, got on fine with the other dogs then proceeded around the place 'marking his spot' everywhere he could. Thankfully it was only a couple of drops at a time but most infuriating so he was put on the lead for a couple of hours before his tea to restrain his need to do this and he lay down on the floor behind my chair in the office and let me do a little work.
Kane's previous family mentioned he had escaped from their house a few times in the past week and had to be fetched back, which may well be part and parcel of his unsettlement so we were a little unsure of letting him loose too soon in the garden for he gave us the impression of wanting to get away. This may be his nerves but we weren't taking any chances so he was on a lead in doors at all times this evening whilst the conservatory door remained open.
14th July 2006
Kane slept well last night but wanted out quite early. He's been off the lead in the garden all day and seems a lot happier because of it and we've only had about three accidents today. Early evening Stuart was on the patio preparing our barbeque tea when he suddenly heard a commotion with horses and people coming from the tunnel and running up the road towards the village. Kane could hear the 'clopping' of the horse's hooves and was very keen to know what was happening so when they got level with our gate he suddenly ran and jumped in between the wooden pillars holding the pergola to the supporting wall. It was a four foot wall with just a foot in between the pillars but he went straight through and looking for a way across the wall that goes along our drive. Luckily, Stuart was 'on the ball' and was up and moving towards him as he got between the pillars so when he landed the other side and about to look for a way out Stuart was there to stop him going any further. Out of 36 dogs, including our own he is the only one to attempt that jump and has certainly gone to the top of the escape artist list.
15th July 2006
Needless to say a piece of trellis has now been fitted to the pillars up the side of the pergola so no more escapes can be made and a piece of trellis attached to the top of the gate from the garden into the drive making it a foot higher so he doesn't try that way either.
He's started coming to greet us in the morning with the others. At first he was tempted to jump across the bed to me but soon learn't from the others to run around the bed to see me. Had just one accident today and that was when he went into the living room for the evening. He just walked in and cocked his leg in the corner so was sent straight outside to do more and be praised. When he came back in he climbed on the settee next to Stuart for a cuddle but when Laila came near for a stroke he growled at her causing her to jump back and dash out the room. Kane was told off and removed from the settee as the settee is a privilege not a right, then Laila was brought back in and made a fuss of before all dogs came back in the and settled down for the rest of the evening.
16th July 2006
Kane is a really nice dog who knows his name, is happy and friendly, loves meeting people, keeps trying to get the other dogs to play with him. He walks nicely on the lead but can become quite keen if he sees something, or thinks he's seen something! He is still settling in and at the moment, wants all the attention and is trying to assert his authority within the pack over the one he thinks he can do it to (Laila). The penny hasn't quite dropped, that in this house he has to share, that no dog gets more affection than the others and that he must wait his turn and not push in. This afternoon he was laying next to Stuart at his desk when Laila walked in to say hello and he growled at her. This got him reprimanded but poor Laila turned around and left so we brought her straight back for a cuddle to show she hadn't done wrong.
Kane has only been with us a short time and sometimes we find when the new dog makes five they find it harder to settle so we are taking his early behaviour with a pinch of salt at present for he may well settle better once Lester and Laila go to their new home in a few days time.
17th July 2006
Kane and Laila are much happier today and whatever their difference of the past couple of days it seems it may now be settled. Lester and Laila's new owners arrived this evening from Jersey and Kane gave them a lovely greeting.
25th July 2006
We were a little concerned as to how Kane would react to Lester and Laila's new owners being in the house over the past week and paying them the most attention because of the way he was during the first few days with us. We hoped the change in routine wouldn't have an adverse affect on him but we needn't have worried for he took them being here in his stride. He's greeted them whenever they arrived giving them both a lovely welcome, which probably helped Lester and Laila and we've had no accidents other than I think once when he cocked his leg in the conservatory as he was walking through on the way out into the garden - for some reason he still seems to think the conservatory is part of his yard! One of Lester's new owners really liked Kane and wanted him too but realised that three new dogs would be too much. Kane loves playing in the garden with the others and on one occasion he became so excited that Lester's new owner thought he was going to jump one of the walls but he came back when called.
28th July 2006
Over the past few days Kane has really settled down, he follows Breeze everywhere and has become really attached to her, so much so we hardly know we have him. He waits patiently for his collar being put on to go for a walk, walks lovely on the lead, shows no interest in the grazing sheep in the field as we walk down the road past them, isn't as boisterous around the house and garden, waits patiently for his meals and loves playing with his toys. One thing we have noticed is he shows no inclination to get on the settee since the confrontation when Laila walked past him and, since then he seems happy to lay on the sheepskin rug in the corner of the living room.
1st August 2006
Breeze was returned to Tia Greyhound Rescue this lunch time and since her departure Kane has been extremely quiet and subdued as he had really bonded with her. Both Paddy and Reggie arrived this evening, which is the first time two new dogs came at the same time so it was a bit hectic. Kane kept in the background so as not to be accidentally sprayed with water or knocked over as they were dashing about and we gave him a big cuddle when it came to going to bed so he didn't feel left out. This he loves and rolled over as he usually does lifting his back leg so we can stroke his chest and tummy.
4th August 2006
There were a number of ducks walking around the farmyard as we walked past this afternoon during our walk and both Kane and Reggie were very keen to get them, however, a few squirts with the cold water spray accompanied by the word 'leave' and both looked the other way and walked on. This evening they were there again so there was a repeat of 'leave' and the cold water spray to make them look away and walk on.
5th August 2006
Saw the ducks again this afternoon but water spray in hand (not squeezing) and a firm 'leave' was sufficient for Kane to look the other way and carry on walking, which was really good. Had him walking on a double chain with Reggie during one of our walks today as I was out with five dogs on my own and both dogs walked well together to say it was their first time.
6th August 2006
This afternoon we were accompanied by a couple on our walk who may be interested in homing Reggie or Kane or both. During the walk one held one and the other held the

