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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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Solo arrived on Tuesday 19th January 2010
and was adopted by ourselves.

Solo's arrival and a brief history
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Brindle greyhound
Solo is a handsome ex-coursing greyhound who was born in 2006, brindle in colour and weighing about 96 lbs. Solo is a big, loveable, gentle giant who is very friendly and laid back, okay with other dogs, walks beautifully on the lead and travels well in the car.
Solo is Lester and Laila's nephew and has the look of Lester, but is not nervous and loves meeting people. When walking on the lead he walks so close to your knee, stops when you stop and starts walking again when you do - you don't even know he's there apart from when he touches your knee or hand to let you know he's close by. He has a lovely character and is a beautiful dog.
Solo's Diary
19th January 2010

25th January 2010
Solo has been showing Indi some affection the past few days by going up to her and touching her neck and giving her a little lick.
27th January 2010
I've been having an 'I'm really missing Bobby' couple of days this week and each time I've felt low it's been Solo whose been by my side coming to give comfort. Stuart has been away with work all this week so I sent him an email this afternoon saying that I know we've had a rule of two greyhounds of our own with two foster dogs at a time but I've been really missing Bobby, Solo is like him in many ways and I really don't think I can hand him over to anyone so can we break our rule and keep him. I was expecting an email back saying I know the rule and we have to stick to it, but no, he emailed back saying yes, he agreed so Solo is going no where, he is staying with us. I was estatic and felt like the 'cat that got the cream'.
Bobby's death left a huge hole in my heart that has been refusing to heal - I really miss seeinghim and Indi walking off the lead along the back road together, in the nature reserve and running on the beaches when we used to go to Ireland. I love Sandy, and with all the issues he came with, we have resolved 95% of them, but he still has an issue with dogs that suddenly appear off the lead when we are out walking, which means we can't relax and let him off the lead to wander with Indi as Bobby did in case a dog suddenly appears because he would be off after it. This reaction isn't a good example for new foster dogs especially if they are nervous because Sandy's tension could cross over to them. We seem to have 'plateaued' with Sandy's progress at the moment and we feel the only way we can move Sandy that final step is if Cesar Milan came and helped us, which is pie in the sky! Solo from what we see of him is 'rock solid', he doesn't get anxious over things, ignores other dogs, loves people and children and walks perfectly on the lead. He is the ideal one to become a resident in a home that fosters because nothing seems to phase him. Not only that, but the way he is around Indi, the way he shows her respect, gives her a little lick every now and again I really believe they will become friends and in time it would be lovely to see them cuddle up together the way she and Bobby did. The hole that Bobby left has been finally filled with Solo's presence.
31st January 2010
Last night we took Solo in the pub where he wanted to say hello to everyone! Everyone thought he was a stunner and commented on his size. He ignored the bolchy lab until it calmed down then he had a sniff, just turned his back on the wandering terrier and the little boy, who was only just taller than Solo thought he was 'cute' and cuddled him every opportunity he could. He did us proud, 2nd time in a pub, this time it was quite busy and he took it all in his stride.
5th February 2010
This evening we took Dakota, Indi, Sandy and Solo into the pub 'early doors' where they all lay on the floor in front of the fire and went to sleep.
18th March 2010
We took Solo to the vet this afternoon for a check-up and his booster inoculation. The vet found him fit and well and he weighed in at just over 90lbs (41K). Solo took the whole experience in his stride and was interested in everything that was going on, wanted to say hello to the other dogs in the waiting room but stood by my side when asked to wait. Everyone thought him stunning and one of the nurses came over to say hello to him, which he enjoyed.
30th March 2010
This evening we all went to the pub, early doors and it was the first time Solo stay laid on the floor while Stuart went to the bar without the need to follow him. He just picked his head up, heard Stuart say 'stay there' and saw Stuart off to the bar and he lay his head back down again and went back to sleep.
6th May 2010
Solo went to the vet this morning to be neutered. He weighed in at 40.9k and an examination found him fit and well. All went well with the operation and we brought him home again around 3.30 pm, still a little subdued from the anaesthetic he slept most of the evening on a dog bed in the kitchen where I could keep an eye on him. He became a little restless around 8.00 pm so we made his some scrambled egg with bread and milk and a little complete food to satisfy his hunger. After he'd eaten he settled again.
When it was time to go to bed and all the greyhounds had been let out to do their last toilet of the night Solo became very unsettled again and from the look in his eye he was telling us he was still hungry, so I made him some more food - a little more complete food and a small amount of meat. This he wolfed down, went out to do his toilet, which was a bit loose then came in and I put a muzzle on him to reduce the risk of him licking the stiches during the night. He hated the muzzle and tried his hardest to get it off, but off it wasn't going to be so he finally settled for the night after giving me such a disgusted look.
7th May 2010
Solo slept well last night but his stitches had been bleeding a little and where it was weeping yesterday when we picked him up from the vet it had dried hard. To reduce the risk of his need to lick this area we washed it with diluted Hibiscrub, which he allowed us to do and it will probably have made him feel a bit better. He had to have the muzzle on while I did the guest rooms this morning because I was unable to supervise him. This he hated, but I touched near his stitches and told him 'leave', which he took on board and this afternoon he's not needed his muzzle on at all.

