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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Cooper & Kilty

Cooper and Kilty arrived on Friday 10th December 2010
Went to their new home together on Saturday 11th December 2010
Sadly Cooper has passed away, but I'm not sure of the exact date at present.

Cooper and Kilty's arrival and a brief history
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White and fawn greyhound
Black greyhound
Cooper and Kilty had been living in a home together for some time and came back into Greyhound Rescue because of a change of circumstances in their home environment, which raised concerns for their well being. On the 11th August 2010, the day after they were back in Rescue Kilty was at the vet having an eye removed and Cooper all his toe nails trimmed and feet examined. With a lot of TLC from the Rescue Centre these two are now back fit and well. As these two have been together so long and been through so much they pined for each other when split up. As a result, they were kenneled together and the search was on for a new home where the two of them could continue living together. Not an easy task for two dogs, both 8 years old and one with a missing eye. They were described to us as 'the old married couple' because they were always keeping an eye on each other and not far from each other's side!
We heard about them when we received a phone call saying they were being kenneled together with -16 degrees outside and they were finding it hard keeping them both warm, especially Cooper who was finding the cold hard to cope with. The cold was affecting him to a degree that he had gone off his food and they needed to find a foster home and move them from the kennels as soon as they could. They were being brought into a house during the night, but because of cats in the house they were back in the kennels during the day. We put a plea on Facebook to see if anyone in the country could either adopt or foster them and within seconds two of our volunteers offered to foster them and a short time later a lady in our area who'd had a home check and wanted an older greyhound showed interest in adopting the two of them. Everything happened so quickly - Thursday morning we received the plea for help and by tea time arrangements were in place to bring them here - what a day!

