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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Below is one of the 82 dogs we fostered for Dumfriesshire & Cumbria
Greyhound Rescue between July 2004 and the 5th December 2009.
On the 9th December 2009 we became the SOUTH LAKES branch
of the Retired Greyhound Trust for whom we are now foster

Emma arrived on Monday 21st January 2008
Went to her new home on Saturday 8th March 2008

Emma's arrival and a brief history
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Emma is a black Greyhound
Emma is a beautiful black ex-racing Greyhound who was born on the 20th September 2002. She weighs 63lbs (28.6k), is inoculated, spayed, house trained, travels well in the car, walks nicely on the lead, gets on okay with other dogs and from her nature will be ideal with children. Emma is a very laid back Greyhound who likes to play, is very undemanding and has a lovely sweet nature. She adores affection and if she is being stroked and you stop too soon she will give you a nudge to remind you she wants more.
Emma's Diary
21st January 2008
This morning we collected Emma from a Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue member who picked her up from her original owner this morning.
She jumped in our car, had a sniff around then settled in the back for the journey home. At home we walked her round the garden where she did a wee then we brought her into the house to meet our other three Greyhounds. Sandy thought she was wonderful and she coped with the three of them sniffing around her very well. The others wanted out in the garden so we took her out again with them where she relieved herself again.
Back in the house we took her round so she could see where she was, wooden floors are no problem. She wasn't too sure of the stairs at first and needed a help going up them the first time but after that she watched the others running up and down and she quickly picked up what was needed. She decided she liked being stroked by Stuart who
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Emma is a black Greyhound
26th January 2008

was walking her round the house because every time he stopped stoking her she would nudge him asking for more. She seemed so relaxed we quickly took her off the lead and before we knew it she'd found a bed in my office and lay down to sleep. A little later she found one of the bones in the toy box, which she took to her bed and chewed a while. She didn't seem overly bothered when Sandy came close and after a few minutes of chewing she lay down and slept again. She seems a very laid back little girl.
22nd January 2008
Emma is following the others so is settling down very fast. Last night once shown to her bed she lay down and that was the last we heard of her till this morning. Taking her for a walk is a pleasure and she is so light on the lead we keep looking down to make sure she is still attached as there is never any tension whatsoever.
23rd January 2008
Emma is so laid back she's a poppet! We've had no accidents from her in the house and she quickly learn't to follow the others outside to the garden. She loves running round the garden with Sandy and they both come charging back into the house out of breath. She often lays on the bed in the living room on her own so she is quite happy with her own company and on a few occasions we've found her on the bed in between Bobby and Indi so they have accepted her as well. She's a bit fussy with her food so we are giving her much less at the moment until we work out how much she wants, however, this may be nerves or simply different food to what she's been used to.
24th January 2008
This afternoon we took Emma to the vet for a checkup and her first inoculation as she came with no card. She seemed fit and well but whilst there the vet trimmed three or four toe nails, which he thought a bit too long or were twisting. Whilst waiting to see the vet a young bouncy black labrador came in who wanted to say hello to her and she took it all in her stride. She seemed happy to see him and gave him a sniff all over so, from our first encounter with another dog all seems okay in this respect although we still need to see how she behaves with smaller dogs. However, from her nature I don't think it will be a problem.
25th January 2008
Emma found our bed this morning and decided it was a nice place to lay in the sunshine as she never moved from it for the rest of the morning.
28th January 2008
This morning Emma went to the vet to be spayed and when we called in later to collect her she looked very sorry for herself. She refused to climb in the car so we lifted her. Back home we took her in the garden to relieve herself then she simply lay on the bed in the living room all evening, covered with a blanket and slept. She refused all offers of fluid to help flush the anaesthetic from her system and around 7pm she stood up and was sick. As she still refused fluid we used a spare Metacam syringe filled with water and squirted it into her mouth (they are marvelous for this job!). We did it a few times to remove the sick taste from her mouth and to stop her becoming dehydrated. We repeated this three or four times during the evening before letting her out last thing and going to bed. As she wouldn't attempt the stairs we carried her up and settled her on her bed with another blanket over her for the night. When we put the light off we put a muzzle on her to deter her from licking the wound but she hated this and to be quite honest from her nature I don't think she would touch it, but we can't risk it at this stage.
