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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Below is one of the 82 dogs we fostered for Dumfriesshire & Cumbria
Greyhound Rescue between July 2004 and the 5th December 2009.
On the 9th December 2009 we became the SOUTH LAKES branch
of the Retired Greyhound Trust for whom we are now foster

(now called Lennie)

Arrived Thursday 18th January 2007
Went to his new home on Saturday 3rd February 2007

His arrival and a brief history
Flight is a black ex-racing greyhound who was born on the 8th September 2003 making him just over three years old. He is neutered, inoculated and microchipped. Flight is a gentle, quiet boy who travels well in the car, walks nicely on the lead, is always clean in his kennel, loves children and gets on well with other dogs but is not cat friendly. Flight loves eating plums and blackberries and will pick them himself from the trees and bushes when he can!
Flight's previous owner had him about a year but found him not suitable for racing. As he had such a nice nature she wanted to keep him but felt it unfair for him to live the rest of his life in kennels when he could have the opportunity of spending it with a family in a home so he came into Rescue and down to us to foster.
We are very lucky in that Flight's previous owner gave us a lot of
information about him during the time he was with us which has been most helpful. Prior to him coming to England he had a spell in kennels where , although he was fed, his living conditions were so poor that when he came to England he wouldn't run very fast because his feet were raw and bleeding. No one wanted to buy him and when his previous owner saw the condition he was in she felt so sorry for him she took him home. With her TLC and the assistance of the vet his feet were treated and he wore little boots for a few weeks until they were completely healed. Knowing Flight as we do we are eternally grateful to his previous owner for taking him in and looking after him because had she not been there anything could have happened to him! His owner also mentioned he gets flaky skin on his back every so often but she's found that by giving him a good brush frequently it seems to be okay and she gave him a brush the day she brought him to us.
Flight (Lennie's) Diary

18th January 2007
We collected Flight this evening from the DCGR Homing Coordinator's house where his owner dropped him off. He made a total of 10 greyhounds in the house so there was a lot of introductions to do. Indi and Ruby had a sniff, said hello then carried on mixing with the others. However, Bobby grumbled at him a bit, a bit more than normal, which surprised us but then he may have worked out Flight was the reason for us being there and he was to be another new addition so was putting him in his place before they got in the car or, it may have been because he wasn't in his own home and the extra greyhound, who was a bit nervous made it a bit overcrowded.
Flight travelled well in the car and when we got home we let him in the garden where he wandered around on the lead and did his toilet. He was quite excited in the house when he first went in and tried jumping up to the kitchen work surfaces but it was late and he hadn't been fed so Stuart held him on his lead whilst I prepared all their food. After he'd eaten and been out in the garden again he came in and happily settled on the kitchen floor with the others whilst we had our tea. He then spent the rest of the evening asleep on the living room floor once he'd had an inquisitive look around at everything.
We've had no accidents in the house not even an attempt to cock his leg. He managed the stairs okay at bed time and wandered around for a while before settling on his bed. Once the lights were out he never moved.
19th January 2007
Never heard a word from Flight during the night and this morning after he gingerly came down the stairs and we let him in the garden on the lead he knew exactly what was required of him. He waited patiently with others whilst their food was being prepared then settled down on his bed till we took them all for a walk. He walked nicely on the lead and seems very laid back, following what the others do and settling in very fast. We let him off the lead this afternoon in the garden whilst I got coal from the shed and he enjoyed this little bit of freedom allowing him to wander around with Ruby.
We lost electric this afternoon due to the storms so computer work came to a grinding halt. As a result we put their coats on and took them for another walk. When we got back we gave Flight a bath paying particular attention to his back where his skin was quite flaky. His previous owner told us about this and we've seen it on other dogs so we are hoping a bath or two and starting him on cod liver oil each day with his breakfast will see it recover, however, we shall keep an eye on it to make sure it's nothing more.
As the electric never came back on we fed the dogs using candles and warm water from the camping stove then all went in the car to a pub who had power so we could get something to eat. The dogs couldn't come in with us so we didn't stay longer than necessary and drove home hoping to see lights on. Alas nothing, so we continued up the road in the opposite direction till we arrived at our other local pub where there was power and the dogs came in. Flight was no trouble at all and took all the people and noise in his stride. Home again and with lights back on he spent the rest of the evening on the sheepskin rug in the living room. We never used the lead tonight in the garden but put a flashing collar on him so we could see where he was. We needn't have worried for he was back by the door as soon as he'd finished with a look on his face as if to say 'you are not leaving me out here.'
20th January 2007
Never heard a word from Flight all night and this morning he lay on the floor with the others in the kitchen waiting for his breakfast. Although he tries to get Bobby and Indi's food when its put down he is beginning to realise that he and Ruby gets theirs next, which is really good to say he's not been with us long. When we went to put the collars on the dogs ready to visit mum Flight thought he was going out for a walk because he started jumping around and barking with excitement. He was a little sad at being steered towards the car instead of down the road but he soon settled in the back with the others for the journey. He was a little nervous at mum's to begin with but when he saw the others were calm he soon lay on the floor and went to sleep next to them. It's been a couple of busy days for one just from the kennel and considering everything he's been very good - let's hope next week is a bit more sedate!
What were we saying about Flight being no trouble at all well, tonight he decided to inspect the kitchen whilst we were watching television. We knew there was no food around so what was he doing? We found the table cloth almost off the table and there he was busy munching the straw table mat!
21st January 2007
The couple who are thinking of adopting Flight called in this morning for a cup of coffee to meet him. He was a little unsure to begin with but soon settled so after coffee we went for a walk. They decided they would like to adopt Flight and asked if we could change his name to Lennie so from now on that's who he is. We will be looking after him until their new gates are fitted making their back garden secure for him so he can be let of. We talked about the flaky skin on his back and mentioned his right hip, which he's been chewing and it was decided we take him to the vet later in the week if he did it again or showed no improvement.
22nd January 2007
This morning my son Mark visited and Lennie took his blindness and handicap in his stride coming forward to be stroked along with