Cooper and Kilty's Diary
10th December 2010
I drove to Carlisle this morning where I met a couple from the Shawfield branch of the Retired Greyhound Trust who were bringing Cooper and Kilty to us. Thankfully the snow was thawing, but I wanted to get home before the roads started to freeze and became treacherous again.
Within a mile of setting off for home both dogs were fast asleep in the back of the car where they stayed till we got home to be greeted by our 7 greyhounds, looking to welcome them.
They soon settled to the padded dog bed in front of the kitchen fire, ate a little tea, not a lot, went in the garden to do their toilet then back inside to the warm bed where they lay the rest of the evening enjoying the cuddles and attention from ourselves and the other dogs.
11th December 2010
Last night Cooper and Kilty slept 'back to back' on the padded dog bed we have in front of the kitchen fire. We never heard a word from them all night, but they went out with the others early in the morning because Milo wouldn't settle. He wanted their bed, so we had to put the gate up to keep him in the living room, which he didn't want and because he was pacing we let him and any others who wanted to go out in the garden.
They waited patiently for their breakfast, which they ate gently in raised bowls standing side by side. They don't move far from each other's side, but this morning Kilty found the toy box and enjoyed having a root through it looking for bones and rawhide chews.
Middle of the morning their potential new owners, who didn't drive, arrived with a couple of our volunteers. The volunteers, who were originally going to foster them before we found we had a potential new home for them both. They came to see them and fell instantly in love with them. After a while and once confirmation was received they would like to adopt them they took them for a walk with their other dog, Susie, who is a 13 year old terrier X collie to introduce them all.
As they were getting them ready for their walk there was a scary moment outside the car as they put a muzzle on Kilty before letting the terrier X from the car when Kilty ran off. They had forgot about her only having one eye and went to put the muzzle on her from her blind side, which spooked her and she took the lead from their hands. Luckily she only went a few yards, had a sniff and when she heard her name being called came back to them. As they said, a lesson learnt because when handling Kitly you must always remember to speak to her and approach her from her 'good' side so she can see what is going on. Muzzles on both greyhounds and off they went for their walk to introduce them to Susie - they were all fine!
Back in the house Cooper lay on the carpet and was happy for the lady's son to stroke him forever more while Kilty crashed out on the dog bed and slept!
Adoption paperwork complete off they went in the car to their new home. However, when Kilty jumped in the car little Susie gave her a snap and Kilty was wanting out of there! Likewise when Cooper jumped in she did the same so to make life easier for the journey home little Susie went in the front and Cooper and Kilty stayed in the back.
We didn't have Cooper and Kilty for long, but in the short time we had them they were a pleasure to have and we are just so pleased they are going off to a loving home together. To an area where there are a number of greyhounds living happily in homes and who often all go for walks together.
We received an email this evening with a photo of Kilty and Cooper fast asleep on their new owner's bed, which they found within a short time of arriving at their new home.
12th December 2010
We received an email from Cooper and Kilty's new owner this morning letting us know they'd both had a fantastic night. She found she needed to shut them outside completely last thing last night otherwise they wouldn't go to do their toilet, but stand looking at at her. They were given a hide chew which they didn't eat but they ate all their tea last night and loved their dentastix at bed time!
They slept until 8.30am this morning and went straight out to the toilet. They both did a wee and pooh then came back inside. Cooper is especially fond of his new owner's son and Cooper and Kilty are quite happy to be in different rooms.
Cooper followed her son upstairs this morning (much to their terrier X, Susie's disgust), but he struggled a bit coming back down the stairs and got caught on the clothes maiden and tumbled into the radiator and then into the christmas tree!!! They are going to have another re-shuffle of furniture today so as not to let it happen again and to ensure the Christmas tree lasts longer than 5 minutes! She says thank you again because they are the most beautiful animals.
Their new owner also mentioned she walked them both up and down the stairs as soon as Cooper got caught in the clothes maiden just in case he had spooked himself and, as she says, with a bit of common sense on her part (moving the clothes maiden) he now has more room to turn at the bottom. They have had a walk this morning and are currently sleeping with one eye open waiting for their dinner being prepared.
13th December 2010
Heard this morning that Cooper and Kilty’s new owner say they are the most amazing animals and they each have a completely different personality.  Cooper is quietly determined and a true 'gentle giant' while Kilty likes a bit of 'giggly wiggly' with her rubbing herself all over you (and anything else within tail distance). She has  found that Cooper prefers to do his toilet while on his walk while Kilty waits until she gets in the yard, but she likes someone to go out with her, even if the door is open she will come to her owner and cry until she walks out with her.
Cooper and Kilty are eating and sleeping well and that the Christmas tree has been moved from the place it was originally and put in a corner out of the way. Yesterday Cooper kept backing into it leaving big holes in it, Susie the terrier kept walking underneath and knocking the baubles off with her tail and the more the baubles spun they more she wagged her tail making matters worse, and Kilty just kept walking into it!
Last night Kilty slept upstairs with her owner while Susie and Cooper slept downstairs, but as soon as her owner went from the bedroom Kilty went looking for Cooper. Yesterday Kilty started crying the moment her owner left the room, which is a bit of insecurity and in time and with a bit of training this should stop especially when she realises this is now her home and she is safe - bless her!
14th December 2010
We heard this morning that they had the perfect night, Susie slept upstairs and Cooper and Kilty both slept downstairs. Susie was up at to go to the toilet so her owner took her out and Kilty came out and had a wee as well, but Cooper never moved. When they got up this morning Susie stayed upstairs in bed, Kilty said good morning then got back on the settee and Cooper came when called had one stroke then
detoured to the bed by the radiator. They are all asleep now covered in a blanket looking perfect.
6th January 2011
We heard this morning that both Cooper and Kilty are great, really come out their shell! Kilty is a mad woman she is truly bonkers, if you howl she will howl with you, if you stick your bum in the air so will she!! Kilty was sleeping upstairs with susie and me and cooper used to stay down stairs, that all changed on new yerars eve when the fireworks went off turned round and he was on me pillow! Ever since he is a bed man and keeps my feet warm.
28th March 2013
We heard today that both Cooper and Kilty are doing fine. They've slowed down a bit with age especially Cooper who seems to have aged alot in recent weeks. Both have had their meals increased from 2 to 4 a day as they were finding it difficult to keep in condition.  On the inside they are still the same loveable easy going furry cushions that take up most of the couch!
Click images for a larger view

Some photos sent of them
in their new home

2 greyhounds on bed
Kilty and Cooper
making themselves at home
on their new owner's bed
11th December 2010

Greyhound on settee
Cooper enjoying life on the settee
11th December 2010

Greyhound laying down
Kilty relaxing on her new bed
11th December 2010

greyhound friends
Kilty with Cooper
12th March 2013

greyhound friends
and again.

greyhound asleep
and this time
just Cooper

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