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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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Penny arrived on Monday 13th December 2010
Went to her new home on Sunday 27th March 2011

Penny's arrival and a brief history
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Greyhound face
Penny is a lovely black ex-racing greyhound who was born on the 16th December 2007. She is house trained, spayed, microchipped and inoculated. Penny weighs 25k and is a very friendly and affectionate girl who loves a cuddle, wants to play, walks nicely with a harness, travels well in the car and from what we see so far is okay with other breeds of dogs.
On the 26th February 2011 Penny went to be fostered with Julia, her family and their 3 dogs,(2 lurchers and a labrador) until she went to her forever home on the 27th March 2001.

Penny's Diary
13th December 2010
This evening Penny and Blue arrived, both had come from the same kennel. Their original owner became ill and was told he could no longer race them so a fellow race owner took them on but that mean't he had too many so they came to us so we could find nice homes for them. Both were a little nervous when they arrived, but after we'd given them some food with the others they settled. The gentleman who brought them said Penny loves to run, but can go a bit silly till she's got rid of her excess energy then she settles.
14th December 2010
Penny was good last night. With having two new dogs at the same time we decided to let them sleep in the crates to stop them wandering around during the night and disturbing the others. Penny slept in one crate with Blue in the other.
15th December 2010
We wormed and flead Penny last night when we fed them and when it was time to go to bed she wouldn't settle. She kept pacing, crying when in the crate in the living room and she wanted to come into our room. However, Indi kept grumbling at her, which kept us awake and unsettled Penny further. In the end and having moved Indi into the living room we hoped Penny would settle, but Sandy took over the grumbling. It was 3.30 am before I decided it was best if we moved out, so I put her back in the crate in the living room to stop her pacing, shut the living room door and made my bed on the settee next to her. Within a few minutes she settled and for the rest of the night we slept.
This morning having spoken with Julia who is fostering Jasper she mentioned one of her dogs does exactly the same when given Drontal Plus so now they give her Milbemax instead and she is fine. As Penny was settled her first night with us which is when they can sometimes be unsettled and unsettled on her second night we feel it may have been the worming tablet causing the problem. If she is okay tonight then it probably will have been the case.
16th December 2010
I went to bed early last night because I was shattered after last night so left Stuart to sort everything out. He said Penny was fine and settled to one of the beds in the living room where not a sound was heard from her all night.
Penny loves running around the garden with the others, but she can be a bit boisterous and noisy sometimes and occassionally comes back into the house running alongside Sandy and Blue with her heckles raised slightly, which we will need to watch, but from what we've been told by the gentleman who brought her and from what we've seen so far it all seems to be noise and trying to keep up with the others.
17th December 2010
This morning Penny went to the vet where she weighed in at 25k. An examination found her in good health and she was spayed and inoculated. While in the waiting room 2 Patterdale Terriers came in, both of which she ignored.
When we got her home she felt a little cold so we put a bedding coat on her and settled her by the fire. Within a short while she had warmed up, but we are keeping the bedding coat on her for a while with it being so cold outside.
18th December 2010
When it was time to go to bed last night Penny started whimpering again. Not wanting another night like Tuesday night I decided to sleep on the settee from the start. I banked up the fire as it was very cold, she had her bedding coat on and I slept on the settee. Thankfully, knowing I was sleeping next to her she settled and we both had a good night.
It seems Penny is quite an insecure dog and may have a low pain threshold so the slightest pain or discomfort unsettles her and she finds it hard to cope with.
21st December 2010
Penny is a very gentle and loving dog who adores affection, can't get enough of it and will come to us for a cuddle. She is eating well, in fact she's like a 'Gannet' because she's eaten hers before I've finished giving the others theirs. Being spayed hasn't seemed to have bothered her once the first 24 hours were past. She's not keen on all the cold weather of late so we've been keeping her bedding coat on her day and night, which she loves.
This evening we took her with us to the pub for the first time. She was very good and enjoyed saying hello to everyone who walked past as we were by the fire near the bar. A Spaniel came in and said hello to her, had a good sniff with each other and then the Spaniel went with her owner to another part of the pub.
25th December 2010

