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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Came to live with us on the 29th July 1997
Died on the 16th February 2004

Her Arrival and History

October 2002

Penny's racing name: Popsi's Gloria.
Date of birth: 17th October 1991
Date of death: 16th February 2004 aged 12 years 4 months.
Place of birth: Newton Abbot, South Devon, England.
Right ear tattoo: JDT4
Sire: Slaneyside Hare
Dam: Al Nesher
Number in litter: 8 (4 dogs, 4 bitches)
Click here to see her details on the Greyhound Data web site

Penny was 5 years 8 months old when she was taken to the vet to be 'put to sleep' because she no longer ran fast enough, which we think was possibly due to a shoulder injury as she wouldn't even run alongside Bobby or have boisterous play with him without shying away and stopping. Thankfully, the vet at the time refused to do it and put her into Animal Rescue where she had been for two weeks before coming to live with us. Her coat was very dull, she was thin, had bad breath, her teeth were in a poor condition and she had gingivitis in her gums.
We believe she may have been kept in a shed or garage and towards the end not fed properly. We think she may have been fed vegetables and 'take-away' scraps as she would eat brussell sprouts and broccoli stalks as if they were her last meal.
Penny had been in Animal Rescue for about a week when Bobby arrived
and were put in the same kennel together. After George died we went to see them in the 'Rescue' centre but couldn't make up our mind which one to have so we brought them both home. She had a go at a cat whilst we were looking at them, which walked a little too close to her. There was a tussle and she came off worse with a scratch down her face.
Penny's Diary
Penny was extremely difficult to settle in as she often soiled the carpet during the night. This happened for several weeks and, in desperation we sought consultation with a canine trainer who advised us to change her food to Burns Brown Rice and Chicken as it was an holistic food and would help resolve not only her soiling problem but would improve her coat, condition and behaviour in general. This we did and within a couple of weeks things began to settle down and she never soiled in the house again.

Penny would chase anything that was small and furry - dogs, cats, rabbits - anything would make her charge her lead and walk on her hind legs to get at it. She even did it to dogs inside cars. To resolve this we kept her on a lead at all times when she was out for a walk so if a small animal appeared we had full control of her. As we approached the animal if she showed signs of wanting to rear or run after it we would turn her around on the lead and we would start walking backwards making her come back to us. In doing this she had to take her eyes off the animal and when we had her back by our side we would praise her for coming back and, by this time the animal had passed by. We never avoided places where we knew there would be dogs, in fact, we did the opposite and after a few months she was happy to walk amongst them and even go up and say hello. However, we still kept her on her lead for some considerable time during walks that were away from her normal one down the back road.

If you raised your voice to Penny she would just run away and when let of the lead she just ran in a straight line - away from you. When we first got Penny we needed eyes in the back of our head and very sharp wits!

Penny had been in an environment where she had been shouted at because if anyone raised their voice, either in anger, heated discussions or in jest she would shrink out of the room and go to her bed. We would then have to encourage her back in again and change the topic of conversation to a more sedate one. She was also not used to socialising with people so part of her settling in period consisted of visits to the local pub where we hoped she would learn that not all people were awful and many just wanted to stroke her and talk to her. It was hard work at first and we are very grateful the landlord of the pub gave us the chance to help Penny this way. It worked because before long she was greeting everyone coming in and many of the regulars greeted her as they did their friends.

For the first three months or so Penny slept on the landing with Bobby then she suddenly started whining and crying outside our bedroom door in the middle of the night. No form of encouragement would entice her back and during the middle of the second night out of sheer desperation we moved her bed into the corner of our bedroom where she settled instantly. From that day on she always slept in the corner of our bedroom where ever we went and was no trouble at all - she just needed to know we were there.

One cold February afternoon, just 6 months after we got her she did the most amazing thing I have ever seen. If I hadn't been there I don't think I would have believed it. We were walking along the sand and salt marshes at Flookburgh. Penny was by my side and Bobby, as usual, was running flat out along the beach and jumping the salt pools like hurdles when he suddenly disappeared under the water. He had been running in what we thought was surface water on the sand but what we didn't know was there was a tidal channel hidden in the middle. Bobby ran flat out into it and disappeared under the water. He came up in distress and panicking and Penny, who had been walking by my side suddenly ran towards him. There was no stopping her and we were shocked at the thought of having to rescue both dogs in such a situation. Penny ran till she went into the channel and swam to Bobby's left, going around behind him and coming level with him on his right where she stayed till he calmed down. They then both swam to the edge where Bobby climbed out onto the beach followed by Penny. It was a stunning piece of bravery on Penny's behalf for we don't think Bobby had ever been in deep water before - and she possibly saved his life.