Black Greyhound
Whilst visiting Dunblane
28th January 2007

Black greyhound
. . and again
28th January 2007

2nd February 2007

2nd February 2007

Lennie in the garden
In the garden
2nd February 2007

Lennie in the garden
..... and again.

the others. We found this evening that Lennie loves apple and he devoured Stuart's apple core in seconds then came looking for more.
23td January 2007
We are amazed at Lennie because not once since he's arrived has there been an accident in the house nor even an attempt to cock his leg. I think on the house training front he's been about the best we've had. Lennie can be quite a vocal dog at times and and when he stretches on the floor whilst dozing he tends to groan with satisfaction quite often, which is lovely to hear.
24th January 2007
Had visitors for tea this evening so we made a fresh fruit salad. Lennie loved the apple and pineapple but wasn't too keen on the mango. He also likes roast potatoes and carrots! He's a little wary of strange people sometimes if they hover around him and has a worried look on his face when we are doing something in the house he's not sure of. However, as the days pass and more things happen he's getting more used to the comings and goings of family life.
25th January 2007
This morning was the first really cold morning we've had so I filled the bird table with nuts in the hanger. Lennie thought the nutty fat ball hanging there was irresistible and tried his hardest to get it every time I turned my back. The problem was it was hanging too near to where he could reach so I had to move the bird table onto a raised area making it another 18" off the ground. I had visions of the whole lot tumbling down but it being that much higher has thankfully made him less interested in it.
There's little chance of Lennie running off because when let out in the garden he's often first back to the door waiting to be let in and giving a bark so we know he's there. If he's last and we call him he comes charging across the garden into the house as if to say 'you're not leaving me out there!'. He comes charging in looking very pleased with himself.
He now knows when they are going for a walk because as soon as he hears the collars rattling he comes running to have his house collar changed for his leather one. Once on he sometimes barks with impatience telling us to hurry up putting the others on. He waits patiently for his lead at the door then off we go for our walk. He walks lovely on the lead and is no problem at all when out.
26th January 2007
This morning we took Lennie to the vet about the flaky skin on his back and the spotty, lumpy skin on his right hind leg. As some areas looked a bit pinky the vet recommended we put him on antibiotics to kick any infection into touch and asked if we could shampoo him each week for a while using Hibiscrub and massage it in for ten minutes. This, along with his daily dose of cod liver oil should make his skin and hair better in a few weeks. After his late afternoon walk we bathed him as requested then fed him. By the end of the evening his coat was dry, feeling very soft, looked much better and there wasn't as much flaky skin there as we thought there might have been. I'm glad he doesn't mind his baths because it looks as if he's going to be having a few for a while!
27th January 2007
Lennie's potential new owners called in to see him on their way back from Yorkshire and commented how much he'd changed in the few days we'd had him. He looked so much more relaxed and they loved the way his coat was looking and the way he put his ears up. During the afternoon we went for a long walk then he settled for the evening once he'd played with the fluffy santa toy that squeaks. It's lovely to see him running around the bedroom throwing it in the air.
28th January 2007
Set of at 7am for a long drive to Dunblane where we were meeting Britney to do some photographs for the 2008 calendars. He travelled well in the car and ate his breakfast in the back along with the others when we stopped at a cafe part way up. We did the photo shoot at the Cromlix Hotel and used Lennie for the 'binge drinking' 'Safety' calendar shot. He was very good and we have some lovely pictures. We later took some pictures of him with Britney in the doorway of a deserted shed and although it was going dark by then and he is black we got some nice pictures for the 'Lifestyle' calendar.
29th January 2007
Lennie's potential new owners collected him this morning so they could spend a couple of hours with him and so he can see where he will be going to live. As they drove away he gave me a long sad look out the car window, which touched my heart and they said he was a little quiet in their house. However, a lot has happened in his life the past couple of weeks or so and he probably wondered what on earth was happening.
