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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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others want to give more. We are quite flexible with this, and with this we provide:
Martingale Collar, Lead, Muzzle and 4 weeks free cover with the insurance company PetPlan

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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Below is one of the 82 dogs we fostered for Dumfriesshire & Cumbria
Greyhound Rescue between July 2004 and the 5th December 2009.
On the 9th December 2009 we became the SOUTH LAKES branch
of the Retired Greyhound Trust for whom we are now foster

Troy (Asher)
Arrived Saturday 25th November 2006
Went to his new home on Sunday 7th January 2007

Troy's arrival and a brief history
Click image for a larger view
Troy is a black lurcher
Troy is a black lurcher (Greyhound and Border Collie cross with Greyhound) who was found wandering in fields on the 25th November 2006. Thankfully a very kind couple took time out to entice him to them when they later saw him walking along the main road and managed to catch him even though he wore no collar. They had seen the 'I need a home' posters we sent to their local shop and phoned us as a result.
The necessary authorities were informed he was with but as no one came forward to claim him after two weeks we started looking for a new home for him.
Troy was born in September 2004 so he is just over 2 years old and weighs 69lbs (31.3k).
Troy's Diary

25th November 2006
Following the telephone call from a couple saying they'd caught a black dog that looked like a Greyhound wandering the fields and main road we arranged to meet and collect him. He was a bit dirty but looked fit and well and although frightened he seemed of a nice nature - but then don't they all!
When we got him home we gave him a little food but he didn't eat much because we later discovered the couple who caught him also gave him a bit before bringing him to us. We took him for a short walk with the others then because he was quite dirty as a result of being outside, for how long for we don't know, we gave him a bath. He wasn't too sure of that but I'm sure he felt much better afterwards.
We phoned the police and a number of other authorities to let them know he had been found wandering and if anyone claimed him he was here with us. We also searched various web sites to see if anyone had posted him missing but found nothing so now we look after him for the next two weeks to see if anyone comes forward to claim him and after that we look for a new home for him.
As he was a stray we didn't know his name so decided to call him Troy. When we fed him in the evening we gave him worming powders as we do with all our new Greyhounds then he settled down with the others in the living room for the evening.
26th November 2006
Had a bit of a funny night last night because it took Troy a while to settle to his bed but once he got the idea he had to sleep there he was much better, began to relax and we never heard any more from him till the morning when we took him out in the garden. Because he doesn't know his name, we know very little about him and we know he can jump because he went from the field to the road before he was caught we are keeping him on the lead even in the garden until we are sure he won't try and jump over our fences or walls.
Troy isn't house trained so that's in progress and confirms to us he was used as a working dog rather than a pet. From what we know of him he has a lovely sweet nature and we don't think he is very old.
This evening on our way to the 'Doggie Dates' event being held at the Fleece Inn in Kendal we visited Animal Concern who offered

Long Legged Beauties
'Just Greyhounds'
2008 Calendar
Click image for a larger view
Asher is a black lurcher
This picture of Asher was taken
on the 2nd December 2006 and is
our main May calendar shot
View Calendar

2nd December 2006

(more pictures below)

us the use of their scanner to see if Troy was microchipped but we found nothing. He was very good at the event which was held in the function room of the pub, everyone fell in love with him and were amazed that we'd only had him twenty four hours.
27th November 2006
The DGR homing co-ordinator following his call over the weekend about Troy phoned the greyhound stud this morning to check his tattoos. He found his date of birth, confirmed he was a lurcher, what he was crossed with and the details of his breeder. However, when he contacted him he said he'd sold the dog, didn't want him back and there the trail ended so we just wait the two weeks to see if anyone comes forward to claim him.
Troy's stools are much better today now the food we've been feeding him has worked it's way through - previously they were black and full of hair where we think he'd been catching rabbits and the like.
Troy went very quiet in the house this afternoon after he'd eaten his pig's ear following his walk so I went looking for him. He'd only been gone five minutes but in that time he'd remembered where I'd taken the box and jumped the safety gate on the dining room door to look for them. Instead he found a new 15k bag of dog food, made a hole in the top and was busy munching his way through it when I caught him and removed him from the room. Troy has really taken to Stuart and follows him everywhere, sleeps by his side of the bed and lays next to him when he's in the office working. Yesterday when Stuart went out for a while Troy paced the floor a bit and whimpered for a few minutes but later when he went out to do the shopping he took his departure in his stride and quickly came into my office and slept on the bed in the corner.
During our walk this afternoon we met a neighbour's dog who can be a bit grumpy at times because she is getting old but she came up to us to say hello and didn't bother about Troy sniffing her. However, at the point he began sniffing around her mouth she snapped - he just backed off, looked up at me as if to say 'what did she do that for?' then ignored her.

