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Delilah arrived on Saturday 7th March 2015.
Went to her new home on Thursday 23rd April 2015.

Delilah's arrival and a brief history
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Black Greyhound
Delilah is a black female who was born on the 4th April 2012. She weighs about 27k, has a nice temperament and is okay on the lead.
Delilah's racing career came to an abrupt end with her first race with her new owner at the end of January when she fractured her right hock. She was in splint and bandages until the end of February. When her splint and bandages were removed and the vet gave her the okay she came here. However she must rest for the next few weeks with no running so she is currently in the kennel and using the space surrounding the kennel to walk around, along with being in the house to give her some change of scenery, but there is to be no running around for a bit yet to allow her hock to heal properly. After that, we have been told she should be fine.
Delilah is now spayed, inoculated and microchipped.

Went to her new home on Thursday 23rd April 2015.

Delilah's Diary
* The branch kennel at the bottom of our garden is where Delilah and the other resident(s) will be for a while to give her rest and prevent her from running around the garden, walking is fine, but not running.

7th March 2015

13th March 2015
Oh dear, the bandaging Stuart put on Delilah's tail yesterday afternoon was on her bed in the kennel this morning despite him wrapping it quite a long way up her tail. Her tail was dripping blood again and the kennel looks as if there has been a murder in there - there was blood everywhere!
As I was taking Annie and Linda to the vets this morning we put Delilah in the van as well to see if the vet could sort her tail out also. She weighed in at 27.9k
The vet gave her a thorough examination then shaved some of the hair from the end of her tail. She has fair wacked it and it looks as if the skin has come off the end, which is bad news because without the skin the end of the tail can die and needs amputating. Just hope it doesn't come to this. I think Stuart's tail dressing came off because Delilah's tail is so long, almost touches the ground, and she may have trodden on the dressing as she moved and this was the reason it came off.
The vet securely dressed her tail and said that when she comes in next week to be spayed they would have a look at her tail at the same time.
While in the vets they also examined the repair to her hock and showed me how to do some light physio on it to help it move again after being splinted for such a long time, which will stop it becoming stiff. It was also suggested she go for a five minute lead walk each day to help keep her supple because with being kennelled and in a splint for six weeks she needed this to help get her going again. The break was on the joint, which has become a little thicker and calloused over. The vet said this non-movement of that section of her leg shouldn't impede her walking too much and with the physio for the rest of her leg things will look brighter for her in a few weeks.
23rd March 2015
We took Delilah to the vets today to have her spay operation area checked and for the dressing on her tail changed. The vet said the end of her tail was warm showing it hadn't died, so there is hope we can save it.
17th Aprill 2015
Delilah slept in the house last night for the first time, she was very good, found a bed and slept through till the morning when she went out with the others.
18th April 2015
Tommy who arrived on the 16th was quite stressfull last night when he went in the kennel with Ebony, who is also new, so I needed one of the dogs from the house in the kennel to help settle him. Delilah drew the short straw last night when she pushed her way into the kitchen and dived into Indi's feeding bowl and wolfed most of her food before I could get to her. She's a little monkey is Delilah, and although won't touch another's food dish when they are all eating at meal time will take the opportunity any other time she can to get what she can. I'm just wondering whether to increase her food at meal times to encourage her to avoid doing this. Anyway, her actions tonight meant she was the one going in the kennel, which she accepted with resignation. Bless her!
23rd April 2015
This afternoon Delilah went off to her new home where we hope she will have a long and happy life with her new family.
13th May 2015
We received an email today along with some pictures of Delilah who her new owners say is wonderful. They've had no accidents since the first couple of nights, which is very good to say she's not slept in a house before.
They had a bit of an accident last Sunday night, as they were doing their usual walk. There is a drain cover with small glass squares in it, but one had broken and Delilah's leg went through it and she cut her back leg, not the one she broke before coming into 'resce', the other one. The hole in the glass was only small, but it took the skin off all around her leg along with some on her pad. Luckily for them Delilah made so much noise that about ten passers by came running to help and taped her up to stop the bleeding until they got her to the emergency vets who bandaged it up for them until they could get her to their own vets in the morning.
She's recovering really well after the ordeal, having had a couple of stitches put in to help it heal faster, the bandage has been removed and she's in a boot to protect her pad till it heals. They are giving her lots of cuddles, pampers, treats and not too many walks at the moment, and she's loving it. When they are on a walk she will be fine until she see's someone, then she puts her sad face on and looks at them until they give her cuddles! Her new owners think her brilliant and wonderful.
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The branch kennel
* The branch kennel

Black Greyhound
In our garden
19th March 2015

Delilah - Black Greyhound
19th March 2015

Delilah - Black Greyhound
19th March 2015

Delilah - Black Greyhound
19th March 2015

Delilah - Black Greyhound
Leg in bandage
13th May 2015

Delilah - Black Greyhound
8th August 2015

Delilah - Black Greyhound
8th August 2015

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