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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Born: 20th April 2001
Date Arrived: 17th February 2004
Died: 20th July 2015
Aged 14 years 3 months

Her arrival and a brief history
Indi at Greyhound Rescue in Selby
When Penny died her companion Bobby became withdrawn with grief so we decided to get him another partner straight away. We drove 2½ hours to the Greyhound Rescue in Selby, Yorkshire taking Bobby with us for he was to chose his new companion. When they first met they seemed fine together, she licked our hands and seemed a friendly little thing. I think she also chose us because when we opened the boot of the car to get something out she jumped in and refused to get out again. Indi was in the process of coming into the Rescue Centre so her owner brought her over to Selby so we could have a look at her. She was born on the 20th April 2001 so she was not quite 3 years old when she was no longer wanted. She wasn't house trained and hadn't been inside a house before.
Indi's Diary
Everything was new to Indi for she had been kept in kennels. She travelled well and although she had a muzzle on because her previous owner said she hadn't been in a car before it came off never to go back on again as soon as we got home. Inside the house she ran around looking in every room at everything and anything. She never stood still a second. After we fed her we took her and Bobby for a walk and called in at our local pub on the way back. She behaved perfectly and loved all the attention. One of the customers looked at her saying 'well madam, you've certainly fallen on your feet!'

She was funny during those first early days (not to say she still isn't) - looking behind the TV to see what was there, running to the back door every time a dog barked on the TV, watching the fish in the fish tank, trying to control her rear end from toppling over her when coming downstairs, galloping upstairs without falling over her feet, trying to learn when its time to go to bed and stay there and again when to get up in the morning without being told to go back to bed, running non-stop round the field the first time we let her off (we thought she was never going to stop), jumping in the canal and swimming after a moorhen running along the other bank (luckily the moorhen hid in a bush, Indi lost interest and swam back to us) and avoiding the glass doors by reading the sign we stuck to it!!

Everything to Indi was new. We don't believe she had ever seen another dog other than a greyhound because the first one she saw caused her to freeze in her tracks then turn and was about to run away, had we not caught her. She was petrified of it. From that point we slowly introduced her to as many different kinds of dogs that we could because each new breed baffled her.

A spoonful of cod liver oil with her breakfast each morning soon made Indi's coat shine but it took nearly three months before the two bald patches on her back legs grew over again. These bald patches were, we believe, caused by the harness she wore on the treadmill during exercise sessions at her kennels.

As Indi was so lively we bought her a ball on an elastic rope that we could throw in the field for her to tire her out - she loved it and to begin with it went everywhere with her. We later bought her a squeaky ball which she thought wonderful and runs around the garden throwing it for herself. On one of these occasions she was running after it so fast she couldn't stop in time before the pond. The ball stopped by the plant pots but she just jumped them - straight into the middle of the pond. Did it phase her, no, she just swam to the edge, climbed out and ran after her ball again. We just couldn't stop laughing.

The first time we took Indi to Ireland we went by fast ferry from Liverpool. Before her and Bobby went on the ferry we took them for a walk to toilet them. When she first saw the sea she shook with fear, so much so her back legs turned to jelly and she almost collapsed. It took us a while to relax her and we believe she may not have seen anything quite like it before.

A few weeks after we started fostering greyhounds for Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue we noticed a big change in Indi. We believe the experience made her more mature - possibly because she was no longer the new dog.

She also started 'talking' to us when there was no room for her on the settee. She becomes quite vocal making numerous different sounds and looks you straight in the eyes as she's telling you to get one of the others off the settee for her. When she doesn't get her way she gives you such a 'dirty' look, gives such a grumble and eventually resigns herself to the floor, or goes upstairs to her bed.

On the 14th November 2004 we attended the Dumfriesshire Greyhound Rescue 'Fun Greyhound & Lurcher Show & Christmas Fayre' at Dumfries where approximately seventy greyhounds were present. Indi won first prize for 'The dog the Judges would most like to take home with them' - we were very proud of her.

We bought all our foster dogs a fluffy, squeaky bone for Christmas 2004 and Indi watched us wrapping them up. We put her present under the Christmas tree along with all the others and thought nothing more of it. The following morning we found her in the living room with her fluffy bone unwrapped and she was busy opening Bobby's box of biscuits - how did she know which to open? We re-wrapped them and put them at the back of the tree. When Matthew arrived he put all his presents under the tree. On Christmas morning we were amazed to find Indi unwrapping her present from Matthew - a squeaky ball - How did she know it was hers?

Three days after Christmas we came into the living room to find a cracker ripped to shreds and her and Benny playing tug of war with a long piece of tinsel from under the Christmas tree. How they got it without pulling the tree over we will never know. There was tinsel and paper everywhere - I know we should have been cross but it was so funny we had a job not to laugh at them.

We had Indi spayed on the 18th January 2005. She was quite poorly for a couple of days and for the first week wanted carrying up and down the stairs - good job she's not too heavy! She quickly learn 't to come and tell us if she wanted taking up or down the stairs, or lifting on or off the settee or into and out of the car and would position herself so we could pick her up. She had to go on 'lead exercise only' until her stitches were out and was a bit miffed at this but I would put the lead on her, then touch near her stitches and I think she realised why. She's a very clever dog!!

When we took Indi to have her stitches out we asked the vet about her skin, which had started flaking, so much so that every time anybody stroked her she became covered in flaky skin. He gave us some tablets that included Evening Primrose Oil and a special shampoo, which we had to wash her with twice a week for three weeks then once a week thereafter. When we took her back to the vet four weeks later her skin had greatly improved. We are to continue with the treatment and see the vet again at the end of April 2005 - but oh what a difference it's made.

Indi is a very sensitive dog and often goes very quiet for a couple of days after we re-home our foster dogs. She so loves their company, showing them how to play and encourages them to run round the garden that we think she really misses them when they go. Some bitches don't like other bitches but so far we have fostered Kelly and Jill and Indi has got on well with both of them, in fact Jill used to use Indi as a pillow in the car.

