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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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Barratt arrived on Thursday 27th January 2011
Went to his new home on Saturday 26th March 2011
Sadly Barratt passed away on the 23rd September 2014
His back legs became very weak and he went into a general decline
He was 13 years, 3 months and 7 days old when he passed away.

Barratt's arrival and a brief history
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Black Greyhound
Barratt is a black ex-racing greyhound who was born on the 16th June 2001. Although not tall he is quite a long dog who walks nicely on the lead and travels well in the car. He is neutered, microchipped, inoculated and recently underwent a dental before coming here. Barratt is the one everyone passed by in the rescue kennels because he is the one whose been there the longest, which incidentally is through no fault of his own because he is a lovely dog. As a result, we wanted to find him a nice home so asked if we could have him, and he is now in a foster home where he is getting used to the family way of life until we find him his forever home. When Barratt first arrived he was a little when he met other dogs, but that may be an older dog making sure the younger ones 'knows their station', or, it may be he is experiencing some form of discomfort and warning them not to hurt him, which is something we will be looking into.

Barratt's Diary
27th January 2011
Stuart collected Barratt and Lady this morning and brought them home Both travelled well in the car and once home he walked them around the garden to do their toilet while I put all our greyhounds behind the safety gate at the end of the kitchen so we could bring the two new ones into the house. The safety gate works really well because it means they can all say hello without the resident dogs overpowering the new ones.
Barratt, although he paced a little in the kitchen at first had a drink of water and something to eat then soon settled on the dog bed in front of the kitchen fire. Each hour we took him in the garden on the lead to do his toilet and on each occassion he obliged.
After a couple of hours we removed the safety gate and all the dogs mingled to say hello. Barratt was grumpy with them all at first and each backed off. Whatever he was telling them they took notice - even Indi and Sandy! There was nothing aggressive in his grumble, just a warning and before long he was exploring the living room with the rest of them. After a while he took himself into the crate and lay down quite happily and went to sleep guarding his rawhide chew that I gave him along with one each to all the others. He never chewed his chew but lay with his paw over it and grumbled at whoever came too close. He may have done that to the dogs, but he was happy for me to stroke him and touch the chew, which I removed after a while to reduce the risk of any potential tussle, especially as he wasn't chewing it.
After one of his hourly trips to the garden I found him and Lady both laying in the crate side by side quite happily touching each other.
Barratt has a soft growth full of fluid on the elbow of his front left leg, which the kennels say he's had for as long as they've known him. The vet involved with the kennels says it's nothing to worry about and over the years it's become smaller.
When Peter arrived around tea time he collected all he needed for Barratt along with our spare crate in case they needed it. As Barratt enjoyed sleeping in ours for most of the afternoon he obviously felt safe in it so Peter and Anne having a crate may help Barratt settle better.
We received an email this evening from Peter and Anne letting us know that Barratt is okay and quietly snoozing alongside them in the crate.  He has had spells of being quite stressed and then becoming more relaxed all evening.
He ate most of the food they gave him and is drinking well.  He has been very obliging by weeing on the gravel by the back door when they put him out, which is a good thing if they have to get up in the night - no strolling down the road with him!
Peter and Anne did all the introductions with their dogs outside and individually, then had a little walk down the road with them all.  Barratt grumbled at Prince to start with but then both tails were wagging and they have been fine since.
Celt was unusually friendly towards him and after a bit of a grumble they have been fine.  Errie surprisingly was the one he took a dislike to (he maybe hasn't met a collie before!) and they think she has quickly learnt that Barratt is not a dog she 
can bound up to and give his face a wash as she does Prince!
28th January 2011
We received an email from Peter and Anne this morning letting us know that Barratt is fine.  He slept in his crate downstairs last night and they never heard a sound from him.
He was very stiff when he emerged from the crate this morning, and he seemed a little lame, but they think he may have caught one of his back claws on the crate during the night because there was a spot of blood, however, by mid morning he seemed fine.
All four dogs went for a walk this morning and Barratt seemed less stiff as the walk progresse. He wasn't phased by traffic and walks nicely on the lead. However, we shall make an appointment for him to see Ken Woodacre when he is next in our area because he does oesteopath type work with dogs and he will check him over to see if anything is amiss, especially as Barratt has run over 100 races and, although not a tall dog he has a very long body and finds negotiating tight spaces quite a  problem at times so we are looking for a home for him with a bit of space. It may also be the reason he grumbles at other dogs, male or female, young or old when they first approach him - he may be warning them to be careful as he has something a miss - we shall see what Ken says..