Lennie's love for apples continues so every time we have one we give him the core. He also loves sultanas and raisins!
30th January 2007
Heard from Lennie's potential new owners that their gates should be fitted on Friday so once the gap between one of the gates and the wall has been fenced off over the weekend they hope to adopt Lennie next Monday or Tuesday. I will miss him because he is such a lovely dog and comes to me for cuddles. He loves his head being cradled in my arms and listening to me whispering in his ear. He's really coming out of his shell and is playing with toys much more. The plastic squeaky ones are no good because he keeps going at them until he's chewed the squeak out and the first one he destroyed he even tried eating the plastic so they are a 'no, no'. We bought a fluffy Father Christmas as a present for one of the dogs at Christmas and he's taken a fancy to it - the squeak has gone but then don't most of them! He's taken to getting toys from the toy boxes and spreading them around his bed.
Lennie's coat is beginning to shine more and the skin on his back seems much better. He's had a little dry skin but not much and that seems to be old skin lodged around the hair of his coat rather than new coming from the skin itself. He's almost finished his antibiotics so hopefully they will have helped. However, his right hip is still pink and lumpy at times, which causes him to want to chew it so it will mean another trip to the vet to find out what the problem is that causes him to itch so.
31st January 2007
Lennie's not the new boy anymore and when he met Joe for the first time the heckles were up on both dogs for a few seconds - probably sorting out the pack order! There was no grumbling and within a few minutes they were all in the car together coming home.
1st February 2007
Lennie is beginning to recognize his new name and is an absolute gem to have. I will miss him when he goes to his new home next week. We gave him another bath this evening and hardly any dry skin came off his back but his right hip was still lumpy so we shall need to watch this. At times it seems to have almost gone and we think we are winning then for no apparent reason it suddenly flares up again making him want to chew it, which we try to avoid him doing as that will make it worse.
2nd February 2007
Received a call this morning from Lennie's potential owners saying they can't wait any longer and could they adopt him tomorrow instead of early next week. They appreciate that until the garden is made completely secure he will need to be on the lead but they were going to do that anyway until he got to know them and they him. Therefore, today will be his last full day with us and we will miss him.
Stuart did the shopping this afternoon after taking Ruby to the vet for her stitches out. When he returned and we were unpacking everything I gave Lennie a seedless grape to see if he liked it. He'd never had a grape before because it kept rolling out of his mouth but after a while he worked out he had to bite it to get the juice. One managed so I gave him a couple more and this time his back teeth crushed them immediately and his eyes lit up. I had a couple, Stuart had one then we put the rest in the fruit bowl for later. Half an hour later Stuart came in the kitchen to start tea only to find half a dozen squashed grapes on the floor along with the stalks. Yes, Lennie had taken the grapes from the fruit bowl and eaten the lot - a whole pound! We were by the table, amazed, when I suddenly realized there was an empty dish there that wasn't empty before. Stuart said he'd not eaten the dried fruit and nuts I keep for nibbling during the day and it suddenly dawned on us Lennie had eaten them as well. We turned our backs and the next thing we knew he was up trying to get an apple from the fruit bowl. He was told off then the fruit bowl put on the top of the fridge freezer. He's been really good on the food front up until this afternoon and all because of a grape! It was close to his tea time and he obviously thought they were too good to miss. We've not had a dog whose gone for the fruit bowl before!
3rd February 2007
This morning we took Lennie to his new home in the Grange-over-Sands area where we hope he will have a long and happy life. By the end of our visit he's spotted the fruit bowl so it was moved higher but not before he'd been given a plum cut into pieces. This made his eyes light up and will help the bonding process.
When we phoned this evening to see how he was getting on he'd been for a long walk this afternoon, had his dinner and was settled for the evening. He'd been a bit quiet but then we all expected that but give him a few days and he should start coming out of his shell again.
4th February 2007