Indi loves her trips to Ireland but we still can't trust her with the chickens and cats on the farm, especially when she watches Millie, the resident dog rounding them up. She's okay with the guinea fowl because they just fly out of her way but the chickens wouldn't stand a chance! She's a real show off on the beach when she runs after her 'ball on a rope' then runs round and round in huge circles with it for everyone to watch. Bobby is wise to her now and doesn't join in until she has let off steam because she is so fast. However, after a few circuits and some minutes later he joins her and they chase each other along the beach or after the ball. They usually come back covered in sand and totally out of breath, but they love it.
14th September 2004
We spent a few days at Warren Farm Cottages near New Ross in Co. Wexford and today we went for a drive and stopped at the beach at Dunmore East where Indi and Bobby had a good run on the beach and throughly enjoyed themselves in the process. Back in the car they 'crashed out' and slept all the way back to the cottage.
20th April 2005
1st May 2005
We all attended the Highgate Vets Open Day at Kendal this afternoon where DGR had a stall along with Animal Concern and a number of others including a pen with a couple of lambs in it. None of the dogs appeared bothered with the lambs and when Stuart wanted to take a picture of Indi looking at them she would have nothing to do with it. In the end one of the lambs poked its nose through the railings as we were trying to get Indi close and they both touched noses, which Stuart caught on camera, but that was our lot because there was no way she was going near them again - confirms our training to leave them alone worked!
6th May 2005
Jill went to her new home today and even though the day was hard for us we believe it was even harder for Indi because they were both very good friends. When Jill came back to us because Jake didn't want to share his owner's love with another dog Indi was ecstatic when she saw Jill walking down the drive and wagged her whole body when they met not just her tail. It's just as well tomorrow we are going to Ireland for a few days as this will help her get over her loss.
9th June 2005
Today was Flash's big day in front of the camera for the 'Long Legged Beauties' Rescued Greyhound Calendar 2006 and in the afternoon before the evening photo shoot at Lakeland Ltd. in Windermere we did some shots on the 'Bluebird' House Boat belonging to Windermere Lake Holiday at Ferry Nab in Bowness-on Windermere. Stuart took a number of photographs of all the dogs on the boat and later amongst the water features outside Lakeland Ltd. at Windermere - Indi loved every minute of it.
11th June 2005
For some reason Indi has decided all our shoes, slippers and wellingtons must be in her bed and as soon as she sees one anywhere off she goes with it. Luckily, when she gets them there she just cuddles them and hasn't chewed any - yet! We are not quite sure why she is doing this as it only started about two or three months ago. One theory is that she misses some of the foster dogs when they go to their new homes and by taking our slippers its her way of getting comfort and letting us know she is missing them. I think I will start taking more notice of when she does it to see if a pattern forms as this will help us to help her overcome whatever is troubling her.
20th June 2005
Today was Moss's big day in front of the camera for the 'Long Legged Beauties' Rescued Greyhound Calendar 2006 and we all took the day out to Bassenthwaite Lakeside Lodges, Bassenthwaite near Keswick in Cumbria for the photo shoot with model Paige Leigh. It was a glorious day and lots of photographs were taken by the side of the lake, jetty and around the gardens of the Lodges. Indi wasn't really interested in today's photo shoot and as it wasn't her page we were doing we never pressed her for pictures but just let her sit on the grass or wander round near to where we were working. However, we took a good one of Paige Leigh with Indi, Bobby, Blue and Moss all sitting on the lawn together at the end of the day, which can be seen on our 'Outake Shots' page.
8th July 2005
It was an early start this morning because a very special photograph was being taken for the 2006 calendar with model Sophia Smith. Indi did 'her bit' wonderfully but when we saw the photograph we realised she was too dark to have the impact we wanted so Bobby did it instead.
16th July 2005
We were all at the Greyhound Awareness stand at Witherstock this afternoon. As the event was being held in the car park and area surrounding the Derby Arms at Witherslack we never had far to go. We pitched our stand on the back road and parked the car so the dogs could sit in the back and out of the sun. Four bands were playing during the afternoon and evening and Indi never batted an eye lid about them. We wandered amongst people listening to the bands with our collection tin and she was just perfect. When we were at the stand she was happiest laying in the back of the car out of the sun most of the time and did so without her lead on. However, there were always people milling around and ready to take hold of her should she decide to jump out but she never did - she was just happy laying there watching what was going on around her. Moss and Joe joined her for most of the time in the car and even Remy jumped in and lay down occasionally.
9th August 2005
Remy came this morning to stay a few days whilst his owners are away on holiday. Shortly after he arrived he started running around the garden with Joe and Indi barking after him. Indi really loves having dogs around her who want to run and play but after a while things got a little boisterous so we called them all inside.
13th August 2005
We all spent the day at Dalston Show near Carlisle and positioned ourselves outside the Dumfriesshire Greyhound Rescue stand. Indi is getting quite used to these events now and takes them all in her stride, even looking quite bored at times:
14th August 2005
Indi weighed in at 53¼lbs this morning - it was the first time she has been weighed for some time.
20th November 2005

