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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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Below is one of the 82 dogs we fostered for Dumfriesshire & Cumbria
Greyhound Rescue between July 2004 and the 5th December 2009.
On the 9th December 2009 we became the SOUTH LAKES branch
of the Retired Greyhound Trust for whom we are now foster

Arrived 17th February 2006
Went to his new home on 15th March 2006
Arrived back into Rescue on Friday 25th August 2006
Went to his new home on Saturday 25th November 2006

Romeo's arrival and brief history
Romeo is a beautiful black and white Greyhound
Romeo is a black and white male greyhound who was born on the 27th October 2002. He weighed 63lbs (28.7k) when he arrived on the 17th February 2006 and was inoculated, neutered and house trained. He walks well on the lead and has a lovely gentle nature but if he sees something he wants he will jump and twirl on his lead in an attemt to remove his collar. He gets on well with children and we believe most other dogs but isn't suitable for a home with cats. Before coming into Rescue Romeo lived in a quiet, secluded location so a program of socialisation was an essential part of introducing him to other dogs and family life.
Romeo initially stayed with another fosterer but came to us on Friday 17th February 2006 because there was a potential new home in our area for him and we were asked to assess him before putting his name forward for adoption. As it turned out, this home was not to be for Romeo but it gave us time to resolve a minor medical / behavioural problem that we
noticed within a couple of days of him being with us. This turned out to be a prostrate problem caused by one of his testicles being left inside when he was neutered. Once discovered and the problem resolved Romeo settled and enjoyed his time with us until he was rehomed on Friday 17th March 2006. Romeo came back into Rescue on Friday 25th August 2006 after his owners decided their home was not for him and having spent a week with another fosterer he came to us for TLC and to find his new forever home - he's a lovely dog.
Romeo's Diary