Would you believe it, but today has been the first day we've been able to walk Penny on the lead down the road because before now there has been too much snow and ice. Because no gritters go along the roads we walk the dogs they become treachorous very quickly and not safe to walk them. Today we tried it, and slowly we got there. Penny walked fine on the lead and walked nicely next to the others. The 'run' we had built in our field during the summer and of which we now call the paddock has been a blessing, an absolute blessing, because although we haven't been able to lead walk the dogs at least they've been able to have a run and mooch around in there each day. Or at least Penny has the last couple of days because before then she had to be kept on the lead to prevent her running and damaging where she was spayed and still had stitches. She's healed nicely now and doesn't appear to want to run giddy so we've been letting her off on her own and she's been fine without the others goading her into playing.
26th December 2010
Penny has discovered a new game called carrying shoes around the house. If she sees shoes she will pick them up and carry them around for a while. sometimes she will place them on one of the dog beds while other times she will bring them to you. Today, she took one of Stuart's shoes almost before he'd taken it off, did a circuit round the kitchen then took it back to him.
27th December 2010
Penny does so love coming to give a huge welcome in the morning, but we wish she could tell the time better. Just because we roll over in bed around 4am doesn't mean it's time to get up and for her to give us a giddy good morning, which can be a bit overpowering at that time of day! However, she is quickly learning the words 'go to bed', which if told a second time is accompanied by a squirt from the cold water spray to re-enforce the command.
28th December 2010
Penny is still enjoying carrying shoes around and we are becoming quite used to seeing them all over the place and not finding them where we left them. She does it more with Stuart's shoes so perhaps she trying to tell him to be tidier! Anyway, this is more than likely a phase she's going through and it's quite cute to watch. She is a lovely dog and will make someone an adorable companion.
29th December 2010
This morning Penny had her stitches out and was microchipped. She lay on the mat very quietly while her stitches were removed but gave a little whimper at being chipped.
30th December 2010
Slept all night last night without Penny giving us a good morning greeting too early. This morning I actually got to the bedroom door before any of them moved, wihich is a rarety!
Penny is such a lovable little girl and will stand for ages while I'm sitting at my desk resting her head on my lap and letting me stroke her with one hand and type, very slowly, with the other!
20th January 2011
Penny gets really excited if one of us goes out then comes back
or when we get visitors, so much so she becomes giddy, which is nice to see and it's a lovely welcome, but she can go over the top and it isn't appropriate if she goes to a home with small children or elderly people. Therefore, we are working with her to reduce her excitement and give us a more calm greeting. This we do walking in quietly and calmly then almost ignoring her until she has all four feet on the ground and has settled. However, she can be quite insistent at times and push into you to make sure you know she is there, so to re-enforce what we want, we use the pointed finger and 'away' command, and this she is beginning to understand - unless one of the other dogs distracts her!
28th January 2011
When Penny first arrived she was quite keen to pull on the lead as soon as she saw sheep in the field, but using the water spray and the word 'leave' she now ignores them as she walks along the road next to the field - unless they run! Then her ears perk up and she's interested again. However, a squirt of cold water and a firm 'leave' will make her stop, stand still and look the other way. If she decides to look again it's another spray of water re-enforced with the word 'leave' and that's usually enough to make her ignore them - a huge improvement on what she was like when she first arrived.
4th February 2011
This evening we left our dogs at home and took the three foster dogs to the pub along the road. With not having one of ours there to follow the example they stood for a while not knowing what to do. In the end they all lay on the carpet and rested. I think it was Penny who relaxed first.
Back home I sat on the settee for half an hour and within seconds Penny was on the settee with me laying her head on my lap wanting a stroke.
5th February 2011
When Penny first arrived and up until a few days ago she was a gannet with regards eating her food. I would feed her first in the corner of the kitchen near the stove and by the time I'd put all the other dishes down for the other dogs she'd finished hers and be looking for more. In fact if I didn't feed the others fast she would have finished before the last one got theirs. Normally, this eating fast generally slows down after two or three weeks, and I train them using a lead for guidance as to the meal time rules, however, with Penny it's lasted two months. This is more than likely because with her coming with Blue and Blue being difficult at meal times as well it's taken longer than normal as they had two different issues to settle. We are winning with Penny as I am finding now that she isn't eating her food as fast and I have a minute or so after giving the last one their food before she wants out. At first, having finished hers she would try and 'dive' into one of the other's dishes, which isn't allowed, hence the reason I had to feed the dogs fast so I could guide her outside. Now, once she's eaten hers she walks towards the outside door on her own and I just take her collar and guide her past Blue who is still eating his food in the conservatory.
9th February 2011
I had my hair done today and was gone longer than usual so it was quite late when I got back and was rather tired. It was the dogs tea time, but I was gasping for a cup of tea so Stuart said he would let them in the paddock for a few minutes because they hadn't had a proper walk with him being on his own. He let half in the paddock and the other half stayed in the garden. There was a bit of mayhem when he went to swap them over and Sandy who was on his way back in the garden suddenly turned and ran back in the paddock after the others. Whether they were hyper for not having a proper walk earlier or whether it wound the ones up in the garden watching the others in the paddock we don't know, but they got over excited, running into each other and the play became too boisterous and before Stuart could calm them down there was an incident, which ended with either Penny or Blue biting Sandy who needed a trip to the vet for stitches. They've all run in the garden before with no problems and they've run in the paddock loads of times with no problems so today something must have happened to upset the balance causing the accident. It may have been one running into another, a little playful nip that was taken the wrong way or it could have been one protecting the other from something, we do not know because it all happened so fast. Thankfully, this is a rare instance for us, but In hindsight it was
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Black and white greyhound
Penny in the paddock
18th December 2010

