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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

Please ring for an appointment to come and see the greyhounds and have a chat. You are most welcome, but as we run a bed and breakfast it is essential you ring and arrange a date and time to visit.
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When adopting a greyhound the suggested donation is £150.00 which goes towards neutering, inoculations, upkeep etc. Some people give a little less, while
others want to give more. We are quite flexible with this, and with this we provide:
Martingale Collar, Lead, Muzzle and 4 weeks free cover with the insurance company PetPlan

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Fosterers are a valuable part of greyhound rescue in that another greyhound is living life away from the kennels and taking the first steps towards getting used to the family way of life. If you live in the South Lakes or the surrounding area and would like to foster a greyhound until we can find him or her a new home.
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Would you like to become a registered volunteer and walk a Greyhound?
Volunteers offering to take a Greyhound for a walk, an afternoon out or a stop-over play a very important role here at the branch.
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for those in our care until we find them new homes.
(also pilchards in tomato sauce, sardines and tuna in oil, dog biscuits, Dentastix)

May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
Please contact Jenny or Stuart
T: 015395 52394 or email us

which is what we use for the greyhounds in our care until we find them new homes.

May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Beech Hill House, Witherslack, Cumbria LA11 6RH

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Below is one of the 82 dogs we fostered for Dumfriesshire & Cumbria
Greyhound Rescue between July 2004 and the 5th December 2009.
On the 9th December 2009 we became the SOUTH LAKES branch
of the Retired Greyhound Trust for whom we are now foster


Katie arrived on Saturday 13th October 2007
Went to her new home on Saturday 20th October 2007