4th September 2010
This morning we took Freddie's bandage off under the supervision of Solo who is very protective and concerned for him! Today is the day the vet asked us to take out Freddie's stitches. The cancerous lump seems a little larger and more lumpy, but it was difficult to tell. Solo had a good sniff and inspection of both the bandage and Freddie's wrist then watched while we were doing what we were doing. On one occasion when Freddie was showing some discomfort Solo actually walked between Stuart and Freddie to stop Stuart doing what he was doing, a gentle talk to Solo and a reappraisal of Freddie's situation resolved the matter. Freddie only had three stitches in his wrist, two came out easily, but the third one seems to have overlapped itself somehow and Freddie found it too uncomfortable to pull out, hence Solo's intervention. Consequently, Stuart, having cut the stitch, trimmed it and removed as much as he could. In view of Freddie's demise we thought it wouldn't cause harm to leave the last little bit there and this we will confirm the next time we speak with the vet.

15th January 2011
We took Solo to see Ken Woodacre because he's walking funny again and wondered if one of the issues he had before had come back. Ken examined him all over and said he was fine so he examined his feet and found a large corn on his pad on his back left foot. Ken took the top out, which he said would ease the pain of walking on hard surfaces and we are to bathe it with olive oil and regularly use a pumis stone to ensure it doesn't stick out, which is what causes the pain. Otherwise it will be a trip to the vet!
17th March 2011
Solo's skin has started 'rippling' down one side like Blue's did when he first arrived. It happens when we stroke him so because it was such a nice day today we gave him a 'Hibiscrub' bath on the lawn, which he wasn't too sure of, but once all rinsed off he loved being rubbed down with the towel.
15th April 2011
We took Solo to the vet this afternoon for his annual check up and inoculations. He weighed in at 41.3k and seemed fit and well apart from a slight wheeze when you listened to his heart, which was only slight, but worth noting in case we need to recall the information later.
25th September 2011
Solo’s cracked nail still looks a bit sore and he’s limping a bit, but he’s keeping it clean and it doesn’t look or feel infected.
2nd February 2012
This morning Solo went to the vet to have his sore foot examined. It looks very painful and swollen and bathing it in Hibiscrub the past couple of days has shown no improvement. It seems to be around the nailbed and toe that is sore and swollen so the vet put him on antibiotics. While there she clipped his nails as they were looking rather long and would remove some pressure from his sore toe. He weighed in at 42.1k.
21st March 2012
We took Solo to the vet this morning for another check-up about his foot because despite the earlier antibiotics and being asked to bathe it with Hibiscrub, his toe still looks very painful and swollen causing him trouble to walk on it. He weighed in at 41.6k, which is slightly lighter than last time. The vet gave him a thorough examination, his annual inoculation and another kind of antibiotics to start tomorrow for his foot.
4th April 2012
This afternoon we took Solo to the vet for another check up regarding his foot. Despite being on two lots of antibiotics his foot was still not healing and indeed it was looking more sore. His temperature seemed higher than it should, and the soft cough he developed a couple of days ago showed no signs of abating.
