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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Marshal arrived on Wednesday 25th July 2012
Transferred to the kennels in the West Cumbria Branch of the Retired Greyhound
Trust on Saturday 20th October 2012 where his re-habilitation continued and he was
to be re-homed. Sadly Marshal was put to sleep in April 2013 because his behaviour
suddenly became dangerously eratic. We are not sure why this should be, but a tumor
or something similar amiss with his brain was suspected of which there was no cure.
Rest in Peace Marshal - gone but never forgotten.

Marshal's arrival and a brief history
Click images for a larger view

White & black Greyhound
Marshal is a large stunning white and black greyhound who was born in 2009 and weighs 35.6k. He travels well in a car, is house trained, neutered, inoculated and microchipped. Marshal is a happy and friendly dog who, before he was neutered and for a while after had a very high sex drive. Once his hormones began to settle down he settled better, became much more relaxed and just wants to please. A very friendly and loveable chap he can get a little over excited and boisterous at times, and because he can be a little 'nippy' to other NEW nervous and timid dogs we tend to keep him with a muzzle on at the moment at
these times until he gets to know the other dog and learns that nipping is not an acceptable behaviour. The dogs who stand up to
him and either growls or snaps at him makes him back off and he then gets on fine with them because they put him in his place. The ones he tends to nip are the ones who don't stand up for themselves and who he regards as being weak. However, once introduced properly to these he becomes best friends with them.

Marshal's Diary
23rd July 2012
The Antrim Dog Pound phoned this morning asking if we had room for a youngish greyhound who they couldn't find a place for and who was due to be destroyed in a couple of days time. Of course I said yes, and started making arrangements to get him over here. When we phoned the gentleman we've used in the past, and who is a professional dog transporter, we discovered he was on holiday until the 6th August and the dog pound wouldn't keep Marshal (as he is now called) that long. Slight panic set in and then I decided to phone Chris who re-homed Gemma as he said if ever we were stuck getting a dog across on the ferry he would help. Thankfully he was on leave and said he would book the tickets for the ferry and let us know which one he was going to go across to Belfast on.
While Chris was doing this I put an urgent post on Facebook asking for help getting Marshal from the dog pound to the Belfast ferry port and again someone else who could pick him up from the ferry port in Liverpool and help us get him here.
A gentleman who lives near Antrim offered to pick Marshal up and take him to the ferry port for Chris, and Chris, once the tickets booked arranged to meet Stuart at Charnock Richard Services to collect him and bring him home.
Once we knew a date and time for Marshal to be collected from the dog pound we rang to confirm the details and the warden emailed us a transfer notification transferring him over to us here at the South Lakes branch of the Retired Greyhound Trust. When I phoned the pound kennels about him he had just gone to the vets to have his tail looked at. The cage he'd been put in was a little too small for him and with him being a happy dog had split his tail open on the grill causing it to bleed. He was at the vets, would be staying in over night and the dog warden will collect him in the morning ready for him to be collected by the gentleman who would be taking him to the ferry.
24th July 2012
Around 2.00pm this afternoon David collected Marshal from the dog pound and put him in his car, ready to start his journey to the Belfast ferry and the start of a new life. The ferry wasn't leaving until the evening so Marshal stayed the afternoon at David's house before leaving Ireland.
25th July 2012

26th July 2012

27th July 2012
Marshal slept in the crate last night to ensure there were no 'stand offs' between him and one of the other dogs in the night. We are not sure whether he is exerting his dominance or taking a little longer than normal to slot into the pack hierarchy and the others are behaving the way the are tell him where he belongs. He wasn't happy about that, but once in, he soon settled, and we never heard a sound from him all night.
30th July 2012
Well the 'penny is beginning to drop' that despite us giving Marshal 'time out' in the crate since the day he arrived, that we are not all that bad and he is beginning to stand still for a stroke and a cuddle. He's been going in the crate to give the others peace because he's a testosterone 'bomb' and wants to mount any dog whether standing still or moving. The water spray works, but we are not always there to use it, and time out every time he does it is giving him time to reflect that if he does it he's in the crate, if he doesn't he gets to roam around the garden with the others.
2nd September 2012
Despite the ups and downs with Marshal when he first arrived his is now settling in well and has become a very loving, friendly and affectionate dog, will allow other dogs to lay next to him and is often seen sleeping on the settee next to one of the others. Each time he's seen another breed of dog he's either shown no interest or goes to say hello to them. The only thing we haven't yet succeeded in doing is to get him to stand quietly with the others while waiting for his evening Dentastix. I think he's frightened of missing out and will, if he can, snatch one from one of the other's mouths. Waiting quietly is something that will come in time once he realises there is one for each of them, and shouldn't be an issue in a home with less dogs.
20th October 2012
As a result of the increasing dominant and threatening behaviour of Marshal should the others not conform to his rules, which was unsettling the other dogs here and is not appropriate in our type of fostering environment it saddened us greatly to have to make the decision to move him into the Retired Greyhound Trust Kennels belonging to the West Cumbria branch. This was not an easy decision and one not taken lightly.
Arrangements were made this morning and I drove him there so I could have a chat with Tom, the person in charge. I wanted to explain that Marshal was house trained and really good in the house, and very friendly and loving. It was outside that he kept exhibiting the dominant and threatening behaviour and thus the reason we had him muzzled all the time since the incident where he hurt Mal.
Tom reassured me he would not let Marshal down and would find him a home that was suitable for him, but he would take his time as he wanted to assess him and start some re-habilitation work with him, which sometimes included some heavy running to tire him out as this often calmed this sort of behaviour down.
I left him there feeling very sad and with a feeling of letting Marshal down, but I knew there was not only Marshal to consider but our 3 dogs and all the other foster dogs coming and going here.
When I got home all the dogs in the house were very subdued, almost as if they sensed how I felt and knowing something had happened to Marshal.
24th October 2012
I was pondering things today and remembered the vet saying at the time Marshal went in for neutering that he had very irregular testicals, which would have to come off anyway whether we wanted them off or not. I wonder if this is what was behind his behavioural issues. It certainly was for Jack, Paddy and Sandy. Sadly Jack and Paddy have since died, but our Sandy we nicknamed 'the beast', and he was much, much worse than Marshal. Over time we chipped away at his issues and he's turned into a much loved companion who over time has mellowed. This we believe is how things will turn out for Marshal. He needs someone to love him and who will be committed to stand by him and help him overcome his present issues, issues that may well diminish if not disappear once his hormones settle and he learns his place in society. Had we not had all the other foster dogs including the two in the kennel we would have kept Marshal and worked with him, but with us having all the other dogs it was impossible. I will keep in touch as to how Marshal is getting on, and should anyone wish to adopt him then please phone and we can let you have the details of where he is.
April 2013
Sadly Marshal was put to sleep in April 2013 because his behaviour suddenly became dangerously eratic. We are not sure why this should be, but a tumor or something similar amiss with his brain was suspected of which there was no cure.
Click images for a larger view

White and black Greyhound
In the Antrim dog pound
23rd July 2012

White and black Greyhound
From the dog pound and in
David's car ready to set off on
the start of his new life.
24th July 2012

White and black Greyhound
At David's house waiting
to go the ferry at Belfast.
24th July 2012

White and black Greyhound
In our living room
and relaxing!
25th July 2012

White and black Greyhound
and again.
26th July 2012

White and black Greyhound
In our garden
4th August 2012

White and black Greyhound
and again.

We were so near,
yet so far.
Rest in Peace Marshal.
Gone but not forgotten.
White and black Greyhound

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