Phoned this evening to see how Lennie was getting on. He woke his new owner at 6am this morning wanting to go out. To make it safe for him to wander round the garden off the lead they put up a good temporary barrier where the gates are going until they arrive so he has a bit more freedom but it means they have to take the rubbish bin through the house and out the front door! He's been for a long walk, met Amber and her owner and ate his pigs ear in the garden in the sunshine. He's eating well, seems more settled and not quite so shy as he was yesterday.
9th February 2007
Spoke with Lennie's owners this afternoon who said he was settling in well, he's getting used to their routine and they his! Their new gates have been fitted so he has free run of the garden, he's coming out of his shell more each day and it's lovely to watch him running around the lawn. He's beginning to know his walks, meeting other dogs and walks nicely on the lead, waits by their side ready to cross the road and is getting used to seeing the trains pass as they walk along the path close to the railway line.
Lennie's been to the vet this week about the rash on his hip and it's been suggested to continue bathing it with Hibiscrub. He's on a course of much stronger antibiotics than before and is going back to the vet again next week. The skin on his back seems fine now but the vets aren't too sure what it is on his hip at the moment so monitoring the situation. We've talked to his previous owner and others about it and we are wondering if it may be stress or nerves. It may simply be the change from his kennel life to coming to us for such a short time then going to his new home. As his new owner's haven't had a dog before and are getting to know him it may all have had an effect on him because he's quite a sensitive dog. It's felt at the moment that after his course of antibiotics and visit the vet next week it may be best to leave it alone to see if it settles as he settles into his new home.
12th February 2007
Heard today Lennie is playing with his toys more often, runs around the garden and meets loads of dogs on his walks. He seems very happy and settled and has started telling his owners when he wants to go in the garden. During a recent walk a cat approached them and walked around the legs of Lennie's owners - bit scary but thankfully the cat must have realized it was okay, either that or it was being very silly! Thankfully, Lennie never bothered about it
27th February 2007
Heard today that Lennie is a joy to watch as he plays in the garden. He throws his ball in the air, does a pirouette to try and catch it then as it lands on the ground he puts his foot on it to keep it still then picks it up and throws it in the air again. His owner has tried to get him to do it when he throws the ball to him but he won't - he will only do it if he wants to!
Following this his new owners then mentioned he'd been to the vet a couple of times since they put him on the strong antibiotics just after they got him. Once for a skin biopsy from his hip, the results of which they didn't understand and again this morning when he'd been put on more antibiotics, given more shampoo and creams. One of his new owners had come out in a rash and the doctor immediately put it down to an allergy to Lennie. They were phoning to say that all in all it may be they wouldn't be able to keep him as they couldn't see a light at the end of the tunnel. They were very, very upset and we were very shocked at the news as it's such a lovely home. I had a long chat with them then said I would make a couple of calls and ring them back. When I did they said they had decided no way was he leaving them as they loved him too much and following our chat had decided to persevere as the rash may have nothing to do with Lennie. As Lennie's owners had lost a bit of confidence with their vets we suggested Lennie see a particular vet in the practice we use for a second opinion as he specialises in skin conditions and had helped resolve Indi's problem. It was agreed not to give him any of the medication by the vet but return it and give Lennie a rest until he saw our vet on Friday.
2nd March 2007
