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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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When adopting a greyhound the suggested donation is £150.00 which goes towards neutering, inoculations, upkeep etc. Some people give a little less, while
others want to give more. We are quite flexible with this, and with this we provide:
Martingale Collar, Lead, Muzzle and 4 weeks free cover with the insurance company PetPlan

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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Below is one of the 82 dogs we fostered for Dumfriesshire & Cumbria
Greyhound Rescue between July 2004 and the 5th December 2009.
On the 9th December 2009 we became the SOUTH LAKES branch
of the Retired Greyhound Trust for whom we are now foster


Reggie arrived on Tuesday 1st August 2006
Went to his new home with Kane on Wednesday 30th August 2006

Sadly Reggie passed away on the 20th August 2015
when his back end deteriorated as a result of his arthritus.

Reggie's arrival and a brief history
Reggie is a black and white greyhound
Reggie is a black and white neutered greyhound who was born on the 24th January 2004 so he is just 2½ years old.
He came to us on the 29th April 2006 on his way to his new home where he stayed until the 1st August 2006. All seemed well at the follow up visit on the 12th June 2006 but because of a change in family circumstances he has come back into Rescue and we are looking for his forever home.
Reggie walks well on the lead and is a very loving and playful dog who is house trained, neutered and inoculated but not suitable for a home with cats. He weighs 71lbs (32.4k)
Reggie's Diary

12th June 2006
This afternoon we did the follow-up visit for Reggie and found him looking well, happy and content. For most of our visit he sat on his bed watching the world go by through the patio doors. He knows not to go upstairs and doesn't get on the settee during the day. However, at night he can't resist sleeping there, even when his owners put barricades on it to stop him - he just climbs around it and goes to sleep. Many Greyhounds don't like sleeping on the floor as they feel the drafts and prefer to sleep on a raised item as found in many kennels up out the way of the cold. This may be why he is so persistent and we suggested to prevent him accidentally knocking something off and causing damage it may be better to just cover the settee with a throw when they go to bed so if he does climb on it during the night he doesn't get it dirty. He's also a bit of a thief but that may be because he went through a phase in his life when he was short of food and had to fend for himself. He's now in an environment where there is a kitchen with lots of nice smells and food around all the time. We advised that in time and with vigilance his need to thieve, which he does very well at the moment will reduce in time when he realise's he will be fed, and fed enough so has no need to steal.
1st August 2006
Received a call this afternoon asking if Reggie could come back into Rescue so Stuart brought him home this evening having just collected Paddy. Both dogs were quite nervous so we kept them on the lead round the garden and inside the house to allow them to settle. Reggie looked well, had gained weight since we last saw him and his coat was looking really nice and shiny. He tried 'marking his spot' in the kitchen a couple of times but was stopped and immediately taken into the garden until he did it there before being allowed back inside. The rest of the evening was spent quietly in the living room to help them both settle but we noticed Reggie keep looking at us and quietly whimpering.
2nd August 2006
Didn't get much sleep last night as Reggie spent most of the time laying on his bed in our bedroom whimpering. It was only a very quiet whimper but sufficient to keep us awake and the only way we could make him stop for a while was to squirt him with the cold water spray and say 'go to bed'.
This morning he tried jumping up to the table whilst I was getting their food ready, which resulted in him being sprayed with the cold water spray accompanied by a firm 'off'. He ate his dinner as if he was frightened the others were going to steal it then tried going into their bowls as well so we held him until they finished theirs and they all went outside.
Reggie has been 'pacing' a bit today because he is very unsettled and Bobby and Indi have put him in his place a number of times. He's enjoyed his walks and been good on the lead but we've had a couple of accidents, one of which was almost on top of Indi who was laying on the floor at the time growling at him standing over her. He just stayed his ground above her and the next thing I knew he was having a wee so he was removed from the scene immediately and taken outside.
Whilst talking to a friend this afternoon during our walk Reggie, whilst waiting by my side almost chewed through his lead so when we got home it had to go in the bin.
Reggie has been a bit of a handful since he arrived, which may be due to his circumstances combined with Paddy's arrival at the same time for we weren't expecting two on the same day. This evening in the living room he began whimpering again so Stuart got him on the settee beside him and cuddled him till bed time. After a few minutes of being unsure Reggie settled in the crook of Stuart's arm and went to sleep. He looked a lot happier and the most relaxed since being here - Stuart commented afterwards that he felt the tension drain from him as he settled there.

