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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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Below is one of the 82 dogs we fostered for Dumfriesshire & Cumbria
Greyhound Rescue between July 2004 and the 5th December 2009.
On the 9th December 2009 we became the SOUTH LAKES branch
of the Retired Greyhound Trust for whom we are now foster

Monty arrived Saturday 5th May 2007
Went to his new home Saturday 19th May 2007
Sadly he came back to us on Thursday 24th May 2007
and went to his forever home on Tuesday 19th June 2007
Sadly Monty died on Thursday 2nd September 2010
following a tragic accident when he was kicked by a cow.
Rest in peace my handsome boy, run and play with the angels and God be with you.

His arrival and a brief history
Monty is a white and black greyhound
Monty is a white and black greyhound who has never raced. Was sold by his owner to a lady who had him only four days before realising he was too much of a handful in her small flat and so he came into Greyhound Rescue. Monty was born on the 26th July 2005 so is 21 months old, is house trained, neutered, inoculated and microchipped. He is a happy playful dog who is full of fun and loves his toys, walks nicely on the lead, travels well in the car, loves children and doesn't appear to bother about other dogs
Monty's Diary

5th May 2007
We brought Monty back with us following the Greyhound Awareness Day in Penrith along with Barry and Major. When we arrived at Penrith Monty was passed to us to look after and boy what a live wire! He's only 21 months old and has such a happy, jolly nature that's infectious but it's a bit like looking after a toddler who's into everything and wanted to greet everyone he met by jumping up to put his feet on their waist or chest to look them in the eyes and say 'I'm here, say hello, aren't I a nice boy!' By the end of the day we were so tired because keeping the 'seagull on the string' was hard work as he wanted to say hello to everyone and investigate everything - poor old Bob he's got his work cut out putting this one in order so he will need our help.
Monty travelled well in the car but we kept him on the lead as he kept wanting to mount Indi and Bobby who were having none of it. Once home we walked him round the garden to do his toilet then brought him in the house to feed him before taking them for a walk then back in the car for his first trip to the pub - again all on the lead - Stuart said he needed it to bring back sanity! The cold water spray bottle was out already and being used to bring this mad teenager into line. Thankfully he doesn't like it so that's good. Stairs are no problem to Monty and neither are wooden floors. When we arrived home from the pub he was off again to investigate everything so we were glad when it was time for bed and with the use of the water spray he soon settled to his.
6th May 2007
Never heard a sound from Monty all night but as soon as he heard we were awake he put his feet on the bed to lay his head on our chest asking for a cuddle, but oh, what a fidget, he can't keep still for a moment so we had no choice but to get up and start the day. It was quite difficult getting all three new greyhounds down the stairs and in the garden without one trying to cock his leg on the way but we managed. Breakfast turned into a mammoth task because Monty wouldn't stay still until we showed him the water spray which he decided he certainly didn't like so backed off to lay down and wait - but that only lasted a few seconds!
Monty was only neutered last Wednesday so we kept him on the lead most of the day because he kept trying to annoy Bobby by wanting to play with him but Bobby was having none of it and told him so in no uncertain terms. Monty won't stay still for a second so the lead helped us keep an eye on him with regards his house training because he felt he had to cock his leg as often as he could - the picture at the top of the page says it all!!!
We also had him on the lead in the garden because he's a mad puppy (we've nicknamed him Mad Monty) who just wants to run mad round the garden and we didn't want his stitches opening up.
7th May 2007
Yesterday was very hard with both dogs on the lead and Monty wanting to cock his leg all the time that Stuart needed to be left on his own in the office to catch up with work that held a deadline so I shut Monty and Major in the kitchen whilst I tidied up and did a bit of ironing. Off the lead they settled much better and before long both were asleep - bliss! When it came to hanging out some washing I risked them both off the lead in the garden with me and to my surprise they just wandered around happily together then followed me back inside. They were like this for the rest of the day and when Stuart appeared from his office at tea time he was quite surprised to see the conservatory door open and both dogs outside. They were certainly happier and a lot more relaxed because of it.
8th May 2007
Did an hour in the garden this afternoon to try and catch up before it turns into a field. Monty and Major joined me and both loved their freedom to wander round on their own in the sunshine. Monty discovered the toy box this morning and he, Bobby and Major were charging round the bedroom and up on the bed after the toys until we put a stop to it before there were tears! The conservatory door has been open all day today making house training and our life a lot easier - by tea time Monty walked from the kitchen, through the conservatory into the garden to wee against the pond and whilst doing it he gave me such a look of pleasure as if to say 'look Mum aren't I a good boy' - hopefully the penny is dropping that he does it in the garden so we can relax a bit.
9th May 2007
Thought it was going to be a difficult day because it started with Monty chewing one of Stuart's magazines then he started on one of the letters that arrived in the post followed by a pair of my socks, which luckily I rescued whilst still damp but not chewed. However, half an hour later I went in the bedroom to see where they were as it was too quiet, only to find him on the bed having chewed the piping edge from one of the pillow cases - oh well something else for my never ending mending basket! He got the water spray for that one and told to get 'off' the bed to lay on his own where I gave him some of his toys to play with and told him to behave, which thankfully he did because for the rest of the day passed reasonably okay.