When we weighed him at the vets he was 40.8k so he's dropped weight again. The vet gave him a thorough examination including taking his temperature, which was 105.2° and proclaimed him a very sick dog. Septisimia was mentioned, blood samples taken for testing in the vets along with some being sent away for culture. The vet said he was to stay in and go onto an antibiotic drip to bring his temperature and heart rate down. I left the vets without him, which was a sickening feeling and phoned later to see how he was and the vets kept in touch with me.
5th April 2012
We heard nothing from the vet last night, and in this case no news is good news! When the vet phoned this morning she said she saw him at 11.30pm and he seemed fine. She took him out to do his toilet and gave him a little more food. His temperature was still high, but had dropped to 101.5°. His heart rate was a little too high and his foot bled when she bathed it. She said she would phone again later when the results of the blood tests were known and they'd had chance to check him over again.
The vet phoned during the afternoon to let us know all the pathologist results came back okay. His temperature is now normal, but he still has a high heart rate. A soft cough and a high heart rated indicates the bacteria from his foot that got into his blood stream had latched onto his heart valves. They did an ECG. The ECG looked okay. but there was still a bit of a murmer so the vet put him on frusemide tablets, a diretic to clear the fluid from his lungs. He has also been given fortekor to assist his heart and he's back on the antibiotic drip. When asked about him staying in again tonight the vet said yes, so I asked if I could visit him and arrangements were made for me to go around 6.15pm
11th May 2012
Solo was back in the vets today because a couple of days ago the toe that was sore and wouldn't heal a month ago was back inflamed again. The vet wanted to do a biopsy of the flesh around the toe and nail in an attempt to find out what is going on.
We collected him later this afternoon along with another supply of antibiotics and instructions to give him Metacam for the next 4 or 5 days. He was still quite wobbly from the anaesthetic and his foot was bandaged. An appointment was made for next Monday to have the bandage changed.
Back home he was a little out of sorts and whimpering, which is most unusual for him, so it must be sore.
14th May 2012
Solo was back at the vets this afternoon having his bandage changed. Around his nail and the web between the toes looked very red and angry. The vet washed it in diluted Hibiscrub and after drying it he squirted some antibiotic powder around it before bandaging it up again. Solo was very good, but it was obvious from his body language that it was very painful and he was glad when it was finished.
16th May 2012
The biopsy results came back today confirming the issue was NOT an automimune disease as we suspected, but a deep rooted stapholococus skin infection. The first antibiotic (Sinolux) was the correct one to give him as none of the other later ones worked. The 2 weeks he was on them was sufficient to make the surface healed, but deep inside his toe it was still there, hence it coming back again. This time he is to be on them for at least 8 to 10 weeks. We are to bathe his foot with diluted Hibiscrub and once dried put some Fuciderm cream around the nail and the web to help remove the soreness. He is to go on Metacam until his foot is looking less angry and he's weight bearing better.
22nd May 2012
Solo is no longer on the Metacam and his foot is looking a lot less angry between his toes, although around the base of the nail it is still 'crusted', but he doesn't pull his foot away as quickly when it's being bathed.
14th June 2012
Solo took another trip to the vet this afternoon to review how he was.

