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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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(cat friendly)

Sapphire arrived on Wednesday 31st March 2010
Went to her new home on Thursday 29th April 2010.

Sapphire's arrival and a brief history
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Black greyhound
Sapphire is a small black, greyhound who came to us on Friday 5th March 2010 on her way to her new home in this area. Sadly she was returned to us on the 31st March 2010 because things were not working out.
Sapphire was born on the 12th March 2008 and weighs 24k, is housetrained, spayed, microchipped and inoculated. She is young, playful and when she first arrived she sometimes 'mouthed' when she got excited and in some ways she was imature and part of her initial giddyness was attributed to nerves, but then she is only just 2 years old and not having raced has probably not had the training that other ex-racers received. Sapphire came to us as being cat friendly, although we haven't as yet tested her ourselves.
She originally came to the family in this area because they had two cats, and Sapphire, having been in a house during the day where a cat was present was chosen for the family. She travels well in the car but sometimes pulls on the lead when out walking especially if others are walking in front, almost as if she is trying to catch them up. Once level she walks more steadily. She is a very loveable little girl and with a bit of training will make someone a lovely companion.

Went to her new home on Thursday 29th April 2010.

Sapphire's Diary
5th March 2010
Sapphire was quite nervous when she arrived and once all the introductions were made with our greyhounds she explored the garden to do her toilet, then we brought her in and fed her, which she enjoyed. While she was fed, ours were the other side of the safety gate and after she finished she decided to join them and tried crawling underneath it, but got stuck, panicked and tried to stand up taking the gate off the hinges and toppling it towards her. She made a scream and I caught the gate. Other than being shocked she didn't seem to have hurt herself much more than a little nick on the side of her face. As on all 'new dog days' she stayed in the kitchen area where we could keep and eye on her and she could lay on the dog bed near the fire and settle.
Sapphire was once called Blackie but her new owners to be changed her name to Sapphire. Sapphire was recently spayed and still has one stitch remaining but that is disolvable so it can be left alone.
During the afternoon her new owners came to see her and take her for a walk. Origionally, we were going to foster her a few days to get her used to family life and commence house training, but her new owners fell in love with her and wanted to take her home with them straight away, which they did. Sapphire is a beautiful little girl and we hope she has a long and happy life in her new home.
6th March 2010
When I phoned this afternoon to see how Sapphire was her new
owner said she had been rather nervous last night and paced about for a while, but then we expected she might be what with going to her new home so late in the day after coming to us from the kennels this morning. Her new owners said she eventually settled for the night on the dog bed on the landing between their and the children's bedroom. There are two or three dog beds scattered around the house so she can settle on the one she feels most comfortable with. This morning she still a little nervous on her walk so we believe she may not have seen much traffic because it seemed to concern her, however, this should improve as she settles. As the day progressed she became more relaxed and met the cats under a controlled setting, something her new owners will continue to do until she and the cats become friends.
20th March 2010
Received an email from Sapphire's owner saying Sapphire is doing good.
31st March 2010
We received a call from Sapphire's new owner this morning saying things weren't working out and could they bring her back, which they did this afternoon. When she arrived back she was quite anxious and for some reason had a lot of dried mud on her stomach. After a few
minutes of being here she wanted to play with the others and found our bed! An hour later she was much more settled, ate her tea and went in the garden off the lead. During our walk she pulled rather a lot on the lead to begin with, which may have been nerves then came into the house and had an accident. When it was time to go to bed she wouldn't settle and began to wimper so I put a dog bed by my side of the bed where she happily lay and settled for the night.
1st April 2010
Sapphire slept all night and woke us at 6.30 am wanting to go out. Once done she settled back on her bed by the side of mine and we never heard another sound until the alarm went off. While doing the guest's breakfast she wimpered a bit but soon went to her bed when shown the water spray and told to 'go to bed' - it didn't take her long to work that one out! Guest's breakfast
complete we fed all the dogs and once fed she slept most of the morning and we didn't know she was there!
2nd April 2010
This afternoon Sapphire, who up until now had happily trotted arround the garden decided to turn it into a race track. Dakota and Sandy thought this a great game so joined in and I had to go out and put a stop to it. As I came out the conservatory they all came charging down the steps knocking into Solo then past me into the house to put the breaks on at the end of the kitchen so as not to run into the freezer. Conservatory door quickly shut to stop them all charging out again. Lesson learnt here - Sapphire doesn't go out with Dakota and Sandy again because they are too easily led and accidents can happen
