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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Below is one of the 82 dogs we fostered for Dumfriesshire & Cumbria
Greyhound Rescue between July 2004 and the 5th December 2009.
On the 9th December 2009 we became the SOUTH LAKES branch
of the Retired Greyhound Trust for whom we are now foster


Sammy arrived on Wednesday 22nd August 2007
Went to his new home on Saturday 29th September 2007

Sammy's arrival and a brief history
Sammy is a handsome black and white Greyhound who was born on the 29th May 2004 making him just over 3 years old. He weighs 72lbs (32.6k), is house trained, neutered, microchipped and inoculated. Sammy gets on well with children and travels well in the car. He has a lovely laid back nature with a happy, playful streak but gets a little nervous in new environments, which should reduce with more socialisation. Sammy can be quite 'keen' if he smells rabbits or sees a cat!
Since Sammy came to us from Rescue kennels, and in the space of a month he's spent 6 days in London and 12 in Ireland so when reading his story please bear this in mind as he's had to take settling in to family life 'at a run'!
Sammy's Diary
22nd August 2007
Boy, when I first saw Sammy in the back of the Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue member's car I thought I was seeing double - didn't he look like Flash(1) and what a stunning Greyhound. He travelled well in the car coming home and was okay when he met the other Greyhounds.
Our afternoon walk was a bit of a struggle as he wanted to pull to the end of the lead constantly, which was quite hard work. He wanted to sniff everywhere and if I didn't walk where he wanted he used his body weight to ensure I did. This may be nerves but then again it may be a trick he's learnt in the past - we shall have to see. Back at the house Sammy wasn't sure what to do with a pig's ear at first so I kept putting it in front of him and eventually he started licking it. Once he got the taste, that was it and there was no looking back so I don't think he will hesitate when he gets another tomorrow.
Sammy is a bit of a thief because when I turned to get something from the fridge he pinched the piece of ham I was about to put on my sandwich!
Stairs are no problem to him and neither are wooden floors once he'd walked on them once or twice and worked out the best way to do it.
After our evening walk we gave Sammy a bath, which he enjoyed but he sat down as I was putting the towel round him
to lift him out and he wouldn't budge so I ended up drying most of him whilst he was still in the bath. He then jumped out, shook and chased around the house for a few minutes before I could get him again to towel him off a bit further. Think he was telling me he enjoyed that wash!
23rd August 2007
Sammy settled well to his bed last night and chose the one he'd been on all day in my office. Around 2am he started pacing the floor so we let him outside where he relieved himself. When he came back in he settled on one of the beds in our bedroom and we never heard from him again till the morning. After we let him out again he lay on his bed and
looked at me with that 'come and give me a cuddle' look in his eyes so I lay on his bed with him and he cuddled next to me, lifting his front leg onto my shoulder so I could stroke his chest. We have a big softy here!
Black and white Greyhound
Visiting the pub
near Brands Hatch
1st September 2007

Black and white Greyhound
. . . and again.
Lilly called in here on the way to her new home and Sammy thought she was wonderful and wanted to play with her - think he was a bit sad after she left.
Sammy's skin is flaking a bit after his bath last night, which we thought might happen so we sprayed him with 'Skin Calm' this morning and massaged it well in. This made things look worse to begin with but then it usually does till it settles down. We will keep spraying this on for a few days until his skin settles and the flakiness begins to disappear.
Sammy was pulling on his lead again today when we first went out but each time his lead became taut we 'checked' him so his walk was a bit 'stop, start' to begin with, however, by the end he was walking nicely and beginning to pace himself by slowing down each time his lead became taut.
Ate his dinner well today and doesn't try pushing the other out of theirs before they've finished. May be it's Sammy's age but he's settled in with the others very quickly and Bobby, who usually grumbles at them for a few days till they 'know the ropes and boundaries' has accepted Sammy already.
During our walks today Sammy saw a Spaniel and ignored it, likewise the Terrier yapping by the farm gate as we walked past. He didn't even flinch and treated the yapping as if nothing was untoward was happening.
This evening we took him to the local pub and took the whole experience in his stride, thoroughly enjoying all the attention being lavished upon him.
24th August 2007
Sammy is an absolute pleasure to have. We've had no accidents in the house nor any attempts to cock his leg. He wanders in and out the house at will and loves to roam the garden to see what is where. He found his way onto our bed this morning for a cuddle so that didn't take him long! He's a very relaxed dog who is quite happy to lay in the sun in the conservatory or in the kitchen when we are working, so much so, that to begin with we kept thinking he had done a runner or was up to mischief but no there he is fast asleep in the sun somewhere. Some dogs stick to us like glue and everywhere we move they follow - some do it for a few days others do it for a few weeks but Sammy isn't like that at all and is quite happy where he is and obviously feels content and at home that he's quite comfortable being in one part of the house with us in another.