10th April 2013
We took Solo to the vet this afternoon as we were very concerned about the swollen glands on his neck, which came up about three days ago despite him being on a long course of antibiotics for the infection in his nail bed - the same as he had last year, and of which had re-occurred. He weighed in at 40.2k, which is the lowest he's ever been. The vet was most concerned for his health, mentioned Lymphoma and asked if we could bring him in again in the morning for a blood test and a needle biopsy from the glands.
11th April 2013
In the vets again this morning and Solo had his needle biopsy, they also did the blood test and tested his urine. Instead of a platelet count of between 200 and 500 as is normal Solo's was 26. There was also blood in his urine. He was put on 1.5 steroid tablets twice a day to stop the decline and hopefully turn things around and we were asked to keep him quiet and away from anything that might push him or he may get knocked into because the reading being as low as it is could easily start internal bleeding. He was also put on antibiotics to see if his glands would go down or not.
17th April 2013
We took Solo back to the vet this morning for another blood test and check up. He weighed in at 39.2k so has lost a kilo in weight since last week.
The vet checked his heart and all the lymph glands, which were swollen last week. Today they had gone down noticably and he didn't yelp when those near his back legs were examined as he did last time. She indicated that was a good sign as it reduced the risk of it being Lymphoma as was mentioned and tested for last week. It was hoped the results of that test would have been back by today, but it was not the case and they are going to ring us as soon as they get them.
Solo's temperature was normal even though his nose was warm and dry. Another blood test was taken to see if the number of platelets has risen since starting the steroids and we should get the results of this shortly.
When he started on the steroids last week he was put on a very high dose of 1.5 tablets twice a day and this has now been dropped to 1 tablet twice a day. Although he wasn't eating more than normal he was drinking a lot more and we had a few accidents in the house where he couldn't get outside quick enough or it was during the night and he failed to wake us.
After the vet visit we did a little shopping then called into a dog friendly pub on the way home for a drink and we took him in, which he seemed to enjoy.
Thankfully, Solo is the kind of dog who stands back from all the pushing and shoving from the other dogs and does everything at a steady pace. Had he not been, then having the low platelet count could have proved fatal for him.
Well, it's tea time and w
e have just heard from the vet that Solo has Lymphoma.  This is in addition to thrombocytopenia, which was diagnosed last week. Without any treatment he has 3 to 4 weeks, with steroids he has 3 to 4 months maximum, Chemo was first thought not to be an option because his platelet reading was so low, and they thought it would be too low at the start of treatment, but this the vets are going to look into. A sad day!
19th April 2013
After much discussions with the vet we decided to give chemo a go despite the low platelet count to see if it would work for Solo, after all he's given his all for us, so it's the least we can do for him. He's to stay on the steroids over the weekend and chemo is to commence on Monday after all the medication has been brought in by the vets.
20th April 2013
The steroid tablets are making Solo drink a lot of water and this evening after he'd drunk a lot of water he became very strange and started wandering around the kitchen as if he were drunk and not with it. He looked quite scary and we thought he wanted to go out, which he did. However, he then wandered to the end of the garden - his back end and legs were very wobbly. The next thing I knew he was having a drunk-like fit in the bushes and we had to run to his aid and help him walk back into the house. He was panting heavily, which lasted about 3/4 hour and he wanted to lay by us for re-assurance. I think the whole thing scared him as well as us. As time went by he became his normal self and slept the night on the settee in the living room.

When our Solo went to the vet yesterday for his second chemo injection the vet also took another sample of blood to check his platelet levels. We heard today that his reading was 236. This is fantastic news because 4 weeks ago it was 26, two weeks ago it was 90 and today 236. The normal reading for a dog is between 200 and 500. The past couple of days or so he's been looking and acting more like the Solo we know and love so well.