Troy's a bit of a thief because when Stuart arrived home with the shopping it was all put away apart from a swiss roll which was put at the back of the work tops on top of the bread bin. We went upstairs and within a couple of minutes Troy had found it. When we realised he hadn't followed us up the stairs and didn't respond to our calling we realised something was a miss and when we returned to the kitchen we found it on the floor being devoured - bang goes the trifle I was planning to make. It was about the same time as the incident yesterday. He's had to fend for himself before he came to us and he isn't to know that we are going to feed him regularly, however, when he realises that yes, he is hungry, and yes, we will be feeding him, his need to steal everything he sees should reduce and eventually stop.
Indi wanted out this evening so I let her in the garden and when I came back to my desk where I'd been working Troy came walking very sheepishly towards me. His look told me something was amiss and a quick look around found an empty Malteser packet on the floor - he'd eaten the last half dozen. We are certainly going to have to watch you Troy!
Jenny and Troy
With Jenny at the 'Doggy Dating'
event. 26th November 2006

28th November 2006
Troy slept well last night, choosing to sleep on the landing just outside our bedroom door most of the night but came into our room and lay on the dog bed by Stuart's side of the bed in the early hours. We awoke to find him on his back with legs in the air looking very much at home and content.
29th November 2006
Troy slept all night on his bed for the first time and even in the morning when the alarm went off he stayed where he was. When Stuart went for his bath Troy jumped onto the bed and cuddled down next to me. He's a really lovely dog and has come on leaps and bounds since he arrived. House training is going well and because of his nature when it's time for him to leave it's going to be very, very hard for us. He's an absolutely gorgeous dog.
2nd December 2006
Troy took part in his first photo shoot this morning. We were doing the cover shot for the 2008 'sexy and safety' calendar and Troy features standing in the bath with a girl drying her hair. The bath was in the field, it was a cold windy morning and Troy was superb but wasn't too sure of the man made steam!!!
It was the Casino Night and Auction at the Crown Inn in High Newton this evening where all the funds raised were going to Dumfriesshire Greyhound Rescue - we made £336, which really pleased us. Yazmin the cover girl on the sexy and safety calendar came up from London and was the croupier for the evening. It was a good evening and part
way through we brought all the dogs in from the car. They became the centre of attention and were ideal for the evening especially as we were raising funds for them. Troy was very good and loved all the attention people were giving him - everyone loved him.
4th December 2006
Discovered this morning that Troy loves chasing a ball. When we throw the soft ball he will chase it, pick it up and bring it back and drop it at your feet then look up at you as if to say 'throw it again for me' - must be the Collie in him!
Troy is beginning to know his name and seems very settled so this afternoon we let him off his lead in the garden to have a wander. He was very good and we felt much more comfortable about letting him off.
Wondered where Troy was this afternoon as he went very quiet so I went looking for him to find he'd jumped the safety gate across the doorway to the large dining room, tipped the new bag of dog food over, ripped a hole in it and was happily munching his way through it. It was a good job I went looking for him when I did and reminded Stuart when he came in from work that as we had a 'jumper' we must remember not to leave food out of the cupboard and to make sure the cupboard doors are always shut. He's a clever dog this one because he knew this was where we kept the pig's ears and I think he went looking for them only to find the new bag of dog food standing by the table instead.
5th December 2006
When Ruby came back from the vet this evening she wasn't very well so we put a bed in the living room for her and covered her with a blanket. Troy was most concerned and lay on the carpet next to her with his head very close to her back. He stayed there most of the time she lay on the bed and only moved on to the settee when she stood up to lay on the carpet instead. About midnight Stuart let the dogs out and as he was helping Ruby who was still very poorly he heard a yelp and knew Troy had gone over the fence. He called me for help and I went out with the large torch - this was all we needed a black dog, in the dark and loose in the field. I stood in the garden, waved the torch around looking for him and called his name. He hadn't gone far and came running to his name. When he found himself by the side of the fence he simply jumped it from a standing position as if it was only a few inches high and came running towards me madly wagging his tail. I was very relieved and praised him for coming back to me - you should never reprimand a dog for running off because by the time he comes back he's forgotten and will think you are reprimanding him for coming back so may not come back to you the next time! When we went inside we checked him over in case he'd cut himself on the fence but couldn't see anything so perhaps he lost his balance when he landed and yelped at that.
6th December 2006
This evening Bobby was doing his sponsored 'Stayathon' at Cartmel village hall with Bay Dog Training. We took all the dogs in, Troy loved meeting all the others and stood quietly whilst Bobby was doing his sponsored stay. Afterwards we took them all to the pub and like last time Troy enjoyed every moment of the attention he received.
14th December 2006
This morning Troy visited the vet where he was giving a check up and first inoculation then went to be neutered. Normally we ring up about 1pm to find out how they are getting on but before we could the vet phoned us to say he'd had his operation, recovered and was wanting to come home. We were amazed, because normally we don't collect them until about 4pm. When he saw us he came wagging his tail and jumped into the back of the car. When we got home he went to his toy box, took out a toy and played with it as if nothing had happened.
16th December 2006
Despite his first evening when he never touched his stitches since then he's tried to lick them at every opportunity so we have muzzled him to deter him. The Elizabethan collar isn't any good as he would knock into everything and with there being four dogs in the house it would cause problems when he was close to the other dogs.
19th December 2006
Troy's a little monkey because he's worked out how to lick his stitches through his muzzle so we taped it up to stop him doing it. When we were with him we took the muzzle off but he quickly learnt that if we put his muzzle on too loose he could manouver it to lick his stitches over the top. With wearing his muzzle Troy hasn't been able to play with his toys and he's not very happy but as we can't get him to stop licking his stitches he has to wear it - happy or not! Wev'e had a couple of soiling accidents, which is
most unlike him and we think it's his way of telling us he's not happy.
20th December 2006
This evening we all went to the Bay Dog Training Christmas Party at Cartmel Village Hall. We went in armed with duvet, which we put on the floor in a corner and all four dogs lay on it and watched the party commence. About fifty dogs were there in all and they were playing games such as musical chairs with their owners so it was mayhem. Troy thoroughly enjoyed watching all the other dogs and
Amongst the presents
Sitting amongst the presents
on Christmas Eve
24th December 2006

