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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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When adopting a greyhound the suggested donation is £150.00 which goes towards neutering, inoculations, upkeep etc. Some people give a little less, while
others want to give more. We are quite flexible with this, and with this we provide:
Martingale Collar, Lead, Muzzle and 4 weeks free cover with the insurance company PetPlan

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for those in our care until we find them new homes.
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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Below is one of the 82 dogs we fostered for Dumfriesshire & Cumbria
Greyhound Rescue between July 2004 and the 5th December 2009.
On the 9th December 2009 we became the SOUTH LAKES branch
of the Retired Greyhound Trust for whom we are now foster


Toby arrived on the Tuesday 13th March 2007
Went to his new home on Tuesday 10th April 2007
Sadly Toby was returned to Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue through no fault of his own
on Sunday 29th November 2009. With him being one of our foster dogs we wanted him back here to look
after again until he found his forever home. However, the Homing Co-ordinator refused his return to us,
and 3 days later our fostering services were no longer required. Consequently, we don't know what
happened to Toby or where he was later re-homed.

Toby's arrival and a brief history
Toby is a black neutered greyhound who was born on the 7th October 2002 making him almost 4½ years old. He weighs 70lbs (32k), is house trained, inoculated and microchipped. Toby is an ex-racing greyhound who only has three toes on his front left foot. He has a lovely laid back nature, walks nicely on the lead and travels well in the car. Toby is a very friendly dog who 'smiles' at you and loves to give you a lick when he's pleased to see you. He was rehomed at the end of last November but due to a change in family circumstances has come back into 'Rescue' and we are now looking for his forever home.
Toby's Diary

13th March 2007
Toby arrived just after lunch and there were no problems when he was introduced to the others. He marked his spot in the conservatory but then most dogs try it somewhere and the more dogs we have in the house the greater chance of it happening.
My son Mark was visiting so we all sat in the living room and had a chat. We kept Toby on the lead to stop him wandering around too much but all he wanted to do was to say hello to our guests then lay on the carpet and go to sleep. Toby was very good with Mark who is handicapped and blind and he stood quietly by the settee so Mark could stroke him. We always like to see how new dogs react to Mark's handicap as it's a good guide to their character and how they are likely to be with children or people who suddenly do something unusual. Toby took it all in his stride.
After Mark left Stuart and I took them all for a walk. Toby waited patiently for his collar being put on then walked on the lead nicely by our side. Upon our return he loved his pig's ear then crashed out with the others.
After their tea, which he bolted down then dashed to eat Indi's until he was stopped we took them all up to the pub where Toby was very good, took it all in his stride and enjoyed people saying hello to him.
14th March 2007
It took Toby a while to settle last night until he realised which was his bed then he stayed there and we never heard from him till this morning.
Wooden floors and stairs pose no problem to Toby. He loves his pig's ears but still tends to bolt his food down then rush to one of the other dog's bowls to eat theirs as well. This surprised us as he'd been living with another dog in his previous home and it's something we see with dogs straight from kennels but not generally with one coming from a home. As a result when we feed them we now watch Toby carefully and as soon as he's almost finished we stand by him so when he wants to dash to another dish we lead him outside instead and close the door behind him so he doesn't run back inside. As the other dogs then finish theirs we let each one out in turn until they've all finished then leave the door open for them to come and go as they please. If we do this each meal time he will soon learn that he eats his then goes outside and only goes to the other dishes when there are no dogs by them.
15th March 2007
Toby is quite a submissive dog because as the 'new boy' both Bobby and Ruby have been putting him in his place each time he walks a bit too near their beds. When they grumble at him he just turns around and walks away.
16th March 2007
Toby discovered the toy box this morning and enjoyed playing with some of the soft, now squeakless toys! He's also been playing with the others in the garden but he tends to bark at them and can be a bit boisterous so we had to watch things didn't get out of control leading to tears.
Called in the pub this evening for a drink. It was a good job it wasn't too busy as we had five greyhounds with us. Toby behaved perfectly as he just stood or lay by our side the entire time we were there - wish they were all so easy!.
18th March 2007
Visited Mum this afternoon with it being Mother's Day and Toby took the visit in his stride because within a few minutes of being there he was fast asleep on the living room floor along with the others.
21st March 2007
Went to a client this afternoon so the dogs stayed at home with Stuart who was doing work in the office. Part way through the afternoon he went to the kitchen for a drink and saw a black dog scuttle past the door in the living room. Thinking it looked suspicious he went to see if all was okay. Toby was on the sheepskin rug with half a dozen large meat tubes. He'd eaten two and was busy working his way through the third! He'd been in the downstairs bathroom where we keep food and bric-a-brac donated to us for Dumfriesshire Greyhound Rescue for either distribution to the foster dogs, for those in kennels or else to sell at events. He'd tried opening a bag of biscuits but must have decided the meat tubes were better so carried all six, one at a time into the living room before deciding he'd got a large enough 'stash' to lay down comfortably and eat his way through them. Needless to say he only got a tiny portion of dinner this evening and was regularly let out in the garden in case the quantity of meat he'd eaten decided to go straight through him. However, we needn't have worried because his stomach, like Toby took it all in it's stride. The sheepskin rug was a bit of a mess as the liquid from the tubes had been mopped up by it so required washing in the bath and