17th February 2006
Romeo arrived this evening with Baby May and what a beauty he is - built just like Kanga with a slim body and long, long legs. He was quite anxious when he arrived, cocked his leg a couple of times, ate his dinner as if he hadn't eaten for a month then did a wee in his dish and promptly tried to 'ride' every dog and bitch in the house. His intentions were not welcome and each one put him firmly in his place but he found them all irresistible and tried to 'ride' them at every opportunity so most of the evening we kept him on the lead so we could control him better. It was most unusual for a neutered dog to behave in this manner and we wondered if he'd only just been done and his hormones not yet settled down.
18th February 2006
Romeo has a ravenous appetite and eats his food in record time so he can try and get the other's food as well, which we don't allow so once he ate his he was put on the lead and made to wait. This morning we re-homed Baby May so this afternoon we went for a long walk and called in to the pub on the way home for a drink. Romeo, although quiet didn't seem overly phased by his first visit to the pub. This evening he seemed more settled and Stuart got on the floor to play with him when suddenly he saw fresh blood on the carpet. When I came into the room I could see Romeo was bleeding from his 'willie'. He lost about 20 or 30 drops of bright red blood, which we stopped by holding a tissue gently underneath and keeping him calm. This concerned us so we will ring the vet for advise tomorrow.
19th February 2006
This morning when we awoke Romeo came to say hello to me in bed and as he put his front feet on it and cuddled his head into my shoulder we saw some more drops of blood coming from his 'willie', so again we held a tissue gently underneath until it stopped. It happened again twice within an hour so we phoned the vet for advice who said to keep him quiet, not to excite him and bring him to the surgery tomorrow for a check up. We phoned the DGR homing co-ordinator to tell him of the problem and to ask for any information about Romeo's past that might help us at the vets tomorrow.
Went for a walk at lunch time with the others, Ellie and her new owner across fields to help Ellie gain confidence about going over the styles en-route. Romeo walks as if he's trotting and the white socks on his legs make him look really elegant. He enjoyed his walk and walked really nicely on the lead. We came across a dog walking with its owner in one of the fields and Romeo just ignored it. Likewise, a yappy terrier in a garden followed us all along the other side of the fence and again Romeo ignored it, which was really good as the terrier never stopped barking all the way along.
20th February 2006
A thorough examination with the vet this afternoon confirmed the bleeding was because of a swollen prostrate. He was put on a course of antibiotics and pain killers to resolve it and we had a long chat about him wanting to ride all our dogs, his neutering and his inflamed prostate. Our chat with the homing co-ordinator and Chairman this morning revealed that when Romeo was neutered last September the vet had to do quite a long incision in an attempt to find one of his testicles. This they couldn't find so they came to the conclusion he only had the one. As neutered dogs don't get prostrate problems the vet today concluded the missing testicle was more than likely there so she gave him an anti-testosterone injection, which she said would make him stop riding the other dogs in about three or four days time if the testicle was there and if he didn't stop riding them then it could be caused by a behavioural problem that we would need to work on. Romeo was very good whilst we were waiting to see the vet and showed no interest in the other dog in the waiting room not two yards away. He was also very good whilst he was being given his internal examination of his prostrate, in fact he showed more distress at being given the anti-testosterone injection.
21st February 2006
Joe arrived back today and Romeo took a fancy to him for he followed him everywhere and tried to mount him at every opportunity, which Joe didn't find very amusing but he soon learn't that if he lay down Romeo left him alone. We phoned the vet this morning to ask if Romeo could be perhaps scanned to see where the testicle was rather than just opening him up to have a look as we were concerned for him having him go through similar to last time, which he found quite traumatic. The vet said she would make enquiries and come back to us.
22nd February 2006
We received a phone call from the vet this morning asking if Romeo could call in for a blood test, which they said would confirm if there was a testicle there. Before the vet took the blood she decided to check his earlier scar and whilst feeling under his stomach he yelped. A little more investigation caused another yelp and when we looked closer as to why the testicle appeared just under his skin. There was a sigh of relief from both of us, no blood test was taken and an appointment was made to go in and have it removed tomorrow. Once home again he followed Joe everywhere but by the end of the day and quite a few grumbles later Joe was beginning to learn how to reduce the number of times he was being mounted.
23rd February 2006
Romeo went to the vets this morning for an operation to remove the testicle. He needed 3 stitches and when I called to collect him at 3.30pm he gave me a lovely welcome, didn't seem any worse for the ordeal and wasn't too happy about being given a small amount of tea before settling down for the evening.
24th February2006
Romeo was very good last night and not once did he try and lick his stitches and, because of his operation, we relented on the bed situation. Ever since Romeo arrived he's been adamant he's going to sleep on our bed during the day whenever he feels like it. It doesn't help because at this time of year the sun shines right on the middle of it and no matter how much water spray or telling off we find him back basking in the sunshine the next time we go in the room. I don't know if he's been allowed on the bed at his earlier foster home but on this score he refuses to give in. I went to bed early this evening as I didn't feel well and Romeo climbed on the bed next to me and cuddled down until Stuart came to bed when he climbed off and went to his own for the rest of the evening.
26th February 2006
Romeo spent the day with his potential new owners but the vibes

Romeo - get well soon card
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Romeo on the 18th February 2006

Romeo and Bobby
Romeo with Bobby in the garden
on the 18th February 2006

Romeo on the 18th February 2006
. . . . and again . . .

Romeo discovering his new garden
. . . . and again . . .

Exploring the garden
. . . and again.

