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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Below is one of the 82 dogs we fostered for Dumfriesshire & Cumbria
Greyhound Rescue between July 2004 and the 5th December 2009.
On the 9th December 2009 we became the SOUTH LAKES branch
of the Retired Greyhound Trust for whom we are now foster

Thunder (2)

Thunder arrived on Monday 29th September 2008
went back to his home on Sunday 5th October 2008

Thunder's arrival and a brief history
Brindle Greyhound
This is a very unusual story and quite sad really. Thunder is a brindle ex-coursing Greyhound who went to live in a home environment about 18 months ago. We heard that Thunder had come to live in the area and indeed his new owner named him after our Thunder and bought a couple of coats for him from us. When he was first re-homed he arrived in a fairly poor state, needed worming treatment, dental treatment and a number of courses of antibiotics to relieve the pain in his mouth. However, due to circumstances he came into Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue and we are fostering him until our Homing Co-ordinator returns from holiday so we can talk to him. Thunder is a lovely friendly boy but rather on the nervous side at times. He has
been neutered, inoculated and microchipped. He gets on okay with other dogs and is cat friendly. He walks nicely on the lead, travels well in the car and 'smiles' at you when he greets you.
Thunder's Diary
29th September 2008
This afternoon following a weekend of discussions I collected Thunder from his owner. It was a difficult time but it was thought the best way forward for Thunder. It was a very distressing day for everyone and he looked very sad. His owner and her daughter wanted to see where he was going to live so followed me home and had a cup of tea whilst we settled him in. He came here with all his coats, food, bowls, toys etc so he had some familiar things with him. His complete food was a bit high in protein so we put it to one side and fed him the one we use that has just 19% protein in it.
This evening after we'd fed him and taken him for a walk we took all the Greyhounds to the Crown Inn where Thunder enjoyed the attention he was given then settled by our side until it was time to go home.
At home we've have a few accidents in the house and the curtain hanging at our kitchen door ended up in the washing machine! However, it's not surprising considering what he's been through the past few days. In time and with love and affection he will settle. Although Thunder is about six we won't have him long because he's a lovely dog, gets on well with other dogs and has been living in a home with cats.
Since his arrival we've noticed that Thunder's not too keen on you stroking the side of his face and we've noticed if you touch his ears a certain way he will pull away and yelp so when we do our routine check up with the vet we will ask if things are okay.
30th September 2008
Thunder slept reasonably well last night but began pacing the floor round about 4 a.m. so we took him in the garden to do his toilet before going back to bed again. We were greeted by a happy Thunder with a huge smile on his face when the alarm went off later and before we knew it he was running around following the others. He then hovered around the table and began to whimper but when he realised I was getting his breakfast and none of the other Greyhounds were around the table he went back to his bed and waited with the others, to come running when I called them it was ready. He ate all his breakfast then we took him on the lead and walked miles round the garden waiting for him to do something, but hovering near bushes that the other dogs had urinated against did the trick because he would do it over the top.
Stuart's not happy about letting Thunder off the lead in the garden at the moment as he feels he may run off so we have been walking him round the garden on the lead so he can do his toilet. He's not cocked his leg in the house today, which is an improvement but he's soiled twice, once in the morning and once in the evening - both times we've missed.
1st October 2008
Thunder chose his bed last night and that was the last we heard from him until 7am this morning when all the Greyhounds were up and wanting out. He greeted me with a big smile then I took him out on the lead and he did his usual thing of walking nicely to heal, having a sniff here and there but doing nothing. Although it wasn't raining it wasn't a morning I felt like walking round and round the garden for hours so, in spite of what Stuart said about letting him off the lead, I did! He immediately ran to a bush and did a wee, then another and another. He was so much happier and much more relaxed being left on his own to find his own places to explore and have a wee where he wanted to do it. The big test would be to see if he would follow me back into the house, but then they say they are not daft and know a good thing when it comes along! I need not have worried because by the time I'd reached the door he was there behind me and came in with me. If you stand over him he comes close then backs off so in order that I could give him a really good praise I knealt down so I was at his level and with a high, happy voice spoke to him - and he came and lay next to me so we had huge cuddles and praises and he lay his head cradled in my arm for a cuddle
before going back to his bed with the others - and another sleep.
This afternoon we took Thunder to the vet, had him weighed and he was given a thorough examination as we do with all new Greyhounds who come in to us. We asked about him pulling away and yelping if his ears are touched and the vet checked them saying they were okay but he did need a dental because he had some loose teeth and there may be at least one at the back causing him pain. However, they wouldn't know that until he was under the anaesthetic and it would be best if they were checked fairly soon. When the vet checked his heart she though she may have heard a very slight heart murmour but wasn't too sure so he may have the beginnings of one or he may not, so this is an area to keep an eye on.