Chcking his presents
Checking to see which one is his
24th December 2006

Long Legged Beauties
'Just Greyhounds'
2008 Calendar
This picture of Asher was taken
on the 24th December 2006 and
is our December supporting
picture for the calendar
View Calendar

Opening his present
Opening his present
on Christmas morning
25th December 2006

Opening his Christmas present
. . . and opening someone else's!
25th December 2006

said hello to any that came close enough to say hello to. At one stage a game involving a plate of sausages, which was placed about six feet away from us was just to much for them and all four dogs stood to get them. We made them all sit down again but they all eagerly watched the other dogs devour the sausages one by one as part of the game, which made them look a bit sad until someone came over and gave them all one each, which really made their day. Afterwards we all went to the pub where he enjoyed the attention. He is a really friendly dog, wants to say hello to everyone and melts hearts with those lovely eyes of his.
22nd December 2006
My son Matthew came to stay a couple of days and was sitting on the settee reading a letter this afternoon when Troy, who had been playing with a toy on the floor suddenly snatched the letter from Matthew's hands, stood on it and looked at him as if to say 'I'm here, play with me'. Matthew was quite amazed and saw the funny side.
One of Troy's favourite toys is a blue rubber ball with a bell inside, which he throws in the air and pounces on. He loves this toy and once he starts playing with it he doesn't stop until it rolls under the settee or somewhere he can't get to it so gives up until we retrieve it for him.
23rd December 2006
Visited the vet this morning where Troy had his stitches removed and was given his second inoculation. We then carried on to visit my Mum for the day, which he enjoyed. He loves his trips in the car, visiting people and generally enjoys most things he does. Troy now knows how to gain our attention to let him out when he needs to go to the toilet. To begin with he used to pace the small dining room floor and we could hear his claws on the wooden floor. It them progressed to him whimpering at the same time so the combination of hearing his claws on the wooden floor with the whimpering was enough and he does it all the time now.
24th December 2006
Having had Troy a while and now that he know's his name and realises our house is a good place to be we decided to let him off the lead in the garden. At night when it's dark he wears a luminous flashing collar so we can see where he is and now he's had his stitches out and no longer on ' lead only' exercise he's a lot happier at being given this extra freedom.
This evening whilst all the presents were under the Christmas tree Stuart got his camera and we took a number of photographs of the dogs by the tree surrounded by presents.
25th December 2006
Troy enjoyed his Christmas morning and having watched Indi open her present he quickly worked out how to open his although the first one he needed help with pulling it out of the paper once he'd got into it. Izzy wasn't bothered about opening hers so Troy opened it for her and with it being the second one he managed much better. The rest of the day was spent either throwing his new toys in the air and catching them or playing tug o war with Izzy over one of them. Who ever re-homes Troy will need a large toy box with plenty of toys, knotted ropes and plastic bottles for him to amuse himself with. Troy's favourite 'mischief' time tends to be as his tea time approaches almost as if he's saying 'don't forget it's nearly my tea time - look I'm here, don't forget about me!'
27th December 2006
Not had any more accidents since Troy's muzzle was removed so the couple of accidents were definately a protest at having to wear the muzzle. Troy did a first this evening - he was playing in the living room then walked up to Stuart who was sitting on the settee reading a magazine. Troy put his front feet on Stuart's lap and went to lick his face only the grab hold of Stuart's beard instead. Stuart did a startled shout as he thought he was going to get a lick so to have his beard pulled came as a bit of a shock and Troy who was startled by the shout jumped away. About an hour later he did it again, the little monkey but I don't think Stuart will allow it to continue!!!!
31st December 2006

