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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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When adopting a greyhound the suggested donation is £150.00 which goes towards neutering, inoculations, upkeep etc. Some people give a little less, while
others want to give more. We are quite flexible with this, and with this we provide:
Martingale Collar, Lead, Muzzle and 4 weeks free cover with the insurance company PetPlan

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for those in our care until we find them new homes.
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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
Please contact Jenny or Stuart
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which is what we use for the greyhounds in our care until we find them new homes.

May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Below is one of the 82 dogs we fostered for Dumfriesshire & Cumbria
Greyhound Rescue between July 2004 and the 5th December 2009.
On the 9th December 2009 we became the SOUTH LAKES branch
of the Retired Greyhound Trust for whom we are now foster

now called Dolly

Carrie arrived on Saturday 24th November 2007
Went to her new home on Sunday 9th December 2007
Sadly Dolly died of Peritonitis on the 10th August 2009
She was 4 years 5 days old
Rest in peace our pretty little Dolly

Carrie's arrival and a brief history
black and white Greyhound
Carrie is a beautiful little greyhound bitch who has been living with a family since the end of July 2007. However, due to a change in their family circumstances Carrie has come back into Rescue and we shall be fostering her until she finds a new home.
Carrie was born on the 5th August 2005 so is 2 years 4 months old. She is inoculated and microchipped, travels well in the car and walks nicely on the lead