being given off felt wrong so we stressed that taking on a dog was for life and they needed to be 100% committed so we asked them to think about it seriously before moving forward.
27th February 2006
Romeo has gained weight since he arrived and his coat is looking shiny since he's been on cod liver oil each morning, however, he still needs a little more weight and he's still got that ravenous appetite, which we think will calm down before too long. He is no longer trying to ride the other dogs and seems happier for this. Every morning when the alarm goes off he comes into our bedroom to say hello, which is lovely and if he can, he climbs on the bed and snuggles down next to us. This afternoon whilst on our walk we met a collie who regularly takes the same route as we do. When Romeo saw her in the distance he started hanging back and the closer she came the more reluctant he was to continue. She was about 10 yards in front of us when he bolted himself to the ground and refused to move. I could tell he wasn't happy so tried moving him to the side to allow her to pass with more distance between them but he wasn't having it and just stood still. Unfortunately, the elderly lady with the collie came over to speak and the collie followed making Romeo quite jumpy, which put Lester on edge as well. Romeo's behaviour was that of being unsure of the collie and very similar to the way Indi was when we first got her. His behaviour may have been because of something that has happened in the past or because of his secluded upbringing making him unsure. This is the first time he has shown any signs of this near a dog so we shall watch him more carefully when we are out and about.
28th February 2006
Received a call from Romeo's potential new owners saying they didn't feel the time was right for them to have a dog and hoped we would soon find him a home as he was so lovely. The past two or three days we've had one or two accidents but not sure whether they are from Romeo or Lester - always by the side of our bed. It may be one or more of a few things that has been happening because over the past few days we've had Romeo at the vet for his anti-testosterone injection then operation, Stuart has been ill with a type of flu, Joe came back adding another dog, I've had a nasty head cold and on top of all that we've been trying to get things sorted to go and see a photographer in Cheshire then onto Ireland for a few days break as we haven't had a day off in nearly ten months. It may also be the dogs have been left on their own two or three times and when we return Romeo and Lester gets so excited that we think one of them goes upstairs and has a wee. It may be a temporary thing with us going away and they can tell, but if it continues we will let them outside as soon as we come back in.
2nd March 2006
Romeo travelled well in the car yesterday as we drove down to Holyhead stopping in Cheshire on the way down to visit someone. We had a bit of a wait at the ferry as we arrived early but he took it all in his stride and didn't seem overly bothered as we left him in the car on the car deck for the ferry across to Ireland. We arrived in Ireland at 6.00am so stopped just south of Dublin and gave them all a walk to relieve themselves before setting off again for the cottage in County Wexford. When we arrived we fed him and he settled with the others for a quiet day so we could all catch up on our sleep.
3rd March 2006
Romeo came into our bedroom two or three times in the night to see where we were but each time went back to his own bed when told to do so. Took the dogs to the beach so Bobby and Indi could have a run as it's their favourite spot and once they had let off steam we let Lester and Romeo out on their leads as well. It was a glorious day with no wind so they all enjoyed a long walk along the sand. When we arrived back we let him off the lead for the first time in the small paddock where the dogs go to relieve themselves - its only small but large enough if they want to run and Romeo enjoyed the freedom.
4th March 2006
This morning we let Romeo off the lead in the courtyard garden belonging to all the cottages as it's quite large so he could wander round with the others. Luckily we are the only ones here at the moment so don't have to worry about other guests leaving the gate open, which makes life a little easier for us. He enjoyed his day out when we visited Kilmore Quay and took in his stride all the new sights and sounds of the fishing harbour.
5th March 2006
Romeo has really settled into holiday mode and we've had no accidents, he's been playing with us and the other dogs, especially Lester who plays with him as puppies do. He looks much happier and more relaxed with the company and what's going on around him now that his visits to the vet and his operation is in the past. Stuart took his stitches out this morning then we all went to the beach for another walk to make the most of this glorious weather where we saw more dogs but at a distance.
8th March 2006
Romeo seems to be at the weight he wants because he's eating in a more relaxed manner, enjoying the peace and quiet of the cottage, gardens and paddock and enjoying his trips out in the car, however, he's a bit of an eager beaver for when we get out the car he wants to join us so if we are not careful he's over the seats and following us out before we know it! A couple of things have recently come to light and that is he sometimes feels unsure of other dogs if they come towards him. If they are at a distance he will bolt his feet to the ground and refuse to move or if they come close he will try and place you between him and the other dog. Also, if he wants to play and run with the others or is unsure of something does a bit of a dance at the end of the lead so we have his collar on quite tight so he can't slip it. When he does this dance we shorten his lead quickly, stand him close to our legs, give no verbal reassurance, rest our hand on his side and wait a couple of minutes till he calms down then carry on as normal. He did this again today when we were out walking - it was very windy and the sea was buffeting the coastline, which is something he may not have seen before and it made him nervous so he danced on the lead to get away from it. I see so many similarities between Romeo and Indi when she first arrived ie: the dogs and the sea, for she also lived such a sheltered life and many things we took for granted she found quite daunting until we showed her there was nothing to fear.
14th March 2006
Romeo really enjoyed his stay in Ireland and the experience has done him the world of good. He settled quickly in the cottage at Warren Farm and soon got used to his new routine, loved his days out in the car and visiting places. We went to Hook Head and did his photo shoot for next year's calendar on the cliff top. The wind was quite strong that day and blew his hair and ears all over the place and his picture shows the waves hammering the rocks in the background. He was really good and we have some lovely pictures of him. We've been out a few times in the evening and left the dogs in the cottage with the TV on and when we arrived back found everything fine. We open the door to find Romeo anxious to give us with such a welcome that sometimes we have a job to get in the door and the first thing we must do is calm him down - he is just so pleased to see us that he even talks to us whilst welcoming us. He has turned into a lovely, happy, playful dog who loves climbing on the bed and cuddling down with you at night (till he's told to go to his own bed). When out for walks he either walks calmly by our side or prances along with enjoyment, which he also does when he's been off the lead in the small paddock and it's lovely to see.
Arrived back in Cumbria to find snow and the house very cold. Romeo thought the snow wonderful when he first saw it and ran around the garden with Lester and Indi skidding everywhere, however, when he's not wanting to run
it's a case of out in the garden, do what's necessary and back in the warm again as quickly as possible.
16th March 2006
Romeo weighed in today at 67 lbs (30.6k) so he's gained 4 lbs since he's been with us, which doesn't sound much but it made a difference.
17th March 2006