Black and white greyhound
... and again .....

Black and white greyhound
... and again.

Black and white greyhound
26th February 2011

Black and white greyhound
. . . . and again . . .

Black and white greyhound
. . . . and again . . .

Black and white greyhound
. . . . and again . . .

Black and white greyhound
. . . . and again . . .

Black and white greyhound
. . . . and again . .

Black and white greyhound
Penny in her bird mask
February 2011

Black and white greyhound
. . and again.

Penny - black greyhound
Summer 2011
Out walking with
her new owner.

probably a number of circumstances each of which on their own would have been okay, but not all together. The incident upset us all and with it happening when it did Sandy was kept in the vets over night and Penny, and the others were out of sorts the rest of the evening. However, in future we shall put a muzzle on Penny and Blue when they are in the garden or paddock to avoid them going too giddy again and the same thing happening another time.
10th February 2011
Penny is back to her normal happy self today, but her and Blue were kept in the kitchen all day with the safety gate up so Sandy could rest quietly in the living room with the others. Penny and Blue don't have the kennel manners that show the concern for an injured dog as ours do so to safeguard Sandy from being bumped into by Penny and Blue we thought it best to keep them seperated - they could see each other and smell each other, but they couldn't push past him and cause further damage.
11th February 2011
Last night Sandy slept in our bedroom so the safety gate moved to our bedroom door so the other dogs had the freedom of both the living room and kitchen to sleep in and they didn't bother Sandy in the night. That worked well, but this morning there was an accident by the door, which we think may have been Penny as she is quite a sensitive dog and the change of routine we arranged when Sandy came home from the vet would have been enough to upset her.
We kept Penny and Blue away from Sandy again most of the day to help aid his recovery until it was time for their walk, which I did in two sessions today while Stuart was repairing our WiFi (new router needed!).
As Penny can pull a little on the lead at times when out with all the other dogs, which we feel is excitement, trying to keep up with the others or a little nerves. Today we found our second harness, which we knew we had somewhere, but we just didn't know where! With her coat and harness on what a difference. She walked nicely on the lead next to my side all the way along the road and responded well to lead control to bring her back close to my side when she wandered to the left of me. On the way back she walked either level with me or slightly behind me all the way.
When we got back from both sets of walks we fed the dogs and because Sandy wanted to lay by the sink in the kitchen as he often does at that time of day we decided to let the dogs mingle. Both Penny and Blue wandered up to Sandy and had a sniff, but Sandy was okay with them - no grumbles, so we let all the dogs wander at will as they did before the incident.
12th February 2011
Last night we separated the dogs again and again this morning there was an accident by the door. This being separated from the others is obviously upsetting someone so today we are going to let them mingle again so tonight we can keep the safety gate down.
This morning I took Penny to see Ken Woodacre to find out why, when she's in her bed she will suddenly squeal. He examined her all over and corrected both wrist joints and down her back end he put both hips back in place, corrected a sciatic nerve down her back leg and untied a twisted muscle near her groin. The muscle still felt hard and enlarged, but Ken said that should correct itself in time and if it didn't it wouldn't matter because it wouldn't stop her running, it was the nerve and her hips that was causing her to squeal out. While there, she said hello to Prince and Barratt then came home and joined the others.
17th February 2011
Apart from the first two days of separating the dogs to safeguard Sandy we've had no further accidents so who ever was doing it has settled again.
Since the incident Penny hasn't been as playful until today, when she emptied the toy box of toys and carried my gardening boot around the house, which is the first for a few days. However, Stuart has been away since Sunday so he's not been leaving his shoes around for her and apart from my gardening boots that I leave by the kitchen fire to dry none of mine are lying around to tempt her!
Penny's eating has come on wonderfully because she will now wait for me to put her food down, is eating it more slowly and when finished will come to the conservatory door to be let out - at last the 'penny has dropped!'.
