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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Below is one of the 82 dogs we fostered for Dumfriesshire & Cumbria
Greyhound Rescue between July 2004 and the 5th December 2009.
On the 9th December 2009 we became the SOUTH LAKES branch
of the Retired Greyhound Trust for whom we are now foster


Mindy arrived on Sunday 25th March 2007
Went to her new home on Friday 13th April 2007

Mindy's arrival and a brief history
Mindy is a small dark brindle ex-racing greyhound who was born on the 23rd June 2003. She is spayed, inoculated and microchipped.
When Mindy first arrived in the rescue kennels she was very nervous and remained so all the time she was in kennels. When she came to us for fostering we found that in general she's wasn't as nervous as we first expected, however, loud noises, shouting and traffic that comes too close makes her nervous and she is a wary of strangers who stand over her and go to stroke her with the palm of their hand without allowing her to sniff their hand first. Mindy has a lovely sweet nature, walks nicely on the lead, travels well in the car, enjoys playing with our other dogs, loves her toys and gets on alright with other dogs.
Mindy's Diary
25th March 2007
Mindy arrived this morning to a houseful of greyhounds because Kanga, Todd and Cara arrived for their portraits being taken by Stuart. She got on with them all and there was no grumbling as some new bitches do, however, Bobby as usual, put her in her place and informed her he was pack leader and she was to do as she was told. We were told she was a very nervous dog who was wary of everyone and everything and because it was so busy we kept her on the lead so we knew exactly where she was and to reduce the risk of accidents because she isn't housetrained. One of Kanga's owners held her whilst we were taking the photographs and when everyone left we took them all for a walk.
Mindy didn't seem as nervous as some we've had and walked nicely on the lead. She enjoyed her walk around the nature reserve then ate her pig's ear when she got back - once she watched what the others were doing with theirs and worked out what it was!
In the evening she ate her dinner, had another walk then settled with the others in the living room for the evening and we phoned our homing co-ordinator to ask if he'd sent us the right dog!
Come bed time she was very unsure of going up the stairs and it took her a few minutes to work out we were all going to bed and that one of them was hers. However, once laying down we never heard a word from her.
26th March 2007
This morning Mindy wouldn't walk down the stairs so we guided her down carefully after Stuart gave her the little push she needed to take the first step off the top. After feeding her we walked her up and down the stairs a few times until she felt more confident with them then mid morning we drove to Lytham for my handicapped son's annual review. On the way we called in to see a couple who had seen Toby on the web site and were interested in him so we called in on the way down and did a home check. After a while all the dogs came in and although Mindy was a little shy to begin with and wary of the gentleman she followed the other's example and settled on the carpet and went to sleep. By the end of the visit she was happily going to both the lady and gentleman for a stroke.
27th March 2007
Mindy's settling in quite well, wooden floors don't bother her, has now mastered the stairs and is following the others for guidance. We had a little set back this afternoon when we arrived back from our walk when I caught the pig's ear box on the door frame as I was taking it out the cupboard to give them one each and it fell to the floor with a clatter. Mindy was off upstairs like a shot and would she come down on her own, she wouldn't, so we had to go upstairs to get her in order to give her the pig's ear in the kitchen as she would have done had I not dropped the box.
This evening we took Mindy to the pub to see how she would handle that and was extremely surprised at how calmly she took it, even going up to people to say hello. One thing Mindy's not keen on is strange people standing over her to stroke her with the palm of their hand going over her head. When she sees this happening she tends to lower herself slightly and back away so we suggest people offer her the back of their hand to sniff so she can 'weigh' them up before sliding it to the top of her head to stroke her.
29th March 2007
Mindy is beginning to settle in and slowly getting used to all the new and strange noises around her. She's very good at night, house training is going well, she's much more relaxed around Stuart, comes to greet me each morning with a lick, starting to run around the garden with Toby and beginning to discover the toy box.
30th March 2007
The couple who are thinking of taking Toby called in this morning and took both him and Mindy for a walk. Mindy remembered them from the other day and happily went out with them.
2nd April 2007
Mindy and Toby were racing round the garden this morning in the sunshine. During our walk at lunch time we passed a horse and rider in the nature reserve where Mindy showed no interest. During the afternoon when I was working in the office and Stuart went out, about ten minutes later I could hear them playing downstairs, which stopped when Toby came puffing and panting into my office and laying on the bed there. It was only when Stuart came back he informed me Mindy had been up to mischief whilst he was out. The sheepskin rug lay in a heap in the living room with pieces of wool all over the carpet. We know it was her because Toby has never shown an inclination to do this before but she did the same the second day she arrived. It wasn't anything serious but my poor sheepskin rug certainly takes a hammering from some new foster dogs who, until they realise it's only something to lay on seems to think it's for carrying about, throwing or attacking!
3rd April 2007
This afternoon we did a home check at a pub and took Mindy in with us. Walking through the pub didn't bother her but was a little quiet in their living accommodation at first, however, she soon settled and started to enjoy all the fuss the children were giving her.
5th April 2007
This evening we decided to throw a duvet over the top of the sheepskin rug as Mindy has taken a fancy to it. The thing is she's not happy to just carry it or shake it about she has to hold it down with her feet and pull chunks out of it with her teeth so to stop this and to protect my rug the duvet covers it and hides the temptation.
6th April 2007
This morning was a lovely day so we took a trip to Gummers Howe, a hill overlooking Lake Windermere with the aim of taking photographs of both Toby and Mindy for the calendar. Mindy thoroughly enjoyed her walk up the hill and wanted to lead the way. We didn't go to the top but left the path so they could rest whilst Stuart took pictures of them. On our way down we met a lady with two Scottie dogs who stopped and talked to us so we introduced Mindy to them. She pulled towards them at first and we weren't sure if it was to get them or to say hello so we were careful how they met, however, she only wanted to sniff and say hello, one even gave her a little grumble, which she ignored.
Following on from our walk we called into a family who were looking to re-home a greyhound so took Mindy in. When Mindy saw their cat she looked but wasn't overly bothered and it occurred to Stuart and I that she may be cat friendly with a little work. However, as the family in the pub wanted to re-home Mindy and arrangements were in hand for her to go there before we discovered this then there is no point as they don't have a cat.
7th April 2007
This morning we drove to the Greyhound Awareness Day in Carlisle City Centre but on the way we stopped at Tebay Gorge so we could take some photographs of Mindy by the side of the river. When we arrived in Carlisle Mindy walked nicely on the lead next to Stuart through the streets till we arrived at the meeting place. She handled all the people milling around her very well but hung back occasionally if anyone went to stroke her with the palm of their hand without allowing her to sniff them first. Some of the dogs were sitting in the back of the car pulling the DGR trailer as it had its boot open for this purpose so dogs could lay down in the shade and have a little peace and quiet. When Mindy saw a dog climbing out she pulled the lead so she could climb in and lay on the blanket for about half an hour till it was time to go home. It had been a long day so we stopped off at a pub on the way back for a drink and to wind down. All the dogs lay in the garden on the grass for a while having earned a well deserved rest as they were all very good.
8th April 2007
Flash came back from Carlisle with us yesterday and today he was very hard work so Mindy and the others didn't get much attention today and kept themselves to themselves but making up for it during our walks. Mindy is very much like Penny in that she doesn't like raised voices because whilst we were house training Flash the 'Ah, Ah, Ah' as he was about to cock his leg was sufficient for her to scuttle out of the room and out of the way.
