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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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others want to give more. We are quite flexible with this, and with this we provide:
Martingale Collar, Lead, Muzzle and 4 weeks free cover with the insurance company PetPlan

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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Below is one of the 82 dogs we fostered for Dumfriesshire & Cumbria
Greyhound Rescue between July 2004 and the 5th December 2009.
On the 9th December 2009 we became the SOUTH LAKES branch
of the Retired Greyhound Trust for whom we are now foster


Arrived Thursday 12th April 2007
Went to his new home on Saturday 5th May 2007
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Sonny's arrival and a brief history
Sonny is a beautiful white and fawn ex-racing greyhound weighing 63lbs (28.7k) who was born on the 4th October 2003 making him 3½ years old. He is neutered, inoculated and house trained. Sonny is a happy playful dog who gets quite excited at the idea of going out for a walk. He gets on with other dogs both large and small, loves being cuddled and travels well in the car.
Sonny was born with a slightly shorter bottom jaw, which causes him no problems with eating etc. To look at him from above or the side you wouldn't even know if you weren't told. You mainly notice it when he lays down and rolls on his back - we call him Goofy because his top front teeth lay outside his bottom jaw.
Sonny's Diary
12th April 2007
This afternoon we collected Sonny from another DGR member who brought him from the safe home where he'd been a couple of days before coming to us.
Sonny happily met our dogs in the car park then jumped in the car to be greeted with a grumble from Bobby. There was a bit of undercurrent grumbling between him and Flash as they were finding a place to lay in the car but once sorted they settled for the journey home.
Upon arriving home we walked him round the garden so he knows where to go then brought him in and fed them all. He lay quietly waiting for his food with the others but was a bit nervous whilst eating it. Once finished, it was back in the garden again then we took them all for a walk. Sonny pulled on the lead a little to begin with but after a while settled and enjoyed his walk round the reserve with the others. Back in the house and it was bath time, which he wasn't too sure about but he certainly looked better after it and will probably feel better as well.
13th April 2007
Sonny struggled to get upstairs last night and found it difficult knowing which foot to put where and when, however, with perseverance he got there. He wouldn't settle to his bed at first and paced dreadfully when Stuart left the bedroom to go to the bathroom but as soon as he returned he settled on the bed we put by Stuart's side of the bed as this seemed to be where he wanted to lay. He woke us at 3am and on the lead, walking to wedge him between our legs and the wall we managed to get him down the stairs and outside into the garden.
Sonny is quite an amorous dog who Indi put in his place at once so he turned towards Bobby and follows him everywhere. If he tries anything Bobby turns and snarls at him but within a few minutes he's back again so the sooner we get him neutered the better.
14th April 2007
Sonny gets really excited when we are getting ready to go for a walk and it's quite difficult at the moment to get his collar and lead on as he's jumping up and down all the time. He also wants to dash out the door first,which is a 'no, no' because he has to go last so this is something we will be working on with the aid of commands and the water spray. I know it's nice when they look forward to going out but we want him to wait patiently and walk quietly out the door. However, it's early days yet and he's still going through the settling in process.
Took a trip to Fellfoot Park on the edge of Lake Windermere this lunch time as we are going to do a calendar photo shoot there soon and wanted to check out the location in readiness. The park was very busy and we turned a few heads as four greyhounds walked elegantly down the path.
We even had people coming over to say hello to the dogs but although Sonny was very good he was a little wary of so many people. We also saw a couple of small dogs, which Sonny seemed to ignore, however, we've only had him a couple of days so he was still very unsure of what was happening to him.
15th April 2007

