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Eli arrived on Thursday 8th May 2014
Went to his new home on Tuesday 27th May 2014.

Eli's arrival and a brief history
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Black Greyhound
Eli is a black ex-racing greyhound who weighs 31k. He was born on the 3rd April 2009.
Eli has a nice friendly temperament, travels well in the car and is in a good condition.
Eli's Diary
8th May 2014
Eli arrived this afternoon, and what a lovely dog he is. He met all the other greyhounds and quickly settled in the kennel saying hello to any that came to visit him.
9th May 2014
This morning Eli went to the vets where he was neutered. All went well and we collected him in the afternoon and he slept things off in the quiet of his kennel where the others could leave him in peace.
19th May 2014
It was a lovely sunny day today so I took the opportunity of taking some photos of Eli in our garden.
23rd May 2014
Today Eli visited the vet to have his neutering stitches removed and for his dental. He weighed in at 30.65k. He was also to have his second inoculation, but when the vets checked their records they found they hadn't given him his 1st one when he came in to be neutered at the beginning of the month. During the dental 4 small back molars and 1 large back molar were removed as they were all loose. All went well and we collected him at 6.00pm.
27th May 2014
This afternoon Eli's new owner called in to adopt him. Eli remembered her and stood by her side all the time the other greyhounds were milling around saying hello. Once all the others were out in the garden or in the house she had Eli to herself in the conservatory where we completed the adoption paperwork.
When it was time to leave he happily walked with her to the car, needed a helping hand getting in the back seat because all were new to him.
Once in the car however, he didn't need telling where the bag of chews were she had bought him on the way. He was through the gap in the seats to the front and his head in the foot well helping himself to a large rawhide bone. This removed, and he was back in the bag for more, so the bag was picked up and put in the boot of the car out of harms way, and he was maneuvered back onto the back seat to settle down, and off they went.
Eli is a super lad and he will make his new owner a very loyal companion, so we wish him well in his new home and hope he has a long and happy life there.
29th May 2014
We heard today that when Eli and his new owner left here they went for a long walk up at the stables. Eli was an absolute dream on the lead and he wasn't fazed at all by the horses. After, they went to the pub for an evening meal and he loved the attention from all the people there.
They arrived home about 8:30pm and he's had a good nosey around the house, upstairs too! Settled now, having a snooze by the radiator. His new owner says that Eli is going to have a wonderful life with her.
5th June 2014
We received an email today letting us know that Eli has settled into family life perfectly, its as though he has always lived in his new home! He loves his walks and is not fazed at all by the rabbits, ducks, chickens and pheasants roaming freely around him. When he gets home he likes to chill out on the sofa and sleeps the night on his new owner's bed even though she bought him a luxury comfy dog bed!
He follows his owner everywhere like a shadow but she has left him a few times for 20 mins, he's been fine and not fretted. He has been to the pub and into school with her and loved all the attention from everyone.
He is though a Thief!! He has pinched a whole loaf of bread from the shopping bag and devoured it in seconds. He is forever checking the work surfaces in the kitchen to see what he can find - his new owner says he's so funny!
They are so glad they could give him his happy ever after home because he is an absolute joy!
2nd August 2014
We received an email today letting us know that Eli is doing amazingly well.
His new owners love him to pieces and he is just what they needed to make their family complete.
When they attended the Chipping Hunt ride, the photographer asked if he could see him run and Eli impressed everyone with his passion to stride, which he thoroughly enjoyed.
He also entered the Garstang Show and won two 1st prize rosettes! In Eli they have their perfect companion.

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Black greyhound
In our garden
19th May 2014

Black greyhound
19th May 2014

Black greyhound
19th May 2014

Eli - Black greyhound
6th June 2014

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