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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Meg arrived on Monday 18th July 2011
Went to her new home on Friday 19th August 2011
Sadly she was returned to the branch on Monday 16th July 2012
through no fault of her own and because of her poor health became our
long term foster dog. Sadly, Meg died on Monday 17th June 2013.

Meg's arrival and a brief history
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Black Greyhound
Meg is a black ex-racing greyhound who was born in 2003. Having been in the Rescue kennels for some time and everyone passing her by she has come to our branch of the Trust so she can be fostered instead of kennelled. This way, Pat who is fostering her along with her other greyhound and whippet can show her the joys of family life and help her on her way to finding her forever home.
Meg has a lovely gentle nature, is okay with children and travels well in the car. She is house trained, speyed, inoculated, microchipped and has recently undergone a dental.
Meg came back into the branch on Monday 16th July 2012 through no fault of her own and because of her poor health has become our 2nd long term foster dog
Meg's Diary
18th July 2011
Stuart collected Meg this morning and she lay down nicely in the back of the car for her journey back to our house. Upon arriving here she said hello to all our greyhounds who almost mobbed her because they all came out the conservatory at once rather than one at a time as is normal. Meg took the fuss in her stride and never bothered.
We walked her round the garden on the lead until she did a wee, got a huge praise then she wanted in the house with the others. Inside we tied her lead to the hook by the side of the kitchen fire. Coaly and Blue promptly lay on the bed we put down for her so she stood by the side while I made her some food. She enjoyed that, then it was back in the garden for another tour until she did what she needed to do, huge praises then back in the house and back on the hook.
While we were waiting for Pat to arrive I sat at the kitchen table and did some paperwork to find Meg standing by my side wanting a stroke, satisfied all was okay she then lay down on the carpet near the kitchen fire because the dog bed we put down for her was again covered by other dogs.
To say she has only just come from kennels she quickly relaxed in our kitchen. She knows her name and when Pat arrived she went to greet her for more cuddles.
We checked all the paperwork she came with, double checked her earmarks and discovering she wasn't microchipped we did that as well. When the time came for her to leave she walked to the car and jumped in the side door and by the time Pat was ready to leave she had laid down on the duvet ready for yet another car journey.
In the evening Pat phoned to say Meg was a little treasure. Upon arriving home she took Meg, Remy and Hendrix for a walk together so they could get to know each other. Meg pulled a little on the lead, but that is probably nerves with her coming from the kennels to a new foster home, new companions and a new environment and we are sure the pulling will stop once she feels more settled. She wasn't the least bothered with the traffic noise, met a little boy and enjoyed him stroking her and when they walked past a fence with chickens the other side she simply sniffed them then walked away and ignored them - to Pat's amazement!
Back home she had something to eat, strolled around the garden then settled easily in the house, found her bed and just lay there watching everyone.
5th August 2011
Although Meg has been in her new foster home with Pat for the past couple of weeks or so not once has she attempted to climb the stairs, and with Pat hurting her back she didn't feel able to show Meg how it was done, that was until today. Today Pat started to show her how to do the stairs and Meg just walked up them as if she'd been doing it all her life. Likewise, coming down. Therefore, tonight she will be joining the others in Pat's bedroom. Meg has been having one or two accidents during the night so we will be interested to see if, by sleeping in the same room as Pat whether this stops. If it does, then Meg has been waking in the night, not knowing where everyone was and having a little panic.
Pat has been helping a friend with some gardening recently and each time she goes she takes all the dogs with her who either sleep on the lawn or mooch about. Meg has got quite used to seeing the chickens the other side of the fence and doesn't bother with them. The small Bantam cockerel chick is now much larger and the last time Meg visited the garden it did a 'cock a doodle doo' at her for the first time making her jump back from the fence in fear. Pat said she was funny to watch.
17th August 2011
A few days ago Pat took Meg with her to Surrey to visit her sister. Meg met Sam who is just a small bundle of fur. She was fine with the other dogs.
Meg has a lovely quiet nature and is very laid back. She loves to be fussed and stroked, and just wants a quiet life.
18th August 2011
While Pat was taking Remy to the vet for a check up she had Meg weighed. She weighed in at 26.0k.
19th August 2011
This afternoon Pat brought Meg here because a family whose home check was a pass wanted to come and see Meg with a view to adopting her. She was a little nervous at first, wondering what was going on and when they arrived she met their other dog Levi, who is an 11 year old female whippet cross. along with the labrador who comes to visit every day. They all got on well, everything was fine and once all the adoption paperwork was complete she jumped in the back of the car with the other two and off she went to her new home where we hope she has a long and happy life.
