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Fostering and re-homing greyhounds in the South Lake District, Cumbria


Sam arrived on Thursday 16th May 2013
Went to his new home on Friday 17th May 2013.
Sadly Sam and Jake were returned here on Thursday 29th September 2016
because of changes in the family circumstances that involved illness and bereavement.
Went to his new home on Saturday 23rd October 2016.

Sam's arrival and a brief history
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Sam - white & brindle greyhound
Sam is a white and brindle ex-racing greyhound who we re-homed in May 2013. Sadly he was returned to us on Thursday 29th September 2016 through no fault of his own, his owner's family circumstances having changed.
Sam is house trained, neutered, inoculated, microchipped and recently had a dental when two teeth were removed. He has a lovely friendly nature, walks super on the lead, is okay with children and other breeds of dogs and travels well in a car.

Went to his new home on Saturday 23rd October 2016.

Sam's Diary
16th May 2013

17th May 2013

18th May 2013
We heard today that Sam slept downstairs last night, his choice, and woke his new owner a couple of times to go out. Had one accident, but not bad for the first night in a new home straight from the kennels.
Sam manages the stairs really well on his own. All the dogs had breakfast together and then they collected mum, who has Jake and Tarquin for a rainy walk. After their walk they all went to mums to dry off and Sam decided Jake's bed was the best place to be!
Sam is definitely the quieter of the two, and all the dogs get on with, but Murphy, one of the long standing resident dogs keeps telling the two new dogs to 'know their place'. All is going well and they're beginning to bond.
Sam's new owner say Sam is a quiet lad who likes his bed and pillow. That is, when he can get it to himself, because her daughter keeps joining him! They are really looking forward to seeing his personality coming out as they get to know each other including their other two dogs, Inga (black labrador) and Murphy (elderly collie).
26th March 2014
We received a message today via Facebook that Sam is fine and loves relaxing on the settee on his back!

5th October 2016
This morning Sam went to the vets for a check-up and dental. He weighed in at 33.9kg. He was pronounced fit and well and his teeth and jaws were xrayed to see how things were below the gums. Despite the teeth looking pretty grotty only 2 needed removal, the rest were scaled and polished to bring them up sparkling.
At tea time we collected him from the vets and brought him home where he settled to his bed in the living room and slept off the anaesthetic. What a super lad he is.
20th October 2016
A guest arrived at our bed and breakfast this afternoon for a 3 night stay. Having stayed twice before he came with just one greyhound this time, leaving their eldest one at home with his partner. He was looking for a companion in readiness for the eldest one passing away.
21st October 2016
Having had a long chat this morning we felt Sam was the most suitable for his family and suggested he take him out with the greyhound he brought with him to see how they got on. He signed the adoption paperwork making Sam his responsibility and they all went out for the day. When he arrived back we fed him and he stayed in our part of the house tonight. They all had a good day and Sam and the other greyhound got on fine, even in the back of the car together.
22nd October 2016
Sam went out for the day again today and had a good day out. He was good in the car, on their walks and with their other greyhound. When they arrived back we were asked if they could adopt him and because I was happy with the arrangements etc. I said 'yes'.
23rd October 2016
This morning Sam went off to his new home where he will be a companion for 2 other greyhounds and a cat. Sam is a lovely dog and we hope he has a long and happy life with his new family.
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White and brindle Greyhound
In our garden
16th May 2013

Sam - White and brindle Greyhound
16th May 2013

Sam - White and brindle Greyhound
16th May 2013

Sam - White and brindle Greyhound
18th May 2013

Sam - White and brindle Greyhound
21st May 2013

White and brindle Greyhound
26th March 2014

Sam - White and brindle Greyhound
19th May 2013

Sam - White and brindle Greyhound
23rd May 2013

Sam - White and brindle Greyhound
In his new home with his
new companion Darren
24th October 2016

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