3rd August 2006
Reggie settled to his bed easily last night and we never heard a sound from him till the morning when he wanted out so the cuddles on the settee last night helped him a lot. When we get their food ready Reggie stands right next to you resting his nose on his dish, which is okay, but this morning he growled at Paddy for coming close so he was told off and removed from the table area. From now on he will have to stay well back from the table when meals are being made as this is something we want to discourage.
Preparing their food this evening involved Stuart 'riding shot gun' with the cold water spray and Reggie was sprayed and told to go away every time he came near the table. The other dogs lay down at the far end of the kitchen out of range but Reggie was quite persistent so got quite wet. The spray came into the conservatory when they were given their food because Reggie jumped all over the place and I'm sure he was frightened he wasn't going to get any. He was not happy about being sprayed and made to wait his turn but he has to learn it's not a fight.
Reggie is fascinated with the tropical fish in the tank and sits for ages watching the fish swimming.

4th August 2006
This morning I tried feeding them on my own and I continued the water spray at the table whilst preparing their food. Reggie was much better and for most of the time he kept back but occasionally wandered to close and pointing the water spray at him and saying 'away' was enough to make him turn around and walk away. Balancing three dishes of food in one hand and the spray in the other I ventured from the kitchen into the conservatory with Reggie and Paddy bouncing around me. The spray was a good deterrent but one of them jumped up knocking a dish from me - it did a somersault and landed upside down in the weighted bowl we use to raise one of the dishes up so as to make it easier for them to feed. The whole lot landed in the bowl with the dog's dish upside down on top. Not one piece of food was on the floor! I lifted the dish and Paddy started eating so I gave the others to Reggie and Kane then picked out the couple of large stones from Paddy's bowl that weighed it down so he could eat his food. As I walked into the kitchen to wash the stones I couldn't help chuckle at what had happened because if I'd tried to spin the dish like that and make it land upside down in the bowl I would have had a problem getting the dish to flip let alone land on top without spilling any of the food - bet I couldn't do it again and it saved me having to mop the floor!
This afternoon we saw some ducks walking across the farmyard during our walk and Reggie, ears in the air was keen to have a better look. However, a few squirts from the water spray, a firm 'leave' and walking on so he never had time to stop got him past the situation.
This evening with water spray in hand Reggie was much better whilst we were preparing his food but it's still a bit of a fight to get all the dishes on the floor without them being tipped over - will have to work on this one.

Despite the problems we've been having at feeding times Reggie is settling better each day. He's only a youngster and been a bit unsettled over the past few months so its not surprising he doesn't know whether he's coming or going at the moment. He's not whimpering as much as he did when he first arrived although sometimes I think he's just talking to us and asking for reassurance. He loves you talking to him and he can't get enough cuddles. He's playing with the toys and tries to get the others to play with him by standing in front of them and barking. He has quite a 'husky' bark so it sounds quite funny compared to the others. The one he's barking at usually ignores him and if he's too persistent we call him away. Bobby and Indi are still putting him in his place but not so much as before and when we watch him we are sure he's teasing or testing them, much to their annoyance! Reggie has a lovely face and is a really friendly, playful dog who comes for cuddles frequently. He waits quietly whilst his collar is being put on, walks well on the lead, loves
sleeping on one of the beds in my office and best of all loves sleeping on the settee, where we often find him if he goes missing.
5th August 2006
Saw the ducks again this afternoon but water spray in hand (not squeezing) and a firm 'leave' was sufficient for him to look the other way and carry on walking - think we are getting there! Had him walking on a double chain with Kane during one of our walks today as I was out with five dogs on my own and both dogs walked well together to say it was their first time.
6th August 2006
This afternoon we were accompanied by a couple on our walk who may be interested in homing Reggie or Kane or both. During the walk one held one and the other held the other and both dogs were very good and enjoyed their walk.
8th August 2006
Reggie is much more settled, whimpers the odd time
still but soon shuts up if you talk to him, now knows to wait for his food being prepared, walks quietly out of the kitchen into the conservatory and keeps all four feet on the floor whilst I give him his food. He eats his food much more slowly and once finished (so long as I supervise) will go in the garden to do what he has to do before coming back into the house looking to see if any food is left in any of the other dishes. If I don't supervise he still regards the other dishes as fair game and will nudge one out to get their food - but what a huge improvement in the week since he arrived. He was hard work to begin with but with persistence and consistency he is turning into a really sweet companion.
10th August 2006
During our walk this afternoon we let Remy, who is staying with us a couple of days, off the lead in the reserve and Reggie really wanted to join him as he tried spinning on his lead in an attempt to get out his collar to run after him, however, using the water spray just the once was enough to make him stop and walk quietly with the others as he normally does.
Reggie is a very playful dog and wants to play with the others all the time, which on occasion can be to their annoyance. He's a lovely dog and has quite a character.
This evening Reggie was asleep upstairs whilst we were watching a film on the television. A fight suddenly started, there was a lot of noise and Reggie came charging into the living room to see what the commotion was, the others, who had all been asleep
jumped up to see what he'd discovered but when they realised it was only the TV they went back to sleep. However, Reggie was fascinated with the television and stood watching it for quite a long time before going back upstairs. There were another two commotions causing him to come running down again to see what it was but on these occasions the other dogs just ignored him. When fed up of standing in front the television he decided the settee was much more comfortable so lay next to Stuart intently watching the action on the television. He was funny as he never took his eyes from it for long spells at a time as he found it fascinated.
12th August 2006
We spent the day at Dalston Show helping with the DGR
stand by talking to people about greyhounds and showing them ours. Reggie was quite excited at the beginning and spun on his lead as we entered the show ground when he saw a couple of small dogs playing and as he is such a happy playful dog we think he may have wanted to play as well. Even so, we made his lead shorter so he walked very close to our side until we reached the stand just to be on the

