LIST OF GREYHOUNDS by date rehomed
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Details of Greyhounds by year re-homed with a link to their diary pages

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Dogs re-homed for RGT SOUTH LAKES

50 dogs re-homed in 2013 - TOTAL TO DATE: 269
  Pet Name
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Racing Name
Ear Mark
Date of Birth
Date Rehomed
Passed Away
Lena Lena
(Jenny & Stuart adopted her)
50 dogs re-homed in 2013
Bo (22nd December)
Triggs (23rd November)
Blue (15th November)
Charlie (11th November)
Tinker (21st October)
Evie (20th October)
Alfie (12th October)
Bob (12th October)
Vera (5th October)
Kylie (28th September)
Dee Dee (27th September)
Jamie (25th September)
Brody (25th September)
Jessie (8th September)
Tina (29th August)
Paige (21st August)
Evie (18th August)
Ted (31st July)
Joe (27th July)
Chrissie (23rd July)
Lucky ( ? ? )
Troy (11th July)
Rian (10th July)
Patch (3rd July)
Rossi (29th June)
Blue (24th June)
Sooty (22nd June)
Beauty (12th June)
Treacle (27th May)
Darcy (27th May)
Morgan (19th May)
Bess (18th May)
Sam (17th May)
Jake (17th May)
Joey (16th May)
Coco (3rd May)
Shamus (29th April)
Rosie (27th April)
Patch (12th April)
Duchess (5th April)
Penny (24th March)
Alfie (19th March)
Chloe (16th March)
Dee (16th March)
Lowly (23rd February)
Eugene (23rd February)
Pepper (16th February)
Jake (15th February)