20th August 2011
We heard today that Meg wouldn't eat anything last night and and looked quite frightened. This morning there was a little tussle between her and Levi because their feeding bowls were a little too close together and to avoid anything happening again until they get used to each other the bowls were moved to each end of the room. Levi was nipped on her nose and Meg had a nip under her chin. Her owner phoned Pauline and Colin who did their home check and they went round to see them both. It was thought best Meg visited the vet to be on the safe side in case she needed any stitches, but the vet didn't think they were necessary, but to keep an eye on it and she gave them some antibiotics for her.
Later in the day Pauline nipped round and bathed Meg's chin and Levi's nose again and took her new owner a harness for Meg until she could get one for herself. This is because Meg is quite nervous and unsure at the moment and because she walks better on a harness it was thought the sooner she was in one the better. When Pauline put the harness on her to try it she was so excited Pauline decided it was cruel to just take it off again so took Meg for a little walk, which she enjoyed.
21st August 2011
Heard today that Pauline nipped round to see how Meg was and gave her, her tablet and bathed her chin. There was no fresh blood from the wound, which is a good sign and she seemed fine. She ate all her food and is beginning to learn that its best to keep away from her new owner's mobility scooter wheels when they come back from their walk and whilst going back into the house.
29th August 2011
We received an email from Pauline today saying they called in on Meg yesterday as they were passing her new home. She says she's really found her feet now and is happily walking around the bungalow with the others. Her new owner said she accidentally dropped the lead yesterday while out and Meg realizing she was loose decided to have a couple of runs round the Green. That was a bit scary, but when her new owner called her back she came. As a result, the next time they are all up the field they are going to let her off for a while so she can have another good run if she wants to.
17th October 2011
Meg went to say with Pauline for 7 days while her owner is away on holiday.
21st October 2011
Meg's owner went away for a few days and while away Pauline offered to look after her as her owner didn't want her going into kennels. Meg settled in well with the other greyhounds and whippets and Pauline emailed to let us know her owner is calling to collect her shortly.
Pauline said she would miss Meg because she's been no bother at all. She's a little beauty, no trouble at all and sits amongst the others and smiles a you. She was quite timid when she first arrived, but was really coming out of her shell by the time she left. She is so quiet and took a liking to Pauline's bedroom where she will often lay as it was quieter and out of the way of the hustle and bustle of the other dogs, the rest of the family and people calling with car boot items or wanting to buy things. Although Meg likes it in Pauline's bedroom she does come down when called to go for walks, to do her toilet and at meal times. One morning when Pauline woke at 4.00 am and went to the loo Major, one of her other greyhounds who always sleeps on her bed moved and while in the loo Pauline heard a little jingle. When she returned to her bedroom Meg had jumped into her space next to Major and because she didn't have the heart to move her decided to start her day a little earlier than normal!
When Meg's owner came to collect her she stood in the hall and called her name. Meg was upstairs on Pauline's bed and when she heard her owner's voice she came charging downstairs to welcome her back. After a lovely welcome they both headed back home.
22nd January 2012
This afternoon Pauline called in to see how Meg and her owner were getting on because her owner hadn't been too well of late. Although Meg's owner isn't able to walk as she used to Meg looked well and has access to a good piece of land from the back door, which is enough to run around in when she wants to.
12th July 2012
This morning Pauline, one of the branches volunteers received a call asking if Meg could come back into Rescue because her owner, who has been seriously ill for some time is now no longer able to look after her properly. When Meg arrived back at Pauline and Colin's house she knew exactly where she was and made her way upstairs to one of the dog beds in Pauline's bedroom and went to sleep. Pauline never heard a peep from her and she preferred to stay upstairs away from the rest and where it was quiet.
13th July 2012
Pauline said Meg is still very quiet and wants to be alone in her bedroom most of the day. She's very nervous at the moment and hasn't come down to eat or mingle with the others. Pauline woke up for the loo at 4.00 am, put a belt round her neck and led her downstairs and outside for a wee, which she had then went back to bed upstairs.
14th July 2012
Late yesterday afternoon after a better examination of Meg's mouth it was so bad she would have gone to the vet's this morning. However, Abel went missing last night when an unannounced firework display at a nearby Academy went off with a bang, scared him and he clambered over the fence, and everyone has been out looking for him today. A friend of Pauline's had some antibiotics, which Pauline gave Meg to help tide her over until she could see the vet next week. She also gave her some Metacam to help ease any pain.
16th July 2012