Reggie on the 29th April 2006
In our garden
29th April 2006

Stuart settling Reggie in
Stuart with Reggie
2nd August 2006

Reggie on the 3rd August 2006
Walking around the garden
3rd August 2006

Reggie in the garden

. . .and again.

Reggie 'in heaven'
Reggie in his favourite spot
- on the settee or part way off
as the case may be!
4th August 2006

Kane and Reggie on New Years Eve
With Kane
31st December 2006

Kane and Reggie on New Year's Eve
cuddling up

Kane and Reggie
. . and again.

Day out at Lownsey Point
Reggie with Kane and their
owner at Lownsey Point
January 2007

Day out at Lownsey Point
. . and close up

2 Greyhounds
Reggie and Kane
looking over Loch Faskally in
the holiday Cottageat Pitlochry

2 Greyhounds
Reggie and Kane
Summer 2011
with Port na Craig
and Festival Theatre
in the background.

2 Greyhounds
with Shani, his new companion
out walking in January 2012

2 Greyhounds
with Shani, relaxing at home
January 2012

safe side. When we arrived he chewed almost through his lead so it had to go in the bin. We should have known better for he's chewed through one already and tried numerous others because when he's nervous he will grab his lead to chew as a comforter. We probably missed it because of the hustle and bustle so when we put another lead on him this time he had the double chain at the front so it was this part he would chew not the nylon lead. A member mentioned that's how he got his name for when he came into 'rescue' he chewed so many leads and even a muzzle that the lady in the kennels called him Reggie after 'Reggie Scissorhands' and the name stuck. Wish we'd known this before! As we had five dogs with us one of the other members offered to look after Reggie and he was with him the rest of the day. After about an hour Reggie settled and began to enjoy meeting people and other dogs. He stopped chewing at his lead and by the end of the show had learnt to take the hustle and bustle in his stride. His nervousness at the beginning could have been because but it may have been the first time he'd been to such an event but once he got used to it he enjoyed himself.
13th August 2006
Kane and Reggie spent the day with the couple who came with us on our walk last weekend. They left at 10am and came home about 9pm. All seemed to go well during the day and when we were sitting in the living room having a chat Reggie became a little restless and began to whimper. At first we couldn't work out why until he jumped in between the couple on the settee and snuggled down behind them - he obviously decided he needed the rest after such a busy day! He stayed there the rest of the evening.
15th August 2006
Last night we were sitting in the living room when we suddenly saw blood on the settee close to where Reggie was sitting and upon further examination we found he had gashed his right shoulder on something. We are not sure what it was but he had been running round the garden earlier so could have caught it on a branch or stone wall so a walk round the garden in the morning would be needed to see if we could see where it happened to stop it happening again. It had stopped bleeding but needed stitches so first thing this morning we phoned the vet and they asked us not to feed him and to bring him straight in. They stitched him up and in the afternoon we called and collected him. Back at home he seemed okay but when it came to make their dinner we discovered a hole in one of the bags of dried food that had just been delivered and quite a bit of food had been eaten. Reggie was by the bag when we spotted it and he looked very guilty. He must have felt 'put out' at not having any breakfast so decided to help himself and getting into the bag had been no problem for him - so much for a light meal after the anasthetic! We gave him a very tiny tea so he didn't feel left out when the others were eating and kept an eye on him all night, but he seemed fine.
16th August 2006
Surprise, surprise, Reggie was a bit 'loose' this morning but he was still his happy, playful self.
17th August 2006
This morning Reggie was back to his usual self trying to climb on our bed in the morning to cuddle up and say hello to us. He really loves being cuddled and the more he gets the more he lovers - he almost purrs at you in delight.
20th August 2006
This evening Kane and Reggie came back after spending the weekend with their potential new owners and after giving us a lovely welcome Reggie settled on the settee in the living room for the rest of the evening. He's beginning to take his days out in his stride and becoming quite used to being in two homes at present, which will help him when the time comes when he moves into his new home for good.
23rd August 2006
This evening we found Reggie on his bed upstairs whimpering. We couldn't understand why to begin with for he's not done it for a while so we brought him into the living room and he jumped onto the settee next to Stuart. Despite this he still continued whimpering on and off for another hour or so and it took us a few minutes to realise that we rehomed Paddy this afternoon and Reggie was missing him. This confirms our earlier thoughts that despite Reggie appearing to be a very outward going and carefree dog he is in fact very sensitive and feeling somewhat insecure - something which a good, loving, long term, consitent home will resolve.
25th August 2006