Walking with him today was a pleasure as he hardly pulled on the lead at all and when he felt the tension on the lead he either held back till it slackened or I gave it a gently pull to remind him and he would stop a second till I caught up and it slackened - the way he pulled on Wednesday I never dreamt he would walk so nicely so soon.
27th August 2007
During our walk this afternoon we discovered Sammy loves blackberries and will try and take them off the plants but he prefers us to do it for him so he doesn't get prickled as much. We also passed a horse leaning over the gate and Sammy went to say hello but wasn't overly bothered by it so perhaps he's seen one before.
This evening Sammy discovered the toy box to his delight and removed each item one at a time and played with it before moving on to the next until the box was empty. He's also discovered it's great fun to lay on our bed!
28th August 2007
Sammy thought we had a visitor tonight - a dog barked on the television so he ran into the conservatory and stood their for ages barking at the dog outside - it was his shadow!
29th August 2007
Sammy went for his first trip away today because we had business in the London area and whilst there we arranged a couple of places to visit to take pictures for the calendars. Sammy travelled well in the car. We stopped at a service station on the M40 to give them all their dinner on the way and it didn't bother him being fed on the grass verge by the side of the car park. Walking across the grass afterwards he became very 'keen' - going down on his haunches to sniff the grass and pulling quite strongly on the lead. Consequently, we made certain his collar was on tight enough not to allow him to back out of it if he decided to try and we continued with our walk. At first we thought it was all the other dogs he could smell who no doubt had used the same area, but he kept pulling towards the bushes then standing very alert with ears cocked sniffing the air. We had a feeling this was not dogs he was smelling and because it was early evening had a scan of the area in case we saw rabbits but the area was clear, however, because of his 'keenness' we decided the best place for him was back in the car where we loosened his collar a notch to make him more comfortable whilst travelling. As we were leaving the service station travelling down the slip road we saw two rabbits hopping around in the grass - an area not one hundred yards from where we fed him!
Arriving at the flat Sammy was very nervous and panted heavily for an hour, which was probably because it's only the second house he's been in. After a while Bobby gave him the customary snarl telling him to pack it in and settle, which he did. Out in the garden the pulling on the lead started again and likewise the going down on his haunches sniffing around the bushes. This time we decided to discourage the going down on his haunches in 'hunting mode' by pulling his lead to one side causing him stand upright again. It's alright having a sniff in a new place - all dogs do this but we want to reduce his need to go into 'hunting' posture all the time so his walk around the garden was very jerky!
30th August 2007
Sammy took to going in his first London pub with flying colours today. He was a bit nervous to begin with but soon settled with the others and enjoyed all the attention when a little girl came over to say hello.
31st August 2007
This afternoon during a visit to Biggin Hill Aerodrome we took some photographs of Sammy for the Greyhound calendars in front of Bernie Eccleston's F1 airplane and some helicopters. Some of the helicopters taking off were quite noisy so we were careful to ensure he was well away from them and in the car or hanger if at all possible so as not to frighten him too much. After a while he never bothered with them but we had to watch as he was on the look out for rabbits across the fields of the aerodrome. We are finding we are putting his collar on quite tight at the moment when out and about as we don't want him getting out of it but in doing this we must always remember to slacken it off again when back in the car or flat otherwise it will be too uncomfortable and stress him.
1st September 2007
Today we spent some time in the Brands Hatch body shop and showroom where we'd been invited to take photographs for the Greyhound calendars. Sammy although a bit nervous to begin with soon settled down and we got some lovely pictures of him in front of a Ferrari and Lambourguini although at one point we couldn't get him to stand facing one particular way as all he wanted to do was face the other - at the grass - looking for rabbits! After the photo shoot we all went off to the nearby pub for something to eat where Sammy, once he'd had a few tit bits happily lay on the lawn and went to sleep.
He's got used to staying in the flat now and is quite settled there. He's also leading the way outside and round the back into the garden to relieve himself and when back inside he knows which set of stairs leads back to the flat. These few days away will do him the world of good and it's taught us that although he's very easy and laid back at home in an area full of cats and rabbits he certainly needs watching.
2nd September 2007
First thing this morning when Stuart took Sammy to the garden he came face to face with a small white scotty dog at the main front door. It took them all by surprise but Sammy didn't bother with it, which was a good sign as he hasn't met many small dogs so far.
4th September 2007
Sammy was really glad to be home after his visit to London and spent the first half hour wandering round the garden. This was his first bit of freedom off the lead outside since we went away and he was making the most of it. When he came in the house he 'marked his spot' a couple of times but we 'had words' and hopefully it's a 'one off' and as a result of him being glad to be home. Flash(1) and Tiger came to stay a few days this evening and Sammy disgraced himself by urinating on the sheepskin rug after Tiger had been laying on it, needless to say we had words and he went out in the garden - my poor sheepskin rug, yet another wash in the bath!
19th September 2007
Sammy really loves his trips in the car, always being the first to jump in as if to say 'you're not going without me'. He loves watching the world go by as you are driving along.