We had only been back from the vets a few minutes when we received a telephone call from Thunder's owner asking if they could come and visit him around tea time - the house was so quiet without him and everyone was so sad. Some people may say we should have said no because some believe that once a Greyhound has been transferred over to a Rescue Centre then that is it with regards the original owner's involvement. However, We think each case should be treated individually and we don't believe that ruling should always be the case.
All the Greyhounds were in the living room when his owners arrived and I was in the kitchen. I knew they had arrived because Thunder started barking with excitement and charged with the others through the kitchen into the conservatory to greet them. He was bouncing about all over the place with excitement. Once they came in he was all over them and they him and we knew what was going to happen next! It took a while before his owner admitted she had made the biggest mistake of her life and it took loosing him for them to realise just how much they loved him. So much so they would do anything to get him back.
We all had a serious heart to heart talk about committment and loyalty and, struggling for a way forward with a very unusual situation and with Thunder's best interests to heart we came up with the idea of starting a fresh. As the Transfer of Ownership form had been signed making Thunder the property of Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue we decided to treat the whole incident as a new person coming to us looking for a Greyhound. Our Homing Co-ordinator was away on holiday for a few days so we would have to get his agreement before proceeding further, but if he said all was okay then we would do a home check and complete the adoption process back to his original owner. Doing it this way will protect Thunder because he now falls under the 'wing' of Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue. He becomes part of the family and we can keep an eye on him. When Thunder's owner and her daughter left I walked with them to the door and Stuart stayed with Thunder. Stuart said Thunder was very distraught at them going and wanted to go with them - he loves them and we knew his owners, like all the Greyhounds who come into Rescue needed a 'second chance'.
4th October 2008
Thunder is getting used to our routine now, is much more settled and we are having less accidents in the house. It's very unusual to have so many accidents from a dog who's been living in a home for eighteen months and we believe he is telling us something. He's mastered the stairs so is able to join me in my office and goes running down them with the others when they go down. Since being on the Complete food we feed our Greyhounds he's began to fill out a bit and is looking a little less ribby so it's obviously agrees with him.
5th October 2008
This morning we received the okay from the Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue Homing Co-ordinator that Thunder could be returned to his previous owner after we did a home check. If all was okay we could do the adoption then and there. Thunder's owner phoned a little later and we arranged to go over this.afternoon and do all the necessary paperwork etc. Thunder was happy to see his owner, went behind the settee to check if his bed was still okay then went in the garden to check that out before going to his bed for a sleep. We had a long chat about Thunder and what the vet had said about his teeth and heart and his owner said she would book him in to have his teeth done. We warned her that with the problems he had when he first arrived not to be too worried if the vets took a few out. It is much better to remove the bad teeth and encourage healthy gums than to have a mouth of unhealthy teeth.
13th October 2008
Heard from Thunder's owner today letting us know that Thunder is going to the vet tomorrow for a dental and that she is pleased because he seems a much happier dog. She says it's almost as if he knows he is now wanted and that she is much happier now he is back with her and her happiness is reflecting upon him. When he came back all his food and belongings went back with him but they are now feeding him the same complete food that we gave him whilst here because she says he seems to like it much better than his other food and he's putting some weight on, which is good. His owner was telling us that when Thunder first came to her as well as everything else he also had a very bad attack of worms which necesitated treatment from the vet because of the severity. As Thunder is a tall slender dog we suggested she keep a constant watch on his weight because if he's eating but looking ribby again it may mean they have come back.
Since being back home there have been no accidents in the house, which was one of the main problems before he came to us and since being home his owner has started the regime we suggested by starting from scratch again. Treat things as if he's just come to them as a new dog and start the house training again to remove any habits he's picked up.
One of their cats must have missed Thunder because he's started going for walks with them around the block and if he dawdles Thunder looks over his shoulder to see where he is. The same cat has also decided he wants to join Thunder eating his dinner and that Greyhound food is tasty. He stands in between Thunder's front legs and eats from his bowl - poor Thunder looks at his owner as if to say 'is he supposed to be doing this?' .