9th April 2007
Since Flash discovered the toy box - and Mindy's favourite toys she has started taking them to her bed where she can look after them. She can be quite feisty when she wants to be and has been telling Flash he's the new boy and definitely below her in the pack order so every time he walked near her bed there was a grumble to warn him to keep away from her toys and at bed time she slept on for safekeeping.
10th April 2007
Mindy was a little quiet this morning because Toby's new owners called in to collect him - Mindy and Toby got on really well together and she was missing him.
11th April 2007
Mindy's happier today and back to her normal playful self especially now that Flash has settled down and knows his position in the pack she has been trying to get him to play with her in the garden but is still very protective of her toys.
12th April 2007
We took the dogs for a walk along side the river near Langwathby as Stuart wanted to see if Mindy would paddle in the water - and to our surprise she did. She walked straight in and waded around in it. Stuart took some photographs of her and to attract her attention we threw some small pebbles just in front of her to see if she reacted to them. Each time we threw one in she went to have a look to see if she was missing anything and on more than one occasion put her head partly under the water to see what it was that made the noise. It was lovely to watch as not every greyhound is keen on going in water.
13th April 2007
It was a lovely sunny morning and Mindy was out in the garden playing with Flash before her new owners arrived to take her back to her new home in the Ambleside area. Mindy will be living in a pub and we feel she will enjoy meeting the customers in the bar once she gets used to her new owners and their routine, which includes going for daily walks around the lake district. Although at the beginning it seemed Mindy was very nervous and everyone thought she would be with us quite a while her lovely character shone through her shyness and she excelled in the short time she was with us. She took with her the pink string squeaky toy she so loves and her departure seemed strange as she was leaving us a lot sooner than we thought. It left us feeling quite empty as we watched her jump into her new owner's car and drive off to her new home where we hope she will have a long and happy life.
I phoned later to see how she was and apparently when they arrived home she didn't want to get out the car so they sat with her there for twenty minutes after which time she felt more comfortable at climbing out and going into her new home.
14th April 2007
Mindy's new owner phoned this afternoon to let us know how she was getting on. Mindy started off a bit quiet today and her walk seemed quite sedate at the beginning. She was a bit jumpy going through gates during the walk and a bit on edge however, by the end she seemed much more relaxed.
15th April 2007
Mindy's new owner phoned this afternoon to say she was getting better by the hour. She's a lot more relaxed, is getting used to her new family, enjoyed her walk this morning and wanted to say hello to the other dogs she met then went for a paddle in the lake. We anticipated Mindy might go shy again when she left us and so pleased she's coming out of her shell so quickly for her new owners.
20th April 2007
Heard today that Mindy has found her voice, is beginning to play and ate the children's Easter eggs! She has also turned into a 'collector' because she has started taking things of interest to her bed.
2nd May 2007
Just received an email from Mindy's new owners who say she is really happy and loves her walks. Sometimes she goes out about four times a day and really enjoys it as she is always up for a walk.
5th June 2007
This evening we called in to do Mindy's follow-up visit and found her looking relaxed and well. She still prefers her bed in the flat as opposed to meeting the customers in the pub but her owners are not pushing her in this respect as it's become busier but when it goes quieter at the end of the season they will try again. She's mastered the stairs from the flat to the back yard so can go there at will as the yard is secure. She loves her daily walks, which are increasing in length to get them to the distance her owners like to walk and she has made friends with some of the dogs she meets in the park. During the visit we took Monty in and Mindy was up straight away to have a good sniff then tried her best to get him to play with her but he was a bit nervous, unsure of where he was and wanted to investigate everything so didn't want to join in.
22nd June 2007
Three days ago Monty went to live with Mindy as a companion and to help reduce her nervousness with going to meet people in the bar where she lives as she still prefers to stay in the flat upstairs when she's not going out for her walks whereas her owners want her in the bar with them. The two dogs seem to be getting on okay together and Mindy wants to play with Monty but he doesn't seem to want to at the moment, which may well be settling in nerves. Monty is wanting a lot of attention which is making Mindy want it as well. Mindy came down into the bar of her own accord yesterday to join Monty and her owners. There she said hello to a couple of customers who were stroking Monty and who have been trying to get her to do this since she arrived but failed. Mindy feels a little left out at the moment probably because Monty is so 'in your face' and demanding. Her owners are trying to give them both equal attention because if someone strokes Monty Mindy comes for one as well and on a couple of occassions if she hasn't got the attention she's walked into the kitchen and done a wee. Whoever walks Monty on the lead must also stroke Mindy because she walks by that person and her owners are having to swap dogs frequently round their walks so as not to seem that one is favouring Monty. Mindy doesn't go on the lead during some of her walks now as she knows the area and where they walk is safe but with Monty just arriving he has to and Mindy is seeing this as favouritism. Monty is a monkey because if someone is stroking Mindy he pushes in for one as well by pushing her out the way - he used to do that when he was with us and we used to make him go away - his new owners are now doing the same to make him learn he has to share and not just push in. In the past couple of days some of the hair on Mindy's hips has began falling out, which is a bit concerning so everyone is keeping an eye on this and hope these settling in nerves of Mindy's is just that and no more. It may of course also be connected with her owners going away on holiday for a week leaving Mindy in the pub being looked after by someone, which happened just before Monty arrived and her hair falling out could be a combination of the two events unsettling her. Today her owner was going to take her for a long walk on her own to give her that 'one to one' quality time. They realise Mindy is a very sensitive dog and Monty so outgoing and it's early days so with time and patience things should settle.
23rd June 2007
7th September 2007
Received a phone call this evening letting us know that both Monty and Mindy are well. Monty's need to nip Mindy whenever he's playing with her seems to have stopped so he's not had his muzzle on for the past two or three weeks. Mindy is now telling him off if he gets a bit too giddy when he's playing with her and he's taking notice! As a result they are playing much better together and their friendship has deepened further. It seems Mindy is beginning to 'mother' Monty, is taking charge and is even giving him a little lick last thing at night.
Monty loves going down into the pub, which is bringing Mindy out of her shell so she comes down into the bar more often to join him looking for tit bits from the customers before going back upstairs again. She's only down a few minutes at a time but with Monty being there it's giving her more confidence, however, she's still not too happy about people leaning over her when they want to stroke her.
8th September 2007
After calling in to see how Bloss was we called in on the way past to visit Mindy and Monty. Monty was his usual bouncy self but Mindy tends to stand back to weigh you up. We tend to ignore her and when she comes over of her own accord we let her sniff the back of our hand before stroking her. Once she's done this once she tends to come over more often for affection and once we've been there a while she's fine with us again. Think Mindy is just wary of everyone till she's had chance to weigh them up and it may be some time before she gains the confidence to realise there is no need to do this - watching Monty should help her enormously.
23rd June 2008
19th August 2008
Received an email today letting us know that both Monty and Mindy are well. Mindy lives in the pub and she is much more happy about people now too, some people she will shy away from, but she is often wandering around greeting people, especially if they have dogs with them. They are the focal point of the pub!
16th April 2009
Received an email today with some pictures of Mindy last Christmas and some of both Monty and Mindy during a walk earlier this year in Grisedale.
23rd June 2009

