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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
Please contact Jenny or Stuart
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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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by Jenny Stott
Nina arrived on Wednesday 10th June 2009
Went to her new home on Friday 26th June 2009

Nina's arrival and a brief history
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Nina is a blue Greyhound
Nina in our garden
12th June 2009
Nina is a lovely blue ex-racing Greyhound whose is nearly 5 years old and weighs 26.4k (58lbs). Her racing life came to an end when she tore a ligament badly injuring her back right leg. Following the incident we believe she had it x-rayed but that is all we know. Because of her speed she was then kept to breed from and gave birth to a litter of puppies before coming into Greyhound Rescue. There she was spayed and given her first inoculation before going to a new home where she only stayed the one night before coming to us. Nina is a friendly and playful Greyhound who walks well on the lead and travels well in the car.
Nina's Diary
10th June 2009
Nina is the first foster dog we've taken on since the death of our Bobby. It was quite a step for us as she is the first one whereby he isn't here to greet her. It seemed really strange and probably one of the reasons why we've not taken one on earlier. However, Nina came in as an emergency, and was the 'kick start' we needed. We received the call just before lunch and an hour later a member of DCGR brought Nina to us to foster. When she arrived she said hello to the others in the garden and quickly made herself at home. She looks a little on the thin side and has quite a bit of loose 'kennel coat' on her, which made her look a bit 'ragged' so one of the first things we did was to give her a good groom using our rubber mit. This removed all that loose hair and she looked instantly better.
Stairs are no problem for Nina and neither are wooden floors. She tried her hardest to get Sadie to play with her but Sadie was having none of it so she found the toy box instead and began to empty it all over the living room floor.
During the afternoon we had no accidents from her at all because we left the conservatory door open all afternoon and with her being the age she is she simply followed what the others were doing. We are a little concerned about Nina's injured leg because she has lost some of the muscle tone in it and doesn't put all her weight on it when she stands still. Having said that it doesn't stop her charging round the garden with the others or prancing about in the living room trying to play with the others or the toys in the toy box.
Stuart went to see a client this morning and with Nina arriving as an emergency and me being busy with the bed and breakfast work and then settling Nina in I never had the chance to phone and let Stuart know she had arrived. Just before he came home the phone rang so I went upstairs to deal with the enquiry. Whilst I was there Stuart arrived home and was pleasantly taken a back when he walked in to be greeted
Blue Greyhound
12th June 2009

