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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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Dakota arrived on Wednesday 9th December 2009
Went to his new home on Friday 4th June 2010.
Sadly Dakota passed away on the 29th April 2013
following the diagnosis of bone cancer in his shoulder.

Dakota's arrival and a brief history
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Brindle Greyhound
Dakota is a very loveable and friendly lad who enjoys a cuddle and playing with his soft toys. Dakota is a brindle ex-racing greyhound who was born on the 25th November 2002, but on occassions he still thinks he's two years old!. During his racing career he broke the track record at his local track for 500 yards at the age of 18 months.
He travels well in the car and is house trained, neutered, inoculated and microchipped. Sometimes nervous around men to begin with and when out walking he is still a little uncertain of some other breeds of dogs especially if they are off the lead Being fostered in a dog friendly bed and breakfast he is meeting more and more people and dogs, all of whom will help

Dakota's Diary
9th December 2009
This afternoon we collected Misty and Dakota and brought them both home in the car. Both were introduced to Indi and Sandy before getting in the car and when they jumped in the back both lay down for the journey home and not a murmour was heard from either. Once home we took them both for a walk then into our house and out in the garden for an explore and do any more toilet they wanted before bringing them back in the house.
10th December 2009
We are going to keep Dakota on the lead around our garden for a while because we changed his name so he needs to learn his new one and he has a cut on his side and the top of his leg where he allegedly jumped a fence. With having two new foster dogs arriving the same day we think it best he stay on the lead until he knows us, knows the garden and realises that our home is a nice place to be an not one to try and escape from.
11th December 2009
Stairs are no problem for Dakota and he went up and down them without any of our help, but the first time he came down he got half way and stopped and we thought we would have to give him a hand but with an encouraging word from us he managed on his own. After that he ran up and down with the others as if he'd been doing it all his life.
This evening as we walked around the corner of the pub we came face to face with a terrier off the lead and Sandy, who dislikes small dogs running around his back legs got a bit uptight and set Dakota off who was walking along side him. We were not sure if Dakota was reacting to the dog or Sandy prancing about barking by his side. However, we backed away and used the pub wall to keep him out of site of it until they put the dog on a lead and went into the pub. We were going to take them all in the pub after our walk but with the terrier going in there and Sandy becoming stressed we decided to take him and Misty home and take Indi and Dakota in the pub to see how he reacted to it without Sandy being around. Unfortunately, by the time we arrived back at the pub the terrier had left and there were no other dogs in there to watch his reaction. He was really good in the pub, said hello to a few people who came across to stroke him then lay on the floor and watched all that was going on. People were amazed when they discovered we'd only had him a couple of days and this was the first time he'd been in a pub.
19th December 2009
Since Misty left this morning Dakota has been very unsettled, walking around the place looking for her and whimpering for over two hours before he settled.
20th December 2009
We had a lot of snow last night and when we let the dogs out this morning Dakota went crazy running around and playing in it. When he came back in the house he left a trail of blood across the conservatory floor and upon examination he'd caught his foot on something and sliced a thin bit of skin off. It bled quite alot but after a while we managed to stop it and bathed it with Hibiscrub to ensure it was clean. Trust him to go and do somthing like that - the problem is they can't see what ies beneath the snow and it was covering the steps making the edges difficult to see. Dakota was obviously being a typical greyhound!
22nd December 2009
Dakota is beginning to recognise his name and because of the l others now understands that when we stand in the conservatory doorway and clap our hands it is for him to come back into the house. This evening after he went outside for the last time he came running back in with the others and climbed on to the settee next to Sandy. Sandy gave him a grumble but Dakota simply ignored him, climbed on and cuddled down for the night.
23rd December 2009
After Tess arrived, and to introduce calm following her charging round the living room with the others I sat on the settee and watched TV. To my surprise Dakota climbed on next to me and cuddled down resting his head on my lap, which was a first! He lay there for ages letting me stroke, massage and cuddle him. I did this all over his body because to begin with he was a bit funny about us touching his back legs. I don't think he's had a lot of cuddles and body contact so his grumbles were because he didn't know what we were doing so I made a point of touching him all over especially his back end and tail to get him used to the idea that it is a nice feeling and nothing to be worried about - he just loved it.
24th December 2009
Dakota has really settled since Tess arrived, seems more mature somehow and tries to cuddle up to the other dogs. Perhaps the change in him is because he's found a new companion in Tess who allows him to snuggle up next to her as he used to do with Misty and that relaxes him!
3rd January 2010
Dakota's hair is very thick and we've been wanting to give him a bath for sometime but with the b & b guests and Christmas approaching we've not had the chance because we needed to do it so he could dry as quick as possible with it being so cold outside. We wanted to bath him because after you've been stroking him a while your hands feel rather greasy and we wondered if this might help in removing some of the blackheads on his stomach, which appear to be drying up. When you rub his tummy the odd one falls off in your hand so the combination of cleansers and antiseptics seem to be working. Once in the bath he seemed to enjoy it but only for a while and towards the end of rinsing him off his back legs began to give way causing him to sway from side to side. However, out the bath, a good rub down and off he went to lay on the dog bed in front of the kitchen fire to dry off. With him laying there it didn't take him as long to dry as we thought and wished we'd bathed him earlier, but we weren't to know