6th August 2009
Monty and Mindy called in this evening for a visit prior to them coming to stay with us for four or five weeks at the end of the month. Their owners are moving but can't get into their new house straight away so they are staying with friends and relatives. Because of all the upheaval this is causing and them both not eating the last time they were in kennels we are looking after them both. Both of them are a little over weight but that's probably as a result of living in a pub!
Monty gave us a lovely welcome and Mindy quicky settled in the kitchen with the others - not at all shy as she was that time we visited her to do her 'follow-up' visit - perhaps she remembered the house or perhaps living with Monty in a pub has brought her out of her shell.
Our greyhounds went bananas when they saw them and my heart was in my mouth when they all suddenly decided to charge around the garden. Six running around at speed in our garden is a recipe for another visit to the vet, which is not something we wanted so we split them all up and brought them inside to calm down. At that point Stuart and I decided that Monty, Pronto and Sandy were not a good mix because they are all as daft as each other when they start running about so when Monty comes to stay they will all be let out in 'shifts' of two or three at a time and not those three together - at least not until they get used to each other and Monty has settled into our routine.
31st August 2009
Monty and Mindy arrived this evening around 5.30pm as they are staying with us a while. Although they gave us a lovely greeting when they arrived and quickly settled they became very stressed when their owners left. This was made worse when the whole area suffered a power cut lasting an hour an a half. However, once all the house and the bed and breakfast guests were sorted out with temporary lighting etc. we sat down to our tea, which luckily was just ready as the power went off and 'chilled out' to encourage calm for Monty and Mindy. Power back on, TV on and calm was restored again with both dogs fast asleep with ours in the living room for the rest of the evening.
1st September 2009
Neither Monty nor Mindy ate any food last night nor this morning. They were both very unsettled during the night and although Mindy didn't eat all her food this evening she did pick at it, which is a step forward and they are obviously missing their owners. Having said that, they enjoyed their walks and exploring our garden, have settled in well with the others and began to relax more as the day progressed.
1st October 2009
Having Monty and Mindy here the past few weeks has been an absolute pleasure. Once the first two or three days had passed and they had got over the shock of their owners leaving them and they were back eating their food again they soon settled. They took to our bed and breakfast routine like 'ducks to water', quickly learning that once the 'gate' was up at the end of the kitchen the breakfast routine had begun and they went to their beds in the living room with the others until the gate came down and they had free run of the downstairs again. They loved their walks, wandering in and out the house into the garden all day and laying on the lawn in the sunshine, meeting the bed and breakfast guests and their dogs, going for trips in the car and the occassional trip up the road to the pub where there was a host of people to make a fuss of them.
Since Sandy arrived in November 2004, who had serious issues to resolve which took us months followed by Sadie in October 2008 who was just as bad because of her anxiety and who we rehomed after we'd had her nearly eleven months, coupled with our Bobby's illness and death its been a little bit of respite for us to have a short spell with four easy dogs that we can relax with and enjoy rather than to be constantly having to work with an issue of one form or another. Its been a little bit of respite that was desperately needed and for which we thank them for.
7th October 2009
This afternoon Monty and Mindy's owners called to collect them and needless to say they received a lovely welcome. When it was time to leave they jumped in the back of the car and were happily laying on their beds as the car drove away. The house seemed surprisingly quiet after they left because its been a long time since we've only had our two but a bit of quality time with us before our new foster dog arrives will do them good.
23rd June 2010