6th May 2013
Solo went to the vets today where he weighed in at 37.9k.
13th May 2013
Solo went to the vets today where he weighed in at 36.65k.
20th May 2013
Solo went to the vets today where he weighed in at 37.4k.
3rd June 2013
Solo went to the vets today where he weighed in at 38.55k.
9th June 2013
It was a gorgeous day today and all the dogs were wandering or relaxing in the garden, so Stuart sat outside the new summer house with a glass of beer and took photos of them when the opportunity arose. We got some lovely pictures of Solo who is looking well, alert and happy. So nice to see him like this again.
10th June 2013
Solo went to the vets today where he weighed in at 38.55k.
14th June 2013
We took Solo to the vets this morning to have the bandage changed on his foot. He weighed in at 37.7k, a little less than last week, but not a lot. The vet changed the dressing on his front right foot where he'd had the growth removed. They are in awe of him as they say he is the perfect patient. He's getting quite used to going to the vets now and as soon as he goes in he stands straight on the weighing scales to have his weight checked.
The result of the biopsy on the growth had come back as being a wart with a virus that had been triggered by his suppressed immune system because of the chemo he's undergoing. I can't tell you how relieved we were to find it was not cancer. With the wart removed he is walking so much better despite the bandage and he's looking his bright and happy self again.
24th June 2013
Solo went to the vets today where he weighed in at 39.15k, which is the highest he's been since becoming poorly. He had his chemo injection and is back on tablets this week. The injection and tablets are now every alternate week instead of weekly as in the past. The vets were very pleased with his progress and commented on how well he was looking. His foot where the infected wart had been removed had completely healed and another blood test was taken to compare with the previous ones.
26th June 2013
The results of the blood test arrived back today - all was okay and his platelet count was 274, so at the moment all is going well. He's happy and joining in with all the others - back to how he was before he became poorly.
8th July 2013
Solo visited the vet again for his chemo inoculation and weighed in at 39.9k - the highest he's been since he became poorly.
5th August 2013
We are on week 15 since Solo was diagnosed with lymphoma and today his chemo injection was in his right leg. He weighed in at 39.8k.
12th August 2013
It is week 16 of Solo's treatment and this is his alternate week when he doesn't have any medication.
15th August 2013
Solo is doing well and the vets are very pleased with his progress. His treatment is now 1 week with chemo and 1 week without, and last week when he was weighed he was 39.8k. We are all just so pleased and all fingers are crossed that he continues as well as he is doing.
19th August 2013
This afternoon Solo visited the vets where he had his chemo injection in his left leg. He weighed in at 39.5k and the vet gave us some antibiotics for the swollen glands under his neck, which seem to be larger than normal.
3rd September 2013
This afternoon's visit to the vet saw Solo weighed in at 39.35k, which is identical to a fortnight ago. The antibiotic he was put on at the same time has reduced the gland swelling under his chin, so it seems it was as the vet thought, an infection. He's a star, he knows what is happening when I put the anaesthetic on his leg, so it can start working, whie on the way to the vets and thus saves time in the vets. When in the vets the first thing he does is stand on the weighing scales then he waits to be called. Once on the table he lays very still while he is being given his chemo, and then waits to be lifted off. Today, however, he decided to speed things up a bit and as soon as the vet finished he stood up on the table, looking eye to eye with Stuart he was quickly lifted off the table to save the prospect of him trying to jump and hurting himself..
16th September 2013
It's week 21 since Solo was diagnosed with Lymphoma and this is the alternate week he's on his 5 + 1 chemo tablets every other day in addition to his injection being given today. This afternoon's visit to the vet saw Solo weigh in at 38.6k. After the vet examined him she suggested he stay on the fortnightly chemo treatment that he was already on. There was talk last time that it could be dropped to once in three weeks, but the glands under his neck seem to swell a little towards the end of the second week. All the rest of his glands are fine, just those under his chin seem to come and go.
He's beginning to get a little impatient on the table now as if to say 'no this again!'. He lies nice and quiet while the chemo is being given, but once complete he's up on the table and wanting to get off.
While in the vets this afternoon the vet took a sample of blood to test. She phoned later to let us know the blood count was good and there was a good coating of white cells around them.
Everyone who sees him say he's looking well. He's still a happy dog and joins in with the others when they go to greet the bed and breakfast guest or other visitors who arrive. Sometimes he gives a quick dash from the living room through the kitchen and into the garden if he thinks he's missing anything, and then there is the pub - he loves going there and meeting everyone, especially on a Thursday when it is quiz night and he gets a sandwich (or two)!
