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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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others want to give more. We are quite flexible with this, and with this we provide:
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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Harvey arrived on Thursday 6th May 2010
Went to his new home on Tuesday 20th July 1010

Harvey's arrival and a brief history
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Black and white greyhound
Julia, her family are fostering Harvey, who is a charming 2 year old black and white ex-racing greyhound who has a lovely, friendly, playful nature. When he first arrived in foster care he was nervous, yet bouncy and very inquisitive with the new world around him. However, having now settled he is a joy to have. Harvey is being fostered in a family with young children, a Labrador and lurcher and from what we’ve seen so far is okay with other breeds of dogs. He adores children, walks nicely on the lead, travels well in the car, is house trained, neutered, inoculated and microchipped.

Went to his new home on Tuesday 20th July 1010

Harvey's Diary
6th May 2010
When I collected Harvey this morning he happily jumped in the back of my car and settled for the journey home. Part way he decided to stand and watch what was going on out the back window then he turned and looked over my shoulder giving me a little lick. Back home he said hello to our greyhounds then we took him for a walk around the garden to allow him to do his toilet. All done, we went inside to await Julia who was coming to collect him.
Harvey has a lovely sweet nature, but tends to walk from side to side in front of you almost tripping you up at times. We jokingly call this being 'a seagul on a string' and it may be because of nerves or lack of training, which ever way it is, with regular daily walks this will correct itself and before long he will be happily walking along by your side as do the others.
Inside the house he was adament his front feet shouldn't touch the floor because he constantly wanted to jump up at us to say hello or onto the table to see what was there. As fast as we put his feet on the floor he was jumping back up again Consequently, we gave his feet a gentle squeeze and pushed him away saying 'off' and putting his feet back on the ground
or giving him a squirt of water from the spray and saying 'off' to make him get down from the table.
To help him relax, because he was very nervous we tied his lead to the hook on the wall near the kitchen fire and brought him in a bed to lay on. Tess thought this a good idea and promptly lay on it so all he had was a corner!
When Julia and her daughter arrived he gave them a nice greeting and when it was time to leave he needed a helping hand to get in the back of the car.
Back home he met Julia's dogs with no trouble and greeted them as if he'd known them ages. She thinks she wore him out on their walk through the woods because he calmed down a great deal. She had to lift him out of the car when she got him home from here and he went up their stairs with no bother.
Harvey's been collecting things this evening, mainly dog toys but the odd shoe, and placing them on a pile near the door, which was funny to watch.

7th May 2010
Harvey got Julia up a few times through the night because he was very anxious. She let him out each time but she thinks he just needed reassurance. This morning she took him with the other two dogs to the vet while her labrador had her allergy injection and afterwards they went to the beach where they had a great walk along the beach, through the woods and back.
Harvey loves the dog toys and is always on the look out for something to carry around. Julia got the Kongs out today and put the paste in them and he's been carrying one most of the afternoon, dropping it to have a lick then moving on. He's still being a 'seagul on a string' when out walking on the lead but he should soon settle the more walks he has. He doesn't pull, just tries to swap sides all the time.
Harvey is
very good eating his food, waits to get it and takes
his time eating it. To allow him a little more freedom Julia has been keeping the kitchen door open so he can go into the garden if he wants.
8th May 2010
Received an email from Julia this afternoon letting us know
that she put Harvey a bed in her bedroom last night but left all the doors open to the kitchen. He slept like a log, started wandering at 3am so she let him in the garden and when he came back in he went straight back to sleep again.
Harvey has really settled down and has stopped his jumping up at people and is getting better at going up and down the stairs.
Yesterday evening he went for a ride with Shane their lurcher to watch Julia's son playing football. He met some cows in the field next to the pitch which he barked at, but soon stopped when he realised how big they were when they came to the fence.
Today he had a long walk over the back fell, then he went for a trip in the car and was good when left there to go shopping etc. Took him for a walk up the fell where he was better on his lead. He is funny when you put his collar on or off as he loves you to rub his neck.
This afternoon he settled on his bed in the kitchen where the sun was shining on it and later he had a cup of milky tea which had gone cold which he loved.
9th May 2010
Received an email from Julia this evening letting us know that Harvey enjoyed an after breakfast game of tug-of-war
with the stuffed toys and Shane their Lurcher this morning, but after about 4 games Harvey had to have a rest and flopped on his bed as if he had just been for a long walk!
He's been better on his lead today, however, while on the road on a shorter lead he leans on her leg and she's worried she will stand on his foot! He discovered the taste of gravy bones today - she's offered him them every day since he arrived when he is a good boy on their walk, but he has just licked them and not bothered, however, today he took one to eat and was soon checking to see if there were more! Julia's mum visited yesterday and met him for the first time. He started to jump a little to try to lick her in excitement but soon calmed down, so Julia was very pleased with him.