Toby on the 18th March 2007
18th March 2007

Long Legged Beauties
'Just Greyhounds'
2008 Calendar
This picture of Toby was taken
on the 18th March 2007 and is our February supporting picture for the calendar
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Just had a run round the garden
Catching his breath after a run in
the garden - 24th March 2007

In the garden
and taking a rest - 24th March 2007

Toby in the garden
and again.
hanging outside to dry - again!
22nd March 2007

If we hadn't caught Toby yesterday with the meat and wasn't too sure of who'd eaten the meat tubes then his stools would have given the game away because today they had bits of yellow plastic in them!
23rd March 2007
Toby is getting much better at meal times. He now waits for Indi and Bobby's food to be put down then follows me for his. I make him wait and when he's still he's allowed to eat. He eats much more slowly these days and once his is gone he looks at the others but then walks with me to the door to be let out until the others have finished and he can come back in to check their dishes.
Toby loves his walks and is really good on the lead. He's good in the car and when we stop he's often still laying down when all the others have jumped out - at first we had to climb in and get him but now he knows to stand up and come to us. He's a real 'smiler' and does it all the time when he's pleased to see you, which is really funny to watch, however, he also likes to lick you, which we are trying to discourage by giving him a cuddle and stroke instead as not all people like being licked by dogs.
24th March 2007
It was a beautiful morning, Spring was in the air and the dogs were going mad in the garden at 7.30am whilst I was hanging our the washing. Toby and Ruby were the main culprits racing after each other - round and round the trees then back into the house and out into the garden again. In the end I called a halt to it before one of them got hurt as it became quite boisterous by the end. They both came back into the house puffing and panting then crashed out on the kitchen floor to recover. It remained sunny and warm all day so today we kept the conservatory door open all day - Toby loved the freedom of being able to wander in and out and, on occassion, charge around the garden and coming into the house at a gallop before crashing out on the floor or in his bed to get his breath back.
26th March 2007
This morning we drove to Lytham for my disabled son's annual review and on the way we called in on a couple who had seen Toby on the web site and were interested in him so we stopped on the way down and did a home check. Toby examined the garden, left his mark, did a tour of the house then settled on the carpet and went to sleep along with the others as they came in with us.
30th March 2007
The couple who met Toby the other day are looking to re-home him along with another dog on the DGR books called Blue whom they visited a couple of days ago whilst in the Dumfries area. They called in this morning to see Toby again and took him and Mindy for a walk before continuing on their way back home.
2nd April 2007
Mindy and Toby were racing round the garden this morning in the sunshine. Later on about ten minutes after Stuart went out I could hear them playing downstairs, which only stopped when Toby came puffing and panting into my office.
6th April 2007
This morning was a lovely day so we took a trip to Gummers Howe, a hill overlooking Lake Windermere with the aim of taking photographs of both Toby and Mindy for the calendar. Toby enjoyed his walk up the hill and when we left the path so they could rest whilst Stuart took pictures of them Toby enjoyed watching the world go by especially the boats going up and down the lake.
7th April 2007
On the way to the Greyhound Awareness day in Carlisle this morning we stopped off at Tebay Gorge to take some photographs for the calendar as it was such a lovely day. We walked along the gorge till we reached the bottom and found a nice location for a photograph. As there were no trees or anything to tie the dogs to we tied Bobby, Indi and Toby to a very large piece of old fence post lying in the grass whilst I walked Mindy over the pebbles to the waters edge where Stuart wanted to take the picture of her. We were half way across when Stuart suddenly called me to return to the dogs as they were hopping about with ears up and the fence post only just holding them back. Stuart said a rabbit must have been laying under the bank and when it saw Mindy and I walk past it thought it better get out of the way so ran, only to find it coming face to face with three more dogs. It was only two foot away from Indi when it realised and swerved to the left and over the bank to get out of the way but all three dogs saw it go and wanted to follow. Thankfully the fence post held and as a precaution I had tied Toby to the middle of it - just in case, and wasn't I pleased I had as he was the keenest to go after it. We waited until they calmed down then untied Toby from the post and Stuart took him to the water's edge to distract him and held him whilst taking Mindy's picture. Once taken we decided to leave before any more rabbits showed their faces.