Did another half hour in the garden after their lunch time walk and Monty enjoyed wandering around as well. After I came in and went to my office he must have been looking for something to do, found the bag of pond fish pellets and decided they would make a nice snack - the first we knew about it was when Major came over to see what he was doing and got barked at, which alerted us to something going on.
Monty now stands back and waits for his dinner quietly - don't quite know how he manages that! Quietly waits whilst we put the others their food down before he has his. He now knows to go straight to the garden after he's eaten without the need to walk around the conservatory looking for somewhere to cock his leg, but I do wish he wouldn't do it on the edge of the pond right by the back door because without rain it starts to smell so we have to keep swilling it away - but better out there than in the house!
Monty thinks he's human and is becoming above his station because he's decided my armchair, yes my armchair in the living room is the place to be. He walks in and up he goes to make himself comfortable for the evening. You can't be cross with him though because he's such a happy little soul who loves life and just wants to be loved and to please you.
10th May 2007
During our walk this afternoon we came across about ten horses tied to the fence by the side of the road opposite the pub with their riders sitting on the steps eating their lunch. Monty had a good look at them but didn't seem bothered by them as we walked past and even them flicking their tails caused him little concern.
Monty is really coming out of his shell - that's if he was ever in one! If he's had a puppy hood then he's having another and we hope he's in a phase that will soon settle down. He's such a happy chap but can get
up to mischief if he so wishes, however, there's no malice there just sheer fun and exploration. What did he get up to today, well, he still winds Indi and Bobby up by prancing about in front of them till they grumble at him but at least now when we call him he will turn away and come to us instead of us having to go and get him. We've had a couple of accidents in the house but we think he does it after Bobby has told him off because when Bobby tells him off Monty sometimes jumps out the way in fright and dashes off. He took pleasure with a magazine that ended up loosing a couple of pages including the cover, a letter on the hall table waiting to be posted ended up needing a new envelope. As I walked through the kitchen I found money over the floor and at first I thought it had come from a hole in Stuart's pocket only to find Monty had taken a liking to the cardboard greyhound rescue collection box on the hall table and had been playing games with it - found the remains in his bed all chewed up. A pile of linen on the landing about to be taken downstairs for washing ended up strewn all over the bedroom floor and whilst I was speaking to Stuart in the office saw him out the corner of my eye sneaking off with a software CD, which caused Stuart to move quicker than lightening to save it. Tried pulling the kitchen table cloth off just for fun because the edge was hanging there! Oh, and I nearly forgot, this evening heard play in the living room and thinking Stuart was in there with him as the television was on I left them to it till something made me go and check. Good job I did because Stuart had gone upstairs and Monty decided to play games - I walked in to find the settee over on it's back where he'd jumped against it too heavily, the cord removed from around the pouf, which thankfully is easily tied back on and the dog's duvet laying on top of the sheepskin rug to protect it all over the place. He knew he'd done wrong because he suddenly stopped then jumped on my armchair and lay with front legs crossed over the arm looking as if butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. I called Stuart down and we put everything back in order but the look on Monty's face along with what happened was just so funny we had a job to stop ourselves from laughing. Monty's name has now been changed from Mad Monty to Monty the Menace!
On the other hand - he's beginning to tell us he wants out by standing by the back door and when in the garden looks for praise as he's cocking his leg. He's eating well, walks nicely on the lead, doesn't seem to bother about other dogs we meet on our walks, traffic doesn't bother him and he shows no concern walking past horses. All in all he's a very, very nice dog with a lovely character and much admired by people who see him - his new owners who ever they may be will just need eyes in the backs of their head till he passes through this puppy phase.
11th May 2007
Monty is getting very good at night and no longer rushes over to say good morning at the crack of dawn if we so much as move an arm in our sleep - he knows the command 'go to bed' and will slink back to his and lay down again until the alarm clock goes off when we have no chance of further sleep. The moment it rings he's up with front feet on the bed and his head on our chest wanting a cuddle - but the greeting he gives you is wonderful.
Started today well by taking all Stuart's hankies from his drawer and spreading them over the bedroom floor - think Stuart is learning it's better to shut drawers and close doors at the moment whilst Monty's around. The rest of the day went without incident and he lay asleep for longer periods without the need to dash around so.
This afternoon during our walk we came across a lamb out of it's field on the road eating the grass from the verge. It was a very friendly lamb because it wanted to join us for our walk and followed us for at least fifty yards before deciding not to bother. Monty was very good and continued walking but he kept looking back over his shoulder to see where it was - think he wanted to go over and say hello to it and perhaps play but I thought it best to get some distance between us and it as I had four Greyhounds with me at the time and the last thing I wanted was for a lamb to join us.
The conservatory door has been open all day for him to wander to and from the garden at will and I think today is the first without an accident in the conservatory, which our foster greyhounds sometimes think is their yard!
12th May 2007
Now that Monty is getting to know our routine, we are tidier around the house and are winning with the house training he is becoming a pleasure to have. He's still very playful and bouncy, winds Indi and Bobby up and even Major has put him in his place a couple of times but then that's Monty for he's always so happy, however, it's bliss when he decides to lay down and sleep for a while.
