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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Tigger arrived on Friday 18th November 2011
Was adopted by his fosterers on 1st September 2012
Sadly Tigger passed away in December 2013
following a massive seizure .

Tigger's arrival and a brief history
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Brindle greyhound
Tigger is a 9 year old brindle greyhound who is being fostered with Peter, Anne and their three dogs. Tigger has spent most of his life on a farm before coming into an animal rescue centre after killing the farm cat that left him with an injury that almost lost him his leg. Town life is quite alien to him, and being re-homed and returned after just a month it was deemed in Tigger's best interest he come into the Retired Greyhound Trust where we understand greyhounds and where he can be fostered rather than kenneled until he finds a new home.
Tigger, we believe has had a hard and troubled past, and assessing him since being in foster care leads us to believe there may not have been a great deal of love involved, nor food, or food that he's had to fight for and protect. Tigger, who everyone thought
was in a great deal of pain when he arrived now appears to be the result of a trauma. Since he first came into foster care he's moved on in leaps and bounds. He is a very affectionate dog who is coming to realize that cuddles are nice, toys are an enjoyment, and not everyone is out there to hurt him.

Tigger's Diary
18th November 2011
Peter and Anne collected Tigger today from the Animal Rescue where he was being kept. When they arrived home with him he was a bit grumbly and growly towards their three dogs, but then Tigger hasn't shared kennelling since he has been at the Rescue Centre so it is only to be expected.
The crate is being put to good use and he is quite happy to go in it. At present he will be muzzled at all times when not in it because of his grumbling. He is eating and drinking okay, but is rather thin, which may be due to him getting stressed in the kennels, so they will be feeding him up a bit!  Anne has already given him a good brush which he really enjoyed; he is shedding his coat by the handful!
Tigger is a very striking dog with lovely dark eyes, and he sits on command for a treat!
19th November 2011