Sonny is still doing the low grumble just like Ruby did every time Flash comes near him. It's exactly the
same - if Sonny goes to him that's fine, they walk around the garden together and they're okay but if Flash goes to him or Flash comes for a cuddle when Sonny is being cuddled he does it. He doesn't do it to Bobby or Indi so it's probably a 'bedding in' thing and nothing to worry about.
I went to collect some dog food and bric-a-brac this afternoon that had been donated and whilst I was unloading the car, which was about ten trips Flash and Sonny became quite excited and a little fraught at
my coming and going. We are not sure what happened but there was a disagreement. It only lasted a few seconds and they were parting as Stuart came in to see what was happening. We think Sonny thought it had become a game and tried to mount Flash who disapproved and told him so - which he would! Sonny is quite an amorous dog so the sooner we can get him neutered the better. This is the first time in all our 46 foster dogs that we've had two whole dogs of about the same age at the same time and it may be this that has been causing the friction.
Sonny was injured in the incident and at first we thought it was going to need a trip to the vet as there was blood everywhere. The fact he was white didn't help! We got some cotton wool and hibiscrub solution and commenced the clean up, which was around his ears, neck and nose. The little puncture mark on his nose wasn't too bad and soon stopped bleeding but some skin had come off his ear and blood was dripping all over his neck. There was so much blood we expected to see at least one gash in his neck but
as we cleaned the blood away we realised he was fine and all the blood was coming from his ear. My goodness didn't it bleed! It took us ages to stop it and when it did he shook his head and off it started again. He looked a bit of a mess but then again it probably looked worse with him being white.
16th April 2007
Sonny's ear still looks very sore and he's still shaking his head but at least by mid afternoon it finally stopped bleeding, however, he's a bit grumbly towards Flash whenever he comes anywhere near him which I suppose is understandable but then he probably shouldn't have tried to mount him in the first place.
17th April 2007
This morning Sonny took a trip to the vet to be neutered and whilst there he received a full examination and his first inoculation as no inoculation card came with him. The vet checked the wounds on his ear and
nose and decided to leave them alone as they were healing nicely so didn't want to disturb them.
18th April 2007
The trip to the vet doesn't seem to have bothered him and he's not bothering to lick his stitches, which is good. Don't know why but since his trip to the vet he's much more settled, seems happier and there's a
lot less of the frightened little boy that we had before. This afternoon during our walk along the back road we saw a dog and because Indi started barking at it all the others joined in as well, which made things quite difficult. As we don't know much about Sonny's past we phoned to see if it was alright to take him to training classes this evening to see how he was with other dogs. I had the feeling he was only doing it because of Indi but we wanted to make sure.
Sonny was a star this evening at dog training classes because he ignored every dog there whether it be large or small, quiet or
barking. He took part with the class and everyone was amazed that he'd been with us less than a week. After class we visited the pub, which he took in his stride and enjoyed people coming over to say hello.
19th April 2007
Sonny has decided he thinks he's a guard dog because every time the door bell rings - either ours or one like ours on the
television he jumps up, starts barking and dashes to the door convinced there is someone there. It's only when the other dogs don't move and we ignore him and call him back he realises there isn't anything there.
20th April 2007
Sonny is a bit of a thief and has come to realise the kitchen is a wonderful place for new and exciting food to try. This evening Stuart caught him with his front feet on the work surface licking the remains of the creamy pepper sauce from the jug.
21st April 2007
This evening Sonny jumped up to the work surface when Stuart turned his back to get something from the fridge and began licking the cheese sauce from the pan waiting to be cooked to go with the cauliflower. We will need to watch this as we don't want him to think this is the normal thing to do.
22nd April 2007
This afternoon we attended an event at a local kennels and cattery where we set up a stall in aid of Dumfriesshire Greyhound Rescue. The weather wasn't very nice considering how glorious it's been over the past few days which was a
shame but a number of our foster dogs and their owners braved the weather and gave their support. It was lovely to see them all. Sonny was very good and enjoyed meeting everyone and the other dogs.
24th April 2007
My son visited this morning and Sonny made us laugh because he did a Squire for us. When the doorbell rang he barked to let us know but when my son came in he still half heartedly barked at him but was backing away at the same time. So our little
guard dog is more or a warning us dog rather than the guard dog he makes out to be!
25th April 2007
Sonny and Flash are getting on much better as the grumbling seems to have stopped and today they were seen asleep on the same bed together so what ever their differences they seem to