This morning Monty had his second injection making them now up to date and his stitches were removed so he can run round the garden without us worrying about him splitting them.
Went to Grizedale village fete today where Greyhound Rescue had a stall. Monty enjoyed the day being with the other Greyhounds, the bands didn't bother him and there were people he could say hello to and who would fuss over him. At one point we put him in the car to give him and us a rest and when I went to fetch him found he'd discovered the water bottle with spare drinking water in and had chewed the top off. Thankfully, only a little water had spilt but a new bottle will be needed.
14th May 2007
Monty went a little quiet after Major went to his new home yesterday and in general he has become a little quieter with only the odd few mad moments. He's rather partial to taking things off the kitchen table as he's passing - magazines, ironing etc. just go and he doesn't even stop walking but you sense something's gone with him. Bobby is beginning to play with him but ends up telling him off every so often when he gets a little bit too boisterous and we have to slow him down before one or other of them get hurt.
This evening Stuart tried taking some photos of Monty which proved rather difficult as he wouldn't stay still - Stuart says Monty has the attention span of a goldfish and doesn't realise he is supposed to pose for the camera and not try and avoid it!
16th May 2007
We discovered something quite important about Monty this evening and that is a pattern is forming whereby he gets anxious as meal times approach almost as if he's not sure if he's going to be fed so panics. The chewing and mischievousness he gets up to generally worsens as his dinner time approaches. He's okay in the morning but its the evenings we have problems. If life is calm and we feed them on time all is okay and we feel that we've had a good day but if we are a bit late feeding him or the calmness isn't there for any reason then it seems to trigger Monty into becoming anxious, which starts him becoming mischievousness. Now we know why he's like it we can begin to resolve it in a logical manner.
17th May 2007
I was out most of the morning, came back at lunch time and took the Greyhounds for a walk before going out again in the afternoon and Monty's behaviour confirms what we were saying yesterday because although Stuart was in all day Monty was quite anxious when I was out. Stuart said it took him a while to settle each time so Monty regards me as being pack leader because I feed him and he becomes anxious in case I don't come back. When I come back he's just so excited we have to be careful he doesn't hurt himself and calms down before we say hello to him.
18th May 2007
Monty in general is calming down a bit now, unless you wind him up or he decides to have a mad five minutes with his toys or a charge around the garden, which all young dogs love to do! He goes to the door when he wants out and we don't get accidents in the house unless he becomes over excited and playful then he forgets. He's stopped annoying Bobby and Indi and is now accepted by them. Loves laying on the settee or cuddling into the armchair in the evening.
He understands the command 'go to bed' and if he wakes too early in the morning he will go back to bed if asked. He no longer pounds on top of you to say good morning but will stand by the side of the bed waiting for a stroke but if he doesn't get one he puts a paw on the bed to ask. If you still ignore him he will either walk away or if he feels its time to get up or he wants out then he will put both front feet on top of you to ensure you do listen to him! He's very gentle when taking tit bits from you, walks nicely on the lead unless he sees something he wants to play with then he becomes a bit bouncy until you've passed by. If he comes bouncing towards you and you put the palm of your hand out facing him and say 'back' it generally slows him down and when one of us arrives home and he comes to meet us we only stroke him when he's quiet and calm so he's beginning to learn that bouncing about gets him no attention but standing quietly gets him a love and a cuddle. He's a very sensitive, loving, happy Greyhound who just wants to please you and will spend ages having his face caressed, which he loves.
19th May 2007
This morning Monty went to his new home in the Barrow area where he will be living with a couple, their young daughter and their two young small dogs. Although we haven't met the family as we weren't involved with the home check we are assured they are fully aware he is only young and at present a bit of a handful. We shall miss Monty as he was so full of character but we wish him a long and happy life in his new home.
20th May 2007
Received a call this evening saying Monty christened the plant in the hall as he walked past it entering his new home yesterday - trust Monty! He seemed to be settling in, was getting on okay with everyone and ended up sleeping on the settee cuddled up with one of the dogs. Although it's early days but his new owners seem to be delighted with him as I'm sure they will be as he's so lovely - he's a baby Kanga!
24th May 2007
Received a call this afternoon saying Monty was coming back because one of his new owners found him too much of a handful and he was leaving 'puddles' everywhere. When the Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue representative took him back to their house he promptly did an accident and when we met them part way to collect him, which was at one of our local pubs he came in, jumped up to greet us then turned round and did a wee against the wall. I stopped him, took him outside where we 'had words' then we walked across the road to some grass where he did another wee and I praised him. Back in the pub he was fine again but we didn't stay long so we could get him home. Because of the accidents he'd been having over the past few days we kept him on the lead for the first hour or so, which he didn't like then let him off but shadowed him and let him out at every opportunity because I wanted to nip these accidents 'in the bud'.
Bobby and Indi accepted him back without as much as a grumble. Jack grumbled a bit but he was a little under the weather as he'd just come back from the vet having had his teeth cleaned so was probably feeling a little vulnerable.
The rest of the evening he lay on my armchair or the settee in the living room and when it came to going to bed he went to his normal one as if he hadn't been away.
25th May 2007