Today was the annual Dumfriesshire Greyhound Rescue Fun Greyhound Show and Christmas Fayre at the Loreburn Hall in Dumfries and we all drove up to attend where we put up a stall selling the 'Long Legged Beauties' 2006 calendars. Becky Speed (July) and Britney-Lee (October) joined us to meet the press and sign calendars and Indi and Bobby enjoyed saying hello to our seven foster dogs with their new owners who attended on the day. Kelly , Blue , Squire , Kanga , Flash , Tiger , Dixie and Daisy were there and seeing them all together with Bobby , Indi and Thunder brought a lump to my throat and really made our day. Indi won 2nd prize for the 'best 6 legs' when we put some flashing antlers on her head and red and white bobbles on hers and Becky's legs. At one point Indi was a little upset when some balloons burst, which frightened her and caused her to shake for a some time till she calmed down.
10th December 2005
Indi had her first experience of being in the car on the back of a recovery vehicle today. She looked quite worried as our car was being raised on the back of the vehicle but as we climbed into the wagon we saw her climbing over into the driver's seat and curling down for the journey home. We were on our way to the SADD (Save a Dumfries Dog) walk around Dumfries where we were going to re-home Danny and collect Tina and Prince . We only got as far as Southwaite Service Station when we all had to get a lift back home on the recovery vehicle care of the RAC - the cambelt tension arm had become loose and started making a loud noise as we were leaving the filling station. A member of DGR drove from Dumfries to the service station and collected Danny so he could go to his new home and Bobby , Indi and Thunder came home in our car on the back of the recovery vehicle. She took the experience in her stride!
25th December 2005
We put the Christmas presents under the tree late last night because last year Indi found her present and opened it early and we thought she might remember again this year, which she did! The presents had only been under the tree an hour or so when she helped herself to one and started opening it on the living room floor. That one rescued and she sneaked another one away to open so we had to ban her from the room if we weren't there. When we started opening our presents this morning she quickly wanted to join in so we gave her hers to keep her quiet. She lay it on the floor, put one foot on it and started ripping the paper off with her teeth until she could reach the toy, pull it out, shake it and ran upstairs taking it to her bed. She absolutely loves presents.
Stuart had some Pistachio nuts this evening and Indi loves them so he saves her those he can't open - she crunches them to pieces, shells and all!
21st January 2006
It was a glorious sunny afternoon and Indi decided it was a fine day to run around the nature reserve so off she went running her large circles and keeping in line with us as we were walking along. She loves it and done it a hundred times before. We were walking from the grassed area into the path leading through the trees when all of a sudden she let out a scream and suddenly stopped. She wouldn't move and stood there shaking until I reached her, which was a few seconds because I was hampered with Ellie and Raven on their leads - all they wanted to do was sniff around! When I reached her I found a triangular gash in her upper shoulder and a piece of skin hanging off, realised it was a trip to the vet I checked her over to make sure there were no other injuries then tried to get them all back to the house as quickly as I could. Indi was hanging back something dreadful so I put her on the lead to keep her with me and set off for home. On the way back I kept visualising the sequence prior to the accident and think she either ran under or by a branch that was too low and caught her or she skidded on the corner of the path and hit a large stone as she was turning - whatever it was she was running fast at the time and I wanted her at the vet as soon as I could. When I called in at 4.30pm to collect her I found her laying quietly in a crate waiting for me. The vet said they hadn't sedated her as previously intended because further examination found she had a heart murmur so they stitched her up without sedation. This came as quite a shock. Apparently, she was very good and sat on the table with the nurse holding her whilst the vet stitched her up. When she came out of the crate she stood in front of me shaking requesting my attention for what she had been through. I can't understand why she should have a heart murmur because she leaves the other dogs standing when they run in the field and not two weeks before she was outrunning Thunder .
25th January 2006
Indi has been a bit off colour since she hurt herself, wouldn't go into the nature reserve nor do her full walk down the back road - she would stop part way and wait for me to go to the end and come back. She's still on antibiotics, been a bit off her food and her back looked quite bruised. A couple of days ago we took her into the reserve on the lead as we didn't want her to be afraid of going in there. Yesterday she went in on her own but hung back when we reached the path so she was the last in the line and she did the same again today.
29th January 2006
Raven went to his new home yesterday and last night all the dogs were very quiet and subdued. It's amazing how a dog going to it's new home affects the ones remaining. Sometimes I feel very sorry for Bobby and Indi because it's happened to them so many times. We are pleased we keep in touch with some of our foster dogs as they always enjoy seeing them again and it must make things a bit easier for them. This morning things weren't much better so I took them for a long mid-day walk and later that afternoon found Ellie and Indi playing with each other in the living room so hopefully, things are beginning to settle down again.
31st January 2006
Went to the vet this morning who decided to leave the stitches in another 3 or 4 days due to where they were. He listened to her heart and found no sign of the murmur. I explained my concerns that she had been running very fast not two weeks before and he said the murmur was more than likely a 'shock murmur'. The impact of the accident had caused shock, which caused her heart to beat out of synchronization and sometime during the past 10 days it had gone back to beating correctly. They would check again when she came in for her stitches out.
4th February 2006
Indi had her stitches out this morning and the vet said although her heart was beating furiously because of where she was there was no sign of a murmur, which was really good news.
11th February 2006
Ellie went to her new home yesterday and this afternoon we took Indi to give Ellie the confidence to go up the vinyl stairs to the flat. She will come down, albeit cautiously but was refusing to go up them. Since we left her yesterday her new owners haven't been able to get her up the stairs without carrying her! When we arrived she wouldn't go up for us even with tidbits to encourage her so we put her on the double lead with Indi and up they both went. Ellie looked a bit unsure at first but had no option than to go with Indi, Indi is the older dog and probably higher up the 'pecking order' so Ellie followed her. They both got praised at the top of the stairs and given a bit of hot dog sausage. We took them down separately then back up again and again and again until we felt she was more confident. Indi had done the trick and we were so pleased with her but Indi probably wondered what all the fuss was about. What a star!
14th March 2006
On the 1st March we all went to Ireland for a few days, which Indi enjoyed and had a few good runs on the beach. Arrived back in Cumbria to find snow and the house very cold. Don't think she has seen snow before because when her foot first went into it she quickly picked it up again and looked at her foot in surprise, however, when she saw Romeo and Lester running like lunatics round the garden in it she decided to take the plunge and join in. She only did it the once though and when she had to go in the garden later she didn't venture far from the back door before she was back in again. When we went for a walk along the back road she didn't venture into the snow on the verges as the others did but quietly walked with us on the road where there was no snow.
20th April 2006
6th June 2006
This morning I took Jack to his new home and because our estate car was in the garage I took him in the other one, which mean't the others having to stay at home with Stuart. I told Bobby , Indi and Lester to stay - ' Jack new home, new home' which we say to them whenever a foster dog leaves and we are sure Bobby and Indi understand for they go very quiet and stay in their beds if they are not coming with us and if they do upon our return. This morning after I left with Jack , Stuart said Lester became very distraught and wouldn't settle for quite a long time until Indi climbed into his bed and cuddled up next to him - bless her! That is certainly a first for Indi and I wish I'd seen it for she doesn't like sharing her bed with anyone let alone climbing in and cuddling up next to one.
21st June 2006
This morning in the early hours Jet decided he wanted to get in bed and cuddle down with Indi. Indi likes her bed to herself and we awoke to find her laying in her bed growling and snarling at Jet something awful. Jet just ignored her and carried on snuggling up next to her and getting comfy. Everytime he moved position to rest his head on her bum we could hear this growling and grumbling from her. She was not very happy about having company but Jet , bless him just ignored her and went to sleep.
4th August 2006
Indi went to the vet this afternoon for her annual check-up and booster inoculation. A thorough examination found her fit and well.
6th September 2006