She is still having her muzzle put on when she goes in the garden - to her disgust, but it's better being safe than sorry especially if Sandy is out as well as he still isn't as strong as he should be. Some dogs can react to an injured dog and pick on it as injury is classed as weakness in the pack, and in the wild the injured one would be removed from the pack, so when there is an injury we have to be careful not only in case the injured one is pushed about, but to ensure the pack instinct doesn't take hold with any of the other dogs, especially the new ones that we are still assessing. Not only that, but Penny can go a bit giddy if she wants to and hopefully, by putting a muzzle on her it will take the fun away a bit and encourage her to walk more rather than run!
22nd February 2011
Since the incident in the paddock we have been working with all the dogs making sure Penny mingles more with our pack and doesn't stick with Blue as she has been doing. Since watching the new feeding regime whereby all the dogs eat some of Blue's food while he watches before getting his to lower his position within the pack, we've found Penny will stand back and watch, wait patiently for hers then eat more gently and not dive in and be a gannett as she used to. Now she's mingling with the other dogs more she's started sleeping on the settee and in one of the dog beds in our bedroom during the day more rather than sharing the bed that Blue was on. It's funny, but in human terms it's nice to see two dogs that arrive together cuddle up with one another and be 'friends', but in the animal world this is a pack and with being with other dogs it becomes a 'pack within a pack' and when that happens sooner or later something will happen.. In all the 116 dogs we've fostered over the years, this is the first time it's happened, but now we know what to look out for, and how to stop the bond getting stronger we can ensure it won't happen again. These things come to test us!!
Ever since Penny arrived she used to wake me in the morning around 4am, not to go out as we first thought , but because we move in the night and she thinks it's time to get up and play. She would come nudging me to wake up, not Stuart, but me, and she was very persistent. I've now worked out the way to stop her is to take hold of her collar and tickle her neck with one finger while still holding the collar, that will make her stand still and not prance about on the other dogs sleeping nearby or bashing me in the face with her excitement, because she was very persistent. When she goes quiet I then let go of her collar, roll over so my back is to her so she can't lick my face and say in a low, steady yet firm voice 'go to bed, go to bed, go to bed' until I hear her walking away and laying down again. Peace at last until the alarm goes off! She is such a friendly little girl, but it's not to my taste at 4.00am each morning and in doing this we are getting nights when she sleeps right through and not disturb us so we are getting there.
Holding her collar also works if we have visitors or if we go out and come back in. She is so excited at meeting people she can't keep her feet on the floor, however, If I hold her collar she will be still instantly. After a minute I let go of her collar and she will say hello quietly. If not, I hold her collar again and she goes quiet again. At the beginning I had to hold her collar to stop her jumping all over the others in excitement when she was trying to say hello and annoying the other dogs, that this method now works, and she knows that if she jumps about she is held till she stops and in being held she is missing out on the greetings the other dogs are getting, so she's getting the message.
The cold water spray works with Penny, but not if she get too excited because then she will bark at you, and will continue to do so if you continue to spray her and tell her to hush because she thinks you've started a game and games are fun! We found if she's doing something that necesitates us to use the water spray and she barks, we put the spray down and take hold of her collar. Not say anything to her and simply hold her collar - she stops instantly! Once she stops we tickle her neck with a finger and she's okay - we are rewarding quiet behaviour (stroking her neck) and ignoring the bad behaviour (holding her collar and saying nothing till she stops) - and with Penny this works.
24th February 2011
We've had odd occasions when we've not put the muzzle on Penny in the garden if Sandy hasn't been out because she's much happier without it and she seems to want to sniff around the garden more now rather than run flat out as she's done in the past. Just got to work out now how to stop her jumping up and scratching the door asking to come in - think she needs a bell she can knock to ring for attention.