Never heard a word from Monty all night and this morning he came to say hello by gently putting his two front feet on the bed and laying his head on my chest for a cuddle. After his breakfast he wandered in an out the house most of the day as the conservatory door to the garden was open and on a couple of occasions he came back in the house out of breath having done a few circuits of the garden.
He's okay with Jack now Jack is feeling more himself and by the end of the afternoon Jack was wanting Monty to play with him. We've not had one accident in the house. He took the knitted coasters from the living room into the garden this afternoon and I caught him trying to chew them. Luckily he'd only just started so I took them off him, 'had words' to which he looked up at me as if to say 'Oop's don't think I should have done that' and the rest of the day passed okay, in fact, if anything, he's been much easier than I expected and seemed happy laying in his bed and being calm and relaxed. We never even had any problems as his tea time approached!
This evening we did a home check and Monty did us proud because there was another young dog in the house, the same age as Monty who was a little possessive of his owners, bed and toys but Monty just ignored the other dog's grumbles. Some Greyhounds may have snapped back at the other dog as he was quite persistent but Monty discovering he couldn't climb on Stuart's lap decided to lay on the floor and ignore it, which in turn made the other dog settle as well.
26th May 2007
Only had one accident from Monty today and that was when the Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue homing co-ordinator called in having collected a Greyhound and two pups who were just a few weeks old. He brought the Greyhound and pups into the garden for a while before going back to Carlisle and we introduced ours to them one at a time so as not to overpower them. We let Indi meet them first then Monty who had the accident in the conservatory during his excitement of wanting to say hello. We had to watch he wasn't over playful with them at first but after a short while he was wandering around the garden with them then lay on the grass near them when they all got a bone each. It was a bit like mayhem for an hour or so with the two pups, who were both black, running around with the five other Greyhounds. As the pups weren't house trained we spent our time in the garden where we needed eyes in the backs or our heads - a cup of coffee got spilt, half a toasted teacake almost went missing, one pup tried climbing into the pond for a drink and we spotted her with both front feet in the water on the low ledge about to walk into the deeper section. We dashed to retrieve her only to see the other one appear through the flowering flags and topple into the water. He swam to the edge where I tried to grab him but missed because of all the plant pots we put down the side to act as a deterrent! As he couldn't get out there he turned and swam to where the other pup was being retrieved and was pulled out as well - one very wet dripping puppy who needed a towel to dry him off. At one stage we thought more than one dog was going to end up in the pond as Monty and the others all gathered round the edge to see what was happening, hampered the rescue process and made us keep an on them as well in case one decided to jump in as well. All in all a very eventful and lively hour but oh! weren't they a lovely pair and Monty enjoyed himself. After they went we all went for a walk and Monty crashed out in his bed for the rest of the afternoon till his tea was ready.
28th May 2007
This afternoon we gave Monty a bath, which he wasn't too sure about and when we lifted him out to dry him he decided to lay on the floor and refused to budge. Consequently, we dried one side then rolled him over to dry the other side before he realised it wasn't that bad and stood to shake then charge off after the others.
Monty is settling more and more each day. We've had a couple of accidents in the house but we think they happen when he gets over playful with the others and forgets where he is or his dinner time is approaching. We've been encouraging him not to jump up as he seems to want to have his feet on your shoulders when he says hello, which is okay when we have old clothes on but not so when we are wearing something decent. Not only that but we want to discourage him from jumping up to strangers as they may not appreciate a big Greyhound jumping up at them like this as he could knock them over, nor will they appreciate their clothes getting dirty. When he comes to say good morning first thing he now gently puts his paws on the bed and snuggles his head onto your chest for a cuddle or, if there's room he will climb on the bed and lay down next to us. He's also taken to laying on the bed on a couple of occasions when I've gone to bed to read my book Monty has joined me laying with either his back against me or his head across my stomach. We still have the odd problem with him getting up to mischief that half hour or so before his tea but he's taken to coming into my office and putting his front legs on my lap with his head is in front of mine as if he's trying to stop me doing work - think he's trying to tell me something because he won't stop till I give him a cuddle and get up to do his dinner. After that he's okay again.
House training is going well but we've had a few accidents and can't decide whether it's Jack or Monty as we never seem to catch them doing it, which is very frustrating.
30th May 2007
What were we saying about Monty getting easier - for some reason tonight and we don't know why he decided to empty my bathroom into the bedroom. We found bath towel, soap, toothbrush holder and toothbrushes (mine and the dogs) in the middle of the bedroom floor. Thankfully only a couple of the toothbrush handles had been chewed but why had he got the towel and soap - perhaps he was asking for another bath! That's another door I'm going to close for a while.
31st May 2007
On the 'accident' front we think we must give Monty the benefit of doubt because watching him he seems to know to do it in the garden and stands by the door if he wants to go out. I'm not saying he never does it because he may have the odd one when he gets excited playing with the others. However, the urine looks too yellow to be his and whilst I'm cleaning the accident up and grumbling he stands by my side looking quite innocent, which the guilty party often doesn't do - they slink off and hide.
2nd June 2007