This morning Romeo's new owners came to our house to take him back with them to live in the Lockerbie area with their other greyhound Queenie. Queenie came as well so they could meet and we could see how they got on. Romeo thought Queenie was wonderful even though she put him in his place when they first met and he happily jumped into the back of the car with her to go to his new home. We were so pleased Romeo got on with Queenie and we wish them a long and happy life together.
31st March 2006
We saw Romeo and Queenie this evening when they came with their owners to the Dumfriesshire Greyhound Rescue AGM at Rockcliffe near Carlisle. Romeo looked well and settled with Queenie and his new owners who were telling us he'd had his teeth cleaned last Monday in the hopes of clearing up some Gingivitus which had been noticed by their vet when he gave him a check over at the time of registration.
25th July 2006
Yesterday Lofty, one of Dumfriesshire Greyhound Rescue's foster dogs went to the vet to be neutered and overnight started bleeding which wouldn't stop. He was taken back to the vet and operated on again. This morning Romeo became a blood donar and provided the blood Lofty needed for his blood transfusion.
26th July 2006
Spoke to Romeo's owners this evening to see how he was and we are pleased to hear that giving blood has caused him no problems and that Lofty has stopped bleeding and on the road to recovery.
25th August 2006

Romeo and Queenie
Romeo with Queenie and his new owner
in the snow on the Lowther hills on
Saturday 18th March 2006

Long Legged Beauties
'Just Greyhounds'
2007 Calendar
This picture of Romeo was taken
on the 8th March 2006 at Hook Head,
Co. Wexford in Ireland and is our main February calendar shot

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Romeo's owners decided their home was not the home for Romeo and after being with them for more than five months they drove him to a DGR fosterer to look after him until a new home could be found.
27th August 2006