10th September 2006
The day started okay and Stuart was doing prep work for the calendar so I offered to take the dogs accross the yard to the small paddock where they go to do their toilet. Bobby and Indi were off the lead as usual and both Paddy and Romeo were on theirs. As we walked from alongside the car and farm wall Indi suddenly came face to face with about twenty chickens. She spooked them and they spooked her causing them to set off up the yard at a run with Indi following them. Mayhem set hold as Indi chased a chicken the full length of the yard with me calling her to stop and following with Paddy and Romeo in tow. Both dogs were running by my side on the right and we had almost caught up with Indi who had just managed to take hold of the chicken when Paddy suddenly decided he never had enough room and ran behind me and up my left side. At a run his lead went behind my legs and 'scooped' them up causing me to fall with a bang. I landed on my backside but the whole of my left side hurt including my ribs and knee. No way was I going to let go of those leads and have Paddy and Romeo join in the chicken chase so I clung on and probably got dragged a foot or so until both Paddy and Romeo realised I was down. Indi stopped in her tracks, dropped the chicken and turned to look at me. She was turning to come towards me as I started getting to my feet to which she must have thought 'oh she's okay' and off she went again after the chicken. The last thing I saw was her running round the corner of the barn with chicken in her mouth and it's wings flapping in front of her. I stood up, got Paddy and Romeo under control and with Bobby walking behind followed at a hobble. We met Stuart at the cottage gate with Indi being held by her collar to be informed the chicken was in the cottage under the settee. We organised all the dogs and once secured in the garden we went inside to put the chicken in a box and take it back to our friend who owns the farm with our tail between our legs. Indi has walked amongst those chickens dozens of times and not once has she ever bothered about them - it must have been because she and they were startled. Our friend took the chicken and put it back in the hut with the others saying it wasn't injured but just shocked and would be okay in the morning but minus all it's tail feathers. Stuart had heard me scream as I fell and ran from the cottage to see what had happened to be faced with Indi coming towards him with chicken in her mouth and it flapping it's wings in front. By the time he'd caught up with her she was sitting on her bed in the cottage looking at him as if butter wouldn't melt in her mouth and the chicken sitting by her side looking at him as if to say 'well what happens now?' before it dashed under the settee.
24th November 2006
We met Remy this morning at the Fleece Inn in Kendal because Border Television were meeting us there to make a recording about Remy's owner's 'Doggy Dating' evening on Sunday. They did the television feature and showed it on the Border 'Lookaround' programme this evening. Bobby , Indi, Romeo and Mandy all featured with Remy along with another dog called Odo and the presenter chose Indi as a backdrop to talk around. She featured for quite a long time and she looked wonderful. We were very proud of her when we saw the programme.
26th November 2006
This evening we attended the 'Doggy Dating' evening at the Fleece Inn in Kendal where Stuart put up a back drop for anyone wanting their photograph taken with their pet. Indi enjoyed meeting all the other dogs at the event.
25th December 2006
Christmas again and doesn't Indi know it. All the presents went round the tree last minute last night to stop her from helping herself. This morning we had to watch her till we were ready to open our presents to stop her delving in looking for her goodies. The foster dogs weren't sure what to do with their presents so Indi opened hers then took theirs to show them how it should be done. Oh how she loves opening the presents looking for the squeaky toys, which she promptly takes to her bed as soon as she can for safe keeping!
18th April 2007
Indi has been a bit of a monkey over the past few months and it's been slowly getting worse. She's as good as gold when we take her anywhere other than along the back road, which is her normal walk and an area she now deems to be her territory. Some dogs we meet she is fine with but others she will run to and bark at so we've started putting her on a lead when we see a strange dog. As we pass the dog we say calmly 'quiet, quiet' until we get past and if she's been quiet we praise her. However, if she decides to ignore us and barks it sets all the foster dogs off as well and even sometimes Bobby, which makes it quite hard for me to control them on my own and gives the illusion I have an unruly bunch of dogs. The thing is if she doesn't bark the other dogs are usually fine but if she does well!! Unfortunately I can't use the water spray to stop her as I have no free hands. She's a real monkey. We don't know if she picked it up from one of the foster dogs, which we have been told is a drawback of fostering - the resident dogs pick up their bad habits as well as teaching the foster dogs their good ones. Anyway, this lunchtime she did it again and I decided enough was enough so when we took Sonny to training classes to see if his barking at the dog today was because he was copying Indi or if he really wanted to bark at it we decided to have a chat with Kevin about Indi. He confirmed she had become territorial and because of the number of dogs I have to handle at the same time has loaned us a device we attach round her neck that works by remote control, which I place around my neck so I can easily reach up to activate when needed. If she barks I simply press the button and a citronella spray squirts up in front of her to shock her into being quiet. Aparently it is very effective and has proved very good in stopping dogs who bark and from chasing squirrels etc.
19th April 2007
It's as Kevin suspected the device he loaned us needs a new battery, which is of an unusual design so one is on order and once it's received Indi will be wearing her new device down the back road until the problem is resolved.
20th April 2007
22nd April 2007
This afternoon we attended an event at a local kennels and cattery where we set up a stall in aid of Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue. The weather wasn't very nice considering how glorious it's been over the past few days which was a shame but a number of our foster dogs and their owners braved the weather and gave their support. It was lovely to see them all and the afternoon felt rather like a family reunion. They all made quite a presence at the event and in all twelve greyhounds attended. Indi was very good, enjoyed saying hello to all the other dogs, probably thought 'Oh no not one of these events again!' and for part of the time went around with one of Asher's owners. At the end all the dogs attending the event paraded around in a circle and Indi won a certificate and rosette for 'a very special dog' - isn't she a super girl!
11th May 2007
This afternoon during our walk Indi was off the lead up the back road and loitering behind as usual when a lamb, which had got out of it's field suddenly jumped from the long grass in the verge into the road. I had the foster dogs on leads, Bobby was way in front and when I turned to look for Indi she was standing very still and alert with her ears in the air. I repeatedly called her to stay as I went back to get her and I half expected her to bolt for it as I'd almost reached her. I was dreading her doing this, she wouldn't have hurt it but I saw a repeat of the hen chase back in Ireland last September and I was so pleased when she came walking towards me still looking at the lamb and let me put her lead on her. She was highly praised and I was so proud of her for leaving the lamb alone. We all walked up to meet Bobby and put him on the lead as well although he couldn't see what the fuss was about but as the lamb was following us and did so for about fifty yards before deciding not to bother anymore, however, in them having leads on I felt I could get the dogs away from it quicker, which is what happened.
26th May 2007
The DCGR homing co-ordinator called in this morning with two greyhound pups just a few weeks old on their way up to fosterers who will be looking after them till they find new homes. When they came into the garden Indi was in her element and switched to motherly mode, giving them a good examination and following them around - it was so lovely to watch.
8th August 2007
This afternoon Indi went to the vet for her annual check up and inoculations. She weighed 50.8 lbs (23.10k). The vet's examination confirmed she was fit and well.
17th August 2007
We travelled to London for the weekend this morning on business and to see our son Matthew and, as usual, Indi took it all in her stride. Quickly settling into our accommodation and loving the attention being paid to her when we visited some pubs in the area.
28th August 2007

Indi gave us a bit of a fright this afternoon. She was fine then all of a sudden she came into the kitchen with her head down, her back sloping downwards not wanting to put her back right leg down but hopping with her leg wobbling till she slid into a laying down position. We looked for something in her foot, a cut pad, a sting or a bight then along her back and down her legs feeling for tensioned muscles that could be cramp - but nothing. We got her to walk up and down the kitchen and living room to see if we could work out what it was but couldn't. We thought of Kanga who started with similar problems that turned out to an embolism within hours so we phoned the vet and took her straight in. By the time she was with the vet she was walking okay again and after a thorough examination they could find nothing wrong with her. We were pleased to hear this but it left us baffled as to what the matter was and hope it doesn't reoccur.
30th August 2007

