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Fostering and re-homing greyhounds in the South Lake District, Cumbria


Mobi arrived on Saturday 28th February 2015.
Went to his new home on Thursday 19th March 2015

Mobi's arrival and a brief history
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Black Greyhound
Mobi is a black ex-racing greyhound who was born in September 2010. He weighs 27.1k, is house trained, neutered and inoculated. He is a friendly lad with a nice temperament, is a laid back couch potato, okay with other breeds of dogs, walks nicely on the lead and travels well in a car.

Went to his new home on Thursday 19th March 2015

Mobi's Diary
* The branch kennel at the bottom of our garden is where Mobi and the other resident(s) will be for the first day or so until he gets to know the other greyhounds. He has use of our garden and paddock, and once he gets to know the other dogs he will be allowed in the house during the day and all the dogs will then take it in turn to sleep in the house at night, so they become use to sleeping in both the kennel and the house.

28th February 2015
This afternoon Mobi and Debbie arrived. Upon their owner/trainer leaving we put them both in the kennel to settle.
Mobi has been living in a cold kennel so he has a very thick kennel coat. The only other one who came in with such a thick coat was Jill (Dixie) who had been kept in an open ended barn with the sheep! Once the warmer weather comes and Mobi starts loosing it, it will come off by the handful and he may well look rather 'moth eaten' for a while.
4th March 2015
This morning Mobi went to the vets for his first inoculation because he came with no paperwork and to be neutered. He weighed in at 27.1k.
Stuart phoned from the vets asking if Mobi was already neutered because there was no sign of anything. Upon contacting his previous owner he confirmed that to his knowledge he wasn't neutered. It transpired that both testicles were up inside, one just above where it should have dropped and the other attached to his stomach. Consequently he had two sets of stitches and when he arrived home again he was feeling very sorry for himself and wouldn't lay down. I put the heating on in the kennel, made him a nice bed, helped him lay down and covered him over with a blanket. He just lay there and went to sleep, not moving all evening.
5th March 2015
What a lovely greeting I received this morning when I went to the kennel to let them all out. Mobi was back to his normal happy self and greeted me with his tail going round in circles with happiness.
9th March 2015
With Toby leaving and Ice arriving this afternoon we brought Mobi in the house to make room for Ice in the kennel. Having only been in the conservatory once he gingerly walked in a second time then on into the kitchen to say hello to the other dogs already in that room. A little nervous of his new surroundings he paced the kitchen for a few minutes before settling down to rest on the carpet.
After his tea we muzzled him to go outside because all the others he hadn't met would be going out also after their tea. Jack had a muzzle on as well with him being male, but all the rest were okay without. All were fine together so when they came back in the house they quickly settled.
19th March 2015
This morning Mobi went to the vet for his second inoculation and his neutering stitches to be removed, but they were found to have been disolvable. All went well and shortly after him getting home his new owners arrived to adopt him and take him to his new home with them. When they arrived he remembered them and never left their side, wanting to be stroked all the time. It was almost as if he knew they were for him.
All the adoption paperwork complete Mobi walked with them to their vehicle and I showed them how to teach him to jump in the back because it was rather higher than normal - and off he went to his new home.
This evening we received an email letting us know that all was going well. Mobi has had a walk and sniffed out everything in his new home and garden! He's eaten well and is now happily asleep stretched out in his new bed.
20th March 2015
We heard today that Mobi's new owners had a good night with him and he slept outside their bedroom all through the night! He's had a good walk this morning and now snoozing! They've noticed he tends to cough after he's had a drink of water and wonder if he was swallowing air as well. I replied saying I hadn't noticed him doing it here so it may be a liitle nerves and to monitor things to see if they improve.
23rd August 2015
Mobi's new owners emailed us to say how well mobi was doing! They'd love to let you see him and his lovely new shiny coat some time. His kennel coat has well and truly been replaced with a glossy black one!
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The branch kennel
* The branch kennel

Black Greyhound
All cuddled up in his bed having
just got home from the vets.
4th March 2015

Black Greyhound
Out walking
22nd March 2015

Black Greyhound
Back home again
22nd March 2015

Mobi - black Greyhound
23rd August 2015

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