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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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When adopting a greyhound the suggested donation is £150.00 which goes towards neutering, inoculations, upkeep etc. Some people give a little less, while
others want to give more. We are quite flexible with this, and with this we provide:
Martingale Collar, Lead, Muzzle and 4 weeks free cover with the insurance company PetPlan

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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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(now called Pip)

Kylie arrived on Thursday 18th July 2013.
Went to her new home on Sunday 15th September 2013.
She was sadly returned on the 18th September because the whippet she
was going to live with decided he didn't want her in the house
Went to her new home on Saturday 28th September 2013

Kylie's arrival and a brief history
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Brindle greyhound
Kylie is a beautiful dark brindle ex-racing greyhound, who is a very friendly and loveable girl who loves being cuddled. She walks nicely on the lead and travels well in the car.
Kylie was in a foster home for about 6 weeks waiting for her new family to move house, and after various delays she eventually went to a new home on the 15th September 2013, but was sadly returned on the 18th because the whippet she was going to live with decided she was okay to go for a walk with, but he didn't want her living in the house with him and began to make things rather difficult, so it was thought best she came back here and we find her another home, which she went to on Saturday 28th September 2013.

Kylie's Diary
* The branch kennel at the bottom of our garden is where Kylie and the other resident(s) will be for the first day or so until she gets to know the other greyhounds. He has use of our garden and paddock, and once he gets to know the other dogs he will be allowed in the house during the day and all the dogs will then take it in turn to sleep in the house at night, so they become use to sleeping in both the kennel and the house.

18th July 2013
Kylie was one of four greyhounds who arrived this afternoon. Each one was brought in the garden, given Frontline on the back of their neck near the shoulder blades for fleas, which is normal practice for the branch and put in one of the sections in the kennel. There was a fan in there to help move the air around as it was a very warm day and an insectecutor was hanging from the bar just outside the kennel door to attract any unwanted insects.
Once all four dogs were dealt with we gave them some food. Kylie liked hers although she didn't eat it all and we left them to settle into their new surroundings while I continued my bed and breakfast work.
7th August 2013
Until now Kylie has been living in our kennel at the bottom of the garden along with three other greyhounds. Sleeping in there, but able to explore the garden during the day. However, this lunch time Wendy collected her because she is going to foster Kylie until she goes to her new forever home next month. This way Kylie will experience living in a house with a family, which will help her a great deal when she goes to live with the family who want to adopt her.
9th August 2013
We received an email from Wendy today letting us know that Kylie was getting on grand. There have been no accidents in the house, and while out walking she has met a few other dogs, with no problems. She climbed into the back of Wendy's son's brand new car and refused to get out - he was the only one of the group who didn't think it was funny!!
Kylie is a bit of a thief when the opportunity arises and she keeps carrying things around the house - peg basket, tea towels, shoes, etc., which can sometimes happen if they feel a little insecure.
10th August 2013
Wendy emailed to let us know that Kylie is cat friendly!! She couldn't believe it, but her and kitten completely ignore each other.
15th August 2013
This afternoon Kylie went to the vets for her 2nd inoculation.
21st August 2013
Wendy says Kylie is getting on fine. She loves the squeaky tennis balls, has broken a couple of items and tries to steal food when ever she can!! She's not too keen on being left on her own at the moment, which is probably an insecurity thing at present along with some of her mischievious moments. Doesn't like the rain( refuses to go for a walk in the rain, even with her coat on)
Loves going out in the car, but doesn't like getting out of the car.
Butter wouldn't melt, Wendy says - she broke one of her best mixing bowls last night and helped herself to the bananas that were in it!! Hope her new family are ready for a heap of mischief as she's into everything at the moment, but then it's all new to her !
Wendy also says she is a lovely dog, just a bit of a monkey, and would sooner play with her tennis ball than go for a walk.
15th September 2013
Kylie had been in her foster home for about 6 weeks waiting for her new family to move house, and, after various delays she eventually went to her new home this afternoon, where we wish her a long and happy life with her new family.
18th September 2013
We received a phone call this morning saying things between Kylie and Sam the whippet were not going well. Although they were fine when they met here and while out walking when it came for Kylie to live in the house Sam was having none of it and began to make things rather difficult, so it was thought best for everyone she came back here and we find her another home.
Such a disappointing ending after such a long wait, but we are sure it is for the best and the right home for Kylie is out there somewhere, her new owners just don't know it yet!