Katie's arrival and a brief history
Brindle Greyhound bitch
Katie is a petite brindle ex-racing Greyhound bitch who was born on the 2nd March 2004 making her 3½ years old. Katie weighs 55lbs (25k) and is house trained, spayed, inoculated and microchipped. She travels well in the car, gets on well with children and walks nicely on the lead but feels a little insecure at times which should reduce as she gets used to living with a family in a home environment and being away from the kennels.
Katie's Diary
13th October 2007
When we collected Katie this afternoon from the Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue Homing Co-ordinator she came to greet us all
and what a little cutie she is. Indi was just so pleased to see another little bitch her face shone and when Katie jumped in the car with them they settled together for the journey home.
When we arrived home we took her round the garden then introduced her to the house. She only ate a couple of mouthfuls of food but then we were warned she may do this as she'd done it in the Greyhound Rescue kennel when she first arrived. The kennels ended up leaving her food down all the time and she kept going back and picking at it all day till it was gone but we can't do that here because the other Greyhounds would eat it. I'm afraid that what she doesn't eat here gets put in the fridge until her next meal time when it is topped up and given again.
Katie's very cute and loves coming up for cuddles. She has a nasty scar on her back left leg where she's hurt herself in the past and it's healed not having been stitched but it doesn't seem to bother her and after you get used to it you don't even notice it's there. Her ears make up for it - they are so funny because one wants to lay going back whilst the other wants to lay falling forward. You keep wanting to straighten it to make it fall back like the other but she just shakes her head to make it fall the way she likes it - oh well, we can't be perfect!
Katie enjoyed her walk this evening and walks lovely on the lead, back home she settled in the living room till it was time for bed then she wouldn't go up stairs. We had to get behind her and push her onto the bottom steps and, with our weight behind her, she eventually, with some coaxing and praise went up them.
14th October 2007
Didn't hear a word from Katie all night and when let in the garden this morning she did her toilet straight away, which was a promising start. Stairs are still a bit of a problem for her, coming down she's fine but going up she still needs that little push to get her going but she will get there.
Received a visit this afternoon from a family wanting to look at the Greyhounds with a view to re-homing one. They thought Katie lovely and she enjoyed all the attention lavished on her.
15th October 2007
Katie is still being fussy with her food, sometimes she just sniffs at it and walks away whilst other times she will take a couple of mouthfulls then wander off. I'm determined not to give in and leave her food down because I don't think it good practice and anyway the other Greyhounds will finish it off the moment they see it.
This evening we took Katie to the pub, which she took in her stride. She loved all the attention a little girl gave her and ignored a little dog under one of the tables that belonged to a group of customers. She ignored it so much we wondered if she'd actually seen it but as the others had we must assume she had also.
16th October 2007
Katie's still finding her feet, at times she seems settled but at other times she still seems quite nervous and not sure of what to do. If she is doesn't know where you are she will wimper a while. If I'm upstairs in the office and she doesn't realise she will stand in the kitchen or at the bottom of the stairs and wimper. For some reason she won't come upstairs if I stand at the top of the stairs and call her so I have to go down, take her collar and lead her to the bottom of the stairs at which point she is happy to run up them - almost as if she's asking permission to go up.
This evening Katie discovered the settee. At first she lay next to Stuart but when the large settee became empty she got on that and lay there - she looked as if she'd found heaven!
17th October 2007
Whilst out walking this morning we noticed a worm in Katie's stools so we phoned the vet and arranged to collect a tablet for her. When she first came into Greyhound Rescue she'd been wormed but the lady at her kennel wondered if she'd managed to get enough worming powder into her as they are suppost to take the whole dose in one and she picks at her food so. Having been told this and knowing we use powders we'd been keeping an eye open so it didn't really come as a surprise. I was going to get a worming tablet for her from the vet the next time I was in anyway so today just brought that visit forward. We gave her the tablet wrapped in a piece of ham that went down in one go!
Katie's much better with the stairs today and has been running up and down with the others, which makes our life a bit easier.
Katie's eating much more of her food in one go now she's beginning to realise it only appears twice a day. However, I still have to stand close by because this habit of wandering off is still there. When she wanders I just take her collar and lead her back to the dish saying 'go on, eat your dinner' and she will take some more. We do this about four times till she looks at her food then turns her nose up at which point I give up and let her out. Occassionally, when she comes back in she will have another go at it but that's not often so her dish is lifted and put in the fridge till the next time.
Katie's beginning to come out of her shell as she's beginning to play with the others. In fact I think on a couple of occassions today she's actually initiated the play.
This evening we did the home check for the family who visited us last Sunday with a view to them adopting Katie. She wasn't too sure of the wooden flooring in the conservatory to begin with but after a little coaxing with a piece of cheese she took the plunge and that was that. The little boy took her lead and she wandered round the house having a good look around.
18th October 2007
Katie was funny this lunch time when we gave her the pig's ear to chew because instead of taking it away to chew it like the others she decided to play with it. She'd pick it up then drop it and race round the kitchen table to pick it up and drop it again before racing round the kitchen again. She was just so funny we had to stand to one side and watch her. Later in the afternoon we took her collar off and let her wander round the garden so Stuart could take some pictures of her but she thought the attention was fun and decided to race around the group of trees in the middle of the garden. Poor Stuart was trying to take a picture of her racing past him but it was difficult as she kept changing directions behind the trees and coming from them in more than one direction. Eventually, she'd had enough and decided to sniff around the area we were standing so Stuart managed to take a few pictures but it was difficult to get her to lift her ears and not look out of breath - or bored!
House training wise Katie is very good and to date we've not had one accident in the house and this evening she even asked to go out. She did this by pacing the area in front of me and wimpering. The wimper was slightly more agitated than normal so this accompanied by the pacing alerted me.
This evening Katie discovered our bed was a nice place to lay and when it was time for us to go get in we had to remove both her and Beano first.
19th October 2007
Had a first today! Katie ate all her dinner - we noticed she picked her food up, licked the juice off then dropped it back in her dish and as soon as Indi and Bobby finished their food she would rush to thier dishes to see what was left so we tried her on the Burns complete food that we feed them on. She prefers it to the Greyhound food the charity provides for the fostered Greyhounds so from now on we will feed her the Burns.
20th October 2007
This morning the family who visited last Sunday came to adopt Katie. She seems very relaxed in their company and happily walked across the road and jumped in their car. We only had Katie a few days and had we had her longer she would have been very difficult to part with because she was such a little cutie.
21st October 2007
Phoned this afternoon to see how Katie was settling in. Yesterday she'd been for a long walk and was shattered by the time they got home, she ate her new owner's pork pie when he wasn't looking and made the settee in the conservatory her bed. She's seen the cat whose trying to adopt the house as her own and when the cat stood outside the conservatory door Katie watched it with indifference. Katie showed so much apathy towards it her new owners are going to work with Katie and the cat to see if they can live with each other. When Katie first came into Greyhound Rescue it was reported she might not be cat friendly but as we got to know her it did cross our minds so we shall wait and see. We offered advice about a cat and dog getting to know each other and they've read the information in my information sheet about re-homing a dog with a cat but I asked them to be very careful how they did it and to use the muzzle on Katie to begin with because it would be a shame if either got hurt.
28th October 2007
Phoned this evening to see how Katie is getting on to be told she is settling in well, so well they are amazed. She simply ignores the cat when it comes in the house and the way she's settled into their routine they feel as if she's been there
ages. Her new owners are buying kidney and liver from the butcher for her, cooking it to make stock then liquidising it so they can put a couple of spoons on top of her dried food each meal time - she absolutely loves it and not a bit is wasted.
23rd January 2008
Called in to see Katie and her owners this evening to see how she was settling in and found her happy and well in her new home. She's still not sure of the wooden floor in the conservatory but walks along the carpet 'runners' laid down for the purpose. When she first arrived she came running in from the garden and skidded on the floor so it's felt this may be why she's hesitant over it now. The cat wanders in and out at will and Katie ignores it - her owner says its almost as if she's frightened of it. When she's left alone in the house she apparently makes her bed on the bed in the spare bedroom and takes with her an assortment of toys from the little boy's bedroom where she sleeps every night. She's very good off the lead and they've now reached the stage they can safely let her off the lead for a run along the beach, which she enjoys.
2nd March 2008
April 2008
Received and email from Katies new owners letting us know how she was getting on and attaching some photographs of her.
Her owners have nick named her Jennifer Lopez!! She likes strutting her butt...and what a butt it is!
They say it feels as if they've always had Katie now. She's so happy - has a permanent spring in her step and a wagging tail now. Everyone falls in love with her. She still doesn't like the wooden floor in the conservatory, though sometimes she forgets and walks on it without a problem. Then when she remembers she stops abruptly and the reverse walking comes into action. They say its hilarious to watch and a great party piece.
When she came in from the garden the other morning, she ran straight back up upstairs and bounded on top of her owner  on the bed. It's the first time she has ever been on their bed and she realised very quickly - YES she is HEAVY AND VERY BIG!! They had a cuddle and she went to  sleep on the other side of the bed for the rest of the morning. Oh to be a dog!
She's so obedient - she waits when told, knows what she can and can't get away with. She gives you her paw when asked  first one and then the other. All in all they say she's wonderful!! Other than take her to work, she goes nearly everywhere with them and when they are out on the front garden she's happy to just lie in the back of the car  with the hatch open and watch them pottering about.
2nd March 2009
2nd March 2010
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Greyhound playing in snow
February 2008
Katie playing in the snow whilst walking
around Grasmere in the Lake District
Brindle Greyhound in snow

Brindle Greyhound on beach
Katie enjoying a stroll on the
beach near her home

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