This morning Pauline took Meg to the vet who put her on more antibiotics because of the condition of her mouth and Pauline received an estimate for the work required to put things right. As this was on the high side we suggested Meg come here and go to our vet as we knew the amount they would quote for the same work would be less.
Pauline says Meg is very nervous and likes to be on her own, has a very good appetite, clean in the house, jumps around when its walk time, is very gentle but may tell a dog to' back off' it it disturbs her.
17th July 2012
As Stuart was doing work for a client on the west coast of Cumbria he called in to Pauline's house on his way home and picked Meg up, along with her tablets and inoculation card and brought her here where we will foster her until her mouth is sorted out.
18th July 2012
We took Meg to the vets this afternoon for a thorough examination, where she weighed in at 29.2k. We accepted their quote for the dental and arranged to take her in on Friday. The antibiotics she's been on a few days will have helped to settle her mouth a little before any treatment began.
This evening we emailed Pauline to ask if Meg had a cough when she was with her because she pulled a bit on the lead when we took her to the vet and since then she’s been coughing on and off.  She wasn't doing it before so wondered if Pauline had noticed anything similar, but she hadn't.
This evening Meg had stopped coughing so we put it down to her pulling on the lead. To stop this happening again
we are
going to use a harness for her until she settles.
19th July 2012
I'm sure Meg's cough seems worse, or are we just noticing it more? Will have to ask the vet tomorrow.
20th July 2012
This morning Meg went to the vets to have her dental. She had it early afternoon and the vet phoned to say we could collect her
6.30pm once she’d had time to sleep things off.  There was a lot of tartar on her teeth, but thankfully only one needed removing. While at the vets she did that awful cough.  The vet thought it may have been a loose cartilage in her throat and they checked this during her dental, but couldn't find anything untoward. However, they commented that when they removed her tooth the cavity took longer to stop bleeding than is normal. The cough and bleeding issue are associated with lung worm, so when she came home she came with antibiotics and a weeks supply of Panicure, which if lung worm were present it would be destroyed by this level of dose. While under the aneasthetic the vet also took a blood sample for testing and found her creatinine was 274 whereas the normal range is 44 to 159. Her Urea was 9.8 whereas it should be 2.9 to 9.6. As a result Meg also came home with a supply of Fortekor to help stablise this.
23rd July 2012
Meg's cough sounds like a real bad smokers cough and it kept me awake all night last night. It seemed that once it started it didn't want to stop. Felt really sorry for her and I didn't get a wink of sleep all night.
24th July 2012
Meg is still coughing badly – kept me awake 2 nights now.  The vet confirms it is definitely not kennel cough and is ordering in some tablets to help ease it, which should arrive this afternoon. These will ease the tickle in her bronchial tubes until all the other medication she is on has done its job and removed all signs of lung worm, which is what the vet believes her symptoms suggest she has. We don't know when or where she got it from and from what the vet was saying it could be recent or she's had it a long time as it can sometimes lay dormant for a long period before showing any symptoms, and many a time the only way it is spotted is during an operation like Meg's dental when her blood didn't clot quite as good as it should have done. Apparently, you can’t see them or their eggs with the naked eye and they can only be seen by a vet undertaking a flotation.  The vet confirms she is NOT infectious - with having all the other greyhounds it was the first thing Stuart asked about when he was told. 
If Meg remains still the cough will ease, but as soon as she
stands up or moves it's triggered again. Sometimes for a long time, which is quite distressing to see and hard to listen to as it has a rhythm, which makes the sound worse.
10th August 2012
Since Meg was on the injections to help her sleep at night, which have now stopped and the vet has put her on a new kind of antibiotics Meg's cough has almost gone. The only time she tends to cough now is when she gets very excited and as she calms down it calms to a stop.
The vet who at first thought it was lung worm because she was showing all the signs, although nothing was ever proved, and even the flotations of her stools showed nothing, is now satisfied that can be ruled out. This new set of antibiotics is to clear any non-infectious bronchial problem she may have, and with a bit of luck it will do the trick, that is if we can get the tablets down her! The vet said we would have a problem and to do our best.
11th August 2012
After yesterday's attempt at getting the antibiotic tablet down her today's atttempt is with a pea shooter. I wedged her in a corner using my body and held her collar while Stuart opened her mouth and shot the tablet down her throat with the pea shooter and massaged her throat to encourage her to swallow it down. We thought we had suceeded until I moved my hand from under her chin to find the tablet sitting in the palm of my hand. Whether Stuart shot it there or she spit it out we don't know. Attempt number two succeeded. Thank goodness. Two more tablets to go!
20th August 2012
Meg's not been on antibiotics a few days now and yesterday we noticed her cough getting worse again. Whereas before it was
Click images for a larger view