26th February 2011
As Dandy was going to her new home today Julia collected Penny to take home with her and foster until she finds her forever home. We felt it in Penny's best interest to split her away from Blue so she wasn't looking to him for support and he has no one to be pack leader of. We also thought it best if Penny was in a home with less dogs and in a home without an injured dog who needed additional attention. This enables her to have more individual attention and her need to be so 'pushy' all the time trying to get attention the others are getting should in time diminish as her needs are met. I believe Penny may not have had much affection in her life and now she's found it she can't get enough of it, but hasn't quite got the message of waiting her turn.
As Penny was leaving to go with Julia we took some photos of her and I'm so glad because our house tonight seems so much quieter since she left and we shall miss her because she was quite a character.
We received an email this evening from Julia letting us know that Penny has been for a 35 minute brisk walk through the woods and Julia thinks she's worn away some of her energy as she didn't pull on the lead for the last 15 minutes! She has got on fine with the other dogs (2 lurchers and a labrador) and is exploring the house. She is very loving and keeps coming to Julia for a reassuring cuddle.
27th February 2011
We received an email from Julia this morning letting us know that Penny has settled very well. She slept like a log next to her bed. It was 7.15am when a little nose rested on the bed, I stroked her and she just turned around and curled up again on her bed.  She has eaten her food very nicely, waiting very patiently with the others until she puts her dish down and says her name. Julia literally had to push her out the door for a wee this morning as it was raining and she put her nose out the door and was wanting to turn round but Julia made her go out. (I forgot to mention to Julia when she took her that she doesn't like going in the garden when it rains and we have to push her out the door!).
Julia took all dogs through the woods again this morning as it is so muddy on the fells at the moment. Penny was very well behaved, ignoring Shane with his frisbee and Maisie charging around. She hasn't done a wee or poo out on a walk yet ( preferring to go when they get back - that's nerves), or stopped to sniff, but Julia is sure she will as things get more familiar. She was stretched out next to her while she sent the email with the sun on her as it shone the window.
Penny joined in a little game of tug of war with Maisie this morning. Both were well behaved, Julia was watching them closely when she saw them. She has also had a few minutes playing with the tennis ball on her own.
Received another email later letting us know that Julia took Penny on her own to collect her son from football. She was so good as she walked around the field with her and walked nicely on a loose lead, stopping to sniff here and there. Julia stood with some friends, one who has a small spaniel and Penny said hello to the spaniel and enjoyed being stroked by everyone. She stood very quietly with her watching the match as if she went there every week. When she got home she curled up on a dog bed to have a snooze!!
28th February 2011
We received an email this evening from Julia letting us know that Penny was good on their walk this morning. This afternoon she walked her to the bus stop to get her daughter from school and she walked nicely on the lead because she was on her own with no other dogs to compete against. She met another spaniel and a little boy on a bike and 3 new people - nothing bothered her. Later Julia took her with her to the vets for Hazel's allergy injection. While there Penny was very well behaved meeting about five other dogs in the waiting room.
She eats very nicely, waiting very quietly until her bowl is down and Julia tells her it is hers. She does not rush her food, and has had the others watching and waiting for her to finish to see if she has left any.
2nd March 2011
We heard from Julia today that Penny is starting to play more and carry shoes and boots around. She had to track down her slipper this morning so when Penny went for a drink in the night she must have taken it with her. She loves the tennis ball with squeekers in. Julia got them yesterday and at first she wanted to play so she picked up the ball then when it squeeked she dropped it and scooted away, then ran back wagging her tail and had another go. Very funny to watch. Now she carries them around squeeking it as she goes.