14th October 2008
Received a call this evening to say that Thunder had just arrived home from the vet having had his dental. They collected him at 8.00 pm and he was currently laying on his bed with a blanket over him to keep him warm as his ears were cold, which indicated his body was cold as a result of the anaesthetic. He was still very sleepy and his mouth was bleeding quite a lot. His owner was quite shocked and upset because the vet removed 21 teeth. I explained we thought they might because he was in pain, which showed by him looking so sad at times and he didn't like you touching his face or below his ears. I explained about our Ruby, my little 'Ruby Do' , what she was like when she first arrived, how we handled her aftercare because Thunder's will be identical and how having 28 teeth removed changed a very sad, ugly, sorry looking little girl into a beautiful, happy one - a little girl who was very thankful because we'd removed all her pain!
2nd November 2008
Today was the annual Greyhound Awareness Day at Carlisle Racecourse. We would like to have gone but with Bobby being 13½ and becoming more frail and prone to getting cold along with the pressures of running the bed and breakfast we never went. I would like to have gone because Thunder and his owner went and the Homing Co-ordinator, who met them for the first time said they both looked well and relaxed. Thunder met many other dogs and enjoyed the day. His owner had the chance to chat and get to know other Greyhound owners. His mouth is apparently healing well but not there yet, but then it takes a while for stitches to disolve and the cavities to heal where the teeth were removed especially the large back ones and his owner mentioned she realises he may have to have more teeth out later on.
10th July 2009
Thunder and his owner came over to visit this evening and brought us some cow's ears that he'd got fed up with before the box was empty. He looked well and very happy, gave us a lovely greeting then went off with the others to explore the garden while we sat outside in the sunshine and had a drink and a chat. His owner was saying that since his bad teeth have been removed his remaining teeth and gums are much better, his breath smells more fresh and he's much happier in himself.
6th March 2010
Thunder and his owner came to visit this afternoon and brought us some dog chews that Thunder had got fed up of because he found themtoo difficult to chew now he doesn't have as many teeth. I was upstairs when they arrived and as I walked into the kitchen he greeted me with a huge smile, a smile that we've only ever seen Thunder do. He looked well and happy and it was lovely to see him again.
11th January 2014
We heard today that Thunder, having come back from his walk decided to let Blackjack their cat have his share of Thunder's food from his dish first. Thunder just stood in the background and waited patiently until it was his turn. This is the Thunder who nearly killed Blackjack when he first arrived - now they are the best of friends.
27th February 2014
This afternoon we received a phone call from Thunder's owner saying he'd been to the vets a couple of days ago because he's gone weak in his back end and he's having accidents, sometimes without him knowing he's doing it.
The vet said it was because of his age and his muscles are weakening, which is causing the problem. The vet suggested Metacam.
14th March 2014
Thunder is still enjoying his walks with Blackjack their cat who often tags along as well - what a pair!
14th April 2014
Thunder has been having trouble with his bowels recently and is dropping stools on a regular and profuse basis. His owner isn't too sure whether its his age or something else at the moment so she is watching how things go. She simply cleans up after him as there is no point in getting cross as he always looks bewildered when it happens. He can have 2 or 3 accidents in the house, but he seems happy in himself. He's a bit thin but he eats huge amounts of food.
23rd September 2014
This afternoon while on his short walk, as they had recently become, Thunder collapsed. His owner took him to the vets in the car where he was examined and while still in the car the vet helped Thunder gently pass away - he was 12 1/2 years old.
Thunder was a great guy who loved all the cats in the area, none ran away from him and Black Jack used to go for walks with him. He was a real gentleman and we shall miss his lovely smile whenever we met him.
Thunder's slow decline in his strength and balance over the past few months finally caused his back end to fail and him being unable to stand.

In memory of Thunder

Rest in Peace our lovely Thunder,
Run free of pain and as fast as the wind.
You may be gone,
but you will remain in our hearts forever.
It was a privilege having known you.

go with God and rest in peace.
Click images for a larger view

Some pictures of Thunder sent
us by his owner during 2008

Brindle greyhound

Greyhound with teddy
Thunder with his teddy - 2008

Greyhound with cat
and with Tiki the cat - 2008

Thunder - brindle greyhound
4th November 2008

Thunder - brindle greyhound
4th November 2008

Thunder - brindle greyhound
4th November 2008

Thunder - brindle greyhound with cat
with Blackjack the cat
1st December 2008

Thunder - brindle greyhound
3rd prize in the titbit catching competition - 1st December 2008

Summer 2010

Brindle Greyhound
8th June 2014

With his new 'bling' collar

Brindle Greyhound
Weather is too hot, coolest
spot in the garage - on his
blanket, of course!
23rd July 2014

Brindle Greyhound
23rd July 2014

Brindle Greyhound
23rd July 2014

Brindle Greyhound
23rd July 2014

Brindle Greyhound
23rd July 2014

Brindle Greyhound
22nd August 2014

Brindle Greyhound
8th September 2014
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