2nd September 2010
Sadly Monty passed away at noon today following a tragic accident while on his walk. The same walk he does every day, but today from out of nowhere some animals appeared, all became spooked and sadly Monty was kicked in the head by a cow. Monty passed away in his owners arms as they were taking him to the vet. Needless to say everyone is devastated because Monty was so young, fit and full of life.
Mindy had been there the day the cow went for Monty and saw what happened. Thankfully one of her owners got Mindy out the way so they didn't go for her, but Mindy was very distressed in the car as they were driving Monty to the vet, trying to climb over the seat to get to him. After he died and they got her home she was very quiet.
3rd September, 2010
Mindy is missing Monty dreadfully and is grieving him as were all the family. Mindy's owners are very concerned for her well being after witnessing what happened yesterday and are giving her a lot of support, yet trying to keep her routine as normal. Although they need to grieve for Monty there is great concern for Mindy who used to mother him. She wants to lie on his bed, have his toys near her and is looking for his things to give her comfort.
5th September 2010
We received an email today letting us know that that Mindy is still being a brave girl following Monty's death. She sleeps on his bed and has a look for him every time they go out, but she is still eating, and this morning she got her toys and had a play in the garden which was really lovely to watch and a positive step forward.
6th September 2010
We received an email today letting us know that Mindy is doing okay, but she is definately missing their handsome boy. She is eating okay and will come for cuddles etc. when encouraged to, but she is really moping around and doesn't want to leave the bedroom unless made too.
They are giving her lots of love and attention and taking her for four small walks rather than two long ones to try and break the day up for her.
Mindy so loved the company of another dog, and Monty was definately special to her.
During her last two walks she got so excited when they came across another dog, and her owners would like to think about adopting another as a companion for her. They are aware that it is very soon after Monty's death, and is not something they are going to rush into, but wondered if a more sedate older dog closer to Mindy's age and temperament would be more suitable. They feel one like Blue would suit Mindy as she is a bit bossy with female dogs, so a male dog would probably be better. They are not in a rush, but would like to find her a companion when the time is right.
19th September 2010
We received an email today letting us know that Mindy is beginning to settle into a routine of her own and is getting used to receiving more attention, even people in the street stop and say hello to her, which she likes because when Monty was alive he made sure he got all the attention so Mindy often got overlooked.
Mindy's owners had a little service for Monty in the garden last week, and bought some lanterns, wrote messages to him and let them off into the night sky. They say it was really lovely and helped the children to say goodbye to him properly. It was almost as if Mindy knew because as she watched the lanterns floating off, she would not move until they had completely disappeared and then she howled!
12th December 2010
This afternoon Blue came to live with Mindy and her family and to be her new companion. This evening we received a phone call to say all was well and after they introduced the two of them they went in the garden together, had their tea then Mindy decided to pinch Blue's bed so he was sleeping on the carpet and any toy Blue thought to play with, Mindy, after he'd put it down took it back to her bed.
Mindy missed Monty dreadfully after he died and learnt that life as a single dog was okay so we hope she gets to like Blue and that the two of them can become lifelong companions together.
23rd December 2010
We received an email today from Mindy's owner letting us know that Blue is doing really well and has mastered their stairs, even sneaked onto their bed today. Mindy is still a little standoffish with him, but it took her a while to settle with Monty, so they are not overly concerned at the moment. Mindy was curled up on his bed last night, so he crept up behind her and got on the bed with her, she was not at all impressed with him and had a little snap at him, but he just ignored her and curled up.
23rd June 2011