Monty loves his trips to the pub and loves the attention everyone gives him. When I'm sitting on the stool at the bar he often stands resting his front legs on my lap and either his head against mine for a cuddle or he will admire himself in the mirror behind the bar. When he does this he's funny to watch as he nods his head from side to side and puts his ears up and down. I'm sure he thinks he's human and is admiring himself.
4th June 2007
Monty is settling down more and more each day and is much calmer for longer periods, spending many an hour asleep on his bed or ours! He loves being on the settee in the evening when we are watching television and is much more gentle when he comes for a cuddle. He's a bit of a monkey though wanting attention if one of the other Greyhounds is getting it and often pushes the other one out of the way in order to get to us. As we don't allow this if he pushes in he has to go away so we can continue stroking the other dog, however, if he comes to join us calmly we stroke the two of them so he will in time learn he has to share and not monopolise.
5th June 2007
This afternoon Mindy's owners met Monty for the first time when we called in to do Mindy's follow-up visit. He was very inquisitive, said hello to everyone, jumped on the settee and Mindy wanted to play with him.
6th June 2007
Mindy's owners expressed an interest in adopting Monty so we explained how he's a loveable character but can be a bit of a handful at times, needs watching (like having a toddler) and is the exact opposite of Mindy.
7th June 2007
Received a call from Mindy's owner saying they'd thought about it in detail and wanted to adopt Monty after they came back from holiday.
9th June 2007
The dogs love drinking the water from the pond - have done for years. However, this afternoon I found Monty with his front legs over the edge standing on the ledge inside having a drink. As he tried backing out he slipped so I helped him not realising he'd ripped the pond liner. A few minutes later the water level was dropping rapidly so I leaned in to examine where Monty had been and found a three inch gash in the liner. Admittedly the liner is old and ready for replacing but we had hoped it would last a bit longer. A temporary repair was made by laying a polythene freezer bag over the gash with a heavy flat stone over the top, which did the trick but now we have to replace the liner without disturbing the fish too much as it would be a shame to loose them because they have been in the pond for years.
10th June 2007
Took a trip to mum's house this morning where we had lunch and met a couple of models who were doing a Greyhound calendar photo shoot for us in the area. Monty was very good and loved all the attention he received in the park when we were taking the photographs. He gave us a bit of a fright at one stage when one of the girls holding his lead suddenly let go of him when he saw a couple of dogs that he wanted to say hello to. Off he raced. However, whatever one of those dogs said to him he didn't like because he came charging back to hide behind our legs!
17th June 2007
Mindy's owners, now back from holiday came to visit Monty this afternoon and confirm they really wanted him. We told them everything about him, warts and all so to speak because the last thing we want is for him to come back into Greyhound Rescue again as he's such a lovely dog with so much love and companionship to give. They confirmed they did and wanted to collect him in a couple of days time.
18th June 2007
Spent an hour in the garden this afternoon and was joined on and off by all the Greyhounds. Monty loved running around with Flash and Tiger who were staying at the time but they didn't want to entertain him with play. The next thing I saw was Monty with his front feet over the edge of the pond trying to get something. Yesterday we removed a huge yellow flag plant from the pond as it was too large and needed to come out so we could repair the pond properly so there was more water visible and my first reaction was Monty was trying to catch the fish. By the time I got to him he was out of the pond and dashing in to the house with a water lily leaf in his mouth - I found a further six in the middle of the living room carpet!
19th June 2007
This morning when Stuart left to visit a client he was a bit bad tempered till I saw him at the door saying goodbye to Monty and realised he was like this because he was sad that Monty was going this afternoon. His new owners came to collect him this afternoon and when they drove away I felt very empty because I really liked Monty even though he was a bit of a handful. I was going to miss him because he had a character that was unique to Monty and the house seemed very empty after he left. Having said that we wish him the very best in his new home and hope he has a long and happy life with his new family.
Received a phone call this evening letting us know they had arrived home safely and he was settling in with Mindy.
21st June 2007
Monty sleeps in his owner's bedroom with Mindy and this morning he joines them in bed by laying on his back between the two of them. He's enjoying his walks and walking nicely on the lead. He came down to the bar with his owner's today as they live in a pub, put both front feet on the bar to admire himself in the mirror behind the bottles then met some of the customers. The way from the flat to the yard where they can wander freely is accessed by some metal steps and because of the way Monty approaches stairs (goes at the gallop) his new owners have him on a lead to make him go up and down them slowly. Yesterday he went down them slowly but today when they were coming back from a walk he decided to go up on his own by jumping the first set and because he can't do things slowly he hit the wall on the bend as he couldn't stop - he didn't try going up it again without his owners!
22nd June 2007
Received a phone call this morning letting us know that Monty was fine - he's now mastered the metal steps from the flat to the yard at the back so can now go in and out at will, which will make him happier - he now knows he has to walk slowly up them! Monty and Mindy seem to be getting on okay and Mindy wants to play with Monty but he doesn't seem to want to at the moment, which may well be settling in nerves. Monty is wanting a lot of attention which is making Mindy want it as well. Monty enjoys going down to the bar and meeting people but if someone is stroking Mindy he pushes in for one as well by pushing her out the way - he used to do that when he was with us and we used to make him go away - his new owners are now doing the same to make him learn he has to share and not push in.
26th July 2007