Went to her new home on Sunday 9th December 2007
Carrie's Diary
24th November 2007
When Carrie was first brought back to us she was very unsure of what was going on, which is not surprising considering the circumstances. She became very, very nervous so much so she wouldn't stand still and constantly wanted to wee - a teaspoon here and a drop there. The trouble is she likes to sit, which is unusual for a Greyhound so when she squats to do a wee we found it difficult deciding if that's whats she was doing or if she was going to sit - until it was too late! . Our Greyhounds thought she was wonderful and Indi gave her a little growl to put her in her place when she became a bit giddy. She has a very pretty face and looks very cute when she sits looking up at you. She's a happy little girl who's whole body moves from side to side when she wags her tail.
As she was so nervous we took all the Greyhounds for a walk, which she enjoyed. Got quite excited about having her lead on, wanted to be out the house first but we made her wait till we were out (pack leadership) and she soon settled nicely on her walk.
When we got home she ate her pig's ear then because of her constant need to wee all unnecessary doors were shut and I kept her in the kitchen with Max and Sandy and did my mountain of ironing. I find that by restricting a very nervous dog to one room they stop pacing and eventually settle. Max and Sandy went to sleep, I did some ironing and after a while of pacing the room she lay down, wimpered a few minutes then went to sleep with the others.
About four hours after she arrived and still pacing the place once let to wande we found her in our bedroom with Bobby blocking the doorway telling her in no uncertain terms to 'cool it' - good on you Bob, you tell her!
Stairs don't bother her but she's reluctant about walking on wooden floors. She's a very happy, playful little girl so her reluctance may be because she has to slow down to walk on it whereas with carpet she can dash around. All she's wanted to do since she's arrived is play with the others, Sandy thinks she's wonderful, Max is wondering why we've taken on another dog and a mad little upstart at that!
This evening we had peace for the first time when Stuart sat on the settee. In came Carrie, jumped over the arm of the settee and landed with a plonk next to Stuart going straight over on her back with head on his lap and legs in the air as if to say 'stroke my tummy' - Stroking her tummy and she's in heaven!
25th November 2007
Carrie wouldn't settle in our room last night because I think she felt unsure of walking past Max and Sandy so she slept on the landing outside our office door. I didn't move her bed as some new Greyhounds wander back in the room during the night and settle. However,
about 1.30am she started pacing the floor and from her body language I decided to move her bed onto the landing and settled her with the teddy she'd brought back with her because according to her owners she liked to cuddle it at night. She appeared to be shivering and not as warm as she should be so whether or not she'd been laying in a draft I don't know so I covered her with a blanket and tucked her in. Never heard another word from her till morning when she came into our room and bounded on the bed to say hello, jumped off and did a wee - here we go again!
When we let her in the garden she stayed out ages - most of the Greyhounds go out first thing, do what they have to then back into the warm, but not Carrie she just wanted to explore the garden and I had to call her back in when her breakfast was ready. She's a good little eater and so far is eating what she's being given.
29th November 2007
Because of Carrie's constant need to wee in small amounts we took her to the vet today to see if she had an infection that may be causing it or to see if it was the trauma and nerves of changing homes that was causing it. The vet checked the water sample we took in and gave her a thorough examination. All seemed well apart from a slight possibility of her having Cisitis so the vet as a precautionery measure put her on antibiotics. If she has an infection then the antibiotics would clear it so if she was still having accidents after they finished we would know it was behavioural. She weighed 55½ lbs (25.35k).
2nd December 2007
Carrie seems to be getting better as we had no accidents today but it's difficult to know if it's the antibiotics or whether its because we are letting her out an awful lot more.
4th December 2007
Discovered today that Carrie loves melon.
Carrie went for a swim in the pond this morning! She saw the fish and in she went after them but was rather surprised that the pond was deeper than she thought. Having climbed out she tried her best to catch them without falling in again so we thought it best to bring her in, dry her off and take her mind off them in the hopes she will forget they are there. A cold pond in December is not the best time to go for a swim!
Carrie took her last antibiotic tablet this morning. Her toileting is much better but we must remember to let her out after she's eaten whether it's her dinner or just a pig's ear because we still haven't worked out yet how she tells us she wants out. We think she paces but we miss it because as soon as she moves Max and Sandy are following her so we don't notice if she's pacing or following them.
5th December 2007
Carrie has taken to sitting on the front seat of the car when we leave all the Greyhounds in it. When we are in the car she's taken to wanting to get out the front door with us, which can be a bit awkward so we are working towards her not doing this.
Carrie is settling down much better, she's a happy little girl and loves her cuddles on the settee. In fact she loves cuddles full stop and will lay on her back and have her stomach stroked all day if she could.
Discovered Carrie's party piece this morning. I was breaking some bread for their breakfast when she suddenly sat to attention by my side waiting for a piece. A little experiment and we discovered she will sit to the command 'sit' and wait for her treat. She does it over and over again, which is quite unusual for a Greyhound as most don't like to sit because the shape of their spine makes it uncomfortable but Carrie does it over and over again.
This evening we caught Carrie asking to go out and she does it by pacing in a circle. We thought that was how she was doing it but her actions were being masked by Max and Sandy who weren't in the room at the time.
6th December 2007
Carrie disgraced herself this evening. Stuart had gone out for coal and Carrie followed him, it was raining and when she came back into the conservatory she did a wee. She was told off and out of favour for a few minutes so she knew we were not to happy.
7th December 2007