have sorted them out. Sonny now he's settled has such a cute little face with eyes that sparkle when he's happy and now his ear and nose are healing and lost both scabs he's looking even nicer.
28th April 2007
Today we all went to Barrow in Furness for our very first
Greyhound Awareness Day in the town centre. Sonny was a little uneasy as we walked from the car to the precinct where we were all meeting and looked very unsure of all the coming and going to begin with, but then its possible its the first time he's been in this kind of situation. However, within half an hour he settled and began to enjoy meeting the other greyhounds and all the attention being lavished on him. Everyone commented on what a lovely soft coat he has - it feels almost like cotton wool!
30th April 2007
Sonny has been a little quiet since Flash went to his new home yesterday so we think he's missing him - he even tried to play with Indi but she wasn't having any of it.
1st May 2007
Took Sonny in with us again whilst we did a couple more home check this evening because he seems quite shy when going into someone elses home. Sonny is quite a sensitive dog and can be a little wary of strangers and new places despite his outward happy go lucky
appearance so going in for home checks will do him the world of good.
3rd May 2007
Sonny has really settled over the past few days and is a different dog. He's a lot more relaxed, looks really happy, no longer bounces about when we are trying to put his collar and lead on and no longer tries to barge out the door first. Whether its suddenly dawned on him it isn't necessary or whether he felt he had to do it to keep up with Flash we don't know but he's turning into a really lovely dog whose beautiful cute face
touches your heart when he looks at you.
5th May 2007
This morning a family called to collect Sonny for the day before we set off the Greyhound Awareness Day in Penrith with a view to adopting him if all goes well. Just after lunch we received a text from them saying everything was fine. When we arrived back from Penrith and fed and walked the dogs we received a call asking if they could keep him over night as they had all fallen in love with him.
6th May 2007
Received a call around lunch time from Sonny's potential new
owners asking if they could adopt him. He was getting on with their collie and last night despite them putting up a barrier to stop him going upstairs because they wanted him to sleep in the kitchen with their collie he made it to their bedroom and lay down by the wardrobe. Oh well they thought and went down to fetch his bed upstairs. When he saw it he jumped up with glee and lay down to sleep on it with not a sound from him till the morning when he came to ask to go out. This evening Sonny and his new owners came over to complete the paperwork and exchange his collar and lead for new ones along with collecting a new coat for him. Sonny was a bit grumbly to Monty and Major but then he probably wondered what they were doing in his home. When he came to leave he happily walked to the car with them but wouldn't jump in, which may have been because it has a high back, the back seats were up and it was parked on a slope so he may have thought he couldn't jump in and brake without hitting the back seats. No worry we just lifted him in and off he went to his new home where we hope he will have a long and happy life.
7th May 2007
Phoned to see how Sonny was getting on and discovered he'd won with regards to sleeping in the bedroom because that's now where his bed is. Last night he jumped on the bed to join his new owner for a while whilst she read her book before climbing off to sleep on his when she put the light out. This afternoon he was a little unsettled when his other owner went to work because Sonny thought that shoes and coat on meant it was time for a walk, however, a little distraction and he soon settled again. He met the terrier belonging to his new owner's parents this afternoon which ran between Sonny's legs and the two of them were fine, but we thought he would be because he never bothered with any dog, large or small at the training class when we took him to get him checked out.
4th June 2007
This evening we called in to do Sonny's follow-up visit and wasn't sure he recognised us when we first went in as he looked at us then backed away, however, within a few minutes he was up and giving us a cuddle. He seems very settled and is apparently quite a character, sleeps in his owner's bedroom, knows how to get things out the pedal bin so a new design is being sought as no food can be thrown away at present, loves investigating the shopping when it arrives and managed to get some teacakes and bread from the bags before his owners realised - we've all been there! He's getting on with Skye, their collie but won't put up with her trying to take a treat off him, which is understandable. Sonny seems very well and presently 'casting' so he looks a bit 'ragged' in places especially round his hips but once he's cast his 'kennel' coat he should be okay. However, his owners are going to watch this as it may be settling in nerves, just loosing his 'kennel' coat or they think it may be him sleeping on the decking in the garden.
23rd September 2007
Sonny visited with his owners today to collect another bed. He gave us a lovely welcome and looked well. He's lost his thick fluffy kennel coat and looks very sleek. He's apparently still a bit of a thief when he gets the chance and he tends to cling to his owner's side as he likes to know where she is.
4th October 2007