Black Greyhound
Meg in our garden
18th July 2011

Meg - Black Greyhound
18th July 2011

Black Greyhound
18th July 2011

Black Greyhound
18th July 2011

Meg - Black Greyhound
18th July 2011

Black Greyhound
With Charlie trying out
the new kennel
23rd August 2012

Black Greyhound
Meg had an infection in her neck
when this photo was taken In our garden. However, a course of antibiotics cleared it up and
removed the swelling.
2nd December 2012

Black Greyhound
. . and again.

Black Greyhound
Enjoying a wander round the
garden, but with her coat on to
keep the bitterly cold wind off her.
2nd April 2013

Black Greyhound
2nd April 2013

Black Greyhound
24th April 2013

Black Greyhound
In our garden
9th June 2013

Black Greyhound
. . . and again . . .

Black Greyhound
. . . and again . . .

Black Greyhound
. . . and again . . .

Black Greyhound
. . . and again . . .
when she became anxious or excited , now it seems to be anytime. Last night she woke both Stuart and I at 3.00am with her coughing so we let her, and any others who wanted to go out side, out to do a wee then we got her on her bed and gave her the last injection we had to help settle her to a more relaxed night. As she sometimes 'leaked' when on these injections I put a few thicknesses of towel under her rear end in case, and off we went to bed again. The injection worked and thankfully the towels were dry in the morning.
While at the vets with Marshal this morning Stuart asked about Meg. The vet said they were still convinced she had lung worm despite none of the tests proving it. He was going to look into a new strain of lungworm that has just arrived on the scene to see if this is what she may have and to look into what tests will prove she has it or not. The vet thought it highly amusing the problems we'd had getting the last lot of antibiotics down her especially as he says they are the palatable ones! Stuart asked if he'd ever tried one to which he said no. He told told him Meg says they are no way palatable and we believe her. The vet thought it highly amusing and gave Stuart some more injections to settle her at night if she needed any along with a different kind of antibiotic tablets.
Oh no! was my response to Stuart bringing home more tablets, not more tablets, not after the last lot. I needn't have worried because these were smaller and when pushed inside a piece of meat positioned in the prime spot on her dinner it went down first, without even 'touching the sides'!
24th August 2012
Although Meg has been on the antibiotics 4 days now we haven't really noticed much difference in her coughing and the vets are quite baffled as to what is causing it. Having watched her carefully over the past few weeks looking for patterns that may help us we've noticed that if she wakes in the night coughing we must let her out to do her toilet. If we don't then she will 'leak' during the night, when we let her out, she relieves herself and then she quickly stops coughing and settles back to sleep quickly.
Last night she woke us at 1.30am asking out, and while out she did two wee's and two pooh's, so I think I'm going to change her food to Burns to see if that resolves the situation.
This evening we also started her on Joint Aid granules sprinkled on the top of her food. I know there appears nothing wrong with her joints, but am wondering if any of the components in it will help build up her immune system to tackle the cough.
28th August 2012
When Meg wakes up during the night with a cough I've started letting her out no matter what the time. She and anyone else who wants to go out to do their toilet go and we've noticed when Meg comes back in she settles back to her bed and seems fine. If I leave her she just coughs and will often urinate on her bed.
30th August 2012
Meg has now been on the new antibiotic tablets a few days and her cough has changed from the deep heavy 'smokers' cough to a much lighter, softer one. It still happens when she gets excited such as meal times, greeting people, getting ready for her walk and during the night if she wants to go out, but we can hardly hear her now during the night. Over the past few days when she's been coughing she has been bringing something up into her mouth then swallowing it, not sure what it is, but whatever it is makes her want a drink of water after and her cough stops immediately. Her cough now it is much softer and sometimes just sounds like a 'puff' is much easier on our nerves. I think weeks and weeks of heavy coughing really got us down at times as it seemed sometimes, as if it would never end.
4th September 2012