When Lennie and his owners called to pick me up this morning on the way to the vet Lennie gave me a lovely welcome, which was nice. Inside the vets we relayed the whole story from his time before coming to England and all that his previous owner had done for him along with what we had done and what had happened since being with his new owners. We are very, very grateful for all the information his previous owner gave us as it was very helpful to the vet. A copy of the biopsy report was faxed through to him from the other vet and he gave Lennie a thorough head to toe examination. He commented his skin was still pinky in places and he took some shavings from his hip for analysis and the vet said he would ring Lennie's owners about the result. Lennie was very good whilst all this was going on but eager to get down off the table as soon as allowed. The biopsy indicated there was a small sign of an underlying bacterial infection. After much thought the vet was of the opinion he probably got this from laying down in the kennels when the conditions were so poor prior to coming to England. Because he'd been given treatment for his feet any antibiotics would have got rid of say 95%of the bacteria in his skin but the little bit left was always there to niggle him and thus needing to be brushed regularly to remove the flaky skin. The rash on his leg probably flared up because of leaving his previous owner who had cared for him when he was so poorly and coming to us, which was why it hadn't been noticed before. The bacteria apparently was quite a resilient one and needed special antibiotics which the vet gave Lennie's new owners. Its a three week course and he wants to see him again in a fortnight so he can review things before the course finishes. The vet also suggested not shampooing him for the time being so as not to dry his skin out and gave him the same capsules we gave Indi for her skin condition, which was similar but without the bacteria. These contain oils specially for the skin such as Evening Primrose Oil to help improve the condition. We all left the vets feeling much more confident and from the conversation that followed I think this practice will be Lennie's from now on. Lennie may have had his tail between his legs when on the table being examined but he was happily trotting around the grass outside the vets afterwards.
20th March 2007
Visited Lennie this afternoon to complete his follow-up visit. When we arrived he was just coming back from a walk so gave us a lovely welcome when he came in before laying on his bed in front of the patio doors where he likes to lay so he can watch what's going on outside. He was looking really well, settled and happy in his new home and his new owners love him to bits. Loads of people stop to admire Lennie on his walks and to say hello and Lennie takes it all in his stride. He loves playing with his toys in the garden throwing them in the air then spinning to catch them before they hit the ground, which his owner's love to watch. His owner is still trying to get him to play with toys he throws for him but Lennie refuses as he just wants to play with them on his own. He still loves his fruit but his owners don't want to go too mad so give him small quantities. He will chase a grape rolling along the carpet, loves his piece of fresh grapefruit in the morning, which makes his owners wince but Lennie chomps away with delight then looks for more!
Lennie finished his course of antibiotics yesterday and was examined by the vet who is pleased with the way the infection is disappearing and how much better his skin and coat are looking. He's to stay on the Coatex tablets to help the condition of his skin whilst it's recovering and he's on another three weeks of antibiotics to clear the chronic bacterial infection once and for all. The small red marks have gone and he's no longer scratching himself but the skin on his hip looks quiet dry, which the vet says indicates the bacteria is dying. It's been a tough one to get rid of but once gone the skin will renew nicely with the help of the Coatex tablets and when you look carefully you can see the hair beginning to come back as well.
18th April 2007
This evening we took Sonny to training classes to see how he was with other dogs and whilst there met Lennie and his owners who have been attending classes and this evening was the last of their course. His owners said Lennie was a super dog but they had a tiny problem with him as he sometimes gets a bit nervous at classes with all the other dogs around and can be a bit funny towards the odd small dog who grumbles at him, however, they are teaching him to 'leave' and hope he will soon get used to them so as not to bother with them. However, we mentioned it may take a while, to be patient and if necessary to introduce him to other small dogs under a controlled environment with a muzzle on him if necessary and using a water spray and the word 'leave' if necessary. He's not been out of kennels long, meeting lots of dogs he's never seen before and who are not greyhounds so his behaviour is part of getting used to his 'new' world. He went to the vet recently who said his skin was so much better that he no longer needs antibiotics, which we are all pleased about.
22nd April 2007