Yesterday afternoon we drove to London on business and stayed at Yazmin's flat, which was easier because of the dogs. Yazmin slept on the sofa bed last night and insisted Indi join her whilst we slept in the bedroom with Bobby and Sammy. Not thinking we shut the bedroom door to give everyone privacy and found Indi had wet the living room carpet this morning. We were aghast as this is just not like Indi but after much thought we worked out why it happened. Yazmin had gone to bed with Indi and during the night Indi must have awoke to find no sign of the rest of us. Not realising we were all in the bedroom we think she must have thought we'd left her there alone to be re-homed and panicked. When she saw us in the morning and we discoved the wet patch we knew by the look on her face that she knew she had done wrong and when we worked out what must have happened it made us feel awful. Indi although taking everything in her stride obviously loves us and is very sensitive so this is something well worth considering in the future should similar circumstances arise again.
31st August 2007
Last night because Yazmin didn't stay the night we went to bed and left all the doors open inside the flat so Indi knew we were there and was fine.
9th December 2007
This afternoon we let Max off the lead in the nature reserve for the first time and Indi enjoyed running around with him. However, he ran a bit close to the wooden bench and swerved last minute but Indi hadn't seen it because she was behind him and when she did, she didn't have enough time to swerve so she ducked under it but caught her back on it in doing so. She stood very still and was shaking badly with shock by the time we got to her but upon examining her we found no broken skin but she'd taken a nasty bang along her back. When we arrived home a lump was beginning to form so we gave her Metacam to ease the pain. She went very quiet and wanted to sleep on the bed close to my desk which is unusual for her but later on she ate her tea and during the evening she looked a bit brighter and more her normal self.
10th December 2007
Indi is back to her normal self this morning but as she still has a lump on her back so we are going to continue the Metacam for another couple of days to see her through it.
25th December 2007
Father Christmas arrived last night and left Indi a soft squeaky toy and a huge dinosaur bone. As always the presents went under the tree last minute to stop her unwrapping everyone's because the moment she sees something in wrapping paper she knows there's a chance something good is inside. Indi opened hers then helped Bobby, Max, Sandy and Daisy open theirs as well as they didn't seem to know what to do. There was paper everywhere and it was a joy to see Indi hop and jump about with the new gift in her mouth before going to open the next one. The bones were so large Indi had a job carrying hers over to her bed to chew but once there she enjoyed tucking into it as did all the others with their bones and we had a very happy crunchy Christmas day!
15th January 2008
Poor Indi was ill last night. At first we thought she'd had a siezure but the more we think about it the more we think one of the others ran into her and winded her causing her to go into shock. It was 5am and I remember hearing Max and Sandy charge from the bedroom and there was a thud as if something had knocked into a door or wall. We dived out of bed to find Max and Sandy on the landing with Indi by the office door, which was shut. Something was definately wrong with her as she was panting heavily, waving about as if drunk and having a job to stand up. She stumbled across the landing a couple of steps then began to retch and brought up a white frothy liquid. Stuart carried her downstairs to give us more space and some fresh air and stood her in the kitchen. We were debating if she'd had a siezure but many of the signs weren't there and after a few minutes when her breathing settled, she stopped shaking and ran back upstairs to one of the beds in our room as if nothing was wrong we decided she must have been winded by the others. We think the others heard movement on the landing and dashed out to see what it was and with her being black ran into her, knocking her into the door or wall winding and shocking her. However, siezure, winding or shock we will keep an eye on her.
17th January 2008
Indi was fine yesterday but wanted to sleep on one of the beds in our room last night, which is something she does if something happens to unsettle her.
11th February 2008
This morning we travelled to Ireland by ferry for a few days and Indi took it all in her stride as she's done it a few times before. She knows what the suitcases mean and the word 'holiday', which is a term we use when we go away for a few days whether it be work or pleasure as she knows what is in store. Because she knows what is happening she is a comfort to the foster dogs doing the trip for the first time because when we park the car on the ferry to leave it she simply lays down in the back with Bobby and the others follow. The weather was nice in Dublin and she enjoyed her walk along the beach when we parked in our usual place to let them all go to the toilet, get a breath of fresh air and a walk along the front. Back in the car and as we approached New Ross she was up on her feet watching out the front. As soon as we turned down the road in Whitechurch and said 'Indi, holidays' her ears went up and the look of expectation was lovely to see.
As usual she went to the gate heading for the cottage we last stayed in - how does she remember? Onces he realises which one we are heading for this time she doesn't bother about the others anymore. These cottages and grounds are almost a second home to Indi and she loves coming here.
23rd February 2008
Indi enjoyed her stay in Ireland again loving her trips to Duncannon beach where she walks along the sand and
chases her ball till she becomes wet through and out of breath. Shw also loves walking along the top of the Kennedy View Point where she runs along the paths with Bobby between the heather and running around the fields by the cottage. We had really good weather with sunshine most days so even trips in the car she enjoyed and in the evenings if we went out for a meal she and Bobby stayed in the cottage with the television on.
17th March 2008
Next month we are going to Portugal for a few days and it will be the first time we have been away without taking the Greyhounds with us, which is quite a wrench to my system and I'm not happy about leaving them. A friend has offered to look after Bobby and Indi for us whilst we are away so this afternoon we started the ball rolling to get them used to being away from us by leaving them both with our friends for an hour or so. As there wasn't sufficient time to go home and come back we took the foster dogs for a walk then because it was very cold we had a coffee before going back to pick them up. Indi had apparently whimpered a while after we left but with a bit of coaxing soon settled by the fire until we returned.
25th March 2008
We took Bobby and Indi to our friends again today where we dropped them off so they could stay half a day. They both remembered the house and happily went inside, which was lovely to see. Inside Indi went looking for the attention our friend lavished on her last time for a repeat performance. When I left them saying 'stay there, back soon' she looked a little apprehensive but stayed and when I returned she gave me a lovely welcome.
2nd April 2008
Yesterday lunch time I took Bobby and Indi to our friend's house for a 'stop-over' and she ran up the drive into the house to say she'd arrived. I called in this afternoon to collect them and was told both had been very good, which made me feel a bit better about going away.
16th April 2008
Because Bobby and Indi know what it means when the suitcases come out we didn't start our packing for Portugal until after we dropped them of at our friend's house along with all their food and gear this afternoon. Indi ran inside to be greeted but when we told her to 'stay there, back soon' she gave us a rather sad look. It was quite something leaving them and I was glad no packing had been done earlier because it meant we were busy right up to leaving to catch the plane.
17th April 2008
We phoned from Portugal this evening to see how they were and was told both were okay.
18th April 2008
Received a text from our friend saying they were feeding them gammon for their dinner!
20th April 2008

25th April 2008
Although we'd received some texts from our friends saying both Bobby and Indi were fine the first two or three days away I missed them dreadfully and although the rest of the time I tried to put them out of my mind I found it very difficult so when we were on the plane coming home we both commented we were really looking forward to seeing them so when we arrived home we literally dropped our bags inside the door and went to pick them up.
When we arrived both Bobby and Indi were on the bed with our friend who was taking a rest and watching a bit of TV. When Indi saw us at the door her ears went up and she jumped off the bed and gave us a lovely welcome. Our friends said both had been as good as gold and a pleasure to have but they thought they'd missed us and, because she doesn't have a garden, they thought they missed wandering in and out as they do here. They thought it took them a little while to realise their frequent walks up the road was to have a piddle and, at one stage they took them into the garden next door to see if they would do it there but they wouldn't.
Having collected Bobby and Indi and all their belongings we drove over to collect Sandy. Now the family was complete we went home and fed them, then we went for a bite to eat so they got a trip to the pub. When we got home we lit the fire in the living room and sat and watched television the rest of the evening so they all knew things were back to normal. Indi climbed on the settee next to Stuart and lay there being cuddled and it wasn't long before we realised that although she was okay whilst away we think she was glad to be back home.

