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Fostering and re-homing greyhounds in the South Lake District, Cumbria


Hamish arrived on Thursday 27th October 2011
and went to her new home the same day.

Hamish's arrival and a brief history
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Hamish is a handsome brindle ex-racing greyhound who is cat friendly.
Hamish's Diary
27th October 2011
Stuart collected Hamish along with Jenny this afternoon. He travelled well in the car and once back to our house he had a walk around the garden on the lead to do his toilet, then came in the house to say hello to our greyhounds who were behind the
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gate in the kitchen. We checked his ear marks, cleaned his ears, and checked to see whether or not he was microchipped, which he was. Shortly after his arrival his potential new owners arrived to have a look at him with a view to adopting him. Having saw him in the conservatory, they took him for a walk, to get to know him a bit better, when they returned they commented about how nice he walked on the lead. Having decided to re-home him they completed the adoption paperwork, and bought his a couple of coats, during which time he lay on the carpet and went to sleep.
We only saw Hamish for a couple of hours, but in that time we realised he was such a lovely, gentle, laid back lad, who enjoyed being cuddled - he is so nice he will make them a super companion. Once all the paperwork was completed we walked him to their car, where he jumped in the back and lay down for the journey to his new home where we hope he has a long and happy life.
28th October 2011
We received an email this evening from Hamish's new owners letting us know that he settled down really well in the car on the way home yesterday, and also when they got to the house.  He was a bit anxious overnight and they ended up getting up a few times!
So far he's shown no interest in the cat, but it is difficult to tell because the cat runs away every time he sees him, so they haven't been in the same room together so far.   They will remain vigilant until things settle down! All in all, he is getting used to being part of the family, and is a lovely dog.
5th July 2012
We received an email today from Hamish's owner letting us know that after a few initial problems when he first arrived, Hamish has now settled in really well. Everyone seems to love him, even people who don't generally like dogs!  He's very handsome and gets lots of attention, fuss and compliments when they are out. 
He has been a very good boy to train, probably because he is so motivated by food and will do practically anything for a biscuit.  He also enjoys playing and even though greyhounds aren't supposed to fetch, he loves to run after a ball and bring it back to them (for a biscuit). 
Hamish is still a bit timid though and is scared of lots of things including their cat, the stairs, hoover, clothes airer, open water, boxer dogs, swans etc......
As mentioned, Hamish is very motivated by his stomach and loves food - almost everything!  He's quite happy to help himself to what he can find, so they have to keep things out of reach or he will take it including a tub of margarine, bag of flour, loaf of bread, a packet of biscuits, you know the sort of things! They also discovered he's quite partial to a drop of wine, and if they don't pay attention he'll stick his long pointy nose in their glass and slurp the lot!
All in all, they say he's quite a character, and they love having him. 
13th September 2013
We heard today that Hamish and his owner have recently become registered as a "Pet As Therapy" team.  They did their first volunteer session today at a local care home for the elderly.  Hamish did really well.  He went round and said hello to everyone and then settled down in the lounge and had a nice long sleep while one of the residents drew a picture of him.
He's still a brilliant dog and they say they are very lucky to have him.

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