he was to lie in front of the fire - the perfect spot on a cold winter's day!
7th January 2010
Dakota, like the others was a bit quiet coming home in the car after we left Tess with her new owners. It had been a long day so after we got home and fed them it was asleep in front of the fire for Dakota to warm up again - he so loves to feel the heat of the fire on his back and will sometimes lay his head on the hearth as a pillow so he feels the warmth on his head.
8th January, 2010
Dakota is a bit unsure of men when they approach him, and he makes us laugh because he seems a bit confused with Stuart. If Stuart walks past him with a smile on his face Dakota is fine but if Stuart has no smile Dakota will back away from him. If Stuart leaves the house, goes upstairs to the office or even to the toilet he has to remember to say to Dakota 'stay there, back soon' otherwise Dakota will pace the floor near the door and wimper until he returns - a huge welcome then he settles again. Stuart says he hasn't noticed him do it when I leave the room!
9th January 2010
Dakota is really getting to know our routine now and happily goes in the garden with the others to do his toilet and comes back to the house when called. He loves going for rides in the car and bounces all over the place with excitement when he knows he's going out for a walk, which can sometimes continue for the first twenty yards or so until he settles down and walks nicely with the others. It's nothing to worry about though because he's just a happy chap! He now knows his dish of food is put on the step in the kitchen so he doesn't try to get the other's food before his dish is put down and once he's eaten it all he knows not to touch the other's food but to go into the garden to do his toilet.
10th January 2010
This afternoon we did a home check and took Dakota in - he was very interested in the different smell that was coming from the hamster cage so the little girl took the cage into the kitchen then he settled. From the way Dakota reacted to the cat on the wall when we stopped at the pub on the way to re-home Tess a couple of days ago we don't think he is cat friendly so the family let their cats out as well while he was there. Apart from that he was a little shy of the gentleman but was happy for the lady and little girl to sit on the floor with him and stroke him, so much so, that everytime they stopped he nudged them to continue. The home check was a pass - we just need a cat friendly dog now!
11th January 2010
This evening we noticed some red between Dakota's toes on his front left foot. He wasn't too keen on me looking at it so Stuart held his collar so we could take a better look. In between his toes it looks a bit sore, don't think it is a cut but it was difficult to see so we bathed it in Hibiscrub a couple of times and we will keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't become infected.
4th February 2010
This afternoon Dakota cut his back right foot as a result of charging round the garden in the snow and not watching where he was running. He came in limping so we bathed his foot with diluted Hibiscrub and will watch to make sure it heals okay.
5th February 2010
This evening we took Dakota, Indi, Sandy and Solo into the pub 'early doors' where they all lay on the floor in front of the fire and went to sleep.
29th May 2010
Dakota is still with us, not because there is anything wrong with him other than what many other dogs have who come into foster care but because since he arrived everyone has wanted either young dogs, older dogs, bitches or black dogs - all of which Dakota isn't. It is also partly my fault for failing to update his page as I've done for the others because of pressures of work etc. and poor Dakota's information is still in my hand written diary waiting to be added here.
When Dakato came to us the skin on his stomach was covered with hundreds of black heads, all of which are now gone and the couple of cuts on his leg have healed as has the sore in between his toes. His 'kennel' coat has been cast and whereas at one time he wouldn't let you kiss or cuddle him he now loves it. He was also wary of you touching his back end and would flinch away at first so we started stroking his legs and feet to help him overcome his fears. At first he would grumble at us, but now he accepts our presence as being part of daily life and so long as you avoid sudden movements he loves the attention - sudden movements while stroking him is the next part of his training in the hope that eventually even sudden movements and noises won't bother him.
Dakota now loves saying hello and greeting women and children, but with men he generally stands back and will sometimes bark until he gets to know them. With the people he feels comfortable with he's a lovely friendly dog who loves the attention he's being given. He still gives us a bit of a grumble if he's comfortable on the settee for the night and we want him to go outside to do his last toilet for the night, but then wouldn't we all - especially as he stands the chance of loosing his spot on the settee to one of the others when he returns.
Dakota loves laying on the lawn in the sunshine, often close, but not touching our Indi because she's not into touching, but when Sadie comes to stay they are often laying side by side with their heads on each other. He loves playing with the others in the garden but as he often acts like a two year old he can get a bit giddy with Sandy who is a big solid dog and is a little accident prone as a result. The most recent one being he cut under the pad on the side of his foot caused by the edge of the step as he came charging down the garden path racing the others.
Dakota's not as nervous when out walking as he used to be and we've found he walks much better when kept close on a short lead and told to 'walk on' if something begins to make him skittish. By saying 'walk on' seems to make him focus on what we are doing as opposed to what is making him feel uncomfortable.