Barratt is eating well and toileting has been no problem. He still seems quite stressed and after his walk he wandered around the house panting for ages before he settled, which is to be expected really because he's been so long in kennels and used to the kennel routine so home life is still alien to him as yet.
Barratt is much less grumbly with the others this morning and even let Errie come up and give him a lick.  He and Prince get on really well and Barratt was really pleased to see him first thing. He loves attention and really enjoyed Peter giving him a brush earlier.
We received a second email later on letting with a picture of him fast asleep and relaxed on one of the dog beds. They had a good walk this afternoon and Barratt showed interest in other dogs, but only had a little grumble at a Westie that was barking and growling at them. As they were walking they noticed he walks with a funny 'gait' and it may be this that causes him to grumble so an appointment has been made to let Ken Woodacre see him the next time he's in the area.
Barratt has been scratching his ears quite a lot and in doing so has made one of his eyes sore. As his ears are quite dirty Peter and Anne are going to clean them and put some drops in them to loosen any wax etc. over the next few days and put some drops in his eyes to reduce the redness.
After several tentative ventures onto the bottom step of the stairs, he made his own way up them today to see what everyone was doing. He wasn't at all happy about coming down again but eventually made up his mind he was, so went for it and came down with their steadying hands.
29th January 2011
We received an email from Peter and Anne letting us know that Barratt has been much more relaxed today - he still pants when out walking but hardly at all indoors. He has been sleeping ( and dreaming ) quite a bit and is eating better too. He is quite a slow eater and doesn't dive in at all.. He hasn't been showing any interest in our food and takes no notice if we eat close by him.  We tried feeding him in the same room as the others but because they finish first and then eye up his food he's put off. They feed him separately now which works better although he needs another session to finish it all.  No grumbles at all today from him with our three dogs.
This evening he lay calmly while his ears had another good clean, which will make him feel happier. His eyes still look quite sore so they are being bathed and drops applied.
Having the crate has worked very well and Barratt seems to like sleeping in there at night - Errie pinches it in  the day!
30th January 2011
Received an email from Peter and Anne letting us know that Barratt's eyes are looking a lot less red and inflamed and much brighter since bathing them with some Optrex last night and he slept well.
He isn't bothered in the least by gun shot fire which they heard while out walking first thing this morning and when they met a Jack Russell he just grumbled at it as they walked past - not too sure about little white dogs though!
Barratt loves to do the most extraordinary shake when all four feet come off the ground in turn and the shake carries right down through his body to the tip of his tail.
2nd February 2011
We recieved an email today from Peter letting us know that Barratt is continuing to settle into their routine and is much less anxious indoors. However he still has periods when he pants and paces so it is clearly going to take some time to adjust to a very different life style. He is beginning to seek out affection and there have been one or two times when he has felt relaxed enough to have a roll around with his legs in the air. Because of his dental, which he had the beginning of December he still struggles to eat dog biscuits and at the moment he manages his food better if it is fairly sloppy. They have got him some soft treats which he really likes so he has something to enjoy while the others have their biscuits.
Barratt loves to be in the back of their vehicle the same way that Prince does. The current problem is getting him out again ! The water spray has no effect and he is a very heavy dog to lift when he has to come out.  Blackmailing with treats has no effect either at the moment!
So far Barratt has only ventured upstairs once. He shows an interest to go but doesn't feel brave enough treats which he really likes so he has something to enjoy while the others have their biscuits.
Barratt loves to be in the back of their vehicle the same way that Prince does. The current problem is getting him out again ! The water spray has no effect and he is a very heavy dog to lift when he has to come out.  Blackmailing with treats has no effect either at the moment!
So far Barratt has only ventured upstairs once. He shows an interest to go but doesn't feel brave enough to tackle it again. There is no point in pushing it until he feels ready and at night he sleeps quite happily in his crate.
At the moment it is difficult to know exactly what the signs are when he wants a wee because he paces quite a lot anyway. They take him out very regularly but he has caught them out a few times!
He is becoming less stressed when walking on the lead, and is very interested in everything around him. He has a tendency to list to the right side when walking so he bangs into you but as they have said he is very stiff in his back end. Negotiating kissing gates can be quite a challenge! He is still very growly towards other breeds of dogs so they are still keeping his muzzle on for the time being until they can decide whether that is the way he is or if he is warning them to keep away as he's not well.
4th February 2011
We received an email today letting us know that Barratt has had a really good day today. Yesterday Peter and Celt were away for the day and p Barratt was a little stressed without them and his favourite vehicle to go and sleep in. Anne got him some Brolene drops this morning and his eyes haven't troubled him a bit since.