before you know it, so in future Sapphire will only go in the garden if they are not there until she learns to calm down. Poor Solo had been injured when he was knocked and because Sapphire was insistent on having all my attention I shut her in the garden so I could examine Solo properly. That almost done, I suddenly heard a scream and went in the garden to find out what Sapphire had got up to now. She was nowhere to be seen so I toured the garden looking for her and calling her - no sign, about to panic when I saw her walking near the conservatory door, which puzzled me because I'd looked all that area as I came out the house. She was standing with her front right leg in the air and crying. Normally with a bit of a fuss they are soon better but this time she wouldn't put her foot down and kept crying. We examined her foot, leg and shoulder checking to make sure nothing had been broken and hoped she hadn't cracked anything. Because she was obviously in discomfort we gave her some Metacam and settled her the best we could, but everytime she moved she cried out so it may be a trip to the vet tomorrow. We will watch how she is during the evening and night and make a decision tomorrow when the vets open.
3rd April 2010
Thankfully I put a dog bed by my side of the bed last night and encouraged Sapphire to sleep on it because she woke us around 5am crying in pain as she tried to move position
in her bed. With her being so close I could comfort her quickly so as not to disturb our bed and breakfast guests and without having to get out of bed until she settled again.
During the day she was quite subdued and cried each time she tried to stand up. She kept lifting her front right foot from the ground and often it bent under where she didn't want to place any weight on it. There were no dog walks today because Sapphire wouldn't have managed it and I thought it best she rest it. Stuart was also away and the ankle I hurt a couple of days ago was still too painful for me to walk too far so tonight we kicked the walk into touch.
4th April 2010
Sapphire is still on Metacam and still subdued but we think she is feeling a bit better because she isn't crying as much as she's moving around.
5th April 2010
Sapphire is definately feeling better and becoming more herself again. This afternoon she chewed one of the muzzles, pulled a book from the bookcase and decided to chew the corners then kept pinching the coal from the bucket! Goodness, we need eyes in the back of our head with this one - such a monkey!
6th April 2010
Sapphire must be feeling better because she's back to her
happy self again and there was no whimpering when she first got up this morning.
While I was doing the guest bedrooms this morning she decided to empty Stuart's brief case! Taking every thing out including cables, papers and magazines and spreading it all over the floor after having chewed some of it mean't she got a muzzle put on to stop her getting up to any more mischief while I finished the rooms. She didn't look too happy about that idea so went to her bed in a mood!
!Later in the afternoon all the dogs ran through the kitchen into the conservatory because they thought someone was coming to the door and they wanted to say hello. All the dogs trying to get through the doorway at the same time caused Sapphire to be pushed into one of the cupboards hitting the side she hurt herself and didn't she cry! No cuts and after a few minutes of cuddles she settled and all seemed well, but we will keep an eye on things.
7th April 2010
Sapphire's new trick is to pinch the pegs from the peg basket
as I was hanging the washing out and take them to her bed for a chew!
8th April 2010
This morning it was Stuart's shoe that took her fancy so that ended up in her bed where she settled for a chew. Thankfully, I spotted her before any damage was done.
Sapphire still pulls on the lead a bit and waves about going from one side of the road to the other if she is given anything more than a short lead when she's out. This tends to be much worse if Stuart walks with the other Greyhounds in front of her. She is much better if she is allowed to walk level with the dogs in the front.
10th April 2010
Sapphire hurt herself again charging around the garden so we gave her some Metacam and phoned Ken Woodacre to see when he was in our area so he could take a look at her.
11th April 2010
Ken Woodacre was travelling south from Scotland today so yesterday we arranged to meet him with Sapphire for an examination following her injury. He confirmed she had done a typical Greyhound stunt by running too fast around the garden and run into something. It wasn't her foot but her right shoulder, which he said was still slightly swollen and when he pressed it she lifted her foot off the ground. He said to continue with the Metacam for three or four more days and to keep her on the lead to discourage another run and to give it time to heal.
12th April 2010
Sapphire refuses point blank to do her toilet in the garden while on the lead, no matter how much we walk around with her or dawdle to allow her to sniff she stays by our side and won't move away. After an accident in the conservatory, which was a first, we decided to let her out on her own, off the lead and supervise her - it worked. This way she was happy, did what was necessary then straight back into the house again, so for
Click images for a larger view

Black greyhound
In our garden
5th March 2010

Saphire - Black greyhound
5th March 2010

Sapphire in her new home

Greyhound asleep
an afternoon nap
2nd May 2010

Sapphire - Black greyhound
With her new companion Tarro
5th May 2010

Sapphire - Black greyhound
5th May 2010

Sapphire - Black greyhound
5th May 2010

Sapphire - Black greyhound
5th May 2010

Greyhound and Whippet asleep
Tarro and Sapphire enjoying
each other's company
1st June 2010

