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Angel arrived on Saturday 21st January 2012
Went to her new home on Monday 13th February 2012

Angel's arrival and a brief history
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White & black greyhound
Angel is a lovely white and black ex-racing greyhound who is 3 years old and weighs approximately 58 lbs (26.3k). She walks nicely on the lead, travels well in a car and from what we've been told she is alright with children and other breeds of dogs. Angel is, as her previous owner says, an angel!

Went to her new home on Monday 13th February 2012
Angel's Diary
21st January 2012
Angel arrived here this morning, had her photograph taken in the garden then we brought her in the house to say hello to the other greyhounds, who were all behind the gate at the end of the kitchen leading into the living room. All seemed fine so when the excitement of a new arrival had calmed down we let them out one or two at a time to meet her. Goldie gave her the 'don't mess with me' stance, which Angel completely ignored.
Once the initial meeting was over all the other greyhounds went behind the gate again and Angel was left in the kitchen with me to relax and get to know the place - not the case, she wanted to be with the others so the gate was opened, there was a quick mingle then they all settled to their beds.
Angel enjoyed playing with the tennis ball, pinched my slipper, enjoyed her tea, watched all that was going on in and around the kitchen and laying in front of the kitchen fire for a nap!
She enjoyed wandering round the garden off the lead to do her toilet with the others, and when it was time to come in she was there standing at the door with the rest of them wanting to come back into the warm.
House training she's picked up quick and the two accidents by the door were our fault for not realising she was pacing - just thought she was looking at what was happening in the garden and her new surroundings!
Although only with us a short time the nervousness has gone and she's a happy, sweet girl who never stops wagging her tail. What a little sweetie!
2nd February 2012
This morning Angel went to the vet for her 1st inoculation because she came with no paperwork. She was also speyed and while under the anaesthetic she had the toe she injured while racing the day before she arrived here x-rayed. The x-ray showed the outside toe was completely dislocated and because of the way it was the vet felt if they manipulated it back, it would just jump out again. It was decided to leave the toe as it was and in later years if it caused her a problem to just remove the toe.
13th February 2012
This lunch time the couple interested in Angel called in with their other greyhound called George and adopted Angel. Once all the paperwork was complete she jumped in the back of the car alongside George and off she went to her new home where we hope they will have a long and happy life together.
18th February 2012
We received a lovely photograph today of Angel laying with George on the carpet. What a lovely pair they make and we hope they become firm friends.
15th October 2012
We received an email today letting us know that Angel and George were getting along fine. They sent us a photo showing them relaxing on a bed together, which was lovely to receive.
8th January 2013
We received an email today from Angel's owners enclosing a picture of her and George wearing raindeer antlers. Not sure what she thinks of them - not much I suspect!
2nd October 2013
We heard today that Angel is featured in the Tia Greyhounds 2014 calendar and she also won 'Prettiest Bitch' at an RGT local fun dog show. Well done Angel !!!
19th December 2015
We heard today that Angel is enjoying life with George and has been on several holidays to the North Yorkshire Moors and nearby coast. Recently she started venturing into the sea for the first time.
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White & Black greyhound
Angel before she arrived
18th January 2012

White & black Greyhound
In our garden
21st January 2012

White & Black greyhound
. . and again . . .

White & Black greyhound
. . and again .

White & Black greyhound
Angel with George
'Is Christmas coming?'
1st December 2012

White & Black greyhound
21st January 2012

White & Black greyhound
Angel won 'Prettiest Bitch' at
an RGT local fun dog show.
8th September 2013

White & Black greyhound
George and Angel
18th February 2012

White & Black greyhound
George and Angel
getting to know each other.
15th October 2012

White & Black greyhound
19th June 2013

White & Black greyhound
With George in the background
23rd December 2014

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