Reggie went to the vet this morning and had his stitches removed. Whilst there we asked about his dry skin, which seems much better but he still scratches and 'chomps' at himself occasionally. The vet examined him and took a sample of skin etc onto tape to look under a microscope to see if mites were present. As she never had time to review it then she gave us a bottle of shampoo and asked us to bath him weekly for two or three weeks. When we arrived home we bathed him and all the other dogs to be on the safe side and she phoned later in the afternoon to say she couldn't see any mites but the shampoo should help him anyway and to carry on. Reggie loved his bath and when he got out and we dried him off he went running and prancing down the landing barking his head of with excitement.
Reggie and Kane's potential new owner collected them this evening after work because they are having them until next Tuesday morning when he is dropping them back again on his way into work. When he walked through the door they both gave him a lovely welcome, which was nice to see.
29th August 2006
Kane and Reggie arrived back about 8.30 this morning and both looked happy after their weekend away. Despite Reggie already having had his breakfast he still insisted on having another lot with the others - trust Reggie! Later in the afternoon although his skin looked so much better we gave him another bath which he enjoyed so hopefully this will be all that's needed to settle things down.
30th August 2006
This evening Kane and Reggie went to their new home and both greeted their owner when he arrived to collect them. We wish them both long and happy lives together in their new home.
21st September 2006
Received an email today letting us know that both Kane and Reggie are well. They have been to the vets for a check up and were microchipped. Both are attending weekly obedience classes to help with their training and socialisation with other dog breeds they haven't seen before.
Reggie was forever rumaging in the kitchen swing bin so it was changed for one that lifts up and he left that one alone so the swing bin was put back and back came Reggie. On Saturday evening there was such a racket and the next minute he came running into the living room where his owners were watching television with the swing bin lid over his head - he looked a real clown! Wonder if he learn't his lesson!! A couple of days later during a walk he spotted a rat and before his owner could get it off him there was blood and gore everywhere - even on Kane and his owner. Kane looked at him in despair as is to say 'what is he up to now !!!!! They looked like something from the Chainsaw Massacre, all needed a bath upon getting home and their owner decided to give that walk a miss in the future.
Reggie seems less nervous and is sometimes a bit bossy with Kane, especially if he wants to sit in Kane's bed. He will push his way in and almost sit on top of Kane and although Kane will be grumpy with him, for a quieter life he often gets up and goes to the other bed. Reggie, being Reggie will also try and eat Kane's food but as we explained to his new owners Reggie is trying it on for he stopped doing this once we rode 'shot gun' with the water spray at meal times and when he knew we weren't going to allow it he stopped. Reggie is a 'tryer' and this is what he's doing in his new home but once he realises his new owners are in charge and not him he will settle.
7th October 2006
Called in this morning to do Reggie and Kane's follow up visit. They both gave us a lovely welcome then settled on the living room carpet next to each other and dozed off with Reggie resting his foot on Kane whilst we had a chat. Reggie is still quite a character, he looked well and seems very happy and settled in his new home. They both enjoyed their holiday to Scotland last week - took the journey there in their stride, settled quickly in the cottage, slept each night in the walk-in wardrobe which made an ideal bed for them, saw a few rabbits which startled them, enjoyed watching people walking along the beach with their dogs. At first Reggie was quite keen at seeing the dogs walking along the beach from the living room's large picture window but after a couple of days he couldn't care less how many went past. Reggie nearly had a cat last Saturday evening and Kane tried the following day because they keep diving into bushes where they've seen them in the past but on that part of the walk both dogs are muzzled following the rat incident. Their owners are hoping that when they have seen enough cats they will calm down and hope the sooner the better.
29th November 2006
Heard today that both Reggie and Kane are both well and still attending obedience classes. Reggie now retrieves his toy on command and Kane looks at him as if he thinks he's mad!
29th December 2006
Received an email this afternoon letting us know that Kane and Reggie stayed in a hotel overnight recently whilst their owners attended a dinner dance. Both dogs were really well behaved and stayed in their room during the dinner and dancing with not a sound from either of them. After the dancing had finished they went for a walk around the hotel grounds and again in the morning before everyone had breakfast and both dogs were treated to a sausage!
They had a lovely Christmas with plenty of squeaky toys, which Reggie loves but Kane isn't so fussed but will play with them.
Both dogs are doing well but still glare and pull a bit on their leads when they see a cat but it will take time, and for some it will take longer than for others.
15th January 2007
Received an email this evening with some pictures of Kane and Reggie waiting for the New Year to arrive and also walking along Lownsey Point.
Kane and Reggie now cuddle up together at night and sometimes their owners hear a few grumbles when Reggie stands on Kane. They play well together with their toys and the garden looks like a rugby field at present as they gallop round and round.
24th January 2007