10th May 2010
Received an email this afternoon from Julia letting us know that Harvey is keeping her on her toes, and she is amused by his antics. Yesterday he was in the garden with her and while she was mowing the grass with her hand mower every time she pushed the mower he barked at her. After telling him to be quiet a few times and introducing him to the mower he was still doing it so she got the water spray and squirted him a few times until he stopped. She carried on mowing then looked around to see what he was doing and he was sneaking off with the water spray which she had put on the wall after he had stopped his barking. She followed him in to the house to retrieve the spray, then out again to resume mowing. After a few minutes he was noticably absent so she looked around for him only to see he was stood in the middle of the fish pond, luckily not the deep part! He made her laugh though because he is such a character.
Today he has been collecting things around the house to put on his bed, shoes, sunglasses, sandals, yoghurt pot, hairbrush and the water spray, which she had left on the side instead of putting it out of his reach!
He loves playing with Shane their lurcher and they have great games of tug-of-war and chase around the house! They are of the same mentality being of similar age so they make a great pair!
Harvey ate his first carrot this afternoon, before then he just sniffed them and walked off.
He is now sleeping well at night, and even though he follows Julia all over the house, she left him to go shopping today and he was well behaved.
11th May 2010
Received an email from Julia this afternoon letting us know that she took Harvey to the school bus stop this morning for the first time. He loved all the attention and stood as good as gold waiting for the bus to arrive while various children and parents came over to stroke him. He was better on his lead today.

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Black and white greyhound
Harvey in our garden
when he first arrived
6th May 2010

Harvey - Black and white greyhound
6th May 2010

Harvey - Black and white greyhound
6th May 2010

Harvey - Black and white greyhound
6th May 2010

Black and white greyhound
6th May 2010

Jenny with black and white greyhound
and play time with Jenny
6th May 2010

Jenny with black and white greyhound
6th May 2010
Last night he enjoyed playing games with the ball, he is very good at bringing it back for her to throw again. 
Julia had to go out, but came back in for five minutes then back out again for half and hour, Harvey was very good about the comings and goings and made little fuss. The second time she came back he didn't even bother coming down to the door when she came back in, just watched from the top of the stairs. She is so very pleased with him because up until yesterday he was like her shadow and worried if she was in a different room, so it shows he is settling down and becoming more relaxed.
13th May 2010
We received an email this morning letting us know that Harvey has now had 3 days of no accidents in the
house, he is getting used to idea of going outside to perform, and Julia is very pleased with him. He also seems to be recognising his name and is starting to come when called around  the house.
14th May 2010
We received an email from Julia today letting us know that Harvey decided to eat a few of her daughter's wax crayons yesterday so has produced amazing rainbow stools today. Looks very strange on the garden, but Harvey is showing no ill effects as a result.
20th May 2010
We received an email today from Julia letting us know that Harvey is still collecting things as he passes them and puts them on his bed. This morning it was the remote control, Julia's daughter's school shoe and school water bottle along with a slipper. They have got used to him now and know where to look for anything missing. Thankfully he doesn't chew them, just takes them to his bed. Julia says he has really settled and is a great dog.