20th September 2007
When we let Sammy out late this evening he suddenly started behaving peculiarly, trying to rub the side of his face in the ground. When we got him in we found his left eye beginning to shut and from the way he suddenly changed his behaviour we think he may have got something in it or poked it with something as the place he goes is quite dark. We bathed it then put some Brolene ointment in to ease any irritation. This seemed to reduce his need to rub his face on the ground and before we went to bed we put some more in.
21st September 2007
Sammy's eye seemed fine this morning so the Brolene last night eased any irritation and helped it heal but we are still not sure what caused it.
22nd September 2007
We all arrived back from our stay in Ireland, which Sammy enjoyed and, to say we haven't had him long and he's been to both London and Ireland within a month shows how adaptable he is and how he takes things in his stride.
25th September 2007
Beano loves playing with Sammy in the garden and they charge around after each other till they are out of breath then come into the house and start again. Sammy loves to play and thankfully Beano is happy to oblige. Sammy seems to have matured a bit since Beano arrived, which may be because he is no longer the 'new boy'.
26th September 2007
This evening we took Beano to dog training classes to see how he was with other dogs so whilst there we took Sammy in to confirm that he was okay with them. At the beginning Sammy was more concerned with the shiny wooden floor, which he didn't like but once he got used to it and settled by the chair Stuart was sitting on he began to show an interest in any dog that came past - he just wanted to sniff them then he was fine so after a few minutes we took his muzzle off, which relaxed him even more and he could say hello to any that came past. We were pleased that he is okay with them - and there were a lot as it was very busy tonight.
28th September 2007
Sammy's discovered the coal in the bucket now that we've lit the solid fuel fire in the kitchen. We've had to cover the bucket as he keeps pinching the coal and eating it - he thinks it's wonderful!
29th September 2007
This lunch time a couple came from the Dumfries area to see Sammy with a view to adopting him if he got on with their lurcher called Badger. They got on fine and Sammy was a real gentleman so after all the adoption paperwork was undertaken Sammy and Badger jumped into the back of their car and lay down for the journey home. Sammy was a little difficult at times but this may well have been because in the short time we'd had him he spent six days in London and twelve in Ireland, which is something none of our other foster dogs have had to do so soon after coming to stay with us. However, the experience would have been character building for Sammy and put him in good stead because in ten days time his new owners are moving to a new home near Moffat! Sammy was a lovely dog and we will miss him but we wish him a long and happy life with Badger and his new owners.
30th September 2007
Received a call this afternoon to let us know Sammy had settled in well, eating his food, enjoying his walks and there hasn't been one grumble between him and Badger, which his new owner's are really pleased about.
1st October 2007
Received a call this lunch time to let us know that Sammy and Badger had been left on their own this morning whilst their owner went to work. When she arrived back at lunch time all was quiet and she found both dogs fast asleep on her bed! She says Sammy is wonderful and it feels as if they've had him for ages not just a couple of days.
25th October 2007
This evening we drove to the Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue homing co-ordinator's house where we met Sammy and his new owners again. Sammy looked well and very happy. When they collected Sammy at the end of September they expressed an interest in Beano as well but they wanted to do their house move and settle Sammy in first so it was arranged we look after Beano a couple of weeks or so before he joined them and tonight was the night they were collecting him. It was obvious Beano and Sammy remembered each other and Beano got on with Badger and when it was time to leave the three of them happily jumped in their car for the journey home.
28th October 2007
Heard this evening that Beano, Sammy and Badger are getting on okay with Beano and Sammy chasing each other round the garden.
29th May 2008
23rd December 2008
Received a letter this morning letting us know that both Sammy and Beano are well, both dogs have settled down and life in Scotland is peaceful when Sammy, also known as ASBO decides it's okay. Sammy, they say is a most loving dog always coming to his owner for a kiss - usually to get himself out of trouble because if there is mischief to be had Sammy's usually in the middle of it. Beano, also known as MR BEANS just watches with an air of authority like an old gentleman.
Sammy and Beano both love their owner's grandchildren aged 2 and 3 years old coming to visit as there is plenty of bits to be had. Beano hoovers and tidies up all the crumbs whilst Sammy makes sure faces and hands are clean - their owner says its a sight to see! Badger just watches but doesn't usually join in unless it's absolutely necessary as they say he likes to conserve his energy by spreading out along the settee and snores - but his owner says all three dogs have that off to a fine art!
This year the family went to Ireland for a holiday where Sammy, Beano and Badger thrived on all the attention they were given everywhere they went. People wanted to know all about them and gave them loads of tit bits.
29th May 2009
29th May 2010
29th May 2011
29th May 2012
29th May 2013
17th December 2013
We heard today by email that Beano who lived with Sammy sadly passed away a couple of months ago. Sam's owners say Sam is just Sam, a sweet wee soul who loves everyone. He's not on his own though because he's got three other greyhounds to play with.

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