28th February 2012
This evening we received the news that Blue was sadly put to sleep yesterday afternoon following a short illness after bone cancer was diagnosed in his back left leg. About 3 weeks ago each time he stood up he would lift his foot from the ground not wanting to put it down. A gentle rub and he seemed okay, but on the fourth day the area seemed warm so he took a trip to the vet where tests confirmed the diagnosis.Our hearts go out to Mindy and her owner's to have lost Blue so soon after loosing Monty and we hope Mindy will recover from the sadness and find comfort in her owners.
1st April 2012
This morning Mindy and her owners came to see Magic. Mindy was besotted with him the moment she set eyes on him and wouldn't leave his side - even wanted to play with him. This is most unlike her and he certainly put a sparkle in her eye!
We know the family well, so after all the adoption paperwork was complete Magic jumped in the back of their car with Mindy and off they went home.
Mindy's and Magic's world will soon evolve around pub life with a beer garden, which is dog friendly. It was lovely seeing Mindy after all this time, and after all she's been through with loosing both Monty and Blue we hope Magic and her have a long and happy life together.
23rd June 2012
28th March 2013
We received an email today letting us know that Mindy is still a beautiful and happy dog, still rather shy around people but loves all other dogs. Shes beginning to show her age now, is very grey and her walks are shorter, but she still loves to throw cuddly toys around.
May 2013
Sadly Mindy passed away this month
23rd May 2013
We received an email today from Mindy's owner who wanted us to add to her page:
"Mindy was my beautiful girl and had a lovely quirky character; when I was seriously ill and had stopped eating she brought me biscuits out of her bowl and placed them at my feet, nudging me to fight the illness. She will never be forgotten in our household. She truly was a beautiful lady. Thank you for all the kind words, and I am using them as strength to get through and be strong for Bob who is missing her terribly ."
Long Legged Beauties
'Just Greyhounds'
2008 Calendar