24th May 2010
We received an email today from Julia letting us know they went for a walk last week, to a place where they haven't been for a while and discovered they have put up new fencing and created a great enclosed area. Harvey has at last been able to have a run. He doesn't run off as soon as he is off the lead but stays with Julia and only runs when he starts playing with Shane. Julia was pleased she put Harvey's muzzle on to run free because he played a bit rough, which may have been because it was the first time he'd been let off like this. He always came back to Julia after running so she was very pleased with him and gave him lots of praise. They took him there again yesterday and  tired him out, which was made worse with the heat so he found a shady spot under a tree and lay d
own to watch Shane playing frisbee. When it was time to leave Julia had to get him up to walk back because he didn't want to move!
3rd June 2010
We received an email this evening from Julia letting us know they took Harvey to the enclosed area again for a run this evening because he seemed to have too much energy. He sprinted for about 10 seconds then just walked with her, which seemed enough for him. She expected him to enjoy a few minutes running around, but it had been quite a hot day so maybe he's been feeling the heat. Julia put him a bed in a shady spot today in the garden and he's been using it.
8th June 2010
We received an email this morning from Julia letting us know that Harvey met the dustbin men this morning, they were all dressed in wet weather gear standing next to the noisy lorry. He just walked up to them wagging his tail and let them stroke him. Julia was very pleased with him.
24th June 2010
We received an email from Julia this afternoon letting us know that Harvey has become very relaxed around the house now, and instead of following her all the time he is quite happy to flop on his bed while she is working. He's beginning to loose his 'kennel coat' so he is a mixture of fluffy and bald patches with areas of fine new hair growing.
Julia went for a walk this morning and let him off in the area of the wood that is enclosed by deer fencing. He just walked with the other dogs and kept coming back for a stroke and to be told what a good boy he was. He now comes to his name and is very good at home if she calls him in from outside, or if she calls
him from downstairs. He comes running and likes to be told how clever he is.
2nd July 2010
We received an email from Julia this afternoon letting us know that Harvey
has just been introduced to her 2 cats. She was getting the dogs out of the car when the cats came wondering up for their food. Harvey just stood watching them as they came close. Shane, her lurcher nearly ruined the introduction as he chased them, so Julia shut him in, but Harvey didn't pull to join the short chase, just observed. As the cats are used to the dogs they came down from the fence and Julia took Harvey (with muzzle) around the side of the house to where the cats live. They let him sniff them, one spat at him which surprised him and he stayed while they were fed - he enjoyed sniffing and watching them. Julia couldn't say he is cat friendly but she will keep taking him to see the cats when they are around.

During their walk along the beach Harvey met 3 Highland Terriers and an Alsation. He was okay with the terriers, but a little unsure of the Alsation because of his size.
20th July 2010
This lunch time we took Harvey to his new home where he will be living with the manager of a very nice hotel not far from us. His new owner wants him to be part of the hotel, meeting and greeting the guests, which he will thoroughly enjoy doing along with receiving all the attention he can get from the staff. With 4 acres of woodland and 4 acres of formal gardens belonging to the hotel Harvey will have plenty of places to walk and explore and we wish him a long and happy life in his new home.
5th August 2010
We received an email this evening from Julia letting us know that she called in to see Harvey today and he was so pleased to see her. It was wonderful, and his owner is such a lovely lady who obviously dotes on him. He seems to have settled well and uses the beautiful hotel gardens as his personal race track! They took him for a short walk in the gardens and he did a lap at full speed for Julia then wanted her to play.Julia mentioned she was fostering Harvey's mother, and arranged to call in with Star so they can see them together. Julia says she can see so much of Harvey in Star now after seeing him again.  Harvey has put on some weight since going to his new home and it is so nice to see him so happy there.

28th October 2012
We had some guests staying in our bed and breakfast last night who went to a wedding at the hotel where Harvey went to live. At breakfast this morning I asked if they saw a greyhound there and they said yes, a black one who looked very much at home was walking along one of the corridors.
17th December 2013
Harvey's owner phoned this morning to say thank you for his Christmas card, which he had a good sniff at!
Harvey is doing well and his owner says he is a wonderful companion and her best friend, which is nice.
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