This afternoon we attended an event at a local kennels and cattery where we set up a stall in aid of Dumfriesshire Greyhound Rescue. The weather wasn't very nice considering how glorious it's been over the past few days which was a shame but a number of our foster dogs and their owners braved the weather and gave their support. It was lovely to see them all and the afternoon felt rather like a family reunion. They all made quite a presence at the event and in all twelve greyhounds attended including
Lennie who gave us a lovely welcome. He was looking well and his coat looked lovely and shiny.
28th April 2007
Today we all went to Barrow in Furness for our very first Greyhound Awareness Day in the town centre and were so pleased Lennie was able to join us for a while along with his owners. Lennie looked well and gave us a lovely welcome. The bald patch on his hip was a lot less noticeable, the skin not so dry and the area seemed to be covering with a layer of down as his hair is growing back.
1st June 2007
On Tuesday Lennie arrived to stay whilst his owners visited a relative who was very ill. He missed his owners when they left as he whimpered for a while but we paid him attention and after a couple of hours found him playing in the garden and getting on with the other dogs. He soon settled back into our routine again, enjoyed his visit to the pub and one evening he slept all night cuddled up with Jack on the dog bed in my office. He was a pleasure to have, looked well and his coat looked beautiful and shiny with the bald patch on his hip almost recovered.
His owners arrived to pick him up this afternoon just as we were returning from our walk and once he realized who they were he became excited at seeing them and happily walked away with them to their car to go home.
30th June 2007
Last Tuesday (26th June) Lennie arrived back unexpectedly and was very sad and quiet after his owners left him, which was only natural due to the circumstances. We hoped his stay would be temporary because we were convinced he was the perfect companion for them and they were making a mistake. Yesterday they called in because they were missing him and he gave them a wonderful welcome and, from that point on he was much happier. We'd arranged for Lennie to see Ken Woodacre this lunch time as we had an appointment with him anyway. Ken checked him over and found him fine and shortly after we arrived home Lennie's owners arrived to collect him. He gave them a lovely greeting and happily followed them to their car with all his belongings to go back home. It was a wonderful moment!
8th August 2007
Lennie has been backwards and forwards to the vets over the past few weeks because new patches of infection come and go. Some seem to contain a Dermatex Mite and because they keep coming back after a course of antibiotics has worn off the vet is of the opinion that because of what happened to him in the past he may have an immune deficiency that allows things into his skin. Consequently, he's not having anymore antibiotics and his owners are going to ensure he has a good diet to try and build up his immune system again and thus help him fight everyday airborne mites and bacteria.
8th September 2007
8th September 2008
29th September 2008
Received an email this evening letting us know that Lennie is doing really well now and is a joy! He is full of confidence and his coat is fine now all the hair has come back apart from a tiny patch near his tail which they think will always be a bit sparse.  His owners let him off the lead now in controlled environments and he loves it.  He is sociable with other dogs and is learning how to play.  They often take him to Cartmel in the woods and he goes paddling in the river and runs like a "Greyhound".  They say It is lovely to see him run like this and they also take him to Walney Island where he loves running on the beach.
8th September 2009

8th September 2010
8th September 2011
8th September 2012
8th September 2013

17th December 2013

We received a Christmas card today from Lennie's owners letting us know that Lennie broke his hind leg quite badly last August. Thankfully, he is on the mend now, although he has plates and wire permenantly inside his leg. He is walking on all four legs now, but cannot run. Perhaps those days are sadly over, but you never know. His owners are just so grateful to the vets for putting him right.

8th September 2014
17th December 2014
We received a Christmas card this morning from Lennie and his owners letting us know that Lennie has been diagnosed as having Cushings Disease. During this year his owners say he has been slowly going 'down hill' so the vets did a variety of tests to establish why and the test for Cushings Disease tested positive. Thankfully, it is something that can be kept controlled by medication, but he's lost alot of his coat, which will take a few months to grow back, hopefully!

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