7th June 2008
Today we did a stall at Caton Gala arriving at 10.30am and leaving around 5pm. Indi is quite used to these events now and when she wasn't saying hello to the other Greyhounds and their owners or being taken for a walk around the showground she was laying on the duvet next to Bobby in the shade under the gazebo or in the back of the car keeping Sandy company.
20th August 2008
This afternoon we took Indi and Bobby to the vet for their annual check-up and inoculations. Indi weighed in at 51lbs (23.30k), which is a little lighter than in the past. She stood patiently waiting for the vet to examine and inoculate Bobby but when it came to her turn she started panting heavily and shaking like a leaf so much so her back legs looked like jelly wobbling on a plate! The vet was a little concerned with a couple of her back teeth so we will need to watch these
. It's ust that she's such a fussy eater, we've tried cleaning her teeth and she hates it! we've tried other things and they don't seem to work either but her pig's ear each day and her Dentastix she loves but it seems it's not enough and if we are not careful she will need to go in and have her teeth cleaned, which we want to avoid if at all possible. I know she hates having her teeth cleaned but I think I'm going to have another go and not give into her ways quite so easily. The vet said all else seemed fine but she had an awful job listening to her heart and had to hold her mouth shut because her panting was having an effect on what she was listening for. I asked about her reported previous murmour but she said she didn't think she could hear anything but it was difficult because she was being so nervous.
31st August 2008
This afternoon we went to a Greyhound Awareness Day at Waterhead in Ambleside. For one reason or another it was the first we've attended this year as we are very aware they are long days for Bobby. It was raining when we got there so we tried to keep the dogs under the gazebo but for some reason Indi didn't want to go under shelter and insisted on standing out in the rain until we thought she'd had enough so put her and Bobby in the car to dry off and warm up.
20th April 2009

26th April 2009
This evening Indi's companion, Bobby died - he was nearly 14 years old. After he died we allowed all the dogs to see and smell him, so they knew he had died. However, Indi wouldn't go near him, she took one look at him then ran back to her bed in our bedroom and wouldn't come out, bless her!
18th August 2009
This lunch time Indi gave us a bit of a fright. As I entered the living room to start hoovering where Indi was laying on her bed she suddenly stood up and rather drunkenly staggered across the living room floor. At first I thought it was Sadie trying to avoid the hoover but then I realised I'd seen her in the other room and hence the reason for hoovering the living room first. She was staggering a bit to her left and bounced off the settee as she walked past me and would have walked straight into the book case had I not realised and took hold of her. She was very wobbly, leaning to her left, her tail tight between her legs and her back legs hardly holding her up. She wasn't having a fit because her eyes didn't roll, nor did she have any other symptom suggesting one. I steadied her until Stuart came in and having examined her we lifted her onto her bed so she could lay there for a while and we could watch her. Her heart was faster than normal and her back legs were twitching, with a nerve down one leg pumping a bit. After a few minutes we called her to see how she was standing up. She jumped up but was still a bit wobbly on her back end so she decided she wanted her bed where she went and lay for a while longer.
Having phoned the vet they said to take her in and because she was due her annual booster we took her inoculation card with us just in case the vet said it was okay to do it at the same time. She happily walked to the car and jumped in. In the waiting room at the vet she started to shake but Indi always does at the vets as she tends to suffer 'white coat' syndrome. She weighed in at 22.8k (50lbs). The vet gave her a thorough examination and said from what he could gather she was fit and well but she may have suffered a neurological problem sometimes caused by the inner ear because the symptoms we described indicated it, however, because she had recovered okay he wasn't going to give her any medication and we are to watch her in case she did it again. As he was talking Stuart suddenly commented 'we had been here before' - Bobby had about 4 similar attacks and thinking about it they were all identical to what happened to Indi. In the case of Bobby we had to give him a tablet to relax him and let him rest until he felt better, which usually occurred after an hour or so. It only happened to him about four times in the twelve years we had him and his was caused by his right ear, which was always a little sensitive if someone rubbed his ear too hard when stroking him.
7th December 2009
Indi has started to feel the cold at night recently so this evening we put her new knitted coat on her to keep her warm. She looked the 'bees knees' in it and did a little dance around the living room showing off before settling to her bed.
23rd December 2009
Indi really made it a special night this evening. Tess had just arrived and was laying on the dog bed near the TV, Dakota was laying on the settee with his head on my lap and Sandy was laying on the duvet by the side of the settee I was sitting on when Indi suddenly climbed off the settee she was on and went to lay on the duvet next to Sandy. She hasn't gone to lay with another dog or allowed another dog to voluntarily lay with her since our Bobby died. She often cuddled up with Bobby so for her to go and lay next to Sandy on the duvet made a lump come to our throats because she's decided he's now her companion now Bobby's gone. To make our day Sandy let her and they lay with their feet entwined all evening. It was a wonderful moment and one we thought we might never see.
3rd January 2010
We took all the dogs for a walk this afternoon and called in at our pub for a drink taking Tess and Indi in and Sandy and Dakota home because it was quite busy for all four to go in and there were dogs off the lead running all over the place. With a blanket on the floor both she and Tess lay down, not moving and being admired for their calmness amongst all the activity that was going on. A little girl who was 16 months old was fascinated by them both and spent a lot of time walking around them and stroking them. They were almost like a magnet to her because everytime her parents thought she'd been stroking them enough and took her away, back she came for more. Both Tess and Indi were fantastic - neither got up of the blanket when she was around them and neither bothered when she stumbled on them or patted them a little too hard. Indi is perfection with children no matter how small and its wonderful to watch.
5th February 2010
This evening we took Dakota, Indi, Sandy and Solo into the pub 'early doors' where they all lay on the floor in front of the fire and went to sleep.

