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Fostering and re-homing greyhounds in the South Lake District, Cumbria


Lizzy arrived on Thursday 7th August 2014
Went to her new home on Sunday 11th October 2014

Lizzy's arrival and a brief history
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Black greyhound
Lizzy is a black ex-racing greyhound who was born in August 2010. She weighs about 29k, is a really happy, friendly, playful girl who loves to play and be cuddled, and is house trained, spayed, inoculated and microchipped.
Lizzy , is okay with other breedsof dogs, but because of her happy and playful disposition we tend to allow them to meet with her wearing a muzzle in case the other dog(s) mistakes her playfullness and over enthusiasm for something else. She is good with children and travels well in the car.

Went to her new home on Sunday 11th October 2014

Lizzy's Diary
* The branch kennel at the bottom of our garden is where Lizzy and the other resident(s) will be for the first day or so until she gets to know the other greyhounds. She has use of our garden and paddock, and once she gets to know the other dogs she will be allowed in the house during the day and all the dogs will then take it in turn to sleep in the house at night, so they become use to sleeping in both the kennel and the house.

7th August 2014

Lizzy arrived this evening with the intention of her being re-homed with the retired lady who recently lost Jazz. When she arrived we introduced her to our Indi to help her settle. After her original owners/trainers left we put her in the middle section of the kennel so she could see and say hello to the other greyhounds without actually mingling with them. She very quickly settled and we were able to finish off our work. Come bed time she settle in the middle section with three other dogs in the other sections to keep her company. All were fine.
8th August 2014
This morning when I went to let the dogs out the kennel I received a lovely welcome from Lizzy.
11th August 2014
Lizzy went off to the vets this morning to be spayed and have her first inoculation because she arrived with no paperwork. When she got out the van at the vets Stuart said she pulled heavily on the lead towards the vet's entrance, and inside she got very excited when she saw a small dog in the waiting room. She weighed in at 27k.
When he arrived home he said he thought she was not the right one for the lady because of all the small dogs in the area where she would be living and the lady not being strong enough to hold her.
All went well with her spaying operation, but she looked a bit sorry for herself when she arrived home.
12th August 2014
A good nights sleep and Lizzy is this morning back to her normal happy self.
This evening we wanted to see what she was like again, so we took her and one of the others to the pub to see how she reacted. As she came out the end of our drive she almost pulled me over in her excitement at going for a walk. At this point we decided we should ring Tom in the West Cumbria branch of the RGT to see if he had one in his kennels more suitable for this lady. He had one, her name was Panda and arrangements are in place to bring her here and introduce her to her new owner.
It may be that Lizzy is showing settling in nerves and over excitement at being away from the kennels and allowed to run around our garden and small paddock. We've seen this before with others so we will keep an eye on her and find her the right home.
1st September 2014
Lizzy has been living and sleeping in the house now for some time, but this afternoon she drew the short straw and went in the kennel with Jack who had just arrived so he wouldn't be in there on his own.
2nd September 2014
When both dogs came out the kennel in the morning Lizzy was just so pleased to see me, dancing and prancing around, and trying to nibble my hands. She is such a happy, playful girl, a pretty one with loads of character.
Stuart took Jack off to the vets to be neutered and Lizzy happily went in the house with the others to await her breakfast.
11th October 2014
This afternoon Lizzy's new owners came to adopt her. She gave them a lovely welcome as they walked through the door, and once all the paperwork was complete she happily went off with them to their car and off to her new home, where we hope she will have a long and happy life.
13th October 2014
We received a picture today of Lizzy settling into her new home, which all seems to be going well.
28th October 2014
A couple of pictures were posted on Facebook today showing Lizzy very relaxed and enjoying life, having her tummy tickled and a cuddle - a very happy girl, both of them !!
31st October 2014
.Lizzy's picture on Facebook today shows her wearing her new coat - or are her new owners wishing they had adopted a brindle!!!
8th March 2015
We heard today that Lizzy is fine and they are slowly getting there with her and the family cat. Not there yet, but getting there.
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The branch kennel
* The branch kennel

Back greyhound
A picture of Lizzy while still
at her racing kennels.

Back greyhound
In her our garden
17th September 2014

Back greyhound
17th September 2014

Back greyhound
In her new home
13th October 2014

Back greyhound
Enjoying a tickle
28th October 2014

Back greyhound
Lizzy's new coat,
or did they really want a brindle!
31st October 2014

Back greyhound
Lizzy getting more and more
acquainted with the family cat.
8th March 2015

Back greyhound
28th October 2014

Back greyhound
In her Santa outfit
14th December 2014

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