4th October 2008
16th September 2009
This evening Sonny and his owner called in to get him a new coat. He looked well, knew where he was and greeted the other Greyhounds. He went to eat the remains of my tea off the table and when told to leave he went over to the fireplace to cock his leg but Stuart spotted him and he stopped when told to do so - the monkey!
Although Sonny looked well his owner mentioned that whilst out for a walk recently he'd been attacked by a Staffy, which was off the lead and who bit Sonny's neck, which required some stitches. Although Sonny was on his lead at the time the Staffy didn't get away unscathed because in the commotion Sonny bit the Staffy's ear!
4th October 2009
4th October 2010

4th October 2011

4th October 2012

9th December 2012
This evening Sonny and his owners called in to see us and purchase a new walking out coat and bed for Sonny. It's been quite a while since we last saw him and he looked well, but was a little overweight - all the treats etc. his owners admitted! Skye, the collie who was Sonny's companion died of cancer last May, and since being the only dog Sonny's true character is beginning to shine through. Skye was a bit of a monkey and could be funny at times so Sonny had to learn how to handle her and in a way it had cramped his character. Quite sad really, but then that's all part of life and he was very clever to learn how to live with her to make it a happy home.
4th October 2013

23rd December 2013
We received a Christmas card from Sonny's owners today letting us know that Sonny is doing well and spends all day on his owner's bed keeping it warm and arranging the bed covers. They say he is such a cheeky boy and enjoyed sunbathing last summer.
4th October 2014

15th December 2014
We received a Christmas card today from Sonny's owners letting us know that Sonny is doing well, still bouncing about even though he is 11 years old. He is still a good boy, spends a lot of his time on his owner's bed where it is warm and comfy. He loved the warm summer just gone and enjoyed lots of long walks and just being outside in the warm sunshine.
9th February 2015
We heard today via Facebook that Sonny had to have his four front teeth removed. He became quite poorly with them, and lost his spark. Since having them removed last Friday, he is now back to his usual bouncy self.
12th May 2015
We heard today that Sonny's had a sore front paw for the past 3 weeks. His owners first thought he had a foreign body in his pad, but after 2 trips to their vets, and under sedation they said there was nothing in it. However, it doesn't seem to be getting any better. He's not keen going out for walks, but when he does he seems to walk better on grass, the offending pad is hard compared to all his others, They were wondering if he had a corn so we suggested they call in for us to have a look.
4th October 2015

12th December 2015
We received a Christmas card today from Sonny's owner saying he is doing well, but no longer sleeps upstairs with them because he finds the stairs too difficult. Unfortunately, he was attacked again by the staffy round the corner, but he has recovered and is doing well now.

Out walking
19th April 2007

Long Legged Beauties
'Just Greyhounds'
2008 Calendar
This picture of Sonny was taken
on the 19th April 2007 by the side
of Witherslack Lake and is our
main April calendar shot
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27th April 2007

Sonny out walking
Out walking in the reserve
3rd May 2007

5th May 2007

Long Legged Beauties
'Just Greyhounds'
2008 Calendar
This picture of Sonny was taken
on the 5th May 2007 and
is our October supporting
picture for the calendar
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5th May 2007

Fast asleep on the patio
Fast asleep on the patio
14th May 2007

Sonny smiling
Sonny smiling!

With one of his new owners
With one of his new owners

With one of his new owners
Taking a nap
10th December 2012

With one of his new owners
This picture was taken before the
10th February 2014 just before
his front teeth were removed.

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