Meg has just two more of the Baytril antibiotic tablets left, so we took her to the vet again this morning for a further check-up. Her cough has reduced by about 80%, is less harsh or deep, and sometimes just a pant. It now mainly happens when she is excited or there is something going on around her. Since being on the Baytril she is now coughing something up, but we don't know what it is because she swallows it straight away and goes straight to the water bowl for a drink. Once she's had a drink she settles very quickly. The vets think there may be a more deep rooted issue because when she listens to her chest she can't hear anything wrong, and with all the medication she's had so far it should have gone. As a result, she is booked in to the vet this coming Friday for a chest x-ray and an endoscope investigation to try and get to the root of the problem.
She has also been ‘leaking’ during the night if she isn’t let out at least once.  This has been going on a few days now, but has got worse and I’m having to wash which ever bed she lays on. 
6th September 2012
Meg has lost 3 kilos since she started coughing, and 3 different lots of antibiotics should have cleared what she has, hence the x-rays and Trachia tests being done tomorrow.
7th September 2012
Meg went to the vets this morning where she weighed in at 28.2k. Emergencies during the day meant she wasn't seen until quite late, so when the vet phoned to tell us the results they asked if they could keep her in overnight to give her time to sleep things off gently, and they will ring in the morning with a time to collect her. The x-rays showed her chest was fine, so they did a scope on her trachia. They found no blockage, or inflamation, and saw some healed nodules, but no active ones. As a result they are convinced she did indeed have lung worm, but a form that was extremely hard to get rid of. While under the anaesthetic the vet put some fluid down her trachia then sucked it back out again so as to get some cell samples, which they are sending off for testing, just to be double certain.
8th September 2012
Meg went for an examination at the vets today where she weighed in at 28.1k, which is 1k down on when she was weighed in July. However, she is eating well, her coat looks nice and she is happy and settled in our home, so the vet wasn't overly worried about it, but asked if we could keep an eye on things..
28th September 2012
Meg went for an examination at the vets today to have a look at her front right leg because she suddenly started limping a couple of weeks ago and the Metacam we gave her made no difference, and now she stands with her foot in the air when she isn't walking. The vet examined her shoulder, leg and foot, and found no signs of anything sinister, but we narrowed it down to a single pad on her foot that seemed harder than the others. The vet wondered if it was a corn, but I couldn't see one and the way she suddenly started limping two weeks ago wasn't the normal pattern for one. The vet scraped some of the surface of the pad and we are to put on duct tape over where the vet thought there may be a corn. If the corn doesn't show itself as is the case when duct tape is applied we are to bring her back for further investigation.
While at the vets we had her weighed and found her to be 27.3k, almost a kilo down on 3 weeks ago. She still looks healthy, is happy and is eating well, but we are concerned with this weight loss so if things look no better soon we will take her back to the vets.
16th October 2012
Meg was back at the vets again today to have a further look at her foot and limp, her annual booster was due, to enquire about her 'accidents' in the house despite being on Propalin Syrup and her general condition. She's become quite fussy with her food of late, which isn't the Meg we know, she's looking thinner, her hair has gone quite dull and she is casting more than is normal.
She weighed in at only 26.3k, which is a kilo less than two weeks ago. The vet checked her teeth and gums, which were not good as they expected considering her recent dental, and her gums were red, but not as bad as last time. The vet was very concerned with her recent huge weight loss, examined her and took a sample of blood for testing because she was worried about the health of her kidneys, this time when the needle was removed her blood clotted as normal, which was good.
We waited in the vets while the blood was being tested and the results came back with her creatinine of 514 and her Urea as 19.8, both readings were very high, so things don't look too good for our Meg. It was suggested we not give her the annual booster just yet until we can see if we can stop her weight loss, and the foot, well that is a mystery - the pad isn't the same as the others and we are all rather baffled. Meg has enough to deal with at present so we are going to keep an eye on her pad and leg, but nothing more at present. She is going to be on Fortekor for the rest of her life and also K/D Prescription Diet food, and we hope she will eat it and start to regain a little weight.