Greyhound and Whippet asleep
1st June 2010

Greyhound and Whippet asleep
Tarro and Sapphire
enjoying the sunshine
June 2010

Greyhound and Whippet asleep
Sapphire with Tarro and
Thomas the cat sitting on
the back of the settee
8th March 2011

Black greyhound
With Thomas the cat
18th April 2011
the period Ken wanted her on lead exercise only we will do it this way.
16th April 2010
I spent a couple of hours in the garden today planting some flowers and tidying up after the winter. I took down the mesh bird feeder, emptied the remains in the wheelbarrow and put the feeder in a plant pot ready to take to the shed next time I was in that area. When I turned around Tess had eaten the remains of the peanuts and Sapphire was chewing the bird feeder - don't know why I bothered cleaning it ready for next winter - should have just thrown it in the bin!
20th April 2010
This evening we did a home check for a family who are interested in adopting Sapphire. As they have a cat we took Sapphire in with us and did a cat test so we could see for ourselves what she was like. Muzzle on she met Thomas the cat in the middle of the living room floor where they had a sniff then the cat smacked her across the nose to which she backed off and watched him at a distance. We were more concerned with the resident dog, a whippet cross called Tarro who wasn't too sure about Sapphire being in her house and barked, growled and bared her teeth at her. Her owner's said it was all noise, but with Tarro being a bitch we wanted to be careful because if Sapphire was to live here and both being bitches if there was an incident one could get seriously hurt. Sapphire did us proud - she simply turned her back on Tarro and ignored her, which showed Tarro she was not frightened by all the noise and fuss she was making and she even lay on the carpet in a submissive gesture allowing Tarro to sniff her - bless her, Sapphire was telling Tarro she had no need to fear her and neither was she afraid of her.
The family really wanted Sapphire and because they couldn't re-home her for a few days we suggested they come and take her and Tarro out for walks any time they wanted so they can get used to each other on neutral territory.
22nd April 2010
This afternoon Tarro and Sapphire went for their first walk. A few grumbles from Tarro to begin with, but Sapphire ignored them and after a while they were walking together and smelling the same smells. Not bad for the first walk.
25th April 2010
This morning it was the turn of Stuart's wallet, not damaged, but a credit card was chewed, leaving a large hole in the middle!
Sapphire's new owners called again this afternoon to take her for another walk. Upon meeting each other Tarro took a bit of a snap at her, and, with her owner's permission Stuart took the water spray to her, which stopped her in her tracks. Introductions over, both dogs went off together for another walk.
26th April 2010
Tarro arrived again with her owners and collected Sapphire for another walk. This time I went with them part of the way with Solo as the male companion, to have a chat and to watch Tarro and Sapphire's behaviour. A little friction at the beginning, which was more Tarro's nervousness and anxiety of being outside in a strange place, however, as the walk progressed she settled and Sapphire, bless her took it all in her stride and enjoyed the walk. Part way Solo and I came home leaving Sapphire and her new family to continue on their own.
28th April 2010
Sapphire gulps her food down, which we believe may be because she's eating it close to other dogs and feels there is competition. As we have eight greyhounds at the moment there isn't a lot of spare room so we have, over the past few days been teaching her to wait for her food. She's now getting used to the idea that she doesn't just dive in but waits until we tell her she can eat. We've started splitting up the feed times feeding four at a time, which means Sapphire can eat her food on her own and this in itself has slowed her eating speed right down, so between teaching her to wait and feeding her on her own she has turned meal times from a frantic to a sedate experience, which is better for everyone.
29th April 2010