Toby walked well through the centre of Carlisle to where all the other greyhounds were gathering and enjoyed the attention people gave him. The DGR car and trailer were there and the boot of the car was open most of the time so part way through our visit Toby decided the blanket in the back of the car was better than standing on the concrete so he climbed in and lay down for a while only to be joined by a couple of others!
It was a long day so on the way back we called into a pub to wind down and where Toby and the others could lay in the sunshine on the grass in the beer garden and crash out a while.
9th April 2007
Toby was a bit quiet yesterday but this morning he was his normal happy self again when he came to greet me first thing this morning. Yesterday was not an easy day because a new dog called Flash came back with us from Carlisle on Saturday who was very nervous, kept wanting to mark his spot in the house and couldn't manage the stairs so we had to keep him on the lead most of the day and teach him to wee outside and not mark the house. The tension all this brought about had an effect on Toby who decided it was best to keep out of the way until things settled - experience
of one used to being in kennels where dogs come and go! Flash was more settled last night and more relaxed this morning but Toby worried me a bit yesterday with him being so quiet, maybe it was me being sensitve because he goes to his new home tomorrow and I'm going to miss him so we are glad he feels things are more settled today and back to his normal self.
10th April 2007
This morning Toby's new owners called to collect him on the way to their static caravan in the Dumfries area. He was very quiet before they arrived and kept coming to me for cuddles - could he tell something was happening or could he tell I wasn't myself? When it was time for him to go and he was on his lead he kept walking back to me, which made me feel very humble and we had a job to stem the tears. Toby is such a beautiful dog and we will miss him greatly, however, we hope he has a long and happy life in his new home in Lancashire and enjoys his breaks in their static caravan in the south of Scotland. Toby's new owners will be driving up and down the M6 to and from their caravan and often attend greyhound rescue events so we hope we will be bumping into Toby from time to time.
11th April 2007
Received a call this evening from Toby's new owners saying he travelled well in the car up to the caravan and has been very good. No accidents, no trying to race off after the rabbits around the caravan - even though he might have wanted to and he is being very good.
13th April 2004
Received a call from Toby's new owners saying he'd managed the few days stay in the caravan really well. He knew there were loads of rabbits around but when out and about they used the word 'leave' every time they saw one and he stayed quietly by their side on the lead. They took him for a 6½ mile circular walk (poor Toby, bet he's not used to that!) and when he found a river he just wanted to go in to cool his feet and have a drink.
Back to his new perminent home he soon settled in, maybe because he'd been there before because he went in when we did the home check. He's been wandering round the garden and in and out the house most of the time because the doors are left open because of the good weather. His new owners are continuing with all the commands we used with him as he knows them and they think he's a star! Yesterday they left him on his own for a while to see how he was and returned to find no problems at all. Sounds like Toby's settling in.
22nd April 2007
This afternoon we attended an event at a local kennels and cattery where we set up a stall in aid of Dumfriesshire Greyhound Rescue. The weather wasn't very nice considering how glorious it's been over the past few days which was a shame but a number of our foster dogs and their owners braved the weather and gave their support. It was lovely to see them all and the afternoon felt rather like a family reunion. They all made quite a presence at the event and in all twelve greyhounds attended including Toby who, after the event, came back to our house with their owners for an hour or so.
Toby looked really happy and well, enjoyed meeting all the other greyhounds and happily walked off with his new owners when they left to go home.
7th June 2007
One of Toby's owners recently started working part-time and Toby went through a period of separation anxiety to the extent he chewed the front door and electric meter cupboard. Behaviour like this usually means they are trying to tell you something and the best way forward is to sit down and review the whole situation. Go over what things were like before and how he was along with what he does when his owners are at home because this is when he feels comfortable. As a result of doing this certain doors were left open and an additional bed placed in the living room. This resolved the problem overnight and Toby happily slept on his new bed in the living room whilst his owners were at work.
15th July 2007
This afternoon we received a surprise visit from Toby and his owners who called in on their way home from a weekend in the caravan. Toby looked well, was pleased to see the others and ran around the house and garden to make sure all was well before settling on the kitchen floor to sleep with the others whilst we had a cup of tea.