Penny hated chocolate but loved biscuits so if she was given a chocolate biscuit she would try and eat the biscuit without the chocolate - she was so funny to watch as she was trying to leave the chocolate behind.

As Penny settled we began to see a completely new side to her. She was marvelous with small children. Some as young as 18 months old would hang around her neck giving her a cuddle. She never growled at anyone (but was protective of Bobby if any other bitches got too close to him). She was very gentle, wouldn't run or play fight with Bobby, possibly due to an old shoulder injury, but would run around the garden on her own and loved playing in the house running around the table and having a mad five minutes. She loved going everywhere we went in the car but if left at home gave us a wonderful welcome upon our return. She had a very sensitive and calming nature and would come and muzzle in to us for a cuddle if she thought you were ill, frustrated over something or feeling under the weather. She was a very calming influence and never refused a cuddle from us no matter what the time of day - or night!

One of Penny's favourite places in the evening was sitting on her sheepskin rug under the television. As we were watching television she would sit sit facing us and watch us for ages. She would look straight in our eyes and not move. The look of affection and love in her eyes along with the look of gratitude on her face made us feel quite humble.

Penny and Bobby were like '2 peas in a pod' - they went everywhere together and often sat side by side in the same position. People used to comment on how they 'matched' and looked like 'two book ends'. It was lovely to see.

Sadly Penny died of liver failure in the early hours of Monday 16th February 2004. She was 12 years 4 months old when she died - we never found out her actual age or details until about 9 months after her death, which we got from the English Greyhound Stud. She is buried in our garden where there is a flower bed and plaque as a tribute to her. Penny was with us 6½ years and in that time she gave us 200% love, affection and loyalty. Loosing our lovely Penny was loosing a best friend, her passing has been very difficult and she is greatly missed.

Penny was nearly 6 years old when we re-homed her and because she was so difficult to settle at the beginning, we now realise that without our commitment she could easily have ended up back in rescue - and then what!! It's because of her true character that shone through, her love for us and all those around her, her gratitude and appreciation towards us and our loss of her that made us want to help others and foster rescued dogs for Greyhound Rescue. In doing this we feel we can help others like her have a better start with their 'second chance'. Our fostering Rescued Greyhounds, this web site and all the work we do for them since Penny's death is our tribute to our angel Penny. God be with you Penny for you are in our thoughts always.

A few snippets with dates from Penny's life with us:

13th June 2003
Staying in Ireland again for a few days and this afternoon we all went to the beach at Fethard-on-Sea with our friends Roger and Patricia and their collie called Millie. It was a lovely sunny day and Bobby and Penny enjoyed running with Millie in the sand.
Penny shortly after she arrived
Just arrived
August 1997

July 1998
Relaxing in July 1998

In the garden - August 1999
In the garden in August 1999

Penny in July 2000
On holiday with Bobby
at Knaresborough, Yorkshire
July 2000

Penny in June 2001
June 2001

On Duncannon Beach in February 2002
On holiday at Duncannon Beach
Co. Wexford, Ireland
February 2002

Penny in February 2002
In the cottage in Ireland
February 2002

Penny looking out of the bedroom window
Watching the world go by
March 2002

With Bobby in Ireland
On holiday with Bobby at
Lough Tay, Co. Wicklow, Ireland
June 2002

brindle Greyhound
4th October 2002

At Gary's wedding
With Jenny at her son, Gary's
wedding - 5th October 2002

Penny brindle greyhound
10th December 2002

Penny watching us from her bed
4th June 2003

Penny brindle greyhound
Walking through the corn field,
Warren Farm, Whitechurch
Co. Wexford, Ireland
September 2003

25th June 2002
At the Kennedy Viewpoint
Co. Wexford, Ireland
25th June 2002

July 2002
At home - July 2002

October 2002
At home - October 2002

Penny in December 2002
10th December 2002

Penny watching us from her bed
My lovely Penny in her bed
4th June 2003

Penny watching us from her bed
At home
4th June 2003

July 2002
At Castle ffrench, Co. Galway
Ireland July 2002

brindle Greyhound
At Castle ffrench, Co. Galway
Ireland September 2002

brindle Greyhound
At Castle ffrench, Co. Galway
Ireland September 2002

brindle Greyhound
At Castle ffrench, Co. Galway
Ireland September 2002

Penny on the beach
A beach in Ireland
September 2003

Penny brindle greyhound
Dunmore East Beach
14th September 2003

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