29th January 2008
Emma didn't touch the stitches once last night and today she's still feeling quite sore and sorry for herself because she doesn't want to do much and won't walk up and down the stairs so we carry her. We've been giving her the Metacam direct into her mouth because she's not overly bothered with her food at the moment.
30th January 2008
Emma is still feeling a bit sorry for herself but beginning to eat a little food. She won't climb in and out the car on her own and neither will she go up and down the stairs without we carry her. Not once has she touched her stitches so apart from the first night when we put the muzzle on her we haven't bothered further.
31st January 2008
This morning Emma came downstairs on her own, which is a good sign and this afternoon she went to the vet for a routine check up. Everything was fine and the vet was pleased with the way things were healing.
7th February 2008
This afternoon Emma went to the vet and had her stitches removed and her second inoculation. She was very good and never flinched once.
8th February 2008
Emma is coming out of shell a bit, wagging her tail more when she greets us, beginning to play with toys and coming to us often for cuddles.
This afternoon we left Emma and Sandy with Indi and Bobby in the house on their own whilst I went to the post office. It was the first time she'd been left and I was away about 3/4 hour but all was okay when I got back and I received a lovely welcome.
9th February 2008
Emma has taken a fancy for taking our clothes to her bed along with hot water bottles and towels. She doesn't harm them but once in her bed she cuddles down amongst them, which is a little bit of insecurity and she's looking for comfort.
11th February 2008
This morning we travelled to Ireland by ferry for a few days and Emma took it all in her stride. She travelled well in the car, the harbour and ferry never bothered her but when we stopped by the beach close to Dublin to feed her she wasn't interested in eating anything. She had a good sniff round the small paddock which is her temporary garden whilst we are away and quickly settled in the cottage laying down wherever we placed a bed.
12th February 2008
Emma was very good in the cottage last night but a little uneasy at eating her food in a strange place. This can sometimes happen and within a couple of days her feeding should be back to normal. She enjoyed her lazy morning recovering from the busy day yesterday and this afternoon she took a walk along the beach in the sunshine before returning to relax in front of the fire.
13th February 2008
It was a pity Ken Woodacre, who does Chiropractor / Osteopath type work being in the area recently coincided with Emma just being spayed so he couldn't check her over. We are sure there is something amiss with her front right leg or shoulder because on occasions she will limp or walk awkwardly with her head down as if in pain. We phoned him just before we came away hoping he was in the area, but he wasn't, so we plan to get her to him for a check up as soon as we can when we get home.
Had a bit of a fright this morning because when we walked into the Courtyard garden checking for anything they might have done late last night Sandy spotted the door in the far corner open and did a runner to investigate. Stuart dashed after him calling for my help. I went out the other gate to cut him off if he turned left out the garden and as I came round the corner of the buildings saw a black dog run across the yard. At first I thought it was Indi and by the time I got to the area where she was going she was gone. I called Indi then realised it may not be her because she hadn't come back so I called Emma's name instead and to my surprise she came running happily towards me, whereupon she was praised and we both walked back to the cottage to find Stuart returning with Sandy. A good start to the 13th!
Emma enjoyed her walk round the fields this morning and along the beach again this afternoon - she's such a poppet, we hardly know we have her.
16th February 2008
Emma re-arranged the bedroom this morning taking the bedspread, towels, shirt, underwear and a hot water bottle into the corner of the room and made herself a 'comfort zone' bed to lay on - she wasn't destructive when she made her 'nest' and must have been feeling a little insecure so wanted our 'smells' around her.