The sad thing is Meg will not get better, all the treatment and medication she's had treating the lungworm and associated cough may have masked what was going on with her kidneys. We hope, that with love and affection we can make her remaining days with us, no matter how many they may be, as enjoyable and as comfortable as we can.
20th October 2012
Meg enjoyed a grooming this afternoon to remove all her fluffy dull hair, she loved it, but I had to be careful going over her ribs as some are quite prominent. She looked a lot better and having done a little dance ran into the house and up on the settee for a nap. She's happy, enjoys a cuddle and runs to meet the guests when they come to say hello.
Since stopping the Propalin and starting the Fortekor tablets the accidents during the night and early morning if I don't happen to hear her asking to go out have ceased - thank goodness! She seems more settled and last night was the first night she slept all night, the first since she arrived.
Since discovering her kidney disease we've ordered her new food and we have slowly reduced the amount of meat on her dried food to only being a tiny bit, enough for her half Fortekor tablet to be pushed into. When her new food arrives on Monday we will introduce it into her present food slowly over a few days to get her used to it slowly and thus reduce the risk of her rejecting it..
28th October 2012
Meg has been on the Prescrition k/d dried food for a few days now and thank goodness she likes it. Her coat is beginning to look a little less dull, she's put a little bit of weight on and she seems much more alert, happy and playful. Let's hope the k/d diet will prevent her kidney function from becoming any worse.
2nd April 2013
Meg loves to wander around our garden, but the wind is still bitterly cold so she goes out wearing her bedding coat to keep her warm.
10th April 2013
Meg went to the vets today for a check up, and she weighed in at 25.9k. The vet mentioned she had a grade 2 heart murmer, her kidney readings were very high and her teeth were not good. They suggested we take in a urine sample in a couple of days to see how things are going.
17th May 2013
Meg went to the vets today where she weighed in at 24.75k.
13th June 2013
We are really worried about Meg, her breath smells awful and a discharge is dripping from her mouth. The vets say there is nothing else they can do and they are really surprised she is still with us. She wouldn't eat anything today other than a little of the food left by the other dogs. She wouldn't touch her own, just turned her nose up at it. She stayed in her bed most of the day and we thought today would be her final day with us. However, in the evening she came to the door to greet us and we knew the awful day we would loose her is not going to be just yet.
14th June 2013
Meg didn't want to go out in the night as normal, nor was she wanting to go in the garden and do her toilet first thing this morning. She ate a little food, which I added some chicken liver and gravy to. She enjoyed that - not the right food, but then at this stage in her life, does it matter. She enjoyed it and had a potter around the garden. She's looking more thin now and her back end isn't as steady as it used to be, but she enjoys going to the door to see who is coming in along with all the others. I think this afternoon she must have been laying on her bed in some of the discharge from her mouth as it looked rather unpleasant, so I got a bowl of warm soapy water and washed her head and neck down. She enjoyed that, especially the gentle rub after to dry her off and the kisses and cuddles that followed.
Keeping up with the washing is quite difficult at the moment because of her dribbling the discharge, but she can't help it, and the washing machine doesn't mind!
17th June 2013
We knew this morning was to be the day. Meg didn't go out first thing and when it was time for her breakfast she never stirred from her bed. Having phoned the vet and made an appointment for this afternoon we made Meg as comfortable as we could and gave her loves and cuddles until it was time to go. We were still caressing her and telling her we loved her as she fell asleep.
Sleep tight my lovely 'Meggy Peg', it was an honour to have known you, and your loss leaves a hole in my heart. Deep down I know you are no longer in pain and able to run free and be happy amongst the angels. Run free my lovely 'Meggy Peg'. You may be gone, but you will never be forgotten and our love for you will remain for ever. Sleep tight my lovely 'Meggy Peg'.

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