7th September 2007
Received a phone call this evening letting us know that both Monty and Mindy are well.
Monty hasn't needed his muzzle on the past two or three weeks as he no longer wants to nip Mindy when he's playing with her. Mindy has started telling him off if he gets a bit too giddy when he's playing with her and he's taking notice! As a result they are playing much better together and their friendship has deepened even further. It seems that Mindy is beginning to 'mother' Monty, take charge and even gives him a little lick last thing at night.
Monty still tends to be a bit accident prone as he keeps cutting himself when he's running around during his walks - he seems to have no sense of being careful. He caught his toenail recently and pulled it off going up the metal staircase at the back of the pub.
Monty loves going down into the pub and is there most days now when his owners are around. He wants to greet everyone who comes through the door and nudges them if they stop stroking him. This has brought Mindy out of her shell as she is coming down into the bar more often looking for tit bits from the customers before going back upstairs again. She's only down for a few minutes at a time but with Monty being there is giving her more confidence.
Monty is still as mad as ever but his owners say he is just so loveable with it you just can't be cross with him for too long. They wouldn't have him any other way but one day he may begin to calm down but at the moment he just loves life.
8th September 2007
After calling in to see how Bloss was we called in on the way past to visit Mindy and Monty. Monty was laying on the carpet at the top of the stairs and when he saw us he jumped up to give us a very energetic welcome that took a few minutes to calm him down. When we were seated he kept coming for boisterous cuddles and play - he doesn't change and it was lovely to see him and Mindy again - he's still 'mad Monty' but as his owners say they wouldn't have him any other way as he is so loveable the way he is.
26th July 2008