At this week's visit to the vet Stuart had a 'heart to heart' with her and we have been warned that if we feel lumps on his chest it means it has spread throughout his body and it will be the time to say goodbye, and also, once the chemo stops working then Solo will go down hill very fast. It's a case of enjoying him and his company on a daily basis because we never know when it may be the last. Something I know I have to think about, but don't want to. The idea of loosing my handsome Solo is a hard one to bear.
23rd September 2013
Today is the commencement of week 22 of Solo's treatment and this is the week he has nothing.
30th September 2013
This is the beginning of week 23 of Solo's treatment, so off he went today to the vet for his fortnightly chemo treatment. He weighed in at 39.6k, which we were delighted with and he's back on his (5 + 1) tablets every alternate day this week.
7th October 2013
Week 24 of Solo's treatment so it's nothing this week.
14th October 2013
It was Solo's chemo treatment again today at the vets and during the week he's back on (5 + 1) tablets every alternatd day. He weighed in at 39.8k, which is super. The vet gave him a thorough examination because I commented that towards the end of the alternate week when Solo is having no treatment I feel the glands under his neck seem to change and may be getting larger, and he comes for more cuddles, sometimes to the point of being quite insistent if he thinks he's not had enough. The vet said following the examination that all was well and his lymph glands were as they should be, which eased my mind a little.
21st October 2013
It is week 26 of Solo's treatment and this week is his alternate week where he has nothing.
2nd December 2013
It is week 32 of Solo's treatment and this week is his alternate week where he has nothing.
8th December 2013
We awoke this morning to find some blood on the carpet near one of the dog beds and immediately thought Maisie had been rubbing her head there and rubbed the scab off. It wasn't until later that Solo stood up and we saw blood running from his mouth. Upon examination we were shocked at the condition of Solo's mouth - his teeth were awful and likewise his gums. It was his gums right at the back of his molars that were bleeding. Solo used to have lovely teeth and gums, but since being on chemo they have gone awful.
9th December 2013
This afternoon Solo visited the vets where he weighed in at 37.25K.
20th January 2014
We took Solo to the vets this afternoon for his chemo treatment and to express our concerns for him. He weighed in at 35.35k, so he's lost weight again, which we had anticipated. His neck glands were up a bit as has regularly happened over the weekend before his chemo was due, but none of the others were. The muscles above his left eye were beginning to disappear, so the area had a sunken look, which the vet said was caused by the steriods.
I half expected the vet suggest we perhaps say goodbye to Solo, but she never, and gave us a couple of positive thoughts including the possibility of doing a new blood test on him when we got back from our holiday. This will determine at what stage he was with the lymphoma. It was a nice suggestion, but I had a feeling he wouldn't be here with us much longer and that he might pass away while we were away on holiday despite where he was going to stay and all the plans made to cover all eventualities.
After leaving the vets we collected Lena from home and took both Solo and her over to Wendy's where they are going to stay while we are on holiday in Africa.
We received an email this evening saying all was well. Solo has had scrambled egg, sausage, bread and fried rice for his supper, followed by 4 prawn crackers!! All the dogs are asleep now while her son Greg is playing the piano and Solo had his pills no problem.
21st January 2014
We received a Facebook message this evening from Wendy letting us know that Solo had a peaceful settled night last night with no problems.
Breakfast this morning was 6 weetabix with warm milk.
Nice walk out, and well behaved Solo has just had homemade chicken casserole for his lunch.
Relaxing after lasagne and garlic bread for supper and Wendy received a reminder alert on her phone about his pills.
22nd January 2014
Our Facebook message from Wendy this evening said:
"Solo's day- up at 7.30.
Bbreakfast - 6 weetabix with warm full fat milk, (didn't quite manage it all).
9.00am - walk, just got back and it started raining
10.00am Aunty Wendy went out on a cleaning job.
1.00 pm lunch- chicken casserole (liquidized)
Aunty Wendy went out on another cleaning job
4.30pm walk
5.00pm 2 sausages with tablets
6.30 pm. - supper fish fingers chips and beans!!
Wendy thought Lena would be a tortoise pest, but it's Solo, she says he loves to watch them. He's taken to Wendy's son's room and sofa when he's at home.
26th January 2014
Heard today that Solo is grand and has decided that being in Wendy's son's room is the warmest place in the house - a good excuse for him to have his fire on full blast!
She says she's spoiling Solo she's afraid, he loves mince, gravy and bread and omelettes! She says he is eating it all up which is the main thing and it makes life easier for her because she's not worried he's not getting enough.
31st January 2014
As we hadn't heard from Wendy for a few days we messaged her to ask how the dogs were as I was getting very concerned.
She replied back saying all was okay, they were not doing much because she's been ill with a type of flu bug so she is laying low and keeping warm, the dogs are keeping her company. Still raining!!