Kane on the 11th June 2006

Kane on the 11th June 2006
. . . and again . .

Brindle greyhound
. . .and again.

Kane and Reggie on New Years Eve
With Reggie
31st December 2006

Kane and Reggie on New Year's Eve
cuddling up

Kane and Reggie
. . and again.

Day out at Lownsey Point
Reggie with Kane and their
owner at Lownsey Point
January 2007

Day out at Lownsey Point
. . and close up

2 Greyhounds
Reggie and Kane
looking over Loch Faskally in
the holiday Cottageat Pitlochry

2 Greyhounds
Reggie and Kane Summer
2011 with Port na Craig and
Festival Theatre in the background.
other and both dogs were very good.
12th August 2006
We spent the day at Dalston Show helping out with the DGR stand by talking to people about greyhounds and showing them ours. Kane was really, really good all day and took all the people, children, dogs and hustle and bustle in his stride - we were really proud of him and he is such a lovely dog.
13th August 2006
Kane and Reggie spent the day with the couple who came with us on our walk last weekend. They left at 10am and came home about 9pm. All seemed to go well and for the rest of the evening Kane crashed out on the living room floor - they'd had a busy day and he looked exhausted!
18th August 2006
Thunder arrived yesterday to stay a couple of days and Kane loved the additional company for we found him running round the garden with Thunder, Paddy and Indi at every opportunity having a wonderful time. This evening Kane's potential new owner collected him and Reggie this evening to spend the weekend with them.
20th August 2006
This evening Kane and Reggie came back after spending the weekend with their potential new owners and after giving us a lovely welcome Kane settled in the living room for the evening. He is such a quiet laid back gentleman he reminds me very much of Moss and I will miss him when he goes to his new home.
25th August 2006
This morning Reggie had his stitches removed and the vet gave him some shampoo in case he had a mite that was causing him to itch - as it was, the tests turned out to be just dry skin but before we knew that he was bathed along with the other dogs. Not sure if Kane has had a bath before because he wasn't too sure of what was going on but he enjoyed being dried all over with the towel afterwards and probably forgave us once he realised the bath was quite nice really.
Reggie and Kane's potential new owner collected them this evening after work because they are having them until next Tuesday morning when he is dropping them back again on his way into work. When he walked through the door they both gave him a lovely welcome, which was lovely to see.
29th August 2006
Kane and Reggie arrived back about 8.30 this morning and both looked happy after their weekend away.
30th August 2006
This evening Kane and Reggie went to their new home and both greeted their owner when he arrived to collect them. We wish them both long and happy lives together in their new home.
9th September 2006
21st September 2006
Received an email today letting us know that both Kane and Reggie are well. They have been to the vets for a check-up and were microchipped. Kane wasn't very happy after he'd had it done and was very quiet for some time afterwards, however, by his next meal time he was feeling better and was playing again.
Both are attending weekly obedience classes to help with their training and socialisation with other dog breeds they haven't seen before. Kane, generally is okay but he goes along with Reggie and it will do them both good.
Kane is much more laid back than Reggie and during a walk when Reggie caught a rat in the undergrowth Kane looked at him in despair as is to say 'what is he up to now !!!!! By the time their owner had got Reggie to drop the rat they looked like something from the Chainsaw Massacre. All needed a bath upon getting home and their owner decided to give that walk a miss in the future.
For a quieter life Kane sometimes allows Reggie to boss him from his bed, which is a bit naughty of Reggie because he will push his way in and almost sit on top of Kane and although Kane will be grumpy with him, for a quieter life he often gets up and goes to the other bed. Reggie will also try and eat Kane's food but as we explained to his new owners Reggie is trying it on and they need to ride 'shot gun' with the water spray at meal times to allow Kane to eat his food in peace until Reggie learns not to touch it.
7th October 2006