Heard today what happened to Romeo
which distressed us a great deal and our hearts went out for him. Romeo is such a lovely dog so we asked if arrangements could be made to get him back to us so we could foster him again until we find him his forever loving home.
1st September 2006
We met the fosterers this morning at Penrith who were looking after Romeo since his arrival back into Rescue so we could collect him. He was in the car park stretching his legs when I arrived and when he realised who I was he came over with his fosterer to greet me. He happily jumped in the car and settled in the back for the journey home. Indi and Bobby immediately recognised him and they all walked around the garden getting to know each other again with Jet. During the late afternoon we did a home check and took both Jet and Romeo in but Romeo was very quiet and subdued, which is not surprising with all that has been happening to him over the past few days and he probably wondered where he was going next. As it was the family chose to adopt Jet so it will give Romeo time to get back to his normal self again.
5th September 2006
It's only been a few days since Romeo arrived back and he's settled into our routine with no problems at all. He's fascinated with Paddy because he won't leave him alone - wants to play with him all day, which makes Paddy a bit grumpy with him at times. His breath smelt a bit when he arrived back so we've been encouraging him to eat a dried pig's ear each day to help his teeth and gums but he's not too sure at times and on occassions they make his gums bleed. However, we will continue with his pig's ear each day to see if his breath improves and if not we will take him to the vet for a check up. He's also sometimes finicky with his food at times and seems to think the others are getting something better than him.
6th September 2006
It was an early start this morning with all the dogs jumping in the car whilst it was still dark and driving to Hollyhead for the ferry to Ireland. Romeo travelled well on the ferry and was pleased to see us when we came back to the car at the end of our voyage, however, when we stopped to feed them breakfast at a beach just south of Dublin he didn't want anything other than a walk. It's Romeo's second trip to the cottages at Warren Farm and when we arrived and settled ourselves in he ate his dinner with no problem and enjoyed his walk through the fields at the back of the farm. The cottage this time has a small private fenced garden so was ideal for him to wander in and out at will and enjoy the autumn sunshine.
15th September 2006
It's our last night in Ireland and Romeo has enjoyed his stay, he's been good in the cottage and found the wooden stairs no problem so he wandered up and down them coming to see us each morning. He enjoyed his trips out in the car, his walks around the area and visits to the beach where he became so excited and spun on his lead because he wanted to be off playing with the others but we hadn't had him back

Romeo with Paddy
Romeo with Paddy on
holiday in Co. Wexford, Ireland
7th September 2006

long and wasn't sure of him so he had to stay on the lead - to his disgust. The problem with Romeo is he loves to play, his whole life evolves around being happy and playing but he can get a little boisterous at times and sometimes doesn't know when enough is enough! At one point on the beach he became a little overplayful near Indi who had her ball and she gave a little yelp - he hadn't touched her but he does get a bit over excited at times so you have to watch him - a bit like children getting over excited and the game 'ending in tears'!
At the beginning of our stay we let Romeo off the lead in the field at the back of the cottages so he could have a good run but half way through our visit the local farmer put some sheep in it so we couldn't do it anymore. We were careful who we let him off with in the field and with only one at a time so he didn't get over playful and cause a quarrel! I fell and hurt myself on the 10th. I think I twisted a muscle in my groin and bruised some ribs so the remainder of our stay was much more subdued because I could hardly walk for the pain and couldn't hold a dog.
20th September 2006
Romeo is looking really well, feeding him a teaspoon of cod liver oil with his breakfast each morning has made his coat really shiny and giving him a pig's ear after his afternoon walk has improved his breath because it isn't smelling as it once did. We struggled to get him to chew the ears to begin with, which may have been because his gums were sore but he's slowly getting better at chewing them and if we can only get him to eat one every other day it's better than nothing. Whilst in Ireland we started brushing his teeth and although he wasn't too keen to begin with he's getting better, which will also help. He loves playing with the other dogs and when the alarm goes off in the morning he stands by the side of our bed asking for a cuddle. A couple of occasions he's sneaked onto our bed in the middle of the night but once spotted and asked to leave he just jumps off and goes to his own bed. He loves the bed for sometimes we find him on ours during the day but as soon as he sees us he jumps off so he knows he's not suppost to be there but finds it too comfortable so is worth the risk!
This evening we did a home check with a family who had a 10 week old German Shepherd bitch and Romeo just ignored her. We thought he might have wanted to go mad and play with her but he wasn't bothered and the pup crawled under the settee and slept there the entire time we were there. Romeo was very quite and subdued to begin with but I think that's just Romeo for he's been like that in the past when we've taken him to do home checks.
1st October 2006
Over the past week Romeo has changed from being a playful quiet dog into one who barks with excitement when he sees you first thing in the morning, when you come in from being out or to one of the others if he wants to play with them and they don't want to. Romeo is very nimble and will jump up putting his feet on your chest or shoulders asking for attention. He does this very gently but it's something we are trying to discourage by standing in front of him with our hand out palm down and say 'back'. Having our hand between us and him and saying back makes him think twice about jumping up and once he stands still with all four feet on the floor we greet him. This is important because we don't want him jumping up at us with dirty feet or to a child or elderly person who might easily fall over if he does it to them. He is also getting the message that when we say 'wait' at the front door he as to wait and allow us to go out the house first and he follows after. We've not seen him on the bed during the day for a while so he's beginning to understand that it's out of bounds unless we say so.
10th October 2006
Romeo was funny this evening for I had just put a slice of bread in the pond for the fish because I'd run out of their food, turned to wander across the garden to trim a plant down for the winter and heard a splash. Turning round I saw Romeo swimming across the pond and climb out - he had tried to get the bread and fell in. He was soaking wet through, shook himself then waited for me to towel him dry. He was really funny but I don't think he will try it
again in hurry.
27th October 2006