Blue Greyhound
Enjoying a rest in the sunshine
12th June 2009

by four, not three greyhounds and one of them being a strange dog.
This evening she ate her food nicely and then we took her for a walk. Nina walks nicely on the lead and enjoyed her walk but on the way back she slowed right down and she seemed to struggle with the last hundred yards - perhaps she hasn't done much walking since her injury and this is something that needs building up again slowly.
11th June 2009
Nina's coat is looking much better now she has been groomed but she needs a bath, which we are hoping to do shortly. Last night she slept on a dog bed next to our bed and was as good as gold all night and followed the others into the garden first thing this morning. She waited nicely with the others in the living room behind the safety gate whilst we served our guests their breakfast and after all was cleared away she ate hers on the kitchen step next to Sadie.
Nina enjoyed laying in the garden in the sunshine on and off during the day and she seems very settled and happy. After her walk this evening we took her in the pub with Indi, which she took in her stride, lay on the carpet and watched the world go by then on the way home as we came back into the drive and closed the double gates we saw one or our guests coming down the path with their small black labrador as they were setting of for a walk. Nina happily ran to the gate to meet them to say hello and gave the lab a lick through the gates.
12th June 2009
Nina slept well again last night and this morning we've noticed she loves running into the conservatory with the others and stand by the little gate waiting to say hello to the guests as they come in. She, like the others love all the attention they are given.
This morning after breakfast Nina must have been feeling more 'at home' because she slept on her bed downstairs in our bedroom whilst I did the guest bedrooms upstairs instead of following me around everywhere as she did yesterday, which is a good sign as it shows she is settling in.
During the morning Nina did something none of our other fostered Greyhounds have ever done, she started nuzzling the washing in the wash basket as if she was trying to make a nest. We don't know how long it is since she had her litter of pups nor how long she had them for before they were taken from her but this may have a bearing on the way she behaved with the wash basket.
Nina is a gem, gets on well with the others and is no problem at all. She goes to the garden when she needs to and the way she's settled in we feel as if she's been with us for ages.
When you look at Nina's leg you can see from the muscle tone that her injured back right leg isn't very strong although it doesn't stop her charging round the garden with the others when she wants to. When we walked her on the lead tonight along the road she started to hang behind after a while and needed encouragement to continue home - she wanted to lay down for a rest! Whether walking on a hard road hurts her leg, we are not sure so we are going to watch we don't over do it with her and build her walks up slowly.
Stuart took some photos of Nina this afternoon in the garden as she loves sitting on the lawn in the sunshine. It's funny but she favours the same spot that our Bobby always used to lay in.
Don't know what it is but we can't get her to take any food or treats from our hands - she nudges them with her nose until we put them on the floor and then she will pick them up and eat them.
13th June 2009
A family arrived last night to stay in our bed and breakfast and this morning after they had breakfast they wanted to meet all the Greyhounds. Nina loved meeting them and made a fuss of the children aged 3½, 5½ and 10.
This lunch time Stuart took Nina to the vet for her second inoculation where she weighed in at 26.4K (58lbs). Whilst in the waiting room Nina lay on the floor next to a couple of baskets with cats in them. Nina knew they were there, had a sniff and then ignored them and Stuart thinks from the way she behaved she may be cat friendly. The vet examined her leg but said he would need to see an x-ray of the damaged caused to it before offering futher advice, however, he said physiotherapy and, or hydrotherapy would be very beneficial for her.
Today was the first day we had Nina in the car - she refuses to climb in and once in is so comfortable she refuses to stand up, let alone get out so she needs encouragement to stand along with a gentle push to make her get out, which she happily does once she gets started.
14th June 2009
Nina is still struggling with her walks along the back road and this evening when we arrived home she went straight to her bed and slept there the rest of the evening. Sadie has really missed Bobby since he died because she misses having a dog to cuddle up next to, however, today Nina let her lay with her head over her back end as she used to do with Bobby. Sadie looked so happy and content it was lovely to see.
15th June 2009
What a difference five days makes - Nina's coat is looking so much better and she's gaining weight so she isn't looking so ragged and 'ribby' any more.
18th June 2009
Not sure what happened tonight but we had three accidents from Nina in the house this evening in the space of a couple of hours, which is most strange because she's been very good and not put a foot wrong on that score since she arrived. Whether something has upset her or not we don't know so we will keep and eye on her and hope it is a 'one off'.
19th June 2009
Nina has been fine today and there have been no accidents so what happened last night is still currently a mystery to us.
20th June 2009
We took Nina to see Ken Woodacre this afternoon. Ken has been doing chiropractor type work with dogs for many years and because he travels all over the country we met him near junction 36 of the M6 motorway on his way north. Ken examined Nina all over and said that although the injured section of her leg had healed the problem was not there but higher up in her hip, which had more than likely suffered a stress fracture when she damaged her leg. He said her hip would probably not had been X-rayed at the time but it needs an X-ray now to determine what damage has been caused and he showed me the exact location of the injury and the area than needed the X-ray before decisions were made as to what to do.
24th June 2009
Nina is really coming out of her shell these days. Last night Stuart caught her playing with one of his hankies - she'd been waving it around and was about to shred it! Tonight we caught her shredding one of his socks!
26th June 2009

This morning we drove Nina to junction 38 of the M6 motorway where we met another member of Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue. They were going to drive Nina north where tomorrow morning she will be going to her new home in the Newton Stewart area.
It was sad watching her being driven off and we shall miss her because she was just coming out of her shell and had settled in with us, however, we are content in knowing that she is going to the very best home for her. She is a very lucky girl as she is being long term fostered by the couple who long term fostered Katie before she died at the ripe old age of 15 in April this year.

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