We were in the garden this morning collecting leaves when Troy and Ruby decided to have a mad five minute dash around the garden. I thought my lawn wasn't doing too bad - until after they had finished. Troy was the instigator and loved his run round and round the trees. We tried to get him to stop but he refused as he just wanted to let off steam but my heart was in my mouth in case he decided to jump the fence, however, thankfully he didn't.
I put three plastic pop bottles in a box to go to the rubbish the other day to find them gone. The next time I saw them they were in the garden and Troy was running around with one in his mouth - it doesn't take much to please him and I'd sooner him run around with that than something from the house such as one as our shoes like Charlie used to do.
3rd January 2007
It was almost tea time, I was in my office working when I suddenly heard a noise on the landing, which Stuart said he thought was Troy chewing his toy box. As we don't want him chewing things we don't want him to chew I went to investigate. He had my reading book on the floor and he was ripping the sleeve to pieces. A sharp 'Oi' and he shot back into our bedroom, hurdled the bed and disappeared into the shower room out of the way, refusing to come out even when called. Hope he's learnt that chewing my reading book is not the best thing to do.
Troy, when he chases after his toys often leaps and prances like a cat and later in the evening he was playing in the living room throwing his fluffy Father Christmas toy about when it landed in the coal bucket and he jumped into the bucket after it. The bucket was much smaller than him so it took him by surprise and he yelped as he landed on top of it. Stuart thought it hilarious but examined him just to make sure he hadn't hurt himself.
4th January 2007
Troy loves his toys and over the past three weeks has been going through a second puppy hood. He's been a laugh a minute! He takes all his toys from his toy boxes (we have two) and throws them in the air to catch them again. He carries his toy box with toys into Stuart's office and puts it by his feet then looks up at Stuart with those large golden eyes asking for him to play with his toys with him.
He loves laying on the settee in the evening next to Stuart having a cuddle, every morning when the alarm goes off he comes to the side of the bed and says hello whilst he's waiting for someone to let him out, if there's no room for him to get on the bed with you he stands on the floor and rests his head and front legs on the bed next to you asking for a cuddle. He can't get enough cuddles so if someone is on the settee or in bed then he will climb on and join you. He's so laid back you can do anything with him and he doesn't bat an eye lid - if he's on your part of the bed you can push him over to get in, on the settee you can move him over to sit down and if he's asleep on the floor he doesn't even flinch if you go down next to him and have a cuddle. He's such a superb dog - at the moment you just have to watch him near rabbits and that he doesn't jump fences. However, Kevin from Bay Dog Training says the best way to teach a dog that jumps not to jump is to teach him to jump on command so they learn to ask permission to jump rather than do it of their own accord, therefore, putting Troy through agility classes will do him the world of good and it's something he will really enjoy doing.
5th January 2007
Troy went for the day to Paddy's owners. Paddy sadly died suddenly at the beginning of the week during an operation to repair his broken leg and we thought Troy being Troy might make a nice companion for them if they wanted another dog. I know it's early days and there's no rush because everyone is still in shock after loosing Paddy the way we did but we thought Troy might help them heal the pain. As they have a cat we decided to test Troy and from the way he behaved we don't think he's ever seen one before. Although Troy wasn't completely submissive towards her we feel that if they wanted Troy then with a bit of work he would understand she's part of the family because he's a very clever dog. Troy stayed with them all day and came home to us around 8pm.