18th February 2008
This morning we took Emma to the vet so we could get her some Metacam to tide us over till we got home as her limp has got progressively worse. We are not sure whether it just happened that way or whether she's been knocked by one of the others and banged it making it worse so we will give he Metacam each day and see if it improves.
20th February 2008
Although Emma is still limping she's been running about a bit in the garden today indicating she may be feeling a little better.
21st February 2008
We were invited to lunch today by the owners of Warren Farm and because Emma has been so good we decided to leave her in the cottage with the others. We were away about three hours and came back to find all was well apart from a couple of shoes on one of the dog beds!
22nd February 2008
Emma has enjoyed her stay in Ireland and took everything in her stride apart from being off her food a few hours whilst travelling and taking clothing and towels to her bed on a couple of occassions for comfort. She quickly made herself at home in the cottage, loved her walks along Duncannon beach, along the top of the Kennedy View Point and around the fields by the cottage but we had to be careful how much we walked her because of her limp as it looked quite painful at times. We had really good weather with sunshine most days so she got out and about a bit in the car and in the evenings if we went out for a meal she and Sandy came with us in the car leaving Bobby and Indi in the cottage.
Last night all four Greyhounds slept in our bedroom - the cases were all packed and sitting in the hall waiting to go and they decided we weren't sneaking out without them!
Emma wouldn't eat any breakfast before we left and neither would she eat anything when we gave her something about an hour after getting off the ferry in Holyhead. However, the moment we got home she came looking for something to eat and her dish in it's normal place, she ate the lot then went in the living room and lay on the settee - had a nice holiday but glad to be back home again!
26th February 2008
This morning we did a home check in the Carnforth area with a couple and their mongrel dog. Moss, their dog had recently lost his elderly companion and was feeling a bit lost without her. We took Emma in with us and because Moss sometimes grumbles at other dogs so we wanted to see how they got on. Moss wore a muzzle to begin with to be on the safe side and Emma being Emma too it all in her stride and ignored him! By the end of of our visit Moss no longer had his muzzle on and Emma was fast asleep on the carpet.
1st March 2008
We took Emma to see Ken Woodacre who does Chiropractor / Osteopath type work with dogs this morning about her limp. His examination found nothing wrong with her leg or shoulder so he examined her paws and discovered a corn on one of her pads. This was really annoying because it was the first thing we thought of but scratching and pressing her pads didn't make her flinch for us so we ruled it out. She flinched for Ken when he scratched the surface with his nail but then he's had a lot more experience than us so probably knew what he was looking for. Because operations remove the corn but they come back where roots are left behind he advised we put Olive Oil on her pad before she goes for her walks and last thing at night when she goes to bed. This will slowly soften the pad and at the same time occasionally rub the surface of her pad with an emery board to keep the corn level with her pad so as to cause her less pain. He also mentioned he'd heard of a new thing that had come out, or was coming out whereby the vet can freeze the corn out and, in doing this the roots come out as well reducing the risk of it growing again. This is something we will be looking into the next time we visit our vet.
7th March 2008
Since finding out about Emma's corn we've been putting Olive Oil on it as requested but we've been told we need to do it for weeks before really seeing a difference. Emma is getting quite used to having it rubbed into her pad as she's waiting by the door to go for her walk.
8th March 2008
This morning Emma's new owner called and collected her. When he arrived she certainly recognised him from the home check we did last week as she did a little dance in front of him whilst bending all four legs so she was almost on the floor. It was lovely to see she'd recognised him and outside by their car we introduced her again to Moss their mongrel dog. We did it this way because Sandy had quite a big operation yesterday and was a bit off colour today so we wanted to keep him as quiet as possible. Moss gave Emma a few grumbles as they met on the grass prior to getting in the car to drive down the back road for a walk together and get to know each other on neutral territory before going home. Moss went on the back seat whilst Emma went in the back behind the dog guard so as to keep them seperate and off they went. We shall miss Emma with her very laid back way of life and we hope she has a long and happy life in her new home in the Carnforth area.