12th November 2006
Romeo is better than an alarm clock because he wakes us at 7.10am every morning wanting to go outside. He's as regular as clockwork even at the weekends, however, once he's been out he settles back to his bed along with the others and so we get a bit longer asleep if we want to.
14th November 2006
Romeo is a really nice dog and has settled well. In fact when he finds a new home we are really, really going to miss him. He loves being cuddled and when I take a cup of tea and my book to bed at night he stands by the bed asking to come on. I just need to pat the bed and he jumps up and cuddles down next to me, which is really lovely. It's funny because as soon as Stuart comes in the room he just jumps off without being told to do so and goes to his own bed.
18th November 2006
Mandy arrived today and Romeo thought she was wonderful. He received a couple of growls from her to begin with but she soon put him in his place and by the end of the day they were best of friends running everywhere together.
19th November 2006
Today was the 5th annual Dumfriesshire Greyhound Rescue Fun Greyhound Show & Christmas Fayre at the Loreburn Hall in Dumfries. We set up a stall there selling the calendars, prints, Christmas and greeting cards from the 'Long Legged Beauties' Collection . It was an early start and Romeo settled in the back of the car for the journey with the others. At the show we put a duvet on the floor and tied him to the radiator where he stayed most of the day apart from when someone took him for walk around the hall or to go outside for a walk to relieve himself. He was really, really good and we were very proud of him for he was no trouble at all. At the end of the show one of the judges came over to say hello and asked why we hadn't entered him for any of the competitions but we said that as we had the stall, four dogs to look after and there was only the two of us we couldn't really manage it. Apparently he had been admiring Romeo all day and said he would have won a prize had he been entered as he was a fine looking dog with a beautiful coat.
20th November 2006
All the dogs had a lazy day today after such a long and ardious day at the show yesterday. Romeo was a bit off hi food this morning but by this evening he was much better. Think these long days take more out of them than we think at times.