Run free my darling Solo
Born: 5th May 2006
Died: 12th February 2014
(Aged: 7 years, 9 months, 7 days old)

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Brindle greyhound
Solo in our garden
21st January 2010

Brindle greyhound
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Brindle greyhound
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Brindle greyhound
. . . and again. . .

Brindle greyhound
. . . and again. . .

Brindle greyhound
relaxing after a hard day
21st January 2010

Brindle greyhound
Stepping through the snow
21st February 2010

Brindle greyhound
. . . and again . .

Solo - Brindle Greyhound
2nd March 2010

Brindle greyhound
Solo in our garden
4th March 2010

Solo - Brindle greyhound
4th March 2010

Fawn Greyound
Taking a nap with Freddie
18th September 2010

Fawn Greyound
Relaxing in our living room
with a very poorly Freddie
19th September 2010

Brindle Greyound
7th April 2012

Brindle Greyound
. . and again.

Brindle Greyound
17th April 2012

Brindle Greyound
Enjoying the sunshine
in our garden
21st May 2012

Brindle Greyound
. . and again .

Brindle Greyound
25th May 2012

Brindle Greyound
5th July 2012

Brindle Greyound
5th July 2012

Brindle Greyound
12th July 2012

Brindle Greyound
Inspecting the new 'branch' kennel
12th August 2012

Brindle Greyhound
Around this time Solo
started to become ill, but was as yet
not displaying any symptoms to us other becoming a little dark
around the eyes.
10th March 2013

Brindle Greyhound
in our garden
10th March 2013

Group of Greyhounds
Dee, Sandy, Solo (back right)
and Chloe enjoying some
attention in our garden
10th March 2013

Brindle Greyhound
In our conservatory
27th April 2013

Brindle Greyhound
In our garden
Part way through his chemo,
happier and more alert, and more
like the Solo we know. All fingers
are crossed for him.
9th June 2013

Brindle Greyhound
Taking a doze in the sun
9th June 2013

Brindle Greyhound
Resting in the shade!
9th June 2013

two greyhounds
With Paige
3rd August 2013

Brindle Greyhound
3rd August 2013

Brindle Greyhound
Fed up of waiting his turn in
the vets. 5th August 2013

Brindle Greyhound
In our conservatory
6th October 2013

Brindle Greyhound
10th January 2014

Brindle Greyhound
10th February 2014

Brindle Greyhound
At Auntie Wendy's
22nd January 2014

Brindle Greyhound
. . . and again.

two greyhounds
With Paige
13th July 2013

Brindle Greyhound
27th July 2013

Brindle Greyhound
3rd August 2013

Brindle Greyound
Trying out the new RGT 'branch' can
2nd September 2013

Brindle Greyhound
in our garden
3rd September 2013

Brindle Greyhound
10th February 2014


Sadly Solo passed away on
Wednesday 12th February 2014
after his battle against lymphoma.

Run free my darling Solo.
Your passing leaves a heartache
no one can heal, love leaves a
memory that no one can steal.

Brindle greyhound
© 2004 - 2017 Jenny Stott