19th August 2008
Received an email today letting us know that both Monty and Mindy are well. Monty hasn't calmed down yet and he's still as mad as ever, hurtling around like a hurricane banging into things! They are the focal point of the pub. Monty follows his owner everywhere so if she takes a plate up to a customer he follows her, then he follows her back down to the kitchen, then out to the cellar or down to the toilets. She says its like having a shadow, but the customers love it. If he is being a bit too boisterous they send him up stairs to their flat but he comes down the fire escape and bangs on the window looking into the bar until they let him back in. He's scared many a customer that way!
16th April 2009
Received an email today with some pictures of Mindy last Christmas and some of both Monty and Mindy during a walk earlier this year in Grisedale.
26th July 2009

6th August 2009

Monty and Mindy called in this evening for a visit prior to them coming to stay with us for four or five weeks at the end of the month. Their owners are moving but can't get into their new house straight away so they are staying with friends and relatives. Because of all the upheaval this involves and both dogs not eating the last time they were in kennels we are going to look after them both. Both of them are a little over weight but that's probably as a result of living in a pub!
Monty gave us a lovely welcome and Mindy quicky settled in the kitchen with the others - not at all shy as she was that time we visited her to do her 'follow-up' visit - perhaps she remembered the house or perhaps living with Monty in a pub has brought her out of her shell.
Our greyhounds went bananas when they saw them and my heart was in my mouth when they all decided to charge around the garden. Six running around at speed in our garden is a recipe for another visit to the vet, which is not something we wanted so we split them all up and brought them inside to calm down. At that point Stuart and I decided that Monty, Pronto and Sandy were not a good mix because they are all as daft as each other when they start running about so when Monty comes to stay they will all be let out in 'shifts' of two or three at a time and not those three together - at least not until they get used to each other and Monty has settled into our routine.
31st August 2009
Monty and Mindy arrived this evening around 5.30pm as they are staying with us a while. Although they gave us a lovely greeting when they arrived and quickly settled they became very stressed when their owners left. This was made worse when the whole area suffered a power cut lasting an hour an a half. However, once all the house and the bed and breakfast guests were sorted out with temporary lighting etc. we sat down to our tea, which luckily was just ready as the power went off and 'chilled out' to encourage calm for Monty and Mindy. Power back on, TV on and calm was restored again with both dogs fast asleep with ours in the living room for the rest of the evening.
1st September 2009
Neither Monty nor Mindy ate any food last night nor this morning. They were both very unsettled during the night and Monty wouldn't eat any food again this evening. They are obviously missing their owners. Having said that, they enjoyed their walks and exploring our garden, have settled in well with the others and began to relax more as the day progressed.

26th September 2009
Well, only Monty could lock himself in a room! I was in the kitchen when I heard a bang and our bedroom door shut. How could this be I thought? When I tried opening the door it would only open an inch and wedged behind it was my ironing board. Monty was on our bed looking as if butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. I could just see the window, which was shut, so that form of entry was out of the question. Stuart was away so I had to resolve this one on my own otherwise Monty was going no where. Luckily there was a gap underneath the door so I pushed a finger through it to see how much space there was to gauge what I needed to use to push underneath the door in an attempt to move the ironing board, which was wedged between the door and the wardrobe. In doing so I felt the ironing board and with it being a wooden floor I managed to move it an inch to one side, which was just enough to open the door sufficient to get my hand inside to move the board out of the way. When the door opened I breathed a sigh of relief and Monty came bounding out as if this sort of occurance happened all the time! All's well that ends well apart from my ironing board that now has a wobble so will need Stuart's attention when he gets back before I can use it again.
1st October 2009
Having Monty and Mindy here the past few weeks has been an absolute pleasure. Once the first two or three days had passed and they had got over the shock of their owners leaving them and they were back eating their food again they soon settled. They took to our bed and breakfast routine like 'ducks to water', quickly learning that once the 'gate' was up at the end of the kitchen the breakfast routine had begun and they went to their beds in the living room with the others until the gate came down and they had free run of the downstairs again. They loved their walks, wandering in and out the house into the garden all day and laying on the lawn in the sunshine, meeting the bed and breakfast guests and their dogs, going for trips in the car and the occassional trip up the road to the pub where there was a host of people to make a fuss of them.
Since Sandy arrived in November 2004, who had serious issues to resolve which took us months followed by Sadie in October 2008 who was just as bad because of her anxiety and who we rehomed after we'd had her nearly eleven months, coupled with our Bobby's illness and death its been a little bit of respite for us to have a short spell with four easy dogs that we can relax with and enjoy rather than to be constantly having to work with an issue of one form or another. Its been a little bit of respite that was desperately needed and for which we thank them for.
6th October 2009
It was only this evening that I realised Monty had worked out that after he'd been fed if Sandy was in the garden he waited until Sandy came in before he went out. From the day Monty came to stay with us we made sure that first thing in the morning, after their breakfast feed and after their dinner feed Monty, Sandy and Pronto were never out together as they tried to wind each other up to play and this could have become over boisterous and injuries could have happened. To avoid any incidents we let them out one at a time and Monty was today standing in the conservatory making no attempt to go out until Sandy passed him in the doorway - what a clever lad! I think he's been doing this a while, I just hadn't noticed. The funny thing is the rest of the day the door to the garden was open all the time and they often went out together but at these times they were more sedate - the times they went mad were the times I mentioned.
7th October 2009
This afternoon Monty and Mindy's owners called to collect them and needless to say they received a lovely welcome. When it was time to leave they jumped in the back of the car and were happily laying on their beds as the car drove away. The house seemed surprisingly quiet after they left because its been a long time since we've only had our two but a bit of quality time with us before our new foster dog arrives will do them good.
26th July 2010