20th April 2010

26th August 2010
We took Indi to the vet this afternoon for her annual check-up and inoculations. She weighed in at 22.8k and all seemed well apart from her teeth, which need a clean. Her molars were fine, but some of her front ones need a going over. This didn't come as any surprise because cleaning Indi's teeth is not for the feint hearted because she is so adament you are not going to put a tooth brush or similar into her mouth. The Dentastix have worked well, but not good enough on her front teeth. An appointment will be made for her to have them cleaned after the Bank Holiday.
21st October 2010
This morning Indi went to the vet to have a dental following her annual check-up. It had been delayed somewhat because of the number of foster dogs we had and Freddie's illness and death. Leaving it till now mean't we can give Indi the peace she deserves following whatever they did.
As we walked through the door of the vets she became a nervous wreck as usual, and it was a miracle the vet could hear her heart while she completed the pre-operation health checks.
Dental complete and Indi arrived home with 9 teeth removed and the rest cleaned. She was given antibiotics and quite a few stitches in her mouth to help heal the gaps. Most of the teeth removed were the tiny front ones, which were loose along with two large back ones that, for some reason were also loose. Indi felt very sorry for herself the rest of the evening and went rather cold following the anaesthetic so we covered her with a duvet to warm her up and place paper towel under her mouth to catch the blood dripping out and she slept.
22nd October 2010
Indi slept well last night and this morning she ate a little food that we had softened and served body temperature so as not to cause her mouth any discomfort. Indi isn't the best of patients and is very good at making us feel very guilty for taking her. However, with those teeth out her breath will smell better and she should be able to eat her food without discomfort once its all healed. It was in her best interest and despite her making us feel guilty now she will feel much better for having it done.
28th October 2010
We took Indi back to the vet this afternoon for a routine check-up following her dental treatment. Bless her, she shook like a leaf, but the vet said all was healing well and the stiches will help close the holes together much better.
11th April 2011
Indi had an upset stomach last night, which is most unusual for her, and she wanted out in the middle of the night. Will have to watch her and try and work out what it may be.
12th April 2011
Indi had another upset stomach last night, it was very loose, but not smelly
16th April 2011
Last night was the first time in the past 4 nights that Indi didn't want out in the middle of the night and had no accidents with loose stools. We don't know whether she's eaten something that disagreed with her or what but we are pleased she had a good night last night. Cleaning up accidents in the middle of the night, and loose ones at that is not something I want to do too often!
17th April 2011
Indi slept all night again last night and this morning she had a good run around the garden, so she must be feeling a bit better, and whatever upset her stomach seems to have gone.
20th April 2011

9th August 2011
Indi gave us a fright tonight when out on our walk, she suddenly became off balance and was wobling all over the place. I stayed with her while Stuart took the others home and got the car. By the time he came back she seemed better and back home you wouldn't have thought there was a thing wrong with her. She is 10 now so we will have to watch to see if it is a 'one off' or not. Hope its not the prelude to something.
31st August 2011

Indi went to the vet this afternoon for her annual check up and inoculations. She weighed in at 22.4k
15th January 2012
This evening we went to the Watermill at Ings for a meal with some friends, and because they are dog friendly we took Goldie, Indi and Sandy with us. They were all as good as gold, loved the pasta treat we gave them as we finished our meal and totally ignored the tiny puppy and Staffie at the next table.
20th April 2012

August 2012
Indi went to the vets today for her annual check up and booster inoculation. She weighed in at 21.8k.
20th April 2013

5th June 2013
Indi went into the vets today for a dental and be given a full blood test. She weighed in at 21.5k.
20th January 2014
This morning we took Indi and Sandy over to Dan and Christine's because they are looking after them while we are away in Africa on holiday. Christine phoned later asking if Indi had a urine infection because after we left she did a number of wees around the house. Indi it seems was panicking a bit at being away from us and it was nervers. Hopefully, by the morning she will have settled. We suggested Christine let her sleep on a bed next to her bed while she was with her because that is where she sleeps at home, and should settle better with sleeping close to her.
27th February 2014
This afternoon when Nigel came to walk the dogs he gave Indi, Tillie and Lucy a short and gentle walk, which they enjoyed.
17th April 2014
We took Indi to the vets this afternoon for a check-up. She weighed 20.3k. Her urine sample tested okay and a blood test was taken to see if anything would show up.
20th April 2014

23rd April 2014
The vet phoned this morning with the results of the blood test they did just before Easter. There is practically no elevation in her kidney function reading, but her liver enzymes are slightly elevated. As a result it was suggested Indi call in at the vets for a liver scan, and this has been arranged for this coming Friday when we take Ajax in to be neutered.
25th April 2014
Indi went to the vets this morning for a liver scan.
1st February 2015
Having got back from holiday yesterday afternoon and lit all the fires to get the house warm, this afternoon we called round to Dan and Christine's to collect Sandy and Indi. When we walked through the door it took a second or two for the penny to drop that it was us then we received a lovely welcome. They have both been fine while we were away.
15th April 2015
Indi's back legs are slowly becoming weaker now. When she wants to lay on the bed in the kitchen doorway at the top of the couple of steps where she can lay in peace away from the others, she often needs a helping hand getting up the steps. Coming down, she's not too bad, but will sometimes do a controlled fall so I always make sure I am to hand just in case she needs help. She still does her little run through the kitchen towards the conservatory door occasionally if all the others are in the garden, which scares us to death sometimes because stopping is becoming more difficult. Some times I watch her in the garden - walking she's not too bad, crouching to do her toilet she's okay, but if she stands for any length of time just watching the world go by and sniffing the air you can see her back legs slowly start to buckle. Bless her.
Indi has chosen her own feeding times now and her daily routine is - wake up, out to the garden, do her toilet, back inside to the bed in the kitchen doorway, stay there and sleep until feeding time at 4.00pm, have dinner, do toilet, back to the bed in front of the kitchen fire, supper any time between 8.00pm and 10.00pm (sometimes both if she's very hungry) then back to bed in front of the kitchen fire. She's decided not to have anything to eat in the morning and wants her food in the afternoon and evening instead. This causes us no problems because she sleeps through the night and will tell us if she wants out, which is good. Just the occasional accident by the kitchen door first thing in the morning if we don't get up early enough, but she does that on a soak up mat used for their muddy paws, so it doesn't go through to the carpet and is easily washed in the washing machine.
20th April 2015