This afternoon Sapphire's new owners called to collect her. Their house has been 'Sapphire proofed' in that anything she may chew has been placed out of reach and an assortment of water sprays have been strategically placed around so where ever they are there will be a water spray to hand. Having completed the paperwork she jumped in their car and off she went to her new home where we hope she has a long and happy life.
30th April 2010
Yesterday when Sapphire and her new owners arrived home they brought Tarro from the house and took them both for a walk. All was okay and when they arrived back they took them both, still on leads in the garden. Feeding time was supervised with one either end of the kitchen and Thomas the cat is standing his ground, batting Sapphire across the face or spitting at her if she gets a bit too close.
Sapphire is also very interested in the pet rabbit in its cage in the garden and the guinea pig in its cage near the back door, so she has a lot to learn!
3rd May 2010
We received an email from Sapphire's new owner this evening letting us know she took Tarro and Sapphire out for their walk by herself today for the first time. With having the two on her own she kept to around the streets and didn't go down any narrow footpaths in case they met other dogs. She will tackle that one when she feels a little more confident walking them together.
Sapphire is getting on well with Thomas their cat who is so guttsy that he even sits with Tarro and Sapphire in a line waiting for tit bits. Sapphire is also losing interest in the rabbit and beginning to wander round the garden now when she is let out rather than going straight for the rabbit hutch.
7th May 2010
We recieved an email from Sapphire's new owner this evening letting us know that Sapphire is doing really well and not getting so wet now!  Thomas, Tarro and Sapphire all line up together in the kitchen for tit bits!  Tarro and Sapphire love to cuddle up together on the settee and don't mind sharing their toys.  She still likes to stare at the rabbit but even starting to lose interest with this now and they love her to bits, which is nice.
13th May 2010
We received an email this evening letting us know that her new owner can't believe they have only had her for two weeks today.  She has settled in so well and loves Tarro.  They have been outside most of the day today with one of her owners in the garden and have been playing tug of war with one of their toys.
Sapphire has learnt the word "toaties".  They get a piece of toast with butter for breakfast.  She is getting better at waiting for her dinner too.  They are trying both Sapphire and Tarro with sardines in oil twice a week now with their mid-day meal.  Sapphires' skin seems very dry, so they hope this will help.
As Sapphir's owner is writing this, they are both asleep on the settee, having been for their walk.  They are so pleased with Tarro, she has been such a good girl and gets on great with Sapphire.  They think Sapphire must feel safe with Tarro around, because she doesn't like it if Tarro goes outside and not her. Sapphire is really making herself at
home now and they love her so much. 
3rd June 2010
We received an email this evening enclosing some photographs and letting us know that Tarro and Sapphire are good friends, love to cuddle up together and play together (which I must admit we struggled to envisage when they first met, what with all the growling, snapping and snarling from Tarro). Sapphire is like a different dog now she is more at home. She seems so much more relaxed and enjoys a stroke and cuddle. She now waits for her dinner and knows what "chewies" means. She has been a bit naughty as well. She chewed a pair of shoes and a book! Still, it could have been much worse and she is so lovely. Tarro and Sapphire getting on really well.
30th June 2010
Received an email today letting us know that Sapphire is looking lovely now, her coat is so shiny and they love her to bits.  She is such a pet and loves lying on the settee with Tarro.  She has worked out that if she knocks the bird table, bread will fall off and she can eat it! 
24th July 2010
Received an email this afternoon letting us know that Sapphire has just been a very naughty girl.  She pinched a sausage off a plate.  Her owner had to cover her mouth while she was telling her off, so she couldn't see her laughing!
21st August 2010

We received an email today letting us know that Sapphire can be a little minx sometimes. While her owner was tidying under the sink cupboard today she pinched the dust pan
and a duster, which she placed on her bed.  She just loves pinching things and putting them on her bed!!!! Her owner says she just needs to teach her how to use them! 
14th December 2010
Received an email today letting us know that Sapphier is a little minx.  She adores tissues and can't wait for us to go out, so she can play with the box of tissues and rip them to shreads.  Her owner is now buying the cheapest tissues she can find.  She managed to pull a whole piece of tinsel from the Christmas tree today without disturbing any baubles or tipping the tree over.   She is so clever!!!!!!"
9th January 2011
We received an email today letting us know that Sapphire is learning to "lie down". She's got the hang of putting her front legs out but keeps her backside in the air. She looks like she's doing a curtsie so she will be okay if she ever meets the Queen!!!!!
31st January 2011
We received an email this evening letting us know that Sapphire is such a clever girl.  She now lies down when told for a chewie and has learnt to scrat at the back door when she wants to come in from the garden.  She learnt the latter from Tarro.  She is looking really lovely, coat is so shiny and such a sweet little girl - they are so glad they have her. 
19th August 2011
When Sapphire first arrived in her new home her diet
consisted of a TV remote, XBox controller, feather duster, frog ornament, new reading glasses, 6 boxes of tissues, fat balls from the bird table, Evening Mail newspapers, slippers and stilletoes!!!! Now more settled she is eating a well balanced diet of sardines, dog food, dog biscuits, chewies and Dentastix.
4th November 2014
Following a post I put on Facebook Saphire's owner came on to say that "Sapphire is a little minx and pinches sausages off the work top whenever she can. Love her to bits and all her little quirks."

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