9th March 2008
Received a call this afternoon to let us know all was well so far. Moss was grumbling a bit at Emma in the house but she was ignoring him. She's eating her food, slept well on her bed last night and in the garden and on their walks they are getting on fine so Moss is obviously trying to establish the pack order in the house. I wouldn't be at all surprised though if after a while Moss might like to feel he's pack leader of the two of them but in truth it will be cool, calm Emma!
28th March 2008
This lunch time we called in to visit Emma to complete her 'follow-up' visit. Moss and Emma had just been for a walk so when they arrived back shortly after we arrived she saw Stuart first and went bananas. She was so excited to see him her owners couldn't get her coat off because she wanted to put her front legs on the settee to get closer to him and her tail was wagging so much we thought she would wag it off. She was so excited at one stage her back legs gave way and she ended up sitting on the floor. Having landed on the floor she twisted round to stand up again and saw me sitting in the other chair behind her and off she went again - what a wonderful greeting we both received and it was so lovely she'd remembered us.
Emma has settled in well and took Moss's early grumbles in her stride. Actually, when you listen to him he sounds as if he's talking to you. She loves taking all the toys to her bed, which is on the settee during the day and every now and again Moss will sneak over and pinch one to take to his bed on the floor by the side of the fire. There have been a few cold evenings lately and although Emma's owners cover her with a blanket at night on a couple of occassions they've woken in the morning to find her fast asleep on their bed between them.
Emma's been to her new owner's vet for a check up and to review her limp because it's come back quite bad again. The vet thinks there is inflamation in a joint in her foot because when her foot is pressed up inside near her joints she complains. As a result Emma has been put on some anti-inflammatory tablets to see if these ease her walking and further tests are going to be made but it may be that her toe will have to be amputated.
The other morning her owners awoke in bed to find her laying fast asleep on the bed in between them!
7th April 2008
We heard this afternoon that Emma is going to the vet on Friday for an x-ray of her foot to see if this highlights where the problem may be. There is a vet in the county that sees a lot of Greyhounds and it may be the x-ray is sent to him for advice before anything is decided regarding the removal of her toe, which is something her owner's only want as a last resort. Let us hope it doesn't come to this and hopefully the x-ray will show up the problem.
15th April 2008
We heard today that Emma has an inflamation between her two toes and it is not a degeneration of the joint as first thought. The vet cut her front toe nails and she is to have limited exercise on grass or soft ground for about half an hour at a time because any longer and she starts to limp. So her walks must be kept short for a while and the vet believes all will be well in time.
While out walking today they got caught in a heavy hailstone shower and Moss to get away from it walked under Emma and stood there sheltering until it stopped!
While Emma was at the vets last Friday Moss became quite agitated and chewed the blanket in the back of the car, which shows how he's bonded to her and was upset at her not being with him.
When Emma was at the vets being x-rayed she didn't need to be sedated and just lay on the table very still while they did the x-ray. In addition to her cod liver oil she is also on Glucosomin tablets and with careful exercise she should fully recover, and it may be this that finished her racing career.
23rd December 2008
Received a Christmas card from Emma's owner letting us know that Emma has settled in so very well - she is their 'black beauty' and is now in charge in a quiet and determined way. She has transformed their lives and filled the hollow gap caused by the loss of their Trudy. Moss has finally given in to having some one over him, but will occasionally rebel!
20th September 2008

20th September 2009
17th August 2010
We received a telephone call this afternoon letting us know that Emma has been a bit off colour recently and bile was seen in her urine so she is going to the vet tomorrow for a series of blood tests. Some months ago an x-ray confirmed she had arthritis in two joints in her foot that caused her to limp quite badly and the vets, following the blood tests will review the medication she is on to ensure all is okay.
20th September 2010
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