28th April 2007
Today we all went to Barrow in Furness for our very first Greyhound Awareness Day in the town centre and were so pleased Kane and Reggie were able to join us along with their owners for a while. We met them in the car park as we were arriving so having said hello we all walked together into the town centre where the event was being held. It was lovely to see them both again and they enjoyed meeting the other dogs.
24th January 2008

20th November 2008
Received an email this evening from Reggie's owner letting us know that Reggie is trying to chase cars at the moment, mainly at night with the lights, so that is something else they are going to have to sort out. He is much better now and only chews the lead now and then, usually if they stop and speak to someone, and when he gets a bit stressed, usually when a cat crosses the road or strolls in front of them.  His owner says it stresses her with him chasing cars and she has to hold him on a short lead otherwise she will end up in the middle of the road.  Having said all that they say he is really funny though, they take him out for his walk and he comes straight in, gobbles his dinner (yes still) and then he is flat out on his bed with his head under the pillow.  He still rifles through the bin, even in their friends house he checks all the bins out and they don't think they will ever stop that.  Kane is as good as gold and causes no problems at all.
24th January 2009
24th January 2010
24th January 2011

14th October 2011
Reggie's owner emailed this morning with some sad news about Kane who was diagnosed with a tumour on his back leg about three or four weeks ago. Sadly because his decline was so rapid and he was in pain it was felt best he be allowed to pass away, which he did last night with the aid of the vet. .Reggie was with him at the time, and today he is quite subdued.
24th January 2012
24th January 2013
24th December 2013
We received a Christmas card today from Reggie and Shani's owners letting us know they are both well.
24th January 2014
24th January 2015
20th August 2015  
Sadly Reggie passed away today. His owners said he had arthritis in his back end and despite the acupuncture he had every month giving him an extra 12 months of life, today was the day he decided enough was enough.
His owners say he loved life to the end and they never did manage to stop him chasing cars, trailers or trains, nor from rooting in the pedal and waste bins.  He loved a good root!!

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