22nd September 2013
Following Kylie's return to 'rescue' her name was put forward to a couple looking for a female greyhound as we thought she may be the one they were looking for. The couple arrived this afternoon and having had a chat they went off to Wendy's house to visit Kylie. They called in here on the way back, said she was very nice and asked if they could adopt her.
28th September 2013
Kylie was adopted this afternoon and once all the paperwork was complete she jumped in the back of her new owner's car and off she went to her new home where we hope she will have a long and happy life with her new family.
1st October 2013
We heard today that Pip's new owner's think she's getting better all the time - such a fine looking Madam!
6th October 2013
We received an email today letting us know that one week in and Pip seems to be settling in. She is getting at plenty of walks, loves exploring the neighbourhood and seems to know her way home.
They had her off the lead yesterday for the first time, on a local field that has been part of her usual walk route .  After an initial scare, she came back and ran and ran and ran, coming to call to both her new owners with treats and praise.
Only problem was she then "crashed out" for nearly all the rest of the day.
She needs to get a bit more fit and she has been great at socialising with both dogs & new people. She has also been "out to work" with her new owner meeting clients and they have started to leave her for short periods on her own, and she is getting used to the fact that we always come back.
Pip is quite a character and can be quite demanding at times, wanting to go out of the garden to do her toilet but they are trying not to be at her beck and call.
26th October 2013
This afternoon we heard that Pip is doing well and getting to know her new name. Attached with the email we received a photo of her all cuddled up in bed! She looks a happy little girl!
8th March 2015
We received an email today containing the following message:
"It's been a while since I contacted you so just thought I'd update you :
We can't believe how well you matched us to Pip - she is wonderful and continues to amaze us.  Her  general charater is such fun and if not running round the house with her toys, she is flat out on her back snoring with this smile on her face.
Her intelligence shows more and more with new tricks and mischief and constantly has us laughing.
I have never known a dog to be so well behaved when out walking.  On the lead she is fine but off it the world is her oyster- rushing round sniffing for squirrels, running wild when there is an open space but always comes back immediately on re-call.
When we first went to see her at Wendy's, we were told she can be quite aloof with other dogs and she still is, but other dogs don't seem to understand she is a Diva and far superior to them.  They have to be very special to to even register on her Radar but when they do she runs the legs off them in no time flat.
She has been on holidays to Scotland and Devon and we are all looking forward to Scotland again at the end of April.
I think she is also looking forward to Summer - she was out sunbathing yesterday."

28th July 2015
We received an email today from Pip's owners saying she has brought such joy to their lives and it has been a privilege to watch her as she has found her confidence and realisation that she is with us for life. She is truly the soul of the house now.
As they say being their “only child” she revels in the attention showered on her.  Thankfully, of late, her anxiety when she is left for short times has decreased greatly too.  They think she has finally realised they always come back.
22nd January 2018
We heard today via Facebook that Pip has cataracts which is slowly affecting her eyesight.

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The branch kennel
* The branch kennel

Brindle Greyhound
In our garden
27th July 2013

Brindle Greyhound
and again.

Brindle Greyhound
and again.

Brindle Greyhound
and again.

Black Greyhound
Bones with Bob.
24th September 2013

Brindle Greyhound
Checking out the new car
6th October 2013

Brindle Greyhound
6th October 2013

Brindle Greyhound
6th October 2013

Brindle Greyhound
In her new home
7th October 2013

Brindle Greyhound
7th October 2013

Pip - Brindle Greyhound
All cuddled up
26th October 2013

Pip - Brindle Greyhound
28th July 2015

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