23rd November 2006
Took Romeo and the others into the Crown Inn at High Newton this evening so we could arrange the details for the Casino Night and Auction being held there on the 2nd December to help raise funds for Dumfriesshire Greyhound Rescue. Yazmin the model on the front cover of the 2007 Sexy and Safety calendar is coming up from London to be the croupier for the evening. Romeo took the pub in his stride and loved everyone making a fuss of him.
24th November 2006
We joined Remy and his owner today at the Olde Fleece Inn in Kendal because Border TV were doing an interview with her about the 'doggy dates' event she was planning there for Sunday evening. Romeo was very good for the cameraman and when we watched it this evening on Border TV 'Lookaround' at 6.30pm there was Romeo. He only played a small part but there he was on the telly.
25th November 2006
Romeo went to his new home this morning to live with a couple and their four young children in the Carnforth area. They recently lost their 12 year old lurcher and desperately wanted a dog whom they could love and cuddle. Romeo being the character he was we felt was just perfect for them and we hope he has a long and happy life with his new family.
11th December 2006
Romeo is settling in well with his new family. He's met the chickens in the garden and a firm 'leave' was all that was needed to ensure he left them alone, perhaps he remembered the chickens in Ireland on the 10th September when Indi chased some through the farm yard! He's been to church where after the first twenty minutes he lay on his blanket and fell asleep. Romeo's been to the local pub where he was very well behaved, said hello to the landlord's golden retriever and enjoyed all the attention he received. He enjoys his walks and absolutely loves going in the car with the children. His new owner says he's settling in nicely and everyone comments on what a lovely dog he is when they take him out.
30th December 2006
This morning we did Romeo's follow-up visit and was met by a happy, bouncy Romeo who went bananas when he saw us. Once he'd calmed down, and it took a while, we had a cup of tea and he climbed on the end of the settee, which is apparently his favourite spot and sat there being cuddled by their youngest son whom Romeo thinks the world of. Romeo gets on well with all the children and goes everywhere with them as part of the family. He's met Remy at church because he goes there as well and the two of them sit together during the services. He looked really well and happy.
1st January 2007
Received an email this evening saying Romeo went to a New Year's Eve party last night, stayed on for the watch night service and was included in the circle when everyone san Auld Lang Syne. Arrived home at 1.30am, had a good time and slept in this morning along with everyone else.
16th January 2007
Received an email this evening from Romeo's new owners
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One of Romeo's favourite places
.One of Romeo's favourite places!
24th November 2006