This morning he had a lovely roll around in the living room for ages on his back with all his legs waving about - just thoroughly enjoying himself, which was a real treat to see! He is really settling with Peter and Anne and is coming up for a bit of fuss at times now. He loves being brushed and just generally he is a much happier dog. 
He is beginning to respond to his name and knows what 'No' means and he is not interested in our food at all - although he is not eating all his own ration of food each day at the moment, which may be because of the dental he recently had..  
He is enjoying his walks and has his eyes on everything around him and though very interested in other dogs, there has been no grumbling at all and no longer wears his muzzle when out walking as he seems much more settled without it.
9th February 2011
We received an email today letting us know that Barratt continues to settle and is eating his food well now although he still only seems to want a smallish meal compared with the others. His eyes are still a little red, but don't seem to be bothering him the same. He started having playful spells when he fights with the beds and hurls his soft toy in the air - the other three dogs in the household don't quite know how to take him, and think him mad, but it's lovely to watch!
Barratt likes his walks and is really good on the lead, doesn't bump into them nearly so much as he did when he first arrived.
12th February 2011
It was Barratt's appointment today to see Ken Woodacre and getting from the car Barratt looked happy and relaxed. Ken noticed the soft tissue growth on his left elbow, gave it a name, but I can't remember what it was and said under no circumstances is anyone to try and drain the fluid from it. To do so would make it worse as it would over produce more and become large again. That was something that wasn't bothering Barratt and should be left alone because by leaving it alone will cause it to diminish. He also found Barratt's right shoulder was out of line so put it back in place then down his back end he found discs out of place, corrected his hips and a sciatic nerve. Barratt's back end that gave way to pressure when applied at the beginning of the examination stood firm once the discs and nerve were corrected. Having this done should make him feel more comfortable and it will be interesting to see if the grumbling when he meets other dogs is reduced or stops. The reason I say this is when you listen to the grumble it sounds like a grumble not a threat so I think he was telling the other dogs not to come to close and hurt him.
While there we discussed his eyes, which were still a little red, especially his left one and Anne said he was a pleasure to have, a real gentleman and such a shame he'd been by-passed by everyone looking for a dog to adopt. They also commented that when out walking if they saw a cat he didn't seem to bother about it so it would be interesting to do a cat test with him to see if he was cat friendly because if he was this would increase his chances of being adopted.
14th February 2011
Received an email today letting us know that Ken Woodacre has worked wonders on Barratt ! ! !   He moves so much more freely and now has the classic Greyhound sort of 'bobble' which he just never had.
Also they have seen him curled up for the first time when relaxing and manouvreing in tight spaces is far less of a problem for him as he has much more flexibility. Well worth the visit ! 
28th February 2011
Received an email today letting us know that Barratt continues to settle and Peter and Anne have had no problems at all with him. They say he's lovely!  However, they feel he should see the vet about his eyes as one in particular is very red again and he keeps rubbing it. It doesn't matter what they try, some days it seems okay and others not.
An appointment for Barratt to see the vet has been made for tomorrow at 2.10 pm   Hopefully whatever is wrong will be discovered, can be helped and he'll feel more comfortable.
Barratt continues to settle and is a real pleasure to look after -  he's a real softie !
He is eating really well now, and eating the amount he should be eating, so hopefully now that he's up to his full quota he will put on just a little more weight, which is what he needs. He waits patiently for his meals and isn't pushy at all.  Now his mouth has settled down following his dental he can now manage dog biscuits, enjoys his Dentastix and just loves a treat of cheese!
Barratt loves going for walks and the grumbling at other dogs has stopped - unless they grumble at him   He finds everything fascinating and has to peep up every path and driveway as they go by.
The past few nights he has been sleeping in one of the beds downstairs rather than the crate and he's been fine.  Sometimes he'll go in there in the day - if one of the other dogs isn't already in residence!  He's shown no interest at all in joining the rest of them upstairs at night and seems quite happy so they are not pushing him to do so
He responds very well to his name, which he didn't seem to know when he came to us, and he knows what 'No' means and is getting the hang of 'Stay' so they're getting there.  He comes to greet them now, tail wagging, whenever they return home.
Barratt often has has his mad spells with his soft toy, a black and white cow, that he likes to rest his head on when he sleeps and has a a real fight with the beds when the mood takes him - all good entertainment!
23rd March 2011
Received an email from Anne this evening letting us know that Peter will be bringing Barratt over to our house for his adoption on the 26th. He will bring Barratt's eyedrops with him for reference in case there are any future problems  When they saw the vet she said to continue  with them for 2 weeks which finishes this Friday. She could see no reason why his eye still troubled him as the ulcer is healed and is not in his field of vision  Maybe he is aware of the scar tissue at times, and it is only sometimes that it is weepy and a bother to him. Hopefully given time it will settle down
26th March 2011