Dakota is getting on a bit better with men, but only according to their body language and if we are around for support. During the past four or five weeks he's found his voice so will bark at them unles they remember the three golden rules - no touch, no talking to and no eye contact when they first meet him. He's funny, he runs up the garden with the others to say hello to our guests on the balcony attached to our room 1 and will happily be stroked by any women, but if a man comes from the room onto the balcony he looses confidence and backs up the bank and stands on the top of the garden and barks at them until we arrive, then he sidles away with the others. Sudden movements still make him jumpy and a man using the wrong body language will make him turn and run. He's so funny, because one minute he's bouncing about all over the place greeting Stuart when he arrives home and although he's still not too keen on him sitting next to him on the settee he is beginning to accept it (me, he's absolutely fine with) and will play with Stuart on the floor, but only if Stuart remembers to keep his body language correct and keep smiling - any leaning over him with a stern look and Dakota's off! Dakota is so like Lester in that respect and amuses Stuart no end because he can be best mates one minute and 'that horrid man' the next!
Dakota really deserves a home where he will be loved, looked after, given stability and made to feel safe, where he can be given the 'one to one' attention he needs to move him forward further. With us working full time with the bed and breakfast and Stuart's I.T. work and with all the other greyhounds we find it very difficult at times to give him that extra 'one to one' attention we know he needs. The right home for Dakota is the home who will give him encouragement in all these things - and to love him through his ups and downs.
1st June 2010
It was while we were walking the dogs last night it suddenly dawned on me that Dakota was walking nicely by Stuart's side and his lead was slack. When I commented about this it dawned on Stuart also, so we pondered what has been happening. Over the past few weeks we've had quite a few dogs and for about a month we had 8. It is the first time we've had that many so I suppose we tended to look after, deal with and notice 'the group' rather than the individuals, especially if work is busy also, which it has been. Not keeping this diary page up to date hasn't helped. Stuart thinks its been maybe two or three weeks, but it may have been longer because it's difficult to tell when walking three or four dogs each as they can easily tie themselves in knots so you are noticing the group as opposed to the indiviual and whereas some of the younger ones have been very pushy Dakota has stood back and been the follower, so it's the pushy ones that have come to our attention more.
Pondering further when we arrived home we realised there has been a big change in Dakota and he is much more settled than we realised. All the little changes that have been occuring are only being noticed now we are back down to five dogs, where life is more relaxed for them and not so many to compete with. Stuart mentioned he's noticed Dakota joining in with his playtime sessions with the others, and thinking about it, he's even played one to one with him on occasion without him running off as he used to do.
Ever since Solo arrived he insists on a stroke and a cuddle every time he comes in from the garden and will stand by you looking for one. Dakota quickly worked this one out and started standing next to Solo so I would cuddle him as well. Over the weeks this has increased so they are both there, but it was this week I noticed Dakota come running to me on his own asking for a cuddle, which was the first time I noticed it and it made me stand back and think about things. He's been coming for cuddles in the conservatory with Solo for some time, I just haven't noticed when he started coming to me on his own, which is very remis of me but probably as a result of the time we had a greater number of dogs here than normal.
Another thing we've just realised is he is now happy for us to kneel down or sit in front of him while he's sitting in his bed and not bother about us giving him a cuddle and a stroke. At one time his bed was his and he would grumble - now he's happy for us to sit with him and stroke him, so that is lovely.
While I am writing this he is fast asleep on the settee - on his back with legs all over the place - what a picture!
4th June 2010
This afternoon a couple who've just lost their lurcher to old age came to visit Dakota. Their lurcher when she first arrived was wary of men so to them Dakota wasn't a challenge but one who needed their love and help. He barked at them when they arrived then promptly ran up the garden as they came in. All the other greyhounds came to say hello, but Dakota stayed at the top of the garden - trust him! Once all the others had said hello we shut them in the house and we brought Dakota from the garden into the conservatory where we all sat so he could be amongst us. He was wary of them to begin with but as we chatted and ignored him he began to relax. All the adoption papers and associated work complete he walked off with them to their car on the way to his new home, where we hope he will have a long and happy life.

29th April 2013
We heard today that Dakota hadn't been well recently and had started limping and struggling to get up from a laying down position. Following a trip to the vet he was diagnosed as having quite agressive bone cancer in his rear end. In view of how he was and the nature of his cancer it was deemed in his best interest to say goodbye to him, which the vet helped him do in a peaceful and dignified manner.

In loving memory of Dakota.
Rest in Peace my handsome boy,
Run free with the angels and free of pain.
Gone but not forgotten
Run free and God be with you.

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Brindle Greyhound
Dakota in our field
10th December 2009

Brindle Greyhound
. . . and again . . .

Brindle Greyhound
Enjoying the snow
in our garden
5th January 2010

Brindle Greyhound
. . . and again. . .

Brindle Greyhound
. . . and again. . .

Brindle Greyhound
. . . and again. . .

Brindle Greyhound
. . . and again. . .

Fawn and brindle Greyhound
Sandy and Dakota playing in
the snow in our garden
21st February 2010

Brindle Greyhound
2nd March 2010

Brindle Greyhound
2nd March 2010

Brindle Greyhound
In our garden
4th March 2010

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