20th July 2015
With much pain in our hearts today was the day we said goodbye to our lovely Indi. We knew it would be when we awoke and found her not wanting to move from her bed. After much coaxing she stood and walked outside only to fall over by the back door. We picked her up and carried her back inside to her bed and decided that once we'd finished serving the bed and breakfast guests their breakfast and cleared everything away we would see how she was then. It may have been she was a bit wobbly with it being first thing in the morning, but it wasn't the case. She didn't want any food and because she hadn't been to the toilet earlier I got her up and carried her outside onto the grass. Having put her gently down her back legs just gave way and she fell over. I picked her back up and took her inside to her bed and settled her there. The look in her eyes was telling me she'd had enough so we phoned the vets to ask if they could come here and help her pass peacefully away, which they did. I don't think she would have been with us much longer had we not called the vet because she became so weak, the vet could hardly feel her pulse and she passed away within a couple of seconds of the injection starting. She passed away at 2.50 pm. I didn't want her to go and my heart broke after she passed away, I didn't want to stop cuddling her, we'd had her so long, she was a wonderful companion and we loved her so. We were heart broken.
Before the vet letf taking her body with them for cremation we let each of the other dogs into the area where she was so they could say goodbye to her in their own way before letting them in the garden.
After the vets left with her the house was so quiet except for our tears.
21st July 2015
No dog has been anywhere near Indi's coolaroo bed in our bedroom since she passed away yesterday afternoon and last night it remained empty.
Although Indi was very quiet and undemanding towards the end she had a presence. I can't explain it, but with her not being here was a strange and earie feeling.
Goodbye my lovely Indi, when you find Bobby and Solo give them a kiss from me. Until we all meet again, which we will do some day, you may be gone but you will never be forgotten and you will remain in our heart forever and ever. xx

Blank card of Indi and Dixie

Blank Card of Dixie and Indi

Christmas Card of Indi
Christmas Card of Indi

Christmas Card of Indi and Hayley
Christmas Card of Indi

Indi on the settee
Enjoying the comfort of her settee!

Indi with her new ball
With her new ball
February 2004

Bobby and Indi
With Bobby in March 2004

Bobby and Indi
Duncannon Beach, Ireland
With Bobby in March 2004

Indi playing in the field
Playing in the field
on the 25th April 2004

Bobby and Indi having a drink
Indi and Bobby taking a drink in the
pond after playing in our field
25th April 2004

Indi on the 19th August 2004
In her bed on the 19th August 2004

Long Legged Beauties
'Just Greyhounds'
2007 Calendar

This picture of Jack, Indi and Bobby
was taken on the 31st August 2004
and is one of the supporting shots
in the calendar.

Indi on the beach at Dunmore East in Ireland
On the beach at Dunmore East, Ireland
14th September 2004

Indi at Dunmore East
With Bobby on the beach
14th September 2004

Indi on the 7th January 2005
Lady of leisure
7th January 2005

Indi on the 21st January 2005
21st January 2005

Indi on the 3rd March 2005
In the garden - 3rd March 2005

Indi - Black Greyhound on beach
Duncannon Beach, Ireland
12th March 2005

Bobby & Indi - Greyhound playing
Playing with Bobby
12th March 2005

Bobby & Indi - Greyhound playing
with Bobby
12th March 2005

Indi - Greyhound playing
12th March 2005

Indi - Greyhound playing
12th March 2005

Indi - Greyhound playing
12th March 2005

Indi - Greyhound playing
12th March 2005

Indi - Black Greyhound on beach
Duncannon Beach, Ireland
15th March 2005

Black Grayhound running
Duncannon Beach, Ireland
15th March 2005

Three Greyhounds in the garden
Indi in the garden with Blue
and Jill on the 3rd May 2005

Indi and model Hannah Lewis on a house boat
'Long Legged Beauties'
Calendar 2006 shot with model
Hannah Lewis on the 'Bluebird'
houseboat at Ferry Nab,
9th June 2005

and again with Hannah but this
time outside Lakeland Ltd.
Windermere - 9th June 2005

'Long Legged Beauties'
2006 Rescued
Greyhounds Calendar
Eimear Varian Barry with Indi the black Greyhound
This picture was taken of Indi on
the 6th May 2005 with Eimear
Varian Barry at Rocky Bay near
Cork, Ireland and is the main June calendar shot

Indi in our garden
Enjoying the sunshine
in our garden
June 2005

Indi on 9th November 2005
9th November 2005

Indi on 9th November 2005
. . . . and again.

Long Legged Beauties
'Just Greyhounds'
2007 Calendar
Indi - black Greyhound
This picture of Indi was taken
in January 2006 and is our main December calendar shot

Indi at Warren Farm in Ireland
On holiday at Warren Farm in
Ireland on the 10th March 2006

Long Legged Beauties
'Just Greyhounds'
2007 Calendar

This picture of Indi was taken on the 10th March 2006 at Warren Farm in Ireland and is the November support shot in the calendar.

Indi on the 16th April 2006
Indi on the 16th April 2006

May 2006

Indi - black Greyhound
19th May 2006

Bobby & Indi Greyhounds
With Bobby

With a calendar model
Coniston Lake
10th August 2006

Indi at Warren Farm in Sept 2006
On holiday at Warren Farm in
Ireland on the 9th September 2006

With Mel Rook - calendar model
September 2006

Indi opening her Christmas present
Opening her present on
Christmas morning
25th December 2006

Showing the others how to open theirs
and now showing the
others how to open theirs!
25th December 2006

Long Legged Beauties
'Just Greyhounds'
2008 Calendar
Black Greyhound
This picture of Indi was taken
on the 7th April 2007 and
is our August supporting
picture for the calendar

Indi out walking
Walking in the reserve
3rd May 2007

Indi and Bobby
and with Bobby
3rd May 2007

Bobby with Kate and Indi in the garden
Indi, Kate and Bobby enjoying the
sunshine in our garden
17th April 2009

Indi - Black Greyhound
In our field
19th November 2009

Indi aged 9
Indi aged 9 years
during a photo session
15th July 2010

Indi aged 9
. . . and again. . .

Indi aged 9
. . . and again. . .

Indi aged 9
. . . and again.

Indi with Sandy in the garden
With Sandy in the garden
24th July 2011

Indi aged 10
18th March 2012

Indi aged 10
In our garden
18th March 2012

Indi aged 10
. . . and again.

Indi aged 10
In our garden
Not quite 11 years old
19th March 2012

Indi aged 10
All bandaged up after loosing her nail.
With Solo
2nd August 2012

Indi aged 12
27th April 2013

Indi - Black Greyhound
Outside our summer house
6th May 2013

Indi - Black Greyhound
Outside our summer house
6th May 2013

Indi aged 12
Just turned 12 years old
29th May 2013

Indi aged 12
Enjoying the sunshine
in her bed next to the
summerhouse in the garden
6th June 2013

Indi aged 12
9th June 2013

Back greyhound
In our garden - aged 13 years
21st April 2014

Black greyhound
Resting in the kitchen
26th April 2014

Black greyhound
In our conservatory
20th May 2014

Black greyhound
and again.

Black greyhound
In our garden
17th September 2014

Black greyhound
17th September 2014

Indi - Black greyhound
17th September 2014


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