This afternoon Barratt was adopted and once all the paperwork was complete off he went to his new home where we hope he will have a long and happy life.
27th March 2011
We received a call today from Barratt's new owner letting us know that Barratt is settling in, but a little stressed, which they expected. He's enjoyed his walk and last night he slept on his bed downstairs waking them in the morning with a bark to go outside. He was introduced to the hens today with muzzle and lead on, but he wanted to chase them, so there is work to do there.
18th April 2011
We received an email today from Barratt's new owner letting us know that Barratt continues to settle well, he's also  more affectionate and playful which shows he's happier; They were walking him the other day and they met a man walking his greyhound who was also from a rescue centre and he was surprised at how happy he looked! Barratt was wagging his tail and taking a keen interest in everything going on around him and it felt good that a stranger thought he looked happy. He also loves being groomed - he just stands there and clearly enjoys it which is a good thing because he's shedding lots of his kennel coat at the moment, probably with the weather being warmer - They pulled out handfuls yesterday on the lawn. They are still carrying on with his training with the hens using the water spray and he is getting the message but they can't let him loose yet and they promised to keep us up to date with his progress.
10th June 2011
Barratt's owner thought we'd like to hear how Barratt was doing - he has become a much loved part of the family and he's quite a character!
He's put on weight and his coat is lovely and glossy now, he loves being brushed, he just stands still and you can see he's so relaxed. There have been no further problems with his eye which is great.
They've stopped the training with the hens as there were too many factors to overcome; after he ran at them in the early days they were so nervous that when she took him out they would hide and stay hidden the whole time they were out. Also, they had access to the whole garden which meant poor Barratt could only go out on a lead and they were always worried in case one of the children left the back door open; also they regularly have rabbits in the garden and if he were to chase one of those it would nip through the hedge and quietly escape leaving behind an excited Barratt and squawking flapping hens so you can imagine the end result. Indeed, he did get out whilst they were still in the process of training him and they had thought he'd made progress but he tragically killed the beloved cockerel. Whereas they have been able to train Jake their lurcher they decided to call a halt with Barratt and install a fence. Barratt can now wander freely and scamper around and the hens have a large enough space for their needs and they feel safer. As you can see from the photo he's quite happy with this arrangement!
He loves the big bed they made for him, during the day it's in the hallway where he can be in the middle of everything and see all that’s going on, and in the evening when they're in the lounge it comes in there and he sleeps while we watch TV. When they go to bed it goes back in the hall because he likes to sleep at the bottom of the stairs. They assume he must have had a routine of early rising and early retiring in the kennels because he likes to be up early and after his last walk and his tea he gets into a deep sleep.
He's been asleep on the lawn in this photo for over an hour now straight after his morning walk.
4th December 2011
Following an invite to our Christmas Fair next week we received an email from Barratt's owner saying they were hoping to come so we can see how well he is doing. Barratt continues to enjoy his comforts - he likes to be in amongst the boys and their friends and he often lies with them all as they play together on their play station. He doesn't seem to mind the racket they make and looks quite content. He has become very affectionate and they think he is really enjoying his retirement.
February 2013
We received 2 photos of Barratt taken in the New Year. It was really nice to see him so relaxed and happy.
24th September 2014
We received a very sad email today from Barratt's owners letting us know he'd passed away yesterday. Here is what they said " It is with a very heavy heart that I have to let you know that Barratt passed away peacefully yesterday. 
He was only with us for three and a half years and we are all devastated by the loss. His back legs became weaker and weaker and he went into a general decline.
He was a gentle soul and we take comfort from knowing that we enabled his last year's to be comfortable and happy and that he felt content and safe ".
Click images for a larger view

Black greyhound
Barratt just after he
retired from racing.

Black greyhound
. . . and again. . .

Black greyhound
. . . and again. . .

Black greyhound
in our garden shortly
after he arrived on the
27th January 2011

Black greyhound
and again ....

Black greyhound
and again ....

Black greyhound
and again ....

Black greyhound
and again.

Black greyhound
and again, but this time
showing the small soft
growth on his leg, which
he's had for a number
of years and in that time
has become smaller.

Black greyhound
24 hours in his foster home!
28th January 2011

Black greyhound
4th February 2011

greyhound and collie asleep
rest and relaxation!
9th February 2011

black greyhound
Up the stairs in his foster home
on his own for the first time!
13th March 2011

Black Greyhound asleep
Barratt relaxing in his new forever home not long after he arrived.
26th March 2011

Black Greyhound asleep
Barratt enjoying the warm
sunshine in the garden
9th June 2011

Black Greyhound asleep
Relaxing and well wrapped up
December 2011

Black Greyhound asleep
Christmas day nap
25th December 2011

Black Greyhound asleep
Christmas time
1st January 2013

Black Greyhound asleep
6th February 2013

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