21st November 2011
Peter emailed today letting us know that Tigger is a lot more settled this morning and seems far more comfortable after some Metacam last night. He has even managed a half hearted full length shake, and has made it up the stairs for the first time! He has obviously been used to stairs and does them easily. He is finding it easier to be near the other dogs. Just the odd little grumble now and then.
7th December 2011
Tigger is continuing to do okay but Peter had an unfortunate incident this morning while he was preparing the dogs' meal out the back. Prince, their greyhound must have got too near and Peter missed the warning signs so Prince was nipped by Tigger. Again a food orientated action that thankfully was just a graze. As a result they have reintroduced the muzzle at meal times. Prince and Tigger have been fine since.
20th December 2011
Tigger took a trip to the vets recently for a checkup to try and determine if there is a medical reason for why he behaves the way he does at time. All his blood tests came back normal, and there is no change in the muscles, kidney or liver. He does have gingivitus quite badly causing his gums to bleed and this is very bad at the back of his mouth. A dental was suggested.
While out on a walk this afternoon Peter casually kicked a stick in the gutter and Tigger went straight onto the ground and cowered.
He's beginning to settle better, and meal times are more settled especially as he's begining to know their routine.
Since being put on antibiotics for his gingivitus Tigger seems much happier and tonight he wanted to play with Celt, but Celt wasn't too sure.
Today he walked about 2 miles and enjoyed it, which is the first time because usually he won't go further than 50 yards. Could it have been his teeth and gums causing him a problem because he' a different dog since starting the antibiotics.
30th December 2011
Tigger went to the vets today for his dental.
1st February 2012
We heard from Anne today that since Tigger started on the Zylkene a month ago he seems much calmer and more relaxed with barely any issues with their other dogs as was the case before.
Following the vet's advice they stopped giving him the Zylkene when just a couple were left to see how he got on. The first few days of no tablets showed him to be fine, but from then on he became noticably more anxious especially when the other dogs in the house were approaching him and he would snap. Therefore, it's back on the Zylkene and a muzzle back on again until he settles.
Up until the past couple of days Tigger has been making real progress and enjoying life, his walks and his interaction with the other dogs. He has turned into a bit of a couch potato and somewhere he has learnt how to open lever door handles!
26th June 2012
Peter emailed today letting us know that Tigger has really come on a lot in the last couple of months. On their recent holiday he was no trouble at all and really loved the walks in woods. he certainly prefers the countryside to local street walking, though he is always keen to go out even if he doesn't want to go far. He is no trouble travelling in the car, can be left for up to four hours with no problems. He is not destructive and no longer feels the need to pinch food. He waits patiently for his own food and eats with Errie and Celt, their other two dogs. Toileting is a dream. Never known such an easy dog!! He always lets them know when he wants to go out.  Indoors he will  always come to his name and has just started to respond to " stay"  and "out". They have worked a lot on handling him and getting him used to being touched and he will now tolerate being patted quite firmly and stroked down both sides and as long as he knows you are there there are no problems. He would like to play with the others, but they are still reluctant to let him. Sometimes none of them will walk by him if he is lying across their path. His reputation lives on! He has been to Eden on a couple of occasions and the gentleman running it was amazed at the difference in him. He does his best to run on the paddock but he is not a natural athlete. He had a tendency to fall over!  Don't think he has done much running in his life. Although so much better, the anxiety and nervousness is not far under the surface. He had an outburst yesterday directed at Prince who wandered too close to him when he was licking one of the bowls, and only tonight he frightened himself when he knocked over the flower pot they use as a food stand and let out a terrified scream and took a while to compose himself afterwards. He is terrified of fireworks and thunderstorms, or indeed any sudden loud noises. He is good with other breeds of dogs and young children, but they feel that it would be very unwise to place him in a family with young children. They and him would be too unpredictable.
He is still on his medication. They have tried three times to reduce the dose, but each time you could see his anxiety level rising, so they have left him on the full dose for the time being.
He may be a bit of a plodder, but he has a real character, loves affection but he does at times have such sad eyes.
27th June 2012
Anne emailed to say that last night Tigger had one of his episodes! Poor Prince was the target as he walked by him Tigger was awake at the time and it was totally unprovoked and just reinforces how unpredictable he can be  He just loosened some of Prince's hair and it was all over in seconds  Whether Tigger was having an off day yesterday - he was a bit grumbly all evening with us as well for which he was well squirted for   Thankfully he is fine again today.
30th June 2012
This afternoon Peter called in to collect some 'Joint Aid' for Tigger. With him being 10 years old and having a somewhat rough life we thought a spoonful of this each day with his food would be beneficial, so Peter called in to collect some to give it a try. He brought Tigger with him as we hadn't seen him for a while and we wanted to take some photos of him.
Tigger has put some weight on since he arrived, is a lot more relaxed and was looking well. Peter and Anne have been really committed to helping Tigger overcome his fears and worries, which we are very grateful to them for as Tigger wasn't easy when he first arrived. The velcro fastening on his coat no longer scares the living daylights out of him when they take his coat of, and they have been touching and handling Tigger as much as they can to reassure him that touching is nice and not always nasty. The side he couldn't stand people touching when he first arrived he's now fine with. Peter was rubbing him, stroking him and even patting his side to demonstrate this and Tigger took it all in his stride.
Tigger has reached a stage where he wants to play with the other dogs in the household, but Peter and Anne's dogs are still a little wary of him because of what he was like when he first arrived, but this will change in time as Tigger progresses.
Tigger is no longer eating his food on his own, but his dish is in the same room as the others and he no longer bothers or feels quite so over protective towards it as he did when he arrived.
Peter says he's a changed dog from the one who first arrived and is a pleasure to have in the house. He's taken him back to the rescue centre we got him from a few times recently for a run in the field because Peter does voluntary work there, so takes him with him on occasion. Tigger's recal is good and he will sit on command for a biscuit.
5th July 2012
We heard from Peter today that he'sbeen to the vets about the possibility of something being in one of his pads causing him pain. The vet examined Tigger's paw but was loath to poke about in his pad. Rather than have him in to investigate under anaesthetic, he has prescribed Metacam and we are to bathe his foot in warm saline solution twice a day. Hopefully, whatever is in his paw will find its way out!
26th August 2012
Anne emailed today letting us know that during the last month Tigger seems to have made some really positive advances and has now completely settled into their routine and life with their other dogs Although they believe his problems are still only just under the surface, even with the Zylkene,  at least now they know exactly what causes him to be fearful and although they have the odd outburst from him they know it is purely fear that has caused it.  Just this afternoon he met Sonny and his owner who he knows quite well while out on a walk and while they were prancing around their leads got caught up and Tigger had one of his noisy outbursts   Luckily Sonny's owner could see it was just his fear and that he was not a threat, which may not have been the case with someone who didn't know him. To Anne and Peter he is a lovely affectionate dog who is really a real pleasure to have living with them.
Anne says the Joint Aid we supplied didn't seem to have any affect, but he wasn't on it for long as there wasn't much in the container. That's a pity, however, they say Tigger's movements have become a lot freer with all the exercise he has been having - he really enjoys his walks now especially those in the countryside when he is really interested in his surroundings.
They have decided that it is in Tigger's best interests that he has his forever home with them and therefore they are going to adopt him   Also as Prince, however much Anne tries to pretend otherwise, is coming towards the end of his days and she feels it is unfair to put him through any more changes to his pack at this stage in his life
1st September 2012
We received an email today from Anne saying that as Prince is now 11 years old and beginning to slow down it might not be fair to foster for a while. As Tigger has been with them a while and has become so settled with them they have decided to adopt him.
We wish Tigger a long and happy life in his new home that really became that home last November when he arrived.
15th December 2013
We received a message today letting us know that sadly Tigger had a massive siezure at home earlier this month and has passed away. It all came as a huge shock to everyone, and his passing has left the house somewhat empty despite the other dogs being there. Rest in Peace Tigger, run free and without pain amongst the angels.

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Brindle Greyhound
In the garden
19th November 2011

Brindle greyhound
and again.

Brindle greyhound
and again.

Brindle greyhound
In our garden during a visit on
30th June 2012

Brindle greyhound
. . . and again.

Brindle greyhound
. . . and again.

Brindle greyhound
. . . and again.

Brindle greyhound
. . . and again.

Brindle greyhound
. . . and again.

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