Called in this morning to do Reggie's and Kane's follow up visit. They both gave us a lovely welcome then settled on the living room carpet next to each other and dozed off with Reggie resting his foot on Kane whilst we had a chat. Kane is just so laid back, he looked well and seems very happy and settled in his new home. They both enjoyed their holiday to Scotland last week - took the journey in their stride, settled quickly in the cottage, slept each night in the walk-in wardrobe which made an ideal bed for them and enjoyed watching people walking along the beach with their dogs. At first Reggie was quite keen at seeing the dogs on the beach from the living room's large picture window but after a couple of days he couldn't care less how many went past to Kane's relief because Kane can't see what all the fuss was about. Kane is the much more laid back dog and his new owners say that at times it's
almost as if he's looking out for Reggie which is nice to hear because it shows they are getting on with each other as well in their new home as they did here. Reggie nearly had a cat last Saturday evening and Kane tried the following day because they keep diving into bushes where they've seen them in the past but on that part of the walk both dogs are muzzled following the rat incident with Reggie. Their owners are hoping that when they have seen enough cats they will calm down and hope the sooner the better.
29th November 2006
Heard today that both Reggie and Kane are both well and still attending obedience classes. Reggie now retrieves his toy on command and Kane looks at him as if he thinks he's mad!
29th December 2006
Received an email this afternoon letting us know that Kane and Reggie stayed in a hotel overnight recently whilst their owners attended a dinner dance. Both dogs were really well behaved and stayed in their room during the dinner and dancing with not a sound from either of them. After the dancing had finished they went for a walk around the hotel grounds and again in the morning before everyone had breakfast and both dogs were treated to a sausage!
They had a lovely Christmas with plenty of squeaky toys, which Reggie loves but Kane isn't so fussed but will play with them.
Both dogs are doing well but still glare and pull a bit on their leads when they see a cat but it will take time, and for some it will take longer than for others.
15th January 2007
Received an email this evening with some pictures of Kane and Reggie waiting for the New Year to arrive and also walking along Lownsey Point.
Kane and Reggie now cuddle up together at night and sometimes their owners hear a few grumbles when Reggie stands on Kane. They play well together with their toys and the garden looks like a rugby field at present as they gallop round and round.
23rd January 2007
A few days ago there was an altrication between Kane and a corgie at the training class which took everyone by surprise, luckily Kane put the dog down without any harm being done. Having reviewed the situation Kane's owners feel he thought the corgie was a draught excluder that a relative has which Kane plays with when he visits. This is because when he took hold of the corgie from the look on his face he was surprised and when he realised it wasn't quite what he thought he let go.
28th April 2007
Today we all went to Barrow in Furness for our very first Greyhound Awareness Day in the town centre and were so pleased Kane and Reggie were able to join us along with their owners for a while. We met them in the car park as we were arriving so having said hello we all walked together into the town centre where the event was being held. It was lovely to see them both again and they enjoyed meeting the other dogs.
9th September 2007
9th September 2008
20th November 2008
Received an email this evening from Kane's owner letting us know that Kane is as good as gold and causes them no problems at all.
9th September 2009
9th September 2010
9th September 2011

14th October 2011
Kane's owner emailed this morning with some sad news. Kane was diagnosed with a tumour on his back leg about three or four weeks ago. At first it was thought to be just in his leg, and he was holding his own. He even went on holiday to Scotland as was planned where the whole family made the stay as relaxing and enjoyable as they could knowing it was possibly going to be Kane's last, and he did so love his holidays in Scotland.
Since returning home his health deteriorated further and with his decline being so rapid and he was in pain it was felt best he be allowed to pass away, which he did last night with the aid of the vet. .Reggie was with him at the time, and today he is quite subdued.
In loving memory of
You were our sweetheart,
our lovely, lovely sweetheart.
You were our soldier to the
very end. Now free of pain
and running with the angels
we will miss your lovely
smiles, our darling laughing
boy, but you will remain
in our hearts forever.
Brindle Greyhound
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