26th August 2007
Toby's owners are getting him a companion today - a little black bitch who is 30 months old called Molly so we look forward to meeting her and to hear of Toby's reaction to getting a new friend.
27th August 2007
Toby's owners and Molly called in today to collect a coat for Molly. Toby gave us a lovely welcome and looked like the cat who had the cream! Molly is lovely and very similar in size to our Indi.
7th October 2007

16th May 2008
This evening we met Toby and Molly with their owners at the Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue AGM to find that two weeks ago they got a third Greyhound called Judy and yes, she's black as well! Toby I recognised immediately and he gave me a lovely welcome but Molly and Judy I couldn't tell apart as they look almost identical apart from I think, their owners said, one had a slightly bigger white tip to her tail but I can't remember which it was. Toby seems to be enjoying having Molly and Judy around for companionship but then what dog wouldn't!
Resting on Gummers Howe
Resting on Gummers Howe
near Lake Windermere
6th April 2007

Toby on Rossall Beach
Walking along Rossall Beach
31st July 2007

Toby on Rossall Beach
..... and again

Toby on the beach
..... and again

Toby paddling in the sea
..... and paddling in the sea

Click images below here
for a larger view

Toby with bandage
Toby following his altercation
with Judy, when she bit his ear.
August 2008

7th June 2008
This afternoon Toby came to Caton Gala with his owners and Molly and Judy. He gave us a lovely welcome and likewise did Molly and Judy then they all joined in with the fun of meeting everyone around the stall.
14th August 2008
We received an email this evening from Toby's owners letting us know that he's been charging around the garden with Judy and he got a bit rough with her and during their play' she bit his ear, so a trip to the vet was necessary to have it stitched.
7th October 2008
7th October 2009
27th November 2009
This lunch time we received a telephone call from Toby's owners saying that because their work situation had changed Toby and their other greyhound were being left on their own during the day too long, and in their best interest they wanted to return them to Greyhound Rescue. We were shocked to hear the news and were told the other greyhound was going back to where they got her from and because we fostered Toby and he knew us could we have him and could they drop him off in half an hour on their way north for the weekend. Of course we would have him, no matter how many dogs we had we always took back our foster dogs because they know us and we know them so the stress of what was happening to them could be reduced. Normally, I would have said yes to them dropping him off, but this morning I was on my own and had a lot of bed and breakfast guests leaving and arriving. Because of my work load and I had to prepare everything for a long day in the morning because straight after doing the guest's breakfasts and rooms in the morning we were off to Yorkshire to deliver a computer and call in and see my Mum who we hadn't seen for a while. It was going to be a long day and all the dogs would be in the car all the time so having Toby would have been too many in the car and we couldn't leave any at home due to the length of time we were to be away. I suggested to his owners, who were upset at having to part with him that they have him for one last weekend and drop him off here on Monday morning on their return home, which would mean we could have more time to chat things over. This they happily agreed with.
29th November 2009
We received a phone call from the Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue Homing Co-ordinator informing us that Toby would NOT be coming back here to foster and that his owners were returning both greyhounds to him that morning.
3rd December 2009
This morning we received a phone call from the Homing Co-ordinator saying our fostering services with Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue were no longer required and that Jake, our present foster dog was to be returned and he would be collected on Saturday. We were quite taken aback by this news and very shocked because we had been fostering for them since July 2004, were very proud of fostering for them and we had fostered 82 of the 600 dogs they'd taken in, that's 14%. We are very proud of this and much saddened by what has happened.

7th October 2010

If anyone knows of Toby or knows where Toby is now please let us know because we would love to know that he is okay.

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