Carrie had another accident in the house this evening and we are coming to the conclusion that it's the number of dogs in the house and the fact that Max and Sandy constantly follow her around wanting her to play. Carrie lived in a home for five months before coming here and there was no mention of toileting problems. Carrie is going to her new home in a couple of days and her new owner is fully aware of the problems we've had with her and our feelings that when Carrie is in a home on her own the accidents will stop.
9th December 2007
This morning Carrie's new owner called to collect her and although Carrie had never met her before she seemed very relaxed in her presence. Adoption papers completed Carrie walked out happily to her new owner's car, jumped in and lay on the back seat. As she was driving away Carrie sat up and watched us out the back window - the look brought a lump to our throats, we took a deep breath and knew we had to move on. The important thing is that Carrie has a long and happy life in her new home and we wish her well.
10th December 2007
Received an email from Carrie's new owner this morning saying all was well so far, no accidents in the house, very cuddly and she's met her godson who visits daily. He's only five years old and having cuddled Carrie turned round and said 'I think I love her'.
11th December 2007
Phoned today to see how Carrie was to be told she was settled, still no accidents in the house, loves her godson cuddling her, sleeps on her back on the settee most of the time and is no trouble when left in the house whilst her owner nips out to the shops. Carrie's new bed is in her owner's studio where she sleeps whilst her owner is working. She's eating well, seems very settled and all seems fine so our belief she prefers being in a house on her own seems correct. That is not to say she might like a companion one day but in our house she was the youngest of five and we think she felt it was too much thus causing the toileting problems we experienced.
19th December 2007
Received an email from Carrie's new owner this morning along with a couple of photographs of her. Her owner has changed Carrie's name to Dolly - she is getting on well and her favourite spot is on the sofa!
23rd January 2008
Called in this afternoon to do Dolly's follow-up visit and was met by a very happy and excited Greyhound - she went bananas when she saw us and didn't stop until Stuart sat on the settee when she jumped up next to him and became more calm. Dolly is quite a nervous little girl who had one or two accidents around the house when she first went to live there, which we all half expected. She gets a bit jumpy and nervous with strange noises outside the house such as a wagon bumping past or a sign across the road blowing, however, we feel that in time she will get used to these once she realises they don't affect her as she watches from the living room window. She didn't like the fireworks over Christmas nor the wind howling down the chimney one windy evening. Despite Dolly's nervousness, her new owner loves her and appreciates that being in a few places over the past few months won't have helped and given time and patience, she will get there and will become a very loyal companion - she just needs time and plenty of love.
5th August 2008
29th August 2008
Received an email from Dolly's owner this evening sending us some photos of Dolly so we can see how happy she is.
Her owner says she has settled down fine now, after abit of a nervous start (on both their parts!!). She's really happy and loves running on the beach every day, eating pigs ears and sleeping alot...
5th August 2009
10th August 2009
Dolly died of Peritonitis today.
26th September 2009
We received a letter this morning from Dolly's owner letting us know that Dolly died of Peritonitis on the 10th August 2009. It was a dreadful shock because she was so young and once I'd recovered I called her owner for a chat. She was so upset at loosing Dolly and at the way she had died that it was only now she felt she could put pen to paper to let us know.
They had been walking along the beach in Morecambe as they did every day when Dolly's owner noticed something odd in her stools as she bent to pick it up. Upon examination it looked like white material. When they got home her owner noticed part of her net curtain in the lounge had been chewed and a large piece was missing. She hadn't noticed it before because it was a long gathered curtain that draped on the floor and was behind one of the chairs. Dolly was taken to the vet straight away where they took an x-ray only to find the curtain was threaded through her body. They operated to remove it then asked her owner to make her to eat as much as they could get down her once she'd recovered from the anaesthetic in order to get her body to work through any they may not have been able to find or get to. However, once recovered from the anaesthetic Dolly wouldn't eat much and what she did eat she vomited, so she was taken straight back to the vet where they opened her up again hoping any bits they couldn't get the day before had moved through her system. However, when they opened her up they discovered Peritonitis had set in caused by the foreign body. Because of what the vet found they phoned Dolly's owner and because of the speed and the severity of the Peritonitis it was decided that Dolly should not be brought round from the anaesthetic.
Dolly's owner is distraught at not noticing the chewed curtain earlier, which would have meant getting her to the vets before it had worked its way so far through her system and she is distraught at loosing her companion as such a young age. Dolly's owner really misses her because she had grown to love her alot. She was a sweet, sweet thing and her owner had a lovely time with Dolly in her life. Dolly had been very happy with her and hadn't chewed anything before in all the time she'd had her so she can't understand what could have happened that day to have made her want to do it. Dolly's owner has since moved from the house because she couldn't bear to be there without her Dolly.

In loving memory of Dolly.
Your maker must have missed you so much my lovely to have wanted you back at such a tender age. Your passing has left a huge hole in our hearts but we are so proud to have known your love and beauty.
Rest in peace our pretty little Dolly.
God be with you.

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black and white Greyhound
Carrie on the 8th December 2007

black and white Greyhound
and again. . . .

black and white Greyhound
and again. . . .

black and white Greyhound
and again. . . .

black and white Greyhound
and again. . . .

black and white Greyhound
and again. . . .

black and white Greyhound
taking a nap and cooling off!

black and white Greyhound
and again. . . .

black and white Greyhound
Carrie, now called Dolly
relaxing in her favourite
place in her new home
18th December 2007

Black and white Greyhound
... and again ....

Greyhound face
... and again.

Greyhound on beach
Dolly enjoying a run on the beach
at Morecambe - summer 2008
Greyhound on beach
Dolly enjoying a run on the beach in the summer of 2008
Greyhound on beach
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