Relaxing in his new home
Relaxing in his new home
December 2006

Enjoying a chew
Enjoying a chew
December 2006

Celebrating Christmas
Celebrating Christmas 2006

Attending school
Attending school
January 2007
Romeo in his coat at school

saying he was well and enjoyed his first Christmas with them. He recently attended the children's school at the teacher's request because she'd heard so much about him that she wanted to meet him and introduce him to the other children. His owner gave a talk to the children about owning a greyhound and during the talk he lay down and went to sleep. She did a demonstration on brushing his teeth and one of the children gave him his cod liver oil. All the children took turns grooming him and at the end each one gave him a little piece of cheese, which he took from them so gently. Romeo behaved brilliantly, he loved all the attention and was very, very patient with the children, the teacher was amazed at how good he was. On the way out as they were walking down the corridor he saw some children lining up to go out and he was over to them wanting to be stroked. All in all everyone enjoyed the day and upon arriving home he did as greyhound do - he flaked out!
6th February 2007
Received an email last night saying Romeo is doing well and
goes absolutely mad when his owner comes in from work as he's so pleased to see him. He met Remy again last Sunday at church and they lay together during the service then afterwards went back with Remy and his owner for a cup of tea. Both sets of owners said it was lovely to see the two dogs happily wagging their tails and enjoying each other's company.
16th April 2007
Heard this evening that Romeo is doing well and went to the vet today for his annual inoculations and health check. He weighes 31.25kg.
22nd April 2007
This afternoon we attended an event at a local kennels and cattery where we set up a stall in aid of Dumfriesshire Greyhound Rescue. The weather wasn't very nice considering how glorious it's been over the past few days which was a shame but a number of our foster dogs and their owners braved the weather and gave their support. It was lovely to see them all and the afternoon felt rather like a family reunion. They all made quite a presence at the event and in all twelve greyhounds attended including Romeo who gave me the 'Romeo greeting' by placing his front feet on my shoulders so he could be eye to eye with me and have my undivided attention. Romeo enjoyed his afternoon out and looked really well and happy.
28th April 2007
Today we all went to Barrow in Furness for our very first Greyhound Awareness Day in the town centre and were so pleased Romeo was able to join us along with his owners for a while. Romeo looked well, enjoyed meeting all the other dogs then gave me my usual welcome by jumping up to rest his front feet on my chest with his eyes looking direct into mine as if to say 'I'm here so say hello to me'.
27th October 2007
21st December 2007
Received a Christmas card from Romeo's family letting us know he was well and that he was going to play a 'sheep' in the children's nativity play. Now that's something I would love to have seen and we look forward to receiving a photograph.
January 2008
Unfortunately, Romeo didn't play the sheep in the nativity play, which was a pity because he didn't take the part seriously! When it came to the dress rehearsal he wouldn't stand still by the crib as planned because it was surrounded with soft cuddly toys, which he found irresistible and wanted to play with them constantly. When they moved him back a bit to stand near some other children all he wanted to do was get them to stroke him, consequently, he was banished to the audience!!
10th June 2008
Received a call this evening from Romeo's owners saying he had his annual health check about 6 weeks ago and the vet detected a heart murmour. Romeo had a scan and an xray and with a reading of between 1 and 6 Romeo was a 3. I asked if he'd ran into anything at speed just before the vet detected it and told them of the story of Indi, Benny and Tiger all of whom suddenly got a heart murmour after running into something at speed and how a few weeks later Indi's disappeared after her body corrected itself again. I'm not sure what happened to Benny's or Tiger's and suggested they monitor it and the next time he goes to the vets to ask them to check to see if it is still there because, with a bit of luck it may disappear as Indi's did.
30th August 2008
Received an email this evening from Romeo's owner to say they've wanted a companion for Romeo for some time so this afternoon they collected Daisy, who is a small black Greyhound from the Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue homing co-ordinator. She settled well in the car with Romeo on the way home and seems alot bouncier than him! However, that is probably just nerves. They took them both for a walk tonight and they were fine.
18th September 2008
Received an email this afternoon from Romeo's owner letting us know how Daisy was getting on. Apparently she and Romeo are getting on well together and Romeo seems much happier at having a companion. He now plays ball! He stands watching her then he copies her. Daisy is good on the lead and with other dogs, and wants to play all the time!
The only problem since she arrived is that she doesn't like the man of the house! they don't know why but when she first arrived she started growling at him so he's been working with her to show that he wants to be her friend. He keeps giving her little treats - she will edge up to him, take the treat off him and run off! She seems to be worse in the morning when she comes downstairs and when she sees him she cowers then bolts back upstairs (This is something Lester used to do with us because he thought different clothes meant different people. After a while he realised it was still us and slowly he became less bothered until it disappeared completely). Daisy is so loving to everybody else, even strangers she will go up to for a stroke so her owners think he may remind her of someone from her past. (When we had George he used to growl at Stuart if he wore his wax jacket and cap so for the short time we had George the jacket and cap stayed in the cupboard).
27th October 2008
16th November 2008
Received an email today letting us know everyone had a great day with her last Friday because she would let them do anything , tickling her on the tummy, kissing her on the face, cuddling up to everyone. However today she seems to be very distant and has started yelping again when they stroke her so they are starting to ignore this now and just carry on, but just do it when she comes up to them.
16th January 2009
Received an email today letting us know that Daisy is getting on really well now. Following her visit to the vet where it was discovered she had a possible stomach ulcer. She's forgotten the traumas of her pain and trips to the vet and loves everybody again! She loves her kisses and her cuddles again like she used to do and even goes up to Peter whom she wasn't sure of at the beginning to lick him on the cheek. They take them to a field near them and let them both off to have a run. Daisy chases after her toy and runs around the field in circles, but Romeo just stands there and looks at her! Daisy is now completely house trained and they haven't had any accidents for ages, which seems synonymous with her being ill just aster she arrived then recovering.
9th February 2009
Received an email today letting us know that both Romeo and Daisy are both well and that Daisy is getting much better with meeting people.
18th October 2009
This afternoon Romeo and Daisy came over to see us with their owners. They both looked well and it was lovely to see them both.
27th October 2009
27th October 2010
15th June 2011
We heard today that Romeo visited the vet today because he's not been too well recently. For some reason he's been having accidents in the house so his owner took him and a water sample to the vet to see if he had an infection causing his change in behaviour. The vet gave him a thorough examination, said his heart murmour had gone and that he had a urine infection so was put on a course of antibiotics.
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