6th January 2007
Yesterday was quiet without Troy and the house relatively tidy but we're back to normal again today with toys from his toy box strewn all over the floor - he's quite a character!
7th January 2007
Over the past couple of days or so we've been lifting Troy's toy box at night otherwise he wakes us very early in the morning running around the bedroom and landing throwing his toys in the air and wanting to play. The other dogs like us got a bit fed up with it and lifting his toys worked to begin with because he stayed in his bed a bit longer. However, that was until this morning when he decided if he couldn't play with his toys he would find something else and chose my slippers! This afternoon Paddy's owners called to collect Troy so they could take him home with
Troy asleep on Bobby
Asleep on Bobby
6th January 2007
them. He remembered them from the other day and gave them all a lovely welcome. When it came for them to leave he happily walked to their car and got in with them. Troy won't take the place of Paddy but he will help to ease the pain of his sudden passing away.
8th January 2007
Received a call from Troy's new owners this evening saying he's settled in well, they've got him loads of toys to play with, he's seen their cat and chinchilla so the word 'leave' and water spray are being well used. His name has been changed to Asher, the Hebrew word meaning happiness because he'd come into a very unhappy household following very unhappy circumstances and brought happiness with him. Our house has been really quiet today and although he used to taunt the others trying to get them to play with him and they used to grumble at him as he jumped all over them I am sure they are missing him being around. However, Asher, as Troy is now called lives fairly close to us so we are sure to see him around and about. We hope he will have a long and happy life in his new home with his new family.
11th January 2007
Called in this afternoon to see Asher and his new owner to complete the paperwork as his owner didn't feel up to it last Sunday. Asher looked well, gave me a lovely welcome then lay on his bed for a stroke and cuddle.
16th January 2007
Received a call this afternoon from Asher's owner saying he jumped their five foot fence yesterday morning into next door's garden. She saw him sink back on his hind legs ready to jump from a standing position but she never had time to get to him. Got him back safely. This morning whilst out walking his owner slipped in the exact same spot as she did with Paddy. Her heart missed a beat as Asher's lead left her hand but when he realised his owner wasn't on the other end he turned and came back looking down at her as if to say 'what are you doing down there?
18th January 2007
Asher was let of in an enclosed field for the first time today so he could chase his ball, which he loved as he brings it back every time. When they walked through the park she let him off again as it was deserted and this time he just walked by her side. I thought she was very brave but then as his owner said she wouldn't have let him off if she hadn't felt it was right and both areas were enclosed.
24th January 2007
Received a call this afternoon from Asher's owner asking how Ruby got on at the vets and to let us know he is beginning to tolerate Pooh Bear, their cat much better. She is less afraid of him but they are still a long way off and there is still much work to do in this area. Asher has learn't that in a morning if he puts his head under the duvet his owner will lift it for him to climb in where he lays with his back to her and his feet out the side of the bed. He does it some mornings just before the alarm goes off so its only for a few minutes but they both like it. Asher has been let off his lead again and runs for a while then comes back and walks closely by her side. We always said he was a very intelligent dog but we asked that they not become too complacent as it's early days and to take things steady.
14th March 2007
Asher and his owner came to visit this morning and stayed a couple of hours. Asher knew exactly where he was and said hello to all the dogs, ran upstairs to make sure the toy box was still there and came down with a rubber ball with a bell in it, settled in the living room on the sheepskin rug with the ball then fell asleep. Asher looked well.
27th July 2007
Had a surprise visit from Asher and his owners this afternoon. They said he knew exactly where he was as he was coming down the drive, gave the others a lovely welcome then made himself at home whilst we sat in the conservatory and had a cup of tea and a chat.
7th September 2007
Received a phone call from Asher's owner to say Asher loves camping - he'd been on holiday to the Isle of Wight and took to camping like a 'duck to water'. The only problem they had was all dogs had to be kept on the lead, which Asher couldn't understand as he wanted to join in the fun when the children were playing so he chewed through a couple of leads in order to join them and on one occasion he bit through a couple of the tent guide ropes, which thankfully didn't prove fatal and the tent stayed up!
His owner mentioned a growth had developed near the end of Asher's nose so they had taken him to the vet. The vet put him on antibiotics and wanted to see him again in about a week's time to see if there was any improvement.
15th September 2007
Received a call from Asher's owners this afternoon to let us know the vet did tests and took samples from the growth on Asher's nose today under anaesthetic. They also inserted a needle into the centre of the growth and drained some fluid off, which should help it to heal. He's home again now but is a bit groggy still and the vet didn't think it was cancerous and was hoping it would heal in a couple of weeks or so, so let's hope this is the case.
22nd September 2007
Received a call from Asher's owner letting us know that his nose has dried up and the hair is beginning to grow back.
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