This picture of Mindy was taken
on the 6th April 2007 on Gummers
Howe above Lake Windermere and is our main March calendar shot
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Mindy on the 6th April 2007
On Gummers Howe above
Lake Windermere
6th April 2007

Resting on Gummers Howe
. . . . and again

On Gummers Howe
. . . . and again

Mindy at Tebay Gorge
Mindy on a rock by the
water's edge in Tebay Gorge
on the 7th April 2007

Mindy in Tebay Gorge
. . . and again

Mindy at Tebay Gorge
. . . and again

Relaxing in the garden
Enjoying the spring
sunshine in the garden
9th April 2007

Mindy in the river
Paddling in the river at Lanwathby
12th April 2007

Mindy in the river
Oh! what was that?

Mindy in the river
Let's take a closer look

Mindy in the river
I'm sure it was there somewhere!

Long Legged Beauties
'Just Greyhounds'
2008 Calendar
This picture of Mindy was taken
on the 12th April 2007 and is
our inside cover calendar shot
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Mindy in her new home
Mindy on her bed
On her bed


Mindy with her new owners
Getting ready to go for a walk

Paddling in Rydal Water
Paddling in Rydal Water
15th April 2007

Mindy paddling
. . . and again

paddling in Rydal Water
. . . and again.

Mindy with her owner
Mindy with her owner
after her paddle

Mindy out of the water
After her paddle in Rydal Water

Mindy coming out of the lake
. . . and again.

Greyhounds playing in river
Playing with Monty
in the river - July 2007

Greyhounds playing
Playing with Monty
during a walk in July 2007

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Greyhound relaxing at Christmas
Christmas 2008

Greyhound opening Christmas presents
Christmas 2008

Greyhound walking the fells
Walking in Grisedale
early 2009

Greyhounds walking the fells
. . . . and again with Monty

White and black greyhound
with Monty in May 2010

White and black greyhound
enjoying a snack with Monty
May 2010

brindle greyhound
5th September 2010

brindle greyhound
A walk in the snow
29th November 2010

brindle greyhound
Just relaxing
2nd December 2010

Blue Greyhound
Blue and Mindy
23rd December 2010

Blue & brindle Greyhound
On Bridlington beach with Blue
25th March 2011

Blue & brindle Greyhound
On Bridlington beach with Blue
25th March 2011

Black greyhound
Magic's first meal with Mindy
1st April 2012

Black greyhound
Magic , Mindy and Axaire
taking a rest
22nd July 2012

Blue & brindle Greyhound
Mindy with Blue
30th January 2011

Black greyhound
Magic and Mindy getting to
know each other
2nd April 2012

Black greyhound
Magic and Mindy
15th September 2012

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