3rd March 2011
Julia emailed today to let us know Penny had a good run with Shane, their lurcher this morning which they both enjoyed. When they got home she brushed Penny outside in the sun and loads of her old fluffy 'kennel coat' came out. She really enjoyed the pamper and would have been happy to stand there for hours!
A few days ago Julia's 6 year old daughter decided to dress Penny up, which included placing a mask over her face with big blue feathers sticking out the sides. When the mask was on Penny the eye slots fitted her perfectly so she could see what was going on - Penny didn't bother at all and just lay there enjoying all the attention - looking rather funny!
20th March 2011
This afternoon a family who are interested in adopting Penny called in at Julia's to visit her. Julia said Penny was so affectionate towards the family, she loved all their attention and Julia is sure she will be very happy and well looked after. Penny was perfectly behaved when they took her out, and is usually good on the lead now, even Julia's daughter holds her when they are out, but not up the back where the deer lurk though!!.
27th March 2011
This afternoon Penny was adopted and once all the paperwork was complete off she went to her new home where we hope she will have a long and happy life.
28th March 2011
We received an email this evening from Penny's new owners letting us know that Penny has been so gorgeous and they've all been fussing over her, and giving her loads of attention. They have walked her 5 times today and everyone has been very eager to walk her, so now she's exhausted - bless her! She had a very good night last night and although a little anxious with it being her first with them she has coped really well with all the changes. She is eating really well and she cant get over how many cuddles they give her and how much they love her.
19th April 2011
We received an email today from Penny's new owners letting us know that everything was going very well there with Penny. She is quite a character, carrying shoes, boots, trainers, their office bin around and making herself a bed out of a pile of ironing her owner had left on the sofa! She is adoring the love and attention from them all. Penny can pull a bit when they're in the woods when she's after squirrels and sometimes she wants to make  a b-line for the local cats !
She's very good around other dogs and they feel like they are becoming part of  new family with the many dog walkers who admire her. Penny is also enjoying the sunshine and lies like a true lady in the sunny spots of the garden and the house!
6th June 2011
An email arrived today to let you know everything is still going really well with Penny. She is so content and her coat is now so beautiful and shiny. They continue to adore her and she lives her life in clover!
16th December 2011
19th March 2012
We received an email today from Penny's new owner letting us know that as it is now over a year since Penny joined their family they thought it would be a good time for an update. She is doing so well and they continue to love her dearly.
They can let Penny off the lead now in certain places such as beaches and their local fields. She runs and runs and chases her football, then runs with the football in her mouth entertaining all who are close by!
She had a nasty glass cut to her back paw from the local field and their vet was marvellous and she has now fully recovered. In February half term they went to Devon and she was a great hit with the locals in the village. They were up early every morning on the beaches and she enjoyed the long walks and flopping in front of the open fire.

16th December 2012
16th December 2013
16th December 2014
16th December 2015
25th February 2016
We received a lovely email today letting us know how Penny was. Here is what her owner said:
"Penny, whom we adopted in March 2011 is still having a wonderful life with our family in Leeds. We all adore her and her funny ways and she is the "queen'" of the house with her own sofa !
Penny is a bit slower and a touch more grey and grizzled but still gets compliments from strangers on a weekly basis re her gorgeous looks and placid persona. She has stopped picking up shoes and moving around them around the house but has retained her wonderful welcome when we have returning from work, her love of cuddles and stroking and she has become obsessed by her bed time chew at 10pm but which she starts nudging us for from 7pm !

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