2nd September 2010
Sadly Monty passed away at noon today following a tragic accident while on his walk. The same walk he does every day, but today from out of nowhere some animals appeared, all became spooked and sadly Monty was kicked in the head by a cow. Monty passed away in his owners arms as they were taking him to the vet. Needless to say everyone is devastated because Monty was so young, fit and full of life.
19th September 2010
We received an email today letting us know that Monty's owners had a little service for him in the garden last week. They bought some lanterns, wrote messages to Monty and let them off into the night sky. They say it was really lovely and helped the children to say goodbye to him properly. It was almost as if Mindy knew because as she watched the lanterns floating off, she would not move until they had completely disappeared and then she howled! Bless her.

In loving memory of Monty. Our special boy whose character so astounded us - so playful, so full of love, affection and life that it overflowed around him. Our lovely, lovely Monty - how cruel you should be taken from us this way. Rest in peace my handsome boy, run and play with the angels and God be with you.

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At the Penrith
Greyhound Awareness Day
5th May 2007

. . . . and again

Greyhound Rescue Day
. . . . and again

In the garden
Exploring our garden
13th May 2007

Running in the garden
. . . .and having a run

Greyhound running
another picture

Running round the garden
. . . and another

Black and white Greyhound
What's this in the pond?
May 2007

Black and white Greyhound
14th May 2007

Black and white Greyhound
. . . and again. .

Black and white Greyhound
. . and again. .

Black and white Greyhound
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Long Legged Beauties
'Just Greyhounds'
2008 Calendar

Monty greyhound
This picture of Monty was
taken on the 14th May 2007
and is our April supporting
picture for the calendar
'Just Greyhounds' Calendar

Greyhound being cuddled
In the garden
June 2007

Greyhound in flowers
In the park at Gargrave, Yorkshire
10th June 2007

Greyhound head
In the park at Gargrave, Yorkshire
10th June 2007

Greyhound with bunny girl
Monty looking 'for that rabbit'
this picture was taken for the
'Long Legged Beauties'
2008 Greyhound Calendar

Sleeping Greyhound
Monty in his new home
July 2007

Greyhound wearing a muzzle
Playing in the field (At the moment
Monty wears a muzzle when he's
playing with Mindy - until he learns
not to nip her as she doesn't like it!)
July 2007

Greyhound wearing a muzzle
. . . and again!

Greyhounds playing
Playing with Mindy during their walk
July 2007

Greyhounds playing in river
Playing with Mindy in the river
July 2007

Greyhound playing in river
One of Monty's favourite pastimes - playing in the river !
July 2007

White and black greyhound
Enjoying a pig's ear

White and black greyhound
. . and again . .

Greyhound out walking
Enjoying a walk near Grisedale
early 2009

Greyhound out walking
. . . and again . . .

Greyhound out walking
. . . and again.

Greyhounds walking the fells
. . . . and again with Mindy

White and black greyhound
After a hard day's work

White and black greyhound
A day out to Skipwith Common
May 2010

White and black greyhound
and again ...

White and black greyhound
and again ...

White and black greyhound
and again ...

White and black greyhound
and again ...

White and black greyhound
and again ...

White and black greyhound
and again ...

White and black greyhound
with Mindy May